Opposing Islamization

by Rebecca Bynum (October 2009)

Remarks given at the launch of “Stop Islamization of America” in Washington, DC., Rayburn Building, Sept. 25, 2009
Washington DC., like other cities across America, is filled with people who claim to respect Islam and yet you will find very few who actually take Islam seriously. Among our leaders, very few have taken the time to study Islamic doctrine, or to ponder the sermons of the imams and mullahs delivered both here and abroad, and fewer still show any awareness of the extensive writings of modern Islamic theorists about how they view Islam’s role in the modern world. Simply showing up at interfaith dialogues or an open house at the mosque is not a sign of respect but of condescension and smacks of intellectual cowardice.
Indeed, many among our leaders seem to believe in the idea that beliefs do not matter and that personal religious beliefs have no consequence. But I say those who traffic in such notions, those at the highest levels of our Churches, Synagogues and State are fools.
Ideas have consequences – beliefs matter.
It matters that Muslims believe non-Muslims are inferior human beings.
It matters that Muslims believe women are inferior to men.

It matters that Muslims believe obedience and worship are the same thing and that conformity is equal to morality.

It matters that Islam requires territorial sovereignty.

It matters that Muslims believe that leaving Islam is equivalent to high treason. 

It matters what Muslims believe just as it matters what communists believe and what neo-Nazis believe.
I do not think that our Founding Fathers, nor Lao Tse, Confucius, Gautama Siddartha, Saint Paul, Jesus of Nazareth, Isaiah, Moses, nor Abraham would recognize Islam as a bona fide religion. I think they would instantly understand it as the massive intellectual fraud it is. Islam is the greatest intellectual fraud ever perpetrated on mankind.
Islam should not be classified as a religion because Islam is more than a system of thought - it is a social, judicial and political system as well.
The primary reason why Islam should not be classed as a proper religion on religious grounds is the central failure of Islam to make any distinction between the material and the spiritual. SIOA first proposed to draw attention to a fact that illustrates this reality very nicely and that is that Muslims believe that a woman, a dog or a donkey walking in front of the Muslim in prayer – praying toward an earthy geographic location - annuls the prayer. Nothing to do with the one who prays, nothing to do with his sincerity of heart or the purity of his spiritual intention or the object of his prayer. It is the material conformity which matters in Islam rather than the spiritual reality.

Islam consistently elevates the material over the spiritual.

And what is most important for Americans to understand is that the purpose of Islam lies not in the health happiness or spiritual progress of Muslim, rather the purpose of Islam lies solely in the spread and perpetuation of Islam itself. Muslims are expendable for this purpose. And though it may be somewhat difficult for Westerners to understand Islam as a religion because it is so alien, we can easily comprehend it as a political ideology of which it is primarily comprised. As such, Islam poses an existential threat to Western civilization.
Therefore we who do take Islam seriously should propose serious measures to deal with it. We at New English Review propose the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. We have attempted, valiantly for seven years to graft the flowering branch of democracy – the result of thousand of years of Western civilizational development - onto the alien tree of Islam. And success is further away than ever. We must accept reality. As Hugh Fitzgerald has pointed out, Western political thought locates the legitimacy of government in the will of the people, whereas, Islam locates political legitimacy in the will of Allah, that is, conformity to Islam.

And again, since Islamic worship is not reverence, love or awe directed at the Creator, but material obedience to the system of Islam, if one obeys a man-made system, one can be said to be worshipping man. This is what modern Islamic theorists tell us, and it is logical. Islam is nothing if not logical.

We must admit our dream of democratizing the Muslim world may never succeed. It is time to consider Plan B. We should now consider re-orienting our foreign policy to one of containment of Islam, just as our policy during the Cold War was that of containment of communism. We must recognize that the central front in this struggle is not in Iraq of Afghanistan, but in Western Europe, Great Britain and the rapidly Islamizing continent of Africa.
Since we can clearly see that the situation in Europe was caused by mass Muslim immigration, we call upon this Congress to consider taking steps that President Bush should have taken immediately following the harrowing attack on our nation of September 11, 2001. We call on Congress to sharply curtail Muslim immigration to our shores. This can be done by banning immigrants and refugees from the 56 member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference. Exception should be made for refugees comprising religious minorities who suffer oppression under Islamic law and for apostates from Islam. Apostates should be cherished for the insights only they can provide and their words heeded the way Soviet dissidents were heeded at the highest levels of our government during the Cold War.

Secondly, on the domestic side, Congress should consider banning all foreign financing of mosques and Islamic schools in America. If, to accomplish this, it becomes necessary to ban foreign funding of religious institutions in general, I believe we could live with that. Congress should also consider extending this ban to the foreign funding of our institutions of higher education which have become corrupted by the large sums lavished on them by the oil-rich Gulf states and wealthy individuals seeking to extend the influence of Islam.
And thirdly, we have to do something about recruitment in our prisons. A growing number of violent offenders have shown themselves all too happy to commit acts of violence in the name of Islam upon their release. Congress and the States should consider ending tax-payer funding for the chaplain system in our prisons and our military. Perhaps we should consider segregating Muslim prisoners as well.

Protecting America means more than protecting our physical safety. Protecting America means protecting American culture, values and tradition. It means taking measured steps to insure the continuity of our nation.

God bless America. Long may she live.

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