Thursday, 12 January 2017
Live: Members of Chelmsford Iranian sex gang sentenced

The latest

  Trio will serve a total of 43 years. In total, Rostami, Zare and Kaveh will serve 43 years behind bars

  Kaveh jailed for total of 10 years across two separate drugs cases

Kaveh, who was found guilty of supplying a controlled class B drug, but was found not guilty of one count of assault by penetration and three counts of rape and one count of causing or inciting prostitution for gain, has been jailed for 2.5 years for the new offences, but will serve 10 years in total after he was also sentenced for an earlier drugs conspiracy case

  Zare jailed for 12 years

Medhi Zare, of Lupin Drive, Chelmsford, has been jailed for 12 years over one count of sexual activity with a child, in the loft space above CM Pizza on Duke Street, Chelmsford, one count of arranging or facilitating sexual exploitation of a child, and three counts of supplying a controlled drug.

  Rostami jailed for 15 years

Rostami, who faced charges of causing or inciting sexual exploitation of a child, three counts of supplying a controlled drug and two counts of sexual activity with a child, has been jailed for a total of 15 years for these offences.

  Rostami given additional six years for previous drugs offences

Rostami will face a total of 21 years behind bars after Judge Lynch handed him an additional six years for previous offences of conspiracy to supply drugs

A reporter from the Essex Chronicle and concerned Essex residents are at the Crown Court in Chelmsford listening to the sentencing of the men convicted last month of sexually abusing young girls and prostituting them out. Further convictions include other crimes of violence and dealing in controlled drugs.

The latest from the Chronicle Reporter is :

  We're underway in Chelmsford Crown Court. The case has just been called into court, so over the next few hours, we will learn the fates of the three men convicted.

  Prosecution have finished their case

The prosection have concluded their section of the sentencing case, with mitigation for Rostami and Zare also complete. Amin Kaveh's defence lawyer is currently addressing the judge ahead of her final decision.

  Courtroom is packed

Our reporter in the hearing has said that the public gallery is full as we wait to find out how long the trio will be sentenced for.

  Zare may face the death penalty in Iran

Court has broken, and in approximately 10 minutes' time, Judge Lynch will return to pass sentence.

Defence lawyer for Zare, Gareth Hughes, says that his client's life is now "somewhat precarious".

If, as expected, he is deported back to Iran, he may face the death penalty as his crime is considered a capital offence in his homeland. My heart bleeds.....

Round up from the Essex Chronicle here. 


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