The Banality of Silence

by Jake Neuman (June 2013)

The banality of evil, a phrase coined in 1963 by Hannah Arendt in her work “Eichmann in Jerusalem,” describes the thesis that the great evils in history generally, and the Holocaust in particular, were not executed by fanatics or sociopaths but rather by ordinary people who accepted the premises of their state and therefore, participated with the view that their actions were normal.

During the Second World War, ordinary everyday Germans woke up in the morning, mothers readied their children for school, packed a lunch for her husband who after having a breakfast of bratwurst and bread with coffee would head out  to his job at the local Concentration Camp. Once at the camp, when the trains arrived, he ordered the inhabitants out, went through the throngs separating the able bodied who could work from the infirm, husbands from their families, children from their mothers, any opposition, and he would order the offender shot on the spot, women that he judged good looking received special attention for raping and sexual molestation later.

The sickly and unwanted were marched directly into the gas chambers. During the day, our German family man circulated through the camp ensuring the efficient functioning of the facility. Any slave workers who were not pulling their weight were taken out on his orders and sent to the gas chamber. Once he was convinced that everything was in order, our good German returned to his office and raped his sex slaves. In the evening, he returned home exhausted. His children greeted him yelling daddy, daddy. His dog jumped up and licked his face. He hugged and kissed his wife, ate a hearty supper, then retired to read the newspaper or listen to the radio. The very real reality is that our German family man probably never met a Jew or hated Jews. He was just doing his job. In his mind, he was not committing evil whatsoever He was just a normal every day German doing his normal every day duty. 

But the banality of evil was evident in more then just the concentration camps. The German army was heavily involved with the SS in massacres throughout Europe and Russia. After the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague, Czechslovakia, young German men from SS and army surrounded the Czech villages of Lidice and Lezaky, and executed 173 men at Lidice over 16. The women and remaining children were taken away to Ravensbruck concentration camp. 82 children not considered suitable for Germanization were gassed at Chemnitz extermination camp on the orders of Adolf Eichmann. At Ležak 33 villagers (both men and women) were shot. Thirteen children were separated from their families. The sisters Jarmila and Marie Š?ulík were selected for the 'Aryanisation' programme (both were found and returned after the war). The remaining 11 children were sent to the Che?mno extermination camp and in summer 1942 gassed (together with one girl from Lidice).  

There is a chilling photograph of the young Germans killers dressed in spotless well pressed uniforms, well combed hair with smiling faces and bottles of wine holding a banquet in the Lidice village center to celebrate their great victory. In the back ground surrounding the central square was the entire village buildings all leveled to the ground. This photograph is the very essence of the banality of evil German style. Young men performing not evil but acts of valor. It is normal to kill these villagers, raze their village and enslave the women and children. Another example was the "Holocaust by Bullets," in which over 2 million Jews were gunned down in towns and villages across Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Their part in the Nazis' Final Solution has been under-researched, their bodies left unidentified in unmarked mass graves. Again all of this horror was committed by young Germans, doing their duty. This is the normality of evil – German style.

Massacre of Banu Quraiza: Banality of Evil Islamic Style

After the Battle of Banu Quraiza - Muhammad had between 600 to 900 Jewish men assembled and beheaded. Muhammad personally beheaded 2 Jewish chieftians. In order to distinguish young Jewish boys from young Jewish men, the prophet ordered his SS known as The Companions or “Sahaba” to pull down the pants of the 13/14 year old Jewish boys and inspect their genitals for the slightest traces of pubic hair. Those poor unfortunates with pubis were dragged away and beheaded. The good looking Jewish women were separated out to be raped and gang raped after the beheading job was completed. The rest were sold into slavery. You tell me the difference between Lidice and Banu Quraiza.

At the Massacre of Khaybar, Muhammad ordered a fire set on the Jewish chieftain’s chest torturing him to reveal the whereabouts of the cities treasure. When he refused after unimaginable suffering, the chieftain was taken and beheaded. Muhammad raped this leader’s 17 year old wife that night. On orders from Muhammad, the Muslim Companions would assassinate his opponents. On orders from Muhammad, Muslim women were buried to their chests and stoned to death. On orders from Muhammad, Muslims who were judged by Muhammad to be deficient in their faith were burnt alive in their homes. Muhammad through his phony Allah created an immoral frame work of depravity, whereby murder, rape, torture etc were divine acts of Allah. All this evil was sanctioned by Allah. 

 What was the difference between the massacres of Lidice and Banu Quraiza/ Khaybar?

The German murderers carried out their massacres in the name of  “The Third Reich” – the highest (secular) power to which they owned allegiance. The Muslim murderers went one better – they carried out their massacres in the name of their god - Allah. The massacre of the Banu Quraiza was done by the "prophet of Allah" with the total support of "angel Gabriel" and "Allah." Indeed "angel Gabriel" and his merry band of jihadi angels fought the Jewish defenders with great valor. "Angel Gabriel" and "prophet" Muhammad were the FIRST MUSLIM “HOLY WARRIORS,” aka jihadi terrorists.

There is a second difference too: Nazi attitudes in Germany (largely) died with the Nazis. Today Germans would not calmly massacre the innocent in the Nazi manner – such an action would once again be unthinkable. Mohammed’s attitudes did not die with Mohammed, instead they have continued throughout 1400 years of bloody history and are still taught today.

For Muslims the example of Mohammed is normative. It is normal to kill and torture kafirs.

What Muhammad did in his massacres was praiseworthy, the great acts of a ‘great prophet’ of a great god. All the mosques and Islamic schools in the US, Europe and worldwide are teaching these lessons. In the Muslim mind, what we regard as evil, they regard as good, pious, divine and normal.

Pulling down the pants of young Jewish boys to determine life or death was a normal act by good, normal Muslims “doing their duty” just as our good, normal German did his duty in the concentration camp.

Blowing up the kafir London subway system was just a normal act fulfilling the teachings of Allah.

Smashing jets into the twin towers and blowing up the Boston Marathon was Allah’s will to punish the kafir for not submitting to Islam.

And to “prove” that these things are holy, divine and pious acts, Islam promises the good, normal, pious Muslim kafir-killers a Paradise filled with virgin sex-slaves.

Burning Muslims alive in their homes for missing prayer, stoning Muslim women to death for adultery, cutting off the hands of thiefs, killing apostates are all just normal behavior.

The Islamic banality of evil and the normality of evil reach its true climax when Muslims defend the Quran, Allah, Muhammad and Islam. Draw a cartoon of Muhammad and you get mass protests in the streets. Kill thousands of kafirs and masses pour into the streets cheering their god for having such brave, pious souls carrying out his commands and shouting “ALLAH AKBAR!” Why? Because the death of Kafirs proves that their “god is greater.”

Where are the protesters chanting “not in our name” or “not in the name of Islam”?

Nowhere. The reason is because killing kafirs is not murder but the holy acts of good, normal, pious Muslims fulfilling the will of Allah.

Killing the infidels is a divine duty for Muslims, says the Quran (2:217, 9/111). The Brothers Tsarnaev read this and the thousands of teachings from the Quran and Sunna (hadith and Sirat) of Allah ordering Muslims to murder, terrorize and slaughter kafirs – and being genuinely good, pious Muslims they duly went out and killed, murdered, and slaughtered kafirs.

In the Islamic view, Tamerlan Tsarnaev – the brother who was killed – is now in Paradise molesting his 72 promised virgins. His seriously wounded brother Dzhokhar will join him when he dies. The 3 murdered kafirs are in hell and damnation – their great criminal act was to be born kafirs and it was an act of piety for the Brothers Tsarnaev to kill them.  This is the VERY ESSENCE OF THE BANALITY OF EVIL – ISLAMIC STYLE.

The Boston Massacre and the American Banality of Evil

After the Boston Massacre, the American media and political elites were falling all over themselves making excuses for the Brothers Tsarnaev. How could such wonderful boys from such a wonderful family have committed such horrific acts?  Whatever caused these wonderful young boys to self-radicalise? What did we do to upset them and make them attack us?

The media is hiding, or ignoring, the fact that “self-radicalization”doesn’t happen through some unfathomable magical process – it happens thanks to Islam. It is the Quran and the rest of the Islamic Trilogy, that form a manual for terrorism, that radicalizes Muslims and turns them into killing machines.

The question is often asked: “How is it possible that the Germans committed such acts?”

Hitler had power handed to him by the political, intellectual, media and industrial elites. Once he became Chancellor anyone who opposed him was taken away and shot or hanged – often after vicious torture, and with the silencing of all criticism and opposition, Hitler’s views became normative in Nazi Germany. The constant bombardment of Nazi propaganda – without any dissenting opinion  – made what good, moral, honest Germans would once have considered unthinkable seem entirely rational. Hence our concentration camp guard and the picture of nice, smartly dressed young Germans celebrating their massacre.

The parallels with Mohammed and his Sahaba are almost too chilling.

Americans claim that what happened in Germany under Hitler could never happen here. “We are Americans” they proclaim. “We would stand against any dictatorship. We will never surrender our democracy and freedom.” In many ways, we Americans are far worse than the Germans. Whilst there is no one in government with the power to put us in front of a firing squad (at least not yet) most Americans are accepting the Islamization of the US without a whimper of protest. The evil of Islam is now normal. Every effort is made to condemn – not Islam – but those few who refuse to accept the erosion of our hard-won freedoms and liberties by fighting against the creep of Sharia Law, the Quran and Sunna into our society.

In America today, the attitudes of orthodox Islam are becoming “main stream” and its evil of blowing up kafirs, honor killing, the inferiority of women, raping, sex slaves etc. are becoming normalised. Like our attackers we blame US, the victims, for the attack. Our attackers externalise their motives onto us and we, obligingly, internalise them onto ourselves. Thus we have accepted the narrative of our killers as the truth – without question. THIS IS THE EVIL OF BANALITY – AMERICAN STYLE.

The test of true goodness is when you confront evil head on and expunge it from your heart and soul. This sounds easy but it is not. It means reaching into the very core of your being and pulling out all your mental insides, everything you have ever been taught from childhood, washing it out with the soap of truth. For Muslims, this requires expunging from the Muslim mind the Quran and Sunna with its thousands of evil teachings of terror, murder, torture and subordination of women.

By retaining these violent and abhorrent teachings in the Quran, Muslims are in effect saying that these teachings are normal and morally acceptable. They are acquiescing to evil. Once you accommodate evil, you lose your moral center and become, willingly or unwillingly, an accomplice to evil. You cannot call yourself a good person and refuse to condemn the violence of the Quran and demand that evil be expunged from this very evil book.

By not fighting against the evil in the Quran and abandoning Islam, Muslims become accomplices in all the acts of terrorist carnage and in many respects just as evil as the Muslim men actually committing these acts of slaughter.

They also serve who only stand and watch.

No longer can we allow Muslims to declare Islam as a religion of peace and love etc.  – while leaving in the Quran and Islamic texts’ evil teachings calling for the destruction of kafirs.

No longer can we allow Muslims to believe in the fantasy world of an Allah of all goodness and his ‘prophet of peace’ Muhammad –  while the Quran contains teachings of a hateful, murderous Allah (the Anti-God).

We must call on Muslims to prove that they are truly peace loving – by renouncing these evil teachings, condemning their evil founder Muhammad and his fake Allah and leaving Islam. This will be their moment of catharsis and the moment they save their immortal souls.

Jake Neuman is the author of “Islam and Sharia Law Are Treason: Jihad Is Treason” and “Prophet Muhammad (AKA ALLAH): Monster of History.” (free download) at

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