Tuesday, 28 February 2017
Happiness for Transgenders?

by Rebecca Bynum

As I grow older, it has become apparent to me that spiritual growth contains the key to happiness, but as we grow in the spirit, we also become more and more integrated, that is, our spiritual, mental and physical selves integrate ever more fully, creating physical health along with mental and emotional stability - happiness grows as a result. When someone rejects the template of his or her being - his or her body - and fantasizes that he or she "should" be something other than him or herself, that person can never acheive deep spiritual integration and therefore will never acheive true health, mental and emotional balance, or happiness. If we reject ourselves we reject our Creator and the purpose of our being. Why is this being encouraged? It is a prescription for gradual spiritual suicide.

Posted on 02/28/2017 1:48 PM by Rebecca Bynum
28 Feb 2017

Alas, the writer seems to be applying to the question,the "lens" of Natural Law--"for all things (facts, values, etc.), one valid centerline exists, deviation from which risks causing either individual disorganization, social stress, or both.  This is a part of the strength of a "conservative" standpoint.  But at times, can mislead?  As here:

Thought-experiment.  Imagine a male awakes some day and finds breasts much larger than his were--feminine in size.  and then reaches downward and discovers similar corresponding major changes in genital organs.  He would say, but THIS IS NOT ME, my truer Self.  Not via anatomical sexuality.  Not via gender-role expected.

Well, transgender/sexual folk tell us that this is like what they feel and often very early growing up.  They then seek more major harmony with their truest selves by change-activities--whether surgically, via attire etc., public identity.  Above example is FTM, female to male.  I myself are male, happily so. If my body-sex were female, would I be okay with that?    Would most people?

(*) Here is perhaps where conservative's valuable valuing of rightness, etc., fails in comprehending (agree or not!) such issues as these.  Even as a "liberal" viewpoint currently errs in denying evading resisting military-political threats, dangers, menaces to the West's very survival--a concern well confronted by conservatism.  We might need the two systems interacting better?  Both can have severe deficiencies.  Both DO have vital values!  

1 Mar 2017
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There are few more powerful forces than the power of the adolescent imagination. And of course the parents receive a lot of attention by indulging these fantasies in their children today. What folly!

1 Mar 2017
Thanks for bringing clarity to this issue, Infovoyeur.