Wednesday, 22 February 2017
Australia: Omar Succarieh, Muslim Jihad Enabler, Is Tried For Extortion

This bloke - who used to run an Islamic bookshop in one of Brisbane's southern suburbs, so any idea that he didn't really understand Islam, or wasn't a real Muslim, gets blown out of the water straightaway - is already doing time in prison for having sent money to the jihad outfit, Jabhat al-Nusra, in Syria (whither two of his brothers, Ahmed and Ibrahim, had gone to wage jihad in 2013; Ahmed is now deceased, having made himself into a human bomb in September 2013 in order to please 'allah' by killing those deemed insufficiently-Islamic).  It seems likely that at least some of the cash he was attempting to extort from an Infidel shop-owner would have ended up in the coffers of jihadis.  I recall that, some years ago now, there was a case of a couple of jihad enablers in France were extorting money from (Infidel) prostitutes, in order to raise cash for Jihad.  Throughout the lands of the Infidels many Muslims are up to their ears in criminal activity, from robbery and welfare fraud, through to large-scale organised crime.  And in many cases the profits from those activities are being channelled toward Jihad.

Here's the ABC's Andrew Kos, reporting on the trial.

'Omar Succarieh "threatened to break legs" of Brisbane Cafe Owner, Extortion Trial Hears.

'A man (That is: A Muslim man - CM) accused of attempting to extort tens of thousands of dollars from a (non-Muslim - CM) cafe manager threatened to "break his legs" if he did not pay up, a Brisbane court has heard.

'Omar Succarieh is facing a judge-only District Court trial for allegedly demanding that Vasilios Pippos give him $50,000 to cover disputed debts owed to a former business partner of Mr Pippos.

It would be interesting to know a bit more about those claimed 'debts'; for example, whether the matter ever came before a court.  The ABC does not inform us, but other reports (of which more below) indicate that the 'former business partner' was a Muslim, in which case, I am inclined to suspect that Mr Vasilios Pippos, like many an Infidel before him, discovered that entering into business with a Muslim was a very bad idea. - CM

'Succarieh is currently serving four and a half years in prison after last year pleading guilty to foreign incursion for helping Australian fighters in Syria in 2014.

'The court heard during a meeting between Mr Pippos and Succarieh at Mr Pippos' Brisbane CBD cafe in March 2014, Succarieh allegedly said, "You owe someone $50,000, and I'm here to collect it."

'He told Mr Pippos that if he did not pay up, "We will come around and take the shop off you".

Who is this 'we'? - CM

'Prosecutor Michael Lehane said it was alleged that Succarieh, who has pleaded not guilty, threatened to break Mr Pippos' legs and harm his family.

'The face-to-face meeting was allegedly followed up by threatening phone calls that were recorded by authorities (in the course of their surveillance of Mr Succarieh because of his suspected jihad leanings - CM).

'In giving evidence, Mr Pippos told the court he handed over $10,000 to his former business partner (who, to repeat, was a Muslim and seemingly an associate of Mr Succarieh's - CM) before going to police.

"I was shit scared" Mr Pippos said. "I feared for the family".

'Mr Pippos denied he owed any money".

And, to be frank, I believe him; because ... Mohammedans lie.  If a Mohammedan accuses an infidel of something, ten to one the Mohammedan is projecting.  I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Mr Pippos was defrauded or in some other way injured financially by his former business partner, to whom Succarieh claims he (Pippos) owes money.

And so to Kate McKenna's report in the Courier Mail, where we hear a fair bit more about the  nature of the threats that were made.

'Omar  Succarieh Accused of Standover Tactics to Extort $50,000 From Cafe Owner".

'Alleged standover man Omar Succarieh (let's say, "Alleged Muslim standover man Omar Succarieh", and let's bear in mind that the entire Dhimma system as invented and practised for centuries by classical Islam is, in essence, a protection racket involving the extortion of exorbitant sums of money by means of threats - CM) threatened to break a Brisbane cafe operator's legs and take over his business, in an attempt to wring $50,000 out of him, a court has been told.

'Succarieh, 33, pleaded not guilty to an extortion charge, when his judge-only trial began in the Brisbane District Court today.

'Crown Prosecutor Michael Lehane said in his opening address that Succarieh had visited Vasilios Pippos at the cafe on March 12 2014, telling him, "You owe someone $50,000 and I'm here to collect it."

'Mr Lehane said Succarieh was acting as a standover man for an associate, who believed (sic: a better wording would be "claimed" - CM) that Pippos owed him a large sum of money relating to a soured business arrangement to do with fruit shops.

If that 'associate'  had a real and valid claim why did he not make use of the proper legal channels to pursue redress, rather than sending in a standover man? It seems to me that the claim might well have been invented out of whole cloth.   - CM

'During the face to face meeting, Succarieh allegedly told Pippos to source money "or we'll just take (the shop) over", and said that if he stopped paying, he would "come and find you and break your legs".

'Succarieh also allegedly threatened to visit Pippos' wife and daughter to ask them about the debt.

'The court heard an "extremely anxious" Pippos organised to pay Succarieh $10,000 the next day.

'Mr Lehane said federal agents monitoring Succarieh observed him and the victim having an "animated exchange" at the cafe but found it difficult to hear the recording due to traffic noise.

'Succarieh followed up the meeting with threatening phone calls to Pippos, the court heard.

Phone calls that federal agents overheard, because they already had Mr Succarieh under surveillance on suspicion of involvement with jihad terrorism; they did not necessarily expect to catch him in the act of extortion.  One wonders how often those surveilling suspected jihad plotters find themselves in similar situations.  I recall reading one report that stated that those investigating jihad plotters, and those engaged in tracking down pedophile rings, kept bumping into each other so often in the course of their investigations that they began to wonder whether they should not team up.  - CM

'The court heard he partly succeeded in the extortion bid, with Pippos only shelling out $10,000 before alerting police.

'Last year Succarieh pleaded guilty to sending more than $40,000 to Australian fighters (sic: "to Aussie-passport-holding Muslim jihadis" - CM) in Syria, with the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions withdrawing terror-related charges.

I wonder how much of that $40,000 was proceeds of crime? - CM

'The trial before Judge Brian Devereaux continues."

And now for our third report on this case, from Toby Mann of Australian Associated Press, a report in the Herald -Sun.

'Broken Legs Threatened Over $50,000 Debt".

That should be, "Broken Legs Threatened Over Alleged $50,000 Debt".  Because so far there doesn't seem to have been any proof presented that Mr Pippos did indeed owe anything at all. - CM

 'An accused standover man threatened to break the legs of a middle-aged cafe owner over a perceived (sic: claimed - CM) $50,000 debt following a business dispute, a court has heard.

'Omar Succarieh allegedly used threats and intimidation to extort $10,000 from Vasilios Pippos while acting as a "standover man" in March 2015, Crown Prosecutor Michael Lehane told the Brisbane District Court on Wednesday.

'After paying the $10,000 Mr Pippos, who denies owing the money (and I find this completely believable; because.. Muslims lie, and the claim that Mr Pippos 'owes money' to his former business partner, who as we shall see, was a Mohammedan, is very likely false, concocted for the occasion - CM) told police he was being extorted and, following investigations, Succarieh was charged with extortion.

'The money was allegedly part of a $50,000 debt Mr Pippos was said to owe to a man called Yousef Masri following a business dispute involving two fruit shops.

Memo to Infidel business men: it is best not to enter into business dealings or partnerships with Mohammedans, for there is a very high probability that those dealings will turn into the stuff of nightmares, and you. will. get. screwed. - CM

'Succarieh is alleged to have threatened Mr Pippos several times during a 25 minute discussion.

"I was s*** scared" Mr Pippos said on Wednesday while giving evidence.  "It was either 'pay or we are going to take your shop over".

'He said Succarieh gave him the option of paying $40,000 cash on the spot, or in installments.

'Succarieh initially demanded $2,000 a week, but eventually agreed to accept $1,000 weekly.

"If I missed a payment the debt was going to go back up to $50,000 and restart", Mr Pippos said.

"If I didn't pay, he'd come after me and break my legs"....".

Omar Succarieh was born in Australia to Muslim immigrant parents. Had those parents never been allowed to migrate here in the first place Infidel Australia would have been spared a great deal of trouble and expense.  One may add that the target of the attempted extortion, Mr Vasilios Pippos, is - to judge from his name - of Greek ancestry.  His Greek Christian forebears in Greece, during the centuries when Greece and other Balkan countries were invaded, occupied and ruled with an iron fist by the Ottoman Muslim caliphate, would have endured the full horror of the sacralised system of extortion that is the Dhimma, paying exorbitant sums of money as jizya to merciless and capricious Muslim overlords in hopes of being grudgingly permitted to remain alive.  The Greeks threw off that cruel yoke and achieved their freedom; then, in the 20th century, many - such as Mr Pippos or his family - migrated to countries such as Australia; now, in the 21st century, this Greco-Australian cafe owner finds himself being subjected to extortion by Muslims, much as his Dhimmi forebears were extorted, in their homeland, centuries ago.- CM


Posted on 02/22/2017 9:03 PM by Christina McIntosh
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