A Mirabilary Of The Passing Parade: Homo Gnosticus (Part II)

Us vs Them

by Cynicus Americanus (September 2016)

A Mirabilary

Signs And Wonders of The Devolution Of Man And The Decline Of Western Civilization In The Time Of Obama In The Age Of the Gnostics In A Republic of Dunces, A Federation of Twits, An Accomodation Of DumbAsses.

And The Rise Of The Criminally Insane Class

The Passing Parade

As Observed by Cynicus Americanus


Cynic ('sin-ick) noun

One who is anchored in reality, cares only that something is so or not so and thereby will assail the white lie, the half truth, the righteous lie, the serpent's lie, the 'big lie', and the abstraction - without partiality.

- Cyniks Condensed Dictionary of American Locutions and Meaningful Meanings - 1st Ed. (Compiled by Cynicus Americanus)

Us vs. Them


How'd They Get So Liberally Flibbertigibbet?


Not too deep into the earth's crust, dead white men spin in their graves. The ground quivers with the revolutions. Above them, among the "living" – rebellions proliferate and mushroom into ominous clouds. Gnostics stir the conditions essential to a grand civilization into whorls. One Charybdis roils into another, and another, a proliferation of menace and peril - and concomitant death. Gnostics love nothing so much as death. It says so in Holy Writ:

All that hate Me love death. Proverbs 8:36

The riled dead, the ancestors, the men, the builders, the defenders of civilization, had they to do it over again, would, I think sometimes, demur. But I believe mostly I would be wrong. They understood much of the nature of humans, the compacts of society, the rise and fall of cultures, the life cycle of civilizations. They were well acquainted with human nature - foible and forte. In full realization of all that, from the time of the ancient Persians and Greeks at least, they persisted. And they had determined, by nothing more than by dint of being human, to make something better than what was. No ape had ever committed himself to so much.

With respect to previous failures, it is much the better and greater part of human nature to resolutely maintain that - "this time it will be different." Humans are, by nature, optimistic. Those at least, who hadn’t sacrificed their sanity to Gnosticism.

Generation after generation made their contribution. Man, who had so long prevailed over no more than a hectare, set out for the world, conquered it, and mapped it, and settled it; reached for the sky and learned to share it with starlings and eagles.


And so here, now, across the West, it all crumbles before our feet - the crown and the jewel, Western Civilization. And we find ourselves far beyond the good of cautionary alerts. The sirens blare and we hear not a thing. Distant sirens murmur seductively and we go running hot after them to no good end. The song, the times, the spirit, the nature of it all has been distilled to a poison - so virulent, enough even to make men at rest in their graves reel sick. And we drink it, gulping and spluttering, choking.

Ticking off a mere several of the daily headlines at the Drudge report, what would any sane person read into the never-ending cultural social, and political cudgeling?

Ticking not so randomly from the nooks in my brain to which all degeneracies are relegated so that I am spared a regular, untimely reminder of them, there are these:

Gender appropriation, cultural appropriation and racial appropriation, white self-hate.

The humans most content in their skin are those least in them - insofar as the public stentorian bravado of the official narrative would have us believe. Men with a yen for womanhood; white suburban wiggers wanna be "gangsta niggas"; whites pass for black and take up sloganeering like natural born Jesse Jacksons; white folk insist white folk are evil and ought be done away with. "Be all you can be (but not white)" is getting deeper etched in our psyche than the commandments were in stone. We want to be what we are not. We want not to be what we are. It’s hard to imagine a deeper darker, sociopathology… but there it is. Such inclinations first make sick the soul; the desperations then make infirm the society. The inclinations, desires, desperation, are not of our making; they are not natural, they are introduced, and then implanted by terrific evil - the Gnostics.

Their numbers are legion, and they muster battalions. Their character? Spiteful. Their archetype? Iago. They hate whom they cajole, they abhor whom they advise, and they would destroy whom they champion.

"Nothing is more unnerving to the truly conventional than the unashamed misfit!"  - J. K. Rowling
(Whispered the mystic Gnostic with the pearly wand to the esteemed queer duck.)

Ms. Rowling makes a point that entirely escapes her. Yes, mainstreaming insanity does unnerve the sane. If she is not unnerved perhaps she had never been sane.

Dexter feels like a she-ram? Hear ye, hear ye - DEXTER IS A SHE RAM. Decision, gavel crack, signature, and notarization. That'll be $20.00. Pay the clerk. Don't forget to register with PETA. Easy peasy.

As an afterthought, it occurs to me that there is no cluster of ducks so prone to quackery as those who wear robes to make a judgment. Judges, it seems, at least a good too many of them, are to loon what loons are to water... at home.

That breed of Gnostics most familiar to the run of the mill American would be the Liberal. They are a most peculiar bunch; near normal on the outside but pixilated in the noggin.

A Liberal is an organism of trillions of cells, all of which DNA sequencing devotes entirely to pretense. Liberals are the only critters that can hold a Wikipedia of contradictory beliefs and not blow their heads clean off in a massive detonation of brain synapses simultaneously discharging - KABOOM.

It is precisely because everything is subject to entropy that the human race had not faded away to nothing in the long dark moments of our misbegotten epochs, our nights. Lack of order, consistency, predictability leads to gradual decline, to disorder but eventually a new beginning, a rebirth, renaissance - an acquaintanceship, once again, with reality, with how things are. This is the Western version of samsara, the Tibetan Buddhist idea of cyclic existence.

Liberalism, just now, finds itself in decline. Great in both blubber (fat) and blubber (sobs), it had washed ashore like a beached whale some time ago. The entirety of its competence, now, is to tumefy and leak stink. It holds on by dint of arranging buying sprees to the tune of twenty trillions of unaccounted make believe 'in god we trust' promissory notes tendered by those who keep not their word for being inveterately faithful to their particular pathology - lying; the full extent of which makes up the entirety of their political principle. What had George Dubya said just after 9/11? Don't worry, go shopping?

For Liberals, Gnostics, and lunatics (I repeat myself?), most all problems have easy solutions. It's the easiness though that makes ordinary, sane folk, uneasy.

The tripartite primary function of all liberals, when they had been useful idiots for Leftists, Socialist, Marxists, Leninists, Trotskyites, Maoists, Progressives, et al., was first to redistribute... everything, up to and including populations, wealth, and right on down to misery. Second, to overhaul human nature. Third, to correct, punish, destroy, kill (or at least, pay no mind to the murders) in relative order, the questioning, wayward, recalcitrant, rebellious.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. Now, as useful idiots for Gnostics, they have a fourth function: to enthusiastically nod acceptance of wicked deviance. They do it cheerfully. They are idiots.

UrGnosticism, ancient Gnosticism, had religious trappings in a religious world. When the world threw off those shackles and became secularized so too did Gnosticism. When modernism had usurped tradition, when everything had become political, so also did Gnosticism.

Eric Voegelin wrote "Science, Politics and Gnosticism" over a half century ago recognizing the tsunamis, Communism and NAZI-ism as modern iterations of Gnosticism. The precedent? La Terreur in France - a Gnostic's Nirvana. Each had made it their purpose to, in Voegelin's phrase and the parlance of those who love happy endings in a Utopian non-binary cathouse - "immanentize the eschaton."

The French, being the first, were the most inspired. In the midst of mass murder, Republicans introduced a revolutionary calendar and decimal time. Their vitriol for the past was also a hallmark of their successors down to the 21st Century West. Gnostics have no use for the past but to use it as a truncheon.

Thousand year Républiques, Leningrads, and Reichs?

Not so easy eh, citoyen, comrade, volksgenosse.


What had lasted a thousand years?

Western Civilization.

Who had made it, nurtured it, defended it, extended it, ever more, to women? Who gave it beauty, music? Cathedrals? Who had glorified and payed tribute to the past in museums? Who had devoted themselves to it? Who had erected the plinths, chiseled the statues? Painted, sung, written? Inquired, invented? Wondered? Who had involved the rest of the world, other cultures, in their endeavors? Hell and tarnation, who made children? Who had not killed them off for convenience sake?

It was Christians - and those upon whom they had an easy moral influence, a contingent neither small nor a ghetto.

And who would disremember, neglect, devalue, and forget it? Dismiss it? Despise, deface, and trash it? There are more culprits on earth than merely the Mahometans.


Who them?

They are the experts, right thinkers, determinists, deconstructionists, demolishers, the social engineers, the modernists and post-modernists, the humanists and the nihilists, the reasoners, rationalizers, social theorists; the treacherous, the invidious, the reformers, deformers, informers and transformers, they are Obama, and Soros, Cameron, Merkel, et al.

They are most all the Foundations, the Clinton Foundation foremost among them. They are the schools and universities, women in the military, gays in the military, transvestites in the military, gender benders in the military, peaceniks in the military, Satanists in the military, gun-free militarists in the military; they are the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the political officers corps, and militarized police and the multitudes of SWATs.

They are corporations, organizations, institutions, consortiums, conglomerates, banksters, professional associations, and societies. They are the Reds - commies, socialists, Marxists (economic and cultural); Greens - eco-nuts, and PETA freaks; and Blacks - anarchists, Occupy Wall Streeters, fascist anti-fascists.

There is not one such entity, corporation, organization, etc., that is not sufficiently corrupt to be mostly corrupt, not one. And their social/cultural corruption testifies, if there were the benefit of a doubt, not a one could stand for an honest auditing and come out of it as anything other than a legalized criminal enterprise.

They are the non compos mentis, i.e., half, at least, of the US Congress.

They are the central organizing force behind the EU, the UN, NATO, most all the NGOs, and pretty much all the Commissions, councils, bureaucracies, and their respective czars and czarinas, They are the EPA, the BLM, the Justice Department, the EEOC, the Department of Education, The Pentagon, etc., the educrats, and human resource departments.

They are La Raza, LULAC, MEChA, BLM-Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, etc., the Political Parties (Democratic and Republican), CAIR, MAS-Muslim American Society, They, are the community organizers, agitators by vocation, and social justice warriors.

They are the aliens - legal and illegal, and 3rd worlders, Mexicans, Central and South Americans, Africans. They are murderous Muslims, apologists for murderous Muslims, they are low IQ, high maintenance, PoCs, They have not an affinity for America, the American way and, as often as not, bear an antipathy to it and are not hesitant in expressing it.

They are secularist/humanist, and militant atheists; Christians, Protestants and Catholics and Baptists; the laity, preachers, ministers, pastors, priests, and prelates.

They are government workers; double dippers, sinecurists, obscurantists, schemers, prattlers, tattlers, trimmers, grifters, and skimmers. 

They are those who would make a career of 'public service' and thereby enrich themselves, entering from the lower or middle class and exiting filthy, stinking rich. They live soft, party hard, travel peripatetically, spend outrageously and criminally, and all, parasitically, on somebody else's dollar.

The list is not near exhaustive.

They are the MSM, Hollywood, the music industry, publishers, publicists, television stations, television programmers, television executives.

They, have not an affinity for their own kind. All their loyalties are to "progress" and historical determinism and none to humans. They make a show of their regard for humanity and make a virtue of that show. For all their concern for humanity they will not hesitate to fill great pits with limed human corpses - should historical determinism make that call. They would rather be on the right side of history than your, or anyone's, side.

They are allocators extraordinaire. They will reposition everything across all the globe. Your jobs go there, those people get sent here. This is known as "free trade" in Globalese.

They are extrapolators and alarmists. Nothing occurs that will not proceed apace. Progress, material/technological, is intrinsically progressive. All divergencies from progress have also their own expansionary momentum. Should the climate be intractable for some short spell, it becomes a matter not only for concern but rectification lest it lead to cataclysm. And you have only six years to admit the problem, foreswear doubt, fork over your money, freedom, independence, allegiance, or else...

AGW fanatics are not so much wacky cultists as "connected" - government connected - criminal extortionists. You could bring RICO charges against half of every department in government, and get convictions... if the judges were not themselves lieutenants in the criminal enterprise. But even if you got a guilty verdict, what then do you do with the culprits? What sane, civilized man wants to build prisons - and yet more prisons? There are not enough gibbets for the hangings. Nemesis will need make double use of lampposts. The light will illuminate the obvious so that all who see it may be enlisted to warn all the treacherous who will not look.

They are conformists. All for centralized command; centralized command for all. Exit the supranational superintendence of the EU as happened with Britain's Brexit and, by extension, you have reactionary counter-revolution. SABOTAGE! Saboteurs, speculators and Jews, no doubt. All progress, at all times cannot countenance individualism - nor nationalism. The zeitgeist had distilled the liberal vs conservative, Left vs Right contention to globalist vs. nationalist; filtered through a fine sieve it comes out Us vs Them.

They have a natural hostility to the past. The past never measures up to the present, therefore is more than suspect; the always in session kangaroo court condemns it out of hand. That any point in the past had been, more often than not, an instance of progress over the previous instance means nothing. Homo Gnosticus is the measure of all men. All fall short of the perfect man - the perfect man knows; the perfect man is tolerant of all, all things failed and deviant, he does not discriminate. The good that thrives and contents is to them not a matter for consideration. It is to them as a crucifix to a vampire. The past is dead; as dead as dead white males.

Taking in the prospect, it is evident that, as was our Civilization, so also is our corruption - the greatest in history. Already, from just this depth, Weimar Germany looks to be a Golden Age and peak civilization. That huge swath of Europe that had been bombed to rubble and craters seventy years ago turned out to be a golden opportunity. By the end of the war, Germany had been no more than bouncing rubble. After the war, it remade itself, with the help of those who'd made the rubble bounce, and has, since, essentially, conquered Europe - again. They'd done it not with Panzer divisions but by browbeating member nations of the EU. This Reich will also fail to last a thousand years. But the reproach will not consist of war crimes tribunals and the guilt will not lead to decades long generational self-flagellation.


Tokyo, firebombed, Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuked, hum with electricity and gleam with light, as well might the triumphant Metropolises of the side that had prevailed in the second Great War. On the other side there is Molenbeek, the banlieues of Paris, the "no-go - don't wanna go" extraterritorial Muslim enclaves, throughout Western Europe; and Baltimore and Detroit look not so much better than old Dresden on its worst days. Who in tarnation won that war?

And who won the Cold War? Under the impression it was the good, freedom loving, capitalist, USA that prevailed over the evil empire? I was too. The horn blew, the crowds cheered, "WE'RE NUMBER ONE." Everyone went home tipsy and happy and... ...and that wasn't the end of history! It was the end of the 1st half. The contestants switched sides; the zeitgeist switched sides. The provinces of each had been switched. The second half commenced, the Russians defended their children, their citizens, country, borders and heritage. Find yourself cheering for the evil empire of late?

Though I have come to bury Liberalism not praise it, fair is fair. That which is praiseworthy is worthy of it, no matter its source. If Lucifer himself spoke the truth who would object? Whether it be pretense or heartfelt aberrancy, Liberals continue to demonstrate the courage of their convictions (or prevarications). I can't think of one significant instance where a Liberal had promoted some hellish thing and jellied up under fire and retreated. This is no small part of their success. It is no coincidence that conversions to Islam by Westerners - though seemingly entirely counter-intuitive - happen daily and understandably so. Liberals and Islam are just that certain of their aspirations, if not their assertions.


Christianity, conservatism, tradition, on the other hand, are mealy mouthed, frightened, contrite. Christianity is more in search of dialogue than souls. Conservatism had made the jump to the right side of history some time ago. Tradition has more of an urge to confess than the worst sinner on his deathbed ever had.

Who is more likely to equivocate in social circles, in the public square… the Christian or the atheist? The prelate or the deviant? The moral or the immoral? The nationalist or the globalist? The traditionalist or the gnostic?

Who on all the earth, at this time, willfully, repeatedly, obstinately, makes a greater show of relenting than the Pope, Francis, the talking mule? Is the Pope Catholic? That question is not so easily aced as it once was. Well… yes… no…not exactly, entirely. He's Catholic, yes, but… a simpleton; a Socialist, a Peronist, a Jesuit, a Gnostic. He seems to have been chosen as a genuflection to ever more diversity. "Catholic" hardly enters into it. It hardly enters into anything but by lip service. Talk had never been cheaper than at a Catholic meeting of the currently prevailing minds.


Every Liberal, like every Leftist, and as surely, every Gnostic, operates by the maxim "The worse, the better" (and all its corollaries) - each to their own nuance and purpose. As for instance, "the more natural, the more deviant" and the corollary, "the more deviant, the more natural." Each walks their side of the street. On the one side, they hunt down and molest all of normalcy and then, without qualm, indict the quarry for intolerance. On the other, they not only extol deviancy, but with a great show of gallantry, defend it with a show of quixotic knight errantry.

The maxim has great use for purpose. "The more innocent, the more guilty" works mercilessly at a social justice show trial.

"The more reasonable the more insane" could have set a person on his way to Lubyanka's mental ward. In the here and now, it banishes the person from all platforms, public and private.

"The bigger the lie, the greater the truth" encompasses the entire panoply of pretenses of all the Gnostics in all the world, even to the least of them, the Liberals.

"The greater the socialist failure the surer the historic determinism" is the lullaby for bed time. Gnostics lull the kinder to a restful night's sleep so they are fresh tomorrow for another day of deconstructing.

What To Do With Them

Our distant antecedents had not what we have, but had what we lack. The men then were serious; jealous of what they had and were so brightly enlightened that they would not protect and defend what had been made and bequeathed to them. Anyone deemed a threat to it was subjected to the flames. It was not backward men who'd made a point with autos-da-fé, it was forward looking men, men who'd been entrusted by time past and ancestors to repay the past by paying it forward and leaving to the future a heritage as good or better than was left them. Those who'd been put to the flames were not so subjected for having assaulted orthodoxy but for having assailed civilization itself, its monuments, plinths, foundations, down to the bedrock. Any civilization that will not execute the treacherous has more an interest in being judged sainted than civilized.

It's much worse than a sad state when the mid and nitwits get the better of the world. There's not much room for a defense for us. The smarter set turned out to be less sure of itself and timid beyond measure. Should our ancestors decide one day to vacate their graves and pay us a visit, I know the culprits their indictments would fix upon. Us.

There are things critical, essential, paramount, and vital. They should be defended ruthlessly.

Gnostici delenda est.  



Cynicus Americanus was born, had as marvelous and happy a childhood as could be imagined, went to school, got a job, and several more, retired, was torn between wiling away the time writing or exposing rubbish, gibberish, claptrap, balderdash, hogwash, baloney, rot, garbage, jive, tripe, drivel, bilge, bull, guff, bunk, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, hokum, twaddle, gobbledygook, codswallop, flapdoodle, hot air; bunkum, tommyrot, bullshit, and crap. He decided to merge the projects.


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