Friday, 11 November 2011
Trita Parsi, Apologist For The Islamic Republic Of Iran

From Contentions:

Iran Lobbyist Trita Parsi: Anti-Iran Calls “Must Be Punishable”

There are several longish posts to be written about the meltdown currently taking place on the anti-Israel and pro-Iran foreign policy left. In the span of a month they’ve had to explain why the oh-so-rational Iranians – who, on account of said rationality, were ostensibly amenable to engagement – tried to commit an act of war on U.S. soil. Then they had to explain why the oh-so-not-developing-nukes Iranians – who, on account of not developing nukes, did not have to be confronted – were declared by the IAEA to be developing nukes.

Their efforts on both of those specific issues were kind of magical – the clinical description would label them as “symptomatic outbursts” – but it’s also important to keep an eye on the general meltdown taking place. For instance here’s a tweet from Trita Parsi, president and founder of the National Iranian American Council:

When he could get away with it, Parsi advocated engagement with the Iranian regime because it was rational and stable. When that pretext became impossible to sustain, he advocated engagement with the Iranian regime because it was irrational and crumbling. It’s almost as if Parsi – who once founded and ran a group to “safeguard Iran’s and Iranian interests” – is willing to say anything to safeguard Iran’s and Iranian interests.

The Obama years, of course, have been quite good for Parsi and NIAC:

Mr. Parsi’s history suggests a continuing commitment to changing U.S. policy on Iran, and he has clearly become more influential in Washington since the change of administrations. Mr. Parsi has been called to the White House, lectured at the CIA and visited Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. He boasted in internal e-mails that he learned of Mr. Obama’s speech to Iranians on the occasion of the Persian New Year in March several hours before it was posted on the Internet.

You can’t help but wonder if Parsi has floated his “let’s punish these anti-Iran lunatics” to his new friends at the White House.

Posted on 11/11/2011 7:07 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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