Sunday, 29 April 2012
Bostom: Wilders Agonistes

Editor's Note:

Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad ,The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism and the forthcoming Sharia and Freedom   has an extensive two part review essay, "Wilders Agonistes"  in The American Thinker   about Geert Wilders, Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me Our own review of Wilders new book will be published in the May edition of the NER.

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A review-essay on Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me [1], by Geert Wilders, Regnery Publishing, May1, 2012, 256 pp.
As I told the Editor of The American Thinker, Tom Lifson:
“Although lengthy, this review-essay will provide readers with a definitive understanding of one of the West’s most important political leaders, whose grasp of the civilizational jihadist threat, and willingness to combat it, are unequalled.”
Both part1 [2]and part 2 [3] are now posted at The American Thinker.
The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum’s current exhibit “Ottomania[6]” punctuates ongoing commemorations marking 400 years of Dutch-Turkish relations. With depressing predictability, the Turkish media erupted in fury [7]over a 1683 print[8] on display which celebrates the defeat [9]of the Ottoman jihad campaign against Vienna . Consistent with disparaging images commonplace in that late 17thcentury era, the print[8] depicts Mehmed IV[10], the Ottoman sultan (r. 1648-1687), lying forlorn in bed following the humiliating defeat of his grand vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha [11] at Vienna. A salient detail[8] of the print shows the royal bedside commode adjacent to a Koran, placed, ostensibly[7], for use as toilet paper.
Shortly afterward, during his recent visit to the Netherlands as part of the same commemorations, Turkish President Abdullah Gul labeled Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders an “Islamophobe.” Interviewed[12] by the Dutch mass-circulation daily De Telegraaf, Gul claimed Wilders represented “an extreme voice, which feeds radicals.” Gul further accused Wilders of engendering“a negative us-against-them climate [that] is developing in the whole of Europe , which is laying the foundation for ethnic religious discrimination.” Responding to Gul’s denunciation, Wilders tweeted[13] with appropriate disdain, “Turkish humor: Christian-teaser, Kurd-basher, Hamas-friend and Islamist Gul complaining about tolerance.”
In 2009, Turkey declined [14]to receive a Dutch parliamentary delegation if it included Wilders. At the time, a Turkish spokesperson insisted[12] that Wilders was “such a fascist that besides in Turkey , he would not be welcome in other European capitals.” Wilders, in turn, this past November, 2011 observed, aptly[15]
Gul’s Islamic regime and his party colleague, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, are no friends of the West and therefore not of the Netherlands either. President Gul is not welcome. Turkey has no place in the community of European values and there’s no reason for a party. Anyone who looks further than their own nose can see that the regime of Gul and Erdogan is killing off Turkey ’s secular constitution in order to re-Islamise the country.  (Read More)

Posted on 04/29/2012 12:31 PM by Andrew Bostom
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