Date: 22/10/2016
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Livingstone-Pipes clash apparently not newsworthy

Posted by the 910 Group:

Saturday January 20. Renowned historian, author, and Islamic expert Daniel Pipes debated the current Mayor of London Ken Livingstone about the “Clash of Civilizations”. Although around 150 representatives of the media attended, there has been little to no media coverage. Fortunately, a 910 member was in attendance and we have some video that we will make available. If you see any media coverage, videos or transcripts available, contact our PR Coordinator, dkshideler in the 910 Forum.

Here is an update from Pipes’ blog:

“… One organizer on the mayor’s staff told me that the audience numbered about five thousand and that over 150 media had registered for the conference. Despite the many journalists and video cameras, and despite the GLA having recorded and simultaneously transcribed the event, and despite two and a half days having passed since it took place, there has been – quite to my surprise – not a single media account of the debate, nor a video made available, nor a transcript.”

A few bloggers who attended the debate offered their perspectives:

Also: WRITE to the media outlets, especially the TV channels and newspapers in the UK – and ask them why this event was considered so ‘un-newsworthy’, when it had 150 media representatives, 5,000 attendees, and was hosted by the Mayor of London! What do they base their decision upon?