Saturday, 7 January 2017
Women under Sharia

by John Constantine

In 2015 the Center for Security Policy polled American Muslims concerning their preference for Islamic Sharia law or United States Constitutional law. An astounding 51% of American Muslims opted for being governed by Sharia.

Today, let us look at what Sharia mandates for women both Muslim and non-Muslim. Women under Sharia have the right to be encased in a 15 pound canvass coffin better known as a burkha never to feel the breeze on their skin again. You have the right to have your honor protected even if it kills you. Over 96% of all honor killings worldwide are committed by Muslims. Muslim men kill their sisters, daughters and wives over trifling issues and it is perfectly legal according to Sharia. And yes, on numerous occasions it has happened in the United States and Canada.

You have the right to be imprisoned in your own home. You cannot leave the house without the permission of the male who owns you. Recently in Afghanistan a woman was beheaded because she left her home without the permission of her husband. In addition you have the Allah given right to be one of a Muslim male's four wives. Your husband can divorce you by simply stating "I divorce you" three times. Some more modern thinking Imams allow you to text message the wife three times with the message "I divorce you" . There are no custody issues in Islam. The children are always awarded to the Muslim father. Also Islam does not require any alimony payments. Numerous American women who have married Muslim men have found out about Islamic divorce law the hard way. Children are often spirited away to some Islamic country never to be seen by their American mothers again.

In short Sharia demands that women be treated as a pieces of property. Women in Islam are considered sub-human. You can only inherit half of what your brother can. Your testimony in Islamic court is worth half that of a Muslim man. Which means in effect that it takes three women to contradict the testimony of one Muslim male.

Non-Muslim women taken in war can be raped, sold into slavery or enslaved in their captors' homes. ISIS has reinstituted slave markets for Christian and Yazidi women. Many of these women are shipped to Saudi Arabia (one of the allies of the United States) and sold in their slave markets. If you are a Muslim woman who has the misfortune to be raped by a Muslim male you can be barbarically stoned to death.

Remember under Sharia it is always the woman's fault.

The foundation of the Bill of Rights section of the U.S. Constitution is the equality of all persons, male and female, under the law. Sharia, the Islamic legal system, grossly violates all ten of the amendments of the Bill of Rights. Sharia enshrines the concept of Muslim male superiority over all women. Which legal system would you and your family prefer?

Posted on 01/07/2017 10:37 AM by John Constantine
7 Jan 2017
Aaron edgar

Obviously sharia is already practiced under authorities' noses and condoned in the U.S. otherwise divorced men couldn't take kids away to an Arab country without mother's say so, as "American women have found out".

Islam is a death cult and not a religion and should be outlawed as such. No tax exemptions no religious freedoms etc.