Sunday, 28 August 2016
UK Police harassment: Tommy Robinson and his kids thrown out of a pub in Cambridge

Tommy Robinson and his children were thrown out of the city of Cambridge last night by the UK Police.

He was watching a football match in a pub with 2 friends, his 3 kids and 4 other children. 3 adults, 7 kids. Earlier in the day the whole party had (without any trouble) watched Luton play Cambridge (at the ground in Cambridge).

He filmed the Police giving him no good reason as to why he was being told, ordered, to leave an entire city. Even the security staff of the pub intervened to say his party was causing no trouble.

Last night I pulled this video off Periscope and put it on YouTube quickly. I’ve now re-uploaded a new version fixing some problems and adding explanations.

It seems to me the UK police are trying to get Tommy to do something so they can send him back to prison. In prison he would be attacked again by Muslim gangs. They nearly killed him the last time.


Posted on 08/28/2016 6:56 AM by Brian of London
30 Aug 2016

Seen this but don't believe it. 

A law abiding father of three on a day out with his and others children persecuted bad run out of Cambridge. 

For what nothing. In a democracy you are expected to form and hold opinions. There has to be room for all voices to be heard. Otherwise where you s the democracy?

Shame on the Luton and Cambridgeshire police. 

Never were to be trusted. 

Blatant case of harassment  

Tommy found a way out of violence through the quill am foundation  

I think the police behaviour was utterly shameful and provocative  

lit takes a brave and courageous man like Tommy to say what we are all thinking   

Why isn't this mainstream news  it's a direct attack on Tommy's personal freedom?

12 Sep 2016

The literal hell is going down with the police in the uk?

They refuse to roll up muslim pedophile gangs out of fear of racism, but go on and form a new "mysoginy" group searching for women who are offended, then go on and harass people whom they like in front of their kids in a literal medieval style spouting some maffia style sht in the process.

What the actual putrid sht is going down with this neofascist police organisation in the uk? You would think american police is bad, but following the news it seems that the UK is requruiting some literal maffia and exconvcit scum to do thug work.

Never understood the notion of throwing molotovs and what not at the police. Now at least i do. When all of your rights are trampled with both feet, only violence remains as a way out, and guessing game here: Whose fault will this violence be?

Uk police on the level of stasi fcks. Well done.