Thursday, 24 March 2016
The Source of Muslim Rage

For those members of the public who are still having difficulty trying to figure the source of rage of so many Muslims here is the simple explanation detailed in the acclaimed biography of Muhammad by Haykal:

The Malevolent Conduct of Quraysh

For the Sake of Salvation
In the course of bringing spiritual salvation to his people and to all mankind, Muhammad and his followers suffered great harm. They were subjected to many travails of body and spirit, to emigration, to alienation from peers and relatives, and they bore these sacrifices with gallantry and patience. It was as if the more his people harmed Muhammad, the stronger became his love for them and the greater his desire and care to bring about their salvation. Resurrection and the day of judgment were the supreme ideas to which they were to give their attention if they were to be saved from their idolatry and evil deeds. Consequently, in the first years of Muhammad's prophethood, revelation constantly repeated divine threats and warnings that the Makkans might open their eyes and recognize the veracity of resurrection and the Day of Judgment. It was this constant assault by revelation which, in final analysis, had inflamed the terrible war between Muhammad and Makkah whose rage did not subside until God had given victory to Islam, His religion, over the religions of man.

The Life of Muhammad? (Allah's peace and blessing be upon him)
by Muhammad Husayn Haykal

The whole book is available free on-line at:


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