Date: 25/03/2017
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Paris airport attacker shouted: 'I'm here to die for Allah - there will be deaths

I suppose the authorities are still unclear about his motive - they usually are even when it is glaringly obvious. From Sky News again

Police confirm a crime watchlist suspect shot a policewoman before launching an attack on a soldier at a Paris airport. A radicalised Muslim on a crime watchlist shot a policewoman in the head at a road check before attacking a soldier at a Paris airport.

The gunman shouted: "I am here to die for Allah - there will be deaths", before attempting to gun people down at Orly airport.

The man - known as Ziyed B - at one point threw down a bag containing a can of petrol, a Parisian prosectutor said. Other sources have a full name - Ziyed Ben Belgacem - a French born and French passport holder of North African heritage. 

He was initially stopped for speeding at a road check north of the city early this morning, shooting a policewoman in the head. He then held up a woman motorist at gunpoint, stealing her car and driving to Orly airport.In the airport terminal the attacker assaulted a patrol of three counter-terrorism soldiers, making the statement about Allah. He wrestled one of the soldiers to the floor, trying to take her gun.

A police source said the man was "a radicalised Muslim known to intelligence services and the justice system". He had a history of thefts and violent robberies. The man's father, brother and a cousin have been taken into police custody.