The Last Wish

by Sutapa Chaudhuri (October 2015)


  Promise me the monsoons

When the summer-heat swelters

In a pitch-melting afternoon

And the lone white car

At a red traffic signal

Becomes just a vignette

Reflected on the glassy roads


Promise me the monsoons

When irreverent shadows

Of happiness play nonchalant

At the crossroads of pain

And the thirsty traveler

Dreams futile in a seductive

Mirage of oasis and dark waters


Promise me the monsoons

When the air smokes of

Ashes and burning funeral pyres

Moistened only by the tears

Of the broken earth and scorched

Red rice scraped off a broken pot

Staves off the hungry children


Promise me the monsoons

When green palm-fronds

Stretch their arms reaching

Up to the heavens on tip-toe

And the lightning-clouds

Thunder out a deep reverence

A play of light in the darkest storms



Sutapa Chaudhuri has two poetry collections — Broken Rhapsodies and Touching Nadir. My Lord, My Well-Beloved is a collection of her translations of Rabindranath Tagore’s songs.



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