Fisking Fizzy Bollocks

by Tim Burton aka Catstrangler101 (June 2014)

This essay has been prompted by the appearance of an article in the personal blog of one Fiyaz Mughal OBE - the notorious Fraudulent and Mendacious Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artist-in-Chief at Tell Mama UK, an organisation that purportedly monitors anti-Muslim hate crime, but in reality serves solely as a magnet for large sums of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash while at the same time promoting a chilling effect on our hard-won freedoms, in particular freedom of speech.

Old Fizzy Bollocks, to give him a somewhat less pretentious appellation – the OBE was something that I had thought meant that at some time Her Majesty the Queen had presented him with the Order of the British Empire, but on closer inspection it apparently means nothing more than his possession of an Oversized Bloated Ego – has apparently taken it to heart that I was justly acquitted back in April on the back of a trumped-up charge of Racially Aggravated Harassment.

In addition, he is no doubt feeling sore that he also recently lost a civil libel case against Andrew Gilligan of the Daily Telegraph. One might have thought that in the wake of these two resounding defeats, which saw Old Fizzy Bollocks getting a well-deserved ass-kicking, he might have chosen to indulge in a little self-reflection, perhaps some self-criticism or even a smidgeon of humility.

Not a chance. Here is his article:

It transpires that Old Fizzy Bollocks doesn’t do self-reflection, self-criticism or humility. Or if he does, he keeps it extremely well-hidden. What he does do, however, is display to the world via his blog his inability to learn from events, his puffed-up and bloated sense of self-importance, not to mention a certain mean-spiritedness of character.

Let’s look at the title of his blog – “A common sense approach to communities” – all well and good, you might say. But “supporting the development of mutual respect”? Let’s not forget that Islam is the ONE ideology that has ZERO respect for anyone or anything non-Islamic. Respect is entirely a one-way street as far as Islam is concerned. Respect in Islamic terms means “you respect our way of doing things while we will continue to feel free to trample all over your way of doing things.” And as for “Everyone should be able to live free from fear, intolerance and bigotry” – well, I agree with that sentiment entirely. The problem is that Islam, as a political ideology driven by fear, violence, terror and intimidation towards non-Muslims, simply will not allow it.

Moving on to the main text of the article, Old Fizzy Bollocks complained that he had been subjected to a “hate campaign” and had been targeted “because of his faith” – well, no, he was targeted because I felt that it was inappropriate that someone running a public organisation with large amounts of taxpayers’ money should be in the business of fraudulently manipulating the statistics of that organisation (as reported by Andrew Gilligan) in order to keep the taxpayer funding going. And indeed, it was reported that the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) had themselves called into question the accuracy of his figures, and that subsequently the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) had curtailed his funding as a result.

Old Fizzy Bollocks also took exception to my 6000+ followers on Twitter – complaining that many of them were “Far Right” sympathisers – a description which he repeats several times in his blog article. While it may be true that many of my followers probably do not read The Guardian newspaper, and most of them are probably not rabid Left-Wing nut-jobs, I think that to characterise them as “Far-Right” is grossly misleading. Most of my followers I would describe as Conservative Patriots, deeply concerned about the direction that Western democracies are taking in the wake of decades of political correctness, multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism, and also deeply concerned about the tidal wave of Islamic immigration that threatens to destabilise our relatively peaceful and prosperous societies and replace them with third-world hell-holes. (This has all been enabled by sneaky, duplicitous and treasonous political elites without any thought of what the long-term consequences might be for our indigenous populations, who have - up to now – been unaware of what those political elites were actually doing in their name.)

Old Fizzy Bollocks also seems to think that he can divine what he calls my “mindset” from the nature of my tweets. It’s true that I do sometimes refer to Muslims in general in less than flattering terms, but this is not because of their “faith.” Indeed, I have no problem with “faith“ at all – there has never been a civilisation on the planet, as far as I know, which has not incorporated a religious belief of some sort or another into their philosophy – and even atheism can be said to be a religious belief. If someone’s belief system offers comfort and strength in times of trial and tribulation, and if it helps them to make sense of the world while providing a framework for spiritual growth and enlightenment – a search for goodness, beauty and truth – then who could argue with that? What I have a problem with is politics masquerading as “faith” – which is why I reserve so much criticism for Islam – a repressive, totalitarian political ideology – and for those who voluntarily choose to continue to subscribe to that ideology even when they have reached maturity and could be expected to make a more rational choice.

My main complaint concerning Muslims is that despite the obvious shortcomings of their ideology – Islam makes for a very poor civilisational model in pretty much every material respect, in comparison to, say, the Judaeo-Christian civilisational model, which arguably represents the best framework yet devised by mankind for the betterment of humanity – Muslims everywhere and always push for advantages and privileges that they would deny to the rest of humanity, and they do it in the most aggressive fashion. Not for them the negotiation, tolerance and compromise that is the hallmark of people who wish to get on together in a civilised manner as equals in perpetuity – oh, no, not a chance. Muslims are convinced – indeed they have been informed in the Qu’ran – that they are the best of people (Qu’ran 3:110) and that non-Muslims are the worst of people (Qu’ran 98:6) and they act accordingly. Is it any wonder that the rest of us become somewhat irritated at this unending, aggressive assertion of Islamic supremacy, combined with the inevitable anti-social and criminal, not to say murderous, behaviour that Muslims exhibit whenever they do not get their way?

The first tweet mentioned by Old Fizzy Bollocks refers to Muslims as “inbred,” “parasitic,” “welfare scrounging” and “paedophiles” – and while I fully agree that not all Muslims invariably have all of those characteristics, there have been many studies to show that those characteristics are over-represented in the Muslim populations that we see in the West.  For example, it has been estimated that 50% of Muslim males are unemployed and on welfare benefits, together with 75% of Muslim females, while consanguinity resulting (in part at least) from many generations of first cousin marriages, has led to perhaps irreversible damage to the Muslim gene pool, together with a corresponding increase in genetic defects. (Of course, whenever this is pointed out, even by respected doctors, scientists and genetic experts, it is invariably dismissed as “racism” and “Islamophobia”). As for the charge of “paedophilia,” quite apart from the fact that according to Islamic texts, the Islamic prophet Muhammad (who Muslims must revere as the most perfect example of mankind if they are to take Islam seriously, Qu’ran 33:21) married a six-year-old girl and consummated the marriage when she was nine years old – the recent report from the Law and Freedom Foundation, published in March this year, shows (among other things) that Muslim males are almost 200 times more likely to indulge in predatory sexual acts concerning minor non-Muslim females than any other cultural group in the UK.

Old Fizzy Bollocks next takes aim at my like-minded colleagues, referring to them as a network of “Far-Right and extremist websites that crossed the United States, the UK and Australia.” He reserves particular venom for what he calls “a bizarre and virulently anti-Muslim Australian focussed website” run by none other than Mike Holt of Restore Australia. Mike, a Conservative Patriot like myself, is not afraid to call a spade a spade, and although he may sometimes be a little more forthright than I have been in his criticism of the Islamic ideology, his focus is on the fact that Muslims cause the same problems in Australia as they do everywhere else in the West – and despite what apologists for Islam may say, there is a pattern of behaviour that repeats itself whenever and wherever Muslims become sufficiently numerous in any given population to make their presence known – in fact a survey by the highly respected Dr. Peter Hammond demonstrates that these patterns of behaviour, which inevitably include criminal and anti-social behaviour, are a good predictor of the population percentage of Muslims in any given non-Muslim society -

The Mendacious One next refers to the tweets which formed the subject of my arrest and subsequent charge of Racially Aggravated Harassment – a charge of which I was acquitted on Tuesday 08 April 2014 in a case which became known as the Birmingham Taqiyya Trial – a full account of which is here -

The account on his (Fizzy Bollocks’) blog of the nature of taqiyya is quite simply inaccurate – a fact which was attested to by Professor Hans Jansen, who appeared as an expert witness in my defence at the trial. I leave it to my readers to decide who to believe on the subject of taqiyya, Old Fizzy Bollocks or Professor Hans Jansen. However, I quite understand why Fizzy might well have decided on a course of meta-taqiyya (taqiyya about the nature of taqiyya) in order not to denigrate Islam in the eyes of non-Muslims during the trial. (The concept of meta-taqiyya is expanded upon in Paul Austin Murphy’s excellent article here.)

Old Fizzy Bollocks has a few words to say about the Liberty GB website of course – the “anti-Muslim Far Right” website has been a target for Tell Mama UK for some months, mainly because Liberty GB (and in particular the excellent writer Paul Austin Murphy) takes them to task for their mendacious assertions concerning taqiyya, so-called anti-Muslim on-line hate crime, and Liberty GB themselves. But Fizzy’s uncoordinated, vitriolic half-truths and outright lies are no match for a writer whose mastery of critical analysis, scientific reasoning and logical method knock the Mendacious Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artist-In-Chief’s ramblings out of the park.

Of course, no criticism of so-called “anti-Muslim Far Right” groups and individuals would be complete without a mention of Robert Spencer, the director of the Jihad Watch website and author of over a dozen books concerning Islam. Robert is a fine gentleman whom I have had the pleasure of talking with on the radio on a couple of occasions, but is referred to here by Old Fizzy Bollocks as “one of the doyennes of the virulently anti-Muslim so-called counter-jihad network” – he refers to the fact that Robert was excluded from the UK in 2013 on the grounds that “it would not be conducive to the public good” but completely ignores the fact that once again, Islamic supremacists pressured the Home Secretary Theresa May to kowtow to the Muslim agenda of getting those in authority to curb free speech in return for NOT rioting, looting and generally causing mayhem on British streets – a form of blackmail which should be completely unacceptable in a free and open society.

(Talking of curbing free speech, I note that interestingly enough, every one of my five Twitter accounts has been suspended – accounts that have had only one thing in common, a consistently reasoned and logical criticism of Islam, together with a few barbs concerning Tell Mama UK and Old Fizzy Bollocks himself. Surely Old Fizzy Bollocks would not be so vindictive and mean-spirited as to strong-arm Twitter Support into removing my Twitter accounts? Say it ain’t so, Fizzy! Oh well, not to worry, Twitter accounts can always be replaced, and you cannot stop the truth from coming out eventually – as the Buddhist proverb has it, there are three things that cannot be long hidden – the sun, the moon and the truth.)

Fizzy makes much of the so-called fact that I allegedly breached my bail conditions (of not contacting Fizzy Bollocks himself on the run-up to the trial) by tweeting about Tell Mama UK while I was awaiting trial – seemingly unconcerned about the inconvenient legal distinction in British law that Tell Mama UK is actually a separate legal entity from Fiyaz Mughal himself and was thus not covered by my bail conditions. Never mind, Fizzy, when you get that nice, fluffy-bunny, civilised and progressive Sharia law in place of British law, then I’m sure you’ll have a bit more leeway when it comes to imposing the proper Islamic punishments on those uppity Infidels.  (In any case, Fizzy – you should be careful what you wish for – it did not go un-noticed that you LIED on Page 4 of your police statement in a way that DIRECTLY and MATERIALLY affected the severity of the charges that were subsequently laid against me. You should be grateful that I am magnanimous in victory and that you are not currently facing a charge of Perverting the Course of Justice).

The Mendacious One returns to his theme of bashing Mike Holt of Restore Australia in his next paragraph, referring to him as the author of a “virulently twisted, hate-filled blog” when all he does is speak the truth. But then the truth has never been very popular among those who wish to push Islam onto an unsuspecting world – generations of deceitful Muslims have used taqiyya to advance the cause of Islam to generations of tolerant, good-natured non-Muslims over the past 1400 years – and this is because if the truth about Islam were widely known, with its morals and ethics seen to be completely opposed to those of Judaeo-Christianity, then Islam would crumble into dust. Certainly the majority of people in any civilised society would no longer stand for it, based as it is on lies and deceit, and that is why all people of goodwill must strive to make the truth about Islam widely known in whatever way they can. 

Old Fizzy Bollocks was naturally not very pleased with the verdict in the Birmingham taqiyya trial, complaining bitterly that he had not had the justice he deserved. Actually, he did have exactly the justice he deserved, and his assertion that he had completely rebutted the arguments made by my defence solicitor, Mr Harrington, is laughable – under oath, he demonstrated that he did not fully comprehend the meaning of the words “Mendacious” and “Scumbag” – to the point where I wondered why he had bothered to lay charges in the first place. He also completely missed the point that putting the words “Lying” “Muslim” and “Scumbag” in the same sentence did not constitute a racial slur given the relevance of the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya and the fact that it gives Muslims divine permission to lie – even under oath in a British court of law – if to do so serves the cause of Islam. Taqiyya is NOT an “anti-Muslim hate term” as Fizzy suggested – it is part and parcel of Islamic doctrine and it would not have mattered what additional arguments the CPS brought up, Taqiyya is what it is and that’s it.

Finally, Fizzy Bollocks wonders what message is sent out to other Muslims, especially in Birmingham, regarding the verdict – Hmmm, maybe that they had better stop being so quick to take offence when non-Muslims such as myself take them to task for their actions and behaviour? Maybe that they had better take a long look in the mirror before accusing non-Muslims such as myself of “hate crime”? Let’s not forget that the Qu’ran itself is primarily a political manual rather than a religious text, full of hatred and violence, with 64% of its content devoted NOT to becoming a better person or to pursuing spiritual goals, instead containing hundreds of verses exhorting Muslims to be ruthless towards, if not downright violent and murderous to non-Muslims, and as far as anti-Semitic Jew-hatred is concerned, it actually contains more of that than does Mein Kampf. So maybe Muslims should be more concerned with putting their own house in order before they criticise non-Muslims for noticing that their precious ideology is somewhat flawed, to put it mildly. More importantly, Muslims should realise that the time is rapidly approaching where if they cannot demonstrate that they can put their own house in order, then we are going to have to do it for them, and I can guarantee that if we have to do that, then Muslims themselves will not like it one little bit.




Tim Burton is the Blog Talk Radio host for Liberty GB. 

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