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There is an attempt to crumble US-Saudi relations on behalf of the Iranian regime

Phares to ONTV Cairo: "There is an attempt to crumble US-Saudi relations on behalf of the Iranian regime"

In an interview in Arabic with ONTV in Cairo, Dr Walid Phares said "the 9/11 Commission saw the missing pages and if there were direct national security threats at the time they would have raised it. I am for a wide reopening of the 9/11 Commission process. Let there be hearings on the missing pages and let it be clarified." Phares added "what seems to be the case, is a major Iranian regime effort to crumble US-Saudi relations at this conjuncture."

Former senator Bob Graham said in the interview below "the Iran deal would stabilize matters with Iran to allow us to go against our real enemy, Saudi Arabia." Sources believe that Graham's push for an Administration's pressure on Riyadh via the so-called 28 missing pages of the 9/11 Commission inquiry, is in fact an Iranian backed propaganda operation to weaken the Saudi led Arab coalition. The sources note that the Senator's push for a legislation against the Saudis in Congress and his defense of the Iran deal, goes hand in hand and are coordinated. Our assessment of the situation, is in progress.





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