Monday, 5 December 2016
Sylvia Kedourie Has Died

Most of our readers will be familiar with her illustrious husband, Elie Kedourie, but did you know his wife was also a Middle East scholar? The Telegraph:

Sylvia Kedourie, who has died aged 90, was the widow of the historian Elie Kedourie and herself a distinguished scholar of the history of the Middle East.

She was born Sylvia Haim on December 19 1925 in Baghdad and educated there at the French-language Alliance Israélite Universelle girls’ school, where she experienced as an adolescent the growing oppression and persecution of Iraq’s two-and-a-half-millennia-old Jewish population.

Having travelled with her father and an elder sister to visit France and Britain in 1947, Sylvia enrolled at the University of Edinburgh to study Philosophy....

Posted on 12/05/2016 11:41 AM by Rebecca Bynum
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