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Noblesse oblige, or, heroism as we in the West account it

In dar al Islam, power, if one has it , seems generally to be seen as there to be used to the max for the personal advantage of the possessor...and the weak go to the wall.  In free Western societies, on the other hand, noblesse obliges, and those with power - in this case seniority and strength - may well choose not to push to the head of the queue.  And instead of flinging their weight around they will use their strength to serve and save.

Two stories of the courage and love of elder brothers, from the Queensland floods.

First, in the main streets of Toowoomba, suddenly a death trap.

'Teen gives life to save brother'.

'Toowoomba boy Jordan Rice, 13, has been remembered as a hero after he let his younger brother be rescued first, seconds before he and his mother Donna were swept to their deaths in the CBD...

'Donna Rice's partner of 28 years, John Tyson, yesterday told The Chronicle how his beloved partner and their son perished.

'Ms Rice, and sons Jordan, 13, and Blake, 10, were driving at the intersection of James and Kitchener Streets about 2 pm on Monday when they drove through water which at the time was only up to their car wheels.  However, their car engine stopped, and Ms Rice called triple zero for help.  She was unable to call anyone else as she had no phone credit.

'The triple zero operator told the family to stay put and they were forced to climb onto the roof of their car after the floodwater rose rapidly.

'Mr Tyson said no help came and bystanders watching the family did not offer help.

"All these people were just standing around until an old scrawny guy (here is the other hero of the piece ; note, it was an 'old scrawny guy' , just as it was two old guys who jumped Congresswoman Gifford's attacker - heroes come in unlikely shapes and ages - CM) grabbed a bit of rope, wrapped it around himself, and jumped in," Mr Tyson said.  

'Jordan can't swim and is terrified of water.  

"But when the man went to rescue him, he said, 'save my brother first'". 

That is: the 13 year old elder brother thought first not of himself but of his little brother. - CM.

'Mr Tyson said the man rescued Blake and tried to tie the rope around Jordan and Ms Rice but it broke.  They were swept downstream.  The pair was briefly able to hang onto a tree, but was overcome by the force of raging floodwaters.

'Mr Tyson wept as he told of his son's bravery, when he knew how terrifying their last moments were.  "I can only imagine what was going on inside to give up his life and save his brother, even though he was petrified of water", he said.  "He is our little hero"...

'Mr Tyson and Ms Rice, 43, have four sons together - Christ, Kyle, Jordan, and Blake.

'He (Mr Tyson) wished to thank the Good Samaritan who came to his family's help and rescued their son Blake.

'The family had just picked up Jordan's high school uniforms that morning as he was due to start Year 8'".

There were two men,   as we of the free West define manhood, in the street that day; the 'scrawny old guy' with a bit of rope, risking his life entering wild water to save strangers in peril - and the terrified 13 year old, whose first thought was not for himself but for the safety of his little brother.

My second story is that of a big brother and his younger sister.

'A growing list of lost souls' (these being the people killed in the terrible flash floods in Toowoomba and Grantham on 11 January - CM).

'Two teenagers huddled in the ceiling of their home after their parents were swept to their death by a wall of water...

'Sarah Norman yesterday told how her brother Sam, 20, punched a hole in the laundry ceiling and pushed their sister Victoria, 15, to safety, after water started flooding the home at midday on Monday.

"He went back to get Mum and Dad, but they had just gone," Ms Norman said. "Victoria heard Mum scream".

'Mr Matthews and his wife had been about to join their children when Mrs Matthews got trapped in the kitchen by a fridge that floated across a doorway.  As Mr Matthews went back for his wife a wall collapsed and both were swept away by floodwaters.

'Family friend Jim Hitchener said Sam and Victoria spent an hour in the ceiling, as trees crashed into the house and a "river of water" ran through the home, almost reaching the ceiling.

'He said Sam then punched a hole through the roof, and when the waters subsided, he dragged Victoria to higher ground, and they crossed a creek to reach his sister Sarah's home...".

Twenty years old, in a desperate situation, he used his strength and wits to save not only himself but his little sister.  

These are the kinds of young men - and old men, too, like the scrawny old guy with the rope - that we still have in the lands of the non-Muslims; and more of them, one hopes, than anyone guesses. 


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12 Jan 2011
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And this father probably gave his life for his wife and child:

Hunt continues for father last seen waiting for rescue on his car roof in raging Australian floods

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:04 PM on 12th January 2011

Wife and son, 9, plucked to safety but no sign of James Perry when rescue helicopter returned

The father last seen clinging to the roof of his 4x4 vehicle in the Queensland flood has been identified as prominent horse racing personality James Perry.

Pictures of Perry perched on the roof of his car with his wife and nine-year-old son in the midst of a deluge in the town of Grantham were broadcast around the world.

Perry's wife and son were plucked to safety first, but when the rescue helicopter returned for him there was no sign of Perry, 39, or the 4x4.

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