Islam, the Alpha Dog

Islam, the Alpha Dog
by Lucy Riley (Feb. 2006)


There was a meeting with our new Muslim brothers at a local church. The Christians came into the church first as individuals and sat scattered about the church. The imams came as one along with the rest of the Muslims who sat in a group. The Koran was placed upon the lectern, the dominant position in front of the altar. It was opened and left there. No one seemed to notice what had taken place, but theological dominance was beginning. Jihad was here in a Christian church.


Next one of the interfaith ministers suggested that they open with a prayer. No, said one imam, we don't pray with others. Dominance point number two. The minister apologized in an off-handed way for making the suggestion. Why didn't the imam want to pray with the Christians? Christians are unbelievers. For a Muslim to take part in any worship other than Islam is shirk. Shirk is a sin worse than murder in Islam. Did the Christians pray in their own church without the Muslims? Of course not, they submitted to the wishes of Islam.


The dialog started. The Muslims proclaimed Allah to be one and the same as the god of the Jews and Christians. They were here to kick a little theological butt. The divinity of Christ was denounced as a great sin in the face of Allah. The ministers did not make a fuss. The Christians were here to be nice, so they listened as the keystone of Christianity was removed.


Nice to give up the highest ground. But the highest ground was given up over a thousand years ago. Mohammed stole Jehovah from the Jews and killed, enslaved and drove out every Jew in Arabia. Then jihad killed Christ in Turkey, Syria, Egypt and the rest of Africa. Now jihad was here in a Protestant church in America and the Christians made sure not to oppose it.


The sin of the Trinity was then denounced from the pulpit by the imam. The tone of the Christians in return was defensive, a defense in their own territory, a deferential opposition. The Muslims had come into their yard and the Muslims were the alpha dog. The Christians were the beta dog. Making all the right, nice noises to not offend the Muslims.


They don't call Islam the religion of dominance for nothing.  They dominated the Christians on every point and what was strange was that all the Christians submitted.


Next an American Muslim convert dressed from head to toe in a black bag stood up and told everybody that Islam was the first to give women equal rights. The message went out to the Somali women in the back of the church. These women had had their clitorises removed as children, a tribal custom supported by Muslims. The multi-culturalist Christians applauded the black bag. They had already believed the impossible, the improbable was easy to believe. Jihad is fun, if you only have the politically correct attitude.


But the best was yet to come. A question was asked from the audience about the politics of the Koran and the Constitution. Well, the Somali imam let us know that the Koran was a perfect  political document from Allah and the Constitution was merely man made. The perfect law, god's law, the Sharia, was here. The Christians applauded. Complete cultural bankruptcy.


What to call this type of Christianity? Liberal Christian? That term seems too political and comes with a burden of the liberal/conservative split. No, these are kumbaya Christians. You know the old sit around the campfire and sing "kum ba ya, my lord" and everybody will feel warm and fuzzy.


The imams attacked the fundamentals of Christianity-the divinity of Christ, the Trinity, Allah was Jehovah and the New Testament was a flawed document. In order to further the examination of the bankruptcy of kumbaya Christianity, examine whether any of the ministers would have made any of these statements that are parallel to those the Muslims said of the core doctrines of Christianity:

?         Mohammed was deluded

?         The Koran is a historical document

?         The only Allah is the tribal moon god of Mohammed's father.


Then it hit me. Christianity (or this modern kumbaya type) was a husk. The core was gone to be replaced by multi-culturalism (self loathing) and political correctness. When the Muslims said that Allah was the same god as that of the Christians, they were badly wrong. Multi-culturalism is the god of kumbaya Christianity. None of these ministers would ever be guilty of suggesting that their culture was in any way superior to any other culture, including Islam. The only cultural differences they can discuss are their own shortcomings.


Why can't the Christians tell the Muslims to toe the same line as they have had to do? Why can't the text of the Koran be criticized from the same stand points that the Bible has? Why can't the life of Mohammed be subjected to the same analytic investigation as Thomas Jefferson or Jesus? Why can't the history of the "glorious" conquests of Islam be subjected to the same criticism as the white invasion of  America? Why does political Islam get taken at self declared value?


Why care about the Sunday morning God clubs? Jihad is not just 9/11 and military conquest. (Don't tell me that jihad is inner struggle. Read the Hadiths and over 90% of the jihad mentioned by Mohammed is about killing the Free). Jihad is also cultural and political war. Christianity is one the cornerstones of Western culture.


Islamic culture is not some mid-eastern version of our Western culture that is equal to ours. It is Islamic culturalism that is determined to wage war against us. That is what the Koran says, not that any of the ministers believe that. The ministers' responses to the stock Koranic questions from the Muslims, showed that the Christians had no understanding of the Koran or the Hadiths or the history of Islam at all. Zero.


Why won't our intellectuals and Christians demand that Islam be subjected to the same critical analysis that Christianity has been subjected to? Why?


Well, to get the answers, we can't wait on the universities, Western intellectuals, artists or kumbaya Christians or kumbaya Jews or kumbaya Hindus or kumbaya Buddhists. They have all submitted. Beta dogs always submit; that is their nature.


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