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I Am You, Or Christine O'Donnell And Tariq Ramadan, Together Again At Last

Tariq Ramadan wants us all to be "We." A new "We," a " We" that is all that we can be, a :"We"  apparently consisting of Muslim and non-Muslim alike, will efface all differences, and Humanity will be on the Royal Road, that is the Past, fi sabil Allah, to Justice and the Islamic Way. Ramadan's very special new innocuous-sounding "We"   will consist of Muslims, and those non-Muslims who have the decency to pretend -- for god's sake, keep pretending, don't ever stop! -- that Islam is just fine, that Tariq Ramadan is a splendid fellow and great thinker (the Qataris are even now negotatiating with the ghost of John Sparrow to see if the holdouts opposed to Ramadan's appointment as a Fellow of All Souls can be dropped. After all, the Qataris came up with the scratch to buy Tariq Ramadan his current "professorship" and they can come up with a lot more if he can only be allowed to swan around the West (he so hates visiting Muslim countries -- they're just backward) , billing himself as a "Fellow of All Souls." Chris Patten, that smooth man, would certainly have no objection. After all, who objected to the Said Business School at Oxford? Just the usual fuddy-duddies, such as Oswyn Murray and Jasper Griffin, with Holywell Manor and its environs playing the role of the Vendee. The "We" of Tariq Ramadan is meant to smoothly pretend that Islam itself, in its time of increasing troubles because of increasing scrutiny, not based, as it so clearly is, on a division of humanity between Believers and Unbelievers, that is Muslims and Infidels. How very convenient for the colubrine likes of Tariq Ramadan. The "We" of Tariq Ramadan is a sickeningly collevtivist and ekwilist appeal to pretend that we are all the same, that we all want the same thing, that only by non-Muslims forever pretending that Muslims do not work to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam, can harmony be achieved -- the harmony that is, that Muslims, threatening at every step (and Tariq Ramadan is the smyler with the knyf under the cloke, and the implied threats -- those to be made and carried out by his less-suave Muslim bruvvers, lurk menacingly behind the smiles and wiles)

Christine O'Donnell (M.A., Oxon.), Fellow of All Souls (she didn't have to buy her position) and, rumor has it, soon to receive the Order of Merit,, is ompletely lacking in the non-stop guile of Tariq Ramadan, and on the whole, she is less of a menace, both in the idiocies she offers, and in her forthright presentation of those idiocies. Her latest youtube appearance offers a variant on the same idea. . She thinks that she is us, that is to say, in her saying, "I Am You." Sje has out a new youtube true-blue accounting of herself that directly addresses the question of whether or not she is a witch. Voters apparently wish to know. Her answer makes short shrift of doubters and dissenters. She is not a witch. She is you.

Other not-made-for-but-now-on-youtube appearances of Christine O'Donnell, who is rumored to be on the Short List for the Booker Prize, can be seen here and here..

Christine O'Donnell and Tariq Ramadan offer variations on the same idiotic theme. But the only one who represents a real threat to all of us is Tariq Ramadan.  Make fun of C. D. all you want; it's easy to do and she deserves it, and she soon will be out of the picture, but worry, worry, worry about Tariq Ramadan and those who refuse to grasp, as Carollne Fourest and Paul Berman and Ibn Warraq and Rebecca Bynum have coolly understood, in writing, and when those who are well-prepared and thus able to dissect him have been allowed to appear on television, in French or in English, as Fourest here, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali here, and Nicolas Sarkozy here and here,

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