Wednesday, 31 March 2010
The Czechoslovakization of Israel by Obama
by Jerry Gordon (April 2010)

A crisis arose between Washington and Jerusalem during a visit to Israel by US Vice President Biden. Simultaneous with his visit the Israeli Interior Ministry announced approval of the fourth stage in the process of building 1600 new apartment units for poor Orthodox Jews in the Ramat Shlomo development located in north Jerusalem. The Ramat Shlomo project has been in existence since 1995. The Obama Administration erupted in scathing attacks against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for “insulting” Vice President Biden and imperiling the flagging peace process by building “settlements” in East Jerusalem. This crisis erupted as Washington was about to dispatch Special Envoy former US Senator George Mitchell to hold so-called ‘proximity talks’ between Palestinian Authority leaders in Ramallah and the Netanyahu government in Jerusalem. more>>>
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16 Apr 2010
Clare Spark

Jerry Gordon's article was comprehensive and depressing, but the situation he describes has been going on since the Balfour Declaration. I spent time in Ralph Bunche's UN papers at UCLA, covering the period when he was working for UNSCOP, then assistant to Count Bernadotte (together they were undermining the UN partition resolution of Nov.29, 1947), and then Acting Mediator, for which he received a Nobel Peace Prize. I wrote a short blog about the long term interests of the U.S. and a few lines about Bunche's pro-Arab views here:

23 Apr 2010
e j schef

 When President Truman was trying to decide how to vote in the United Nations to support or not the creation of the State of Israel, Secretary of State Marshall opposed the concept based on the simple math existing in 1948 of over 100 million Arabs against the idea vs and a little more than a half million Jews in what would become Israel. The British did their own math when they issued the White Paper before WWII. 

Currently there is an Administration in Washington that ideologically believes that the American Century is over and American exceptionalism never was. It is wrong about this ideology but whether beliefs are true or not, they are always true in their consequences.

The immediate consequence is a change in policy that takes the math into consideration. What it is missing is that other allies of America are doubting what it means to be a friend of the United States and those who would try to destroy Israel are encouraged to the point that the next war is around the corner.