Wednesday, 23 November 2011
Suspicious Stories About Blast at Hizbullah Arms Cache in Southern Lebanon

UNIFIL Soldiers in Southern Lebanon

There was an explosion last night at the Hizbullah stronghold of Siddiq near Tyre in Southern Lebanon. Contrast what the Beirut Star says versus what Arutz Sheva, Israel National News reported and the credibility given, once again, to the speculations of US blogger Richard Silverstein. 

Silverstein doesn’t like us, he bars our linking to his Tikkun Olam website, as we are considered “spam”.  Doubtless it may be due to our having called attention to his strident anti-Israel stands and the lack of his credibility of his report on the recent IRGC missile test explosion.  We have serious questions about the credibility of those “authoritative Israeli source with considerable military experience” that Silverstein conveys by way of his Seattle website.  Nonetheless, news outlets in Israel, like Ynet and now Arutz Sheva pass on his “Exclusive” speculations.

The Beirut Star story, “Huge Blast Rocks Hezbollah Stronghold in Southern Lebanon” which is also questionable, alleges this about the suspicious blast:

The Lebanese Army released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying that the explosion was likely the result of a landmine or a cluster bomb left over from the July-August war between Lebanon and Israel in 2006.

Earlier Wednesday, the security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the cause of the blast, which was heard shortly before midnight, could not be determined due to a heavy security blanket by Hezbollah that followed the explosion.

In its statement Wednesday, the army said it had searched the area but found no trace of the explosion as it “left any visible effects.”

Early in the day, local media said the explosion likely took place at a Hezbollah arms cache.

In a statement later in the day, Hezbollah denied that the explosion in south Lebanon was a result of an explosion at an arms depot.

"What has been circulating in the media regarding the explosion in Sidiqq in and that it is related to storage center for Hezbollah is utterly false,” the party said in the statement.

Four Israeli warplanes were spotted flying over Siddiq at around 10.00 a.m. and patrols by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (INIFIL) were active in the area. A UNIFIL helicopter could also be seen flying over the village.

Then we had this News Brief from Israel National News, Blogger: 'Israel Responsible for Explosion in Lebanon'

American blogger Richard Silverstein claimed on his 'Tikkun Olam' blog that Israel is responsible for the blast on at a Hezbollah weapons cache in Southern Lebanon Wednesday morning.

Silverstein claimed that "an authoritative Israeli source with considerable military experience" told him that the IDF used a "Trojan Horse" style trap. A few weeks ago it was reported that an Israeli drone disappeared over Lebanon. Silverstein now claims Israel "out foxed Hezbollah" as Hezbollah brought the downed drone to its arms cache. Once inside the arms cache it was detonated, causing a massive explosion.

Israel National news then posted this “Explosion Rocks Hizbullah Weapons Warehouse”:

A secret Hizbullah terrorist warehouse exploded overnight near the coastal city of Tyre, located in southern Lebanon not far from Israel's northern border, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Beirut.

The blast occurred in an area under the control of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

Nevertheless, Hizbullah forces have prevented security personnel from reaching the site, making it impossible to obtain any information about what actually happened.

A UNIFIL spokesman told reporters, “We have no information as yet,” in response to questions about the explosion. The international force is expected to investigate.

Hizbullah has boasted that the group possesses tens of thousands of missiles of varying ranges that it can aim at Israel whenever it chooses.

U.N. Resolution 1701, the ceasefire agreement that ended the Second Lebanon War in 2006, specifically prohibits Hizbullah from storing munitions or other ordnance in southern Lebanon.

We really don’t know what happened at Siddiq, last night. Nor are we likely to find out either. Under UNSC Res. 1701 that ended the Second Lebanon War in 2006, Hizbullah is not supposed to keep arms and weapons in Southern Lebanon. Moreover, UNIFIL forces have to be invited in by the Lebanese government to investigate. All of which is a sham, because Hizbullah has re-fortified and restocked the area with huge caches of rockets, missiles and ammunition.  As to those Israel aircraft seen flying overhead this morning, reported by the Beirut Star could they have been the usual complement of surveillance drones keeping a constant watch on Hizbullah activity in Southern Lebanon?  Drones of the type recently reported missing because of Hizbullah’s alleged expertise in electronic warfare?  As to Silverstein’s speculations, who knows where those come from?   Moreover, why would Israel reveal any connection or its own independent investigations of the explosion in Southern Lebanon? it doesn’t appear to fit the traditional IDF modus operandi of saying anything about such matters in the media.



Posted on 11/23/2011 4:41 PM by Jerry Gordon
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