Wednesday, 30 November 2016
The Islamic Trade in European Slaves

by Emmet Scott (December 2016)

It is common knowledge that, for over a thousand years, Arab and Muslim slavers took enormous numbers of men, women and children from sub-Saharan Africa. What is not so well known is that they took equally large numbers of people from Europe. As with Africa, Arab slave-taking in Europe began in the seventh century – shortly after the rise of Islam – and continued virtually without interruption into the modern epoch.  more>>>

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8 Dec 2016
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This history deserves to be far more widely known. Unfortunately, it is distressing to read so will be avoided by the majority of people.

1 Jan 2017
The 200 years of relentless Muslim slave raids and attacks against Europe is the historical explanation for the Crusades, long mis-characterized as exemplifying European imperialism.