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I Never Heard About Darfur, Yazidis or Iranian Women on Broadway

by Walid Phares

The cast of the Broadway show Hamilton attacked Vice President elect Governor Mike Pence while he was in the audience hinting that the Donald J. Trump administration would not uphold "diversity and equality among citizens." Broadway, like Hollywood, has the right to declare its own commitment to these fundamental American values. But the Hamilton cast is wrong to assume that the incoming administration won't uphold them. The cast and the political forces behind them must be informed about the millions of Hispanics, women and African Americans who voted for Trump and Pence. Perhaps they need to be reminded—or informed—or somehow be made aware of the wide coalition of Middle East Americans who support the new administration. Stereotyping no longer works in America. The liberal elite, the real one, is simply revising its failed strategy of using labels on their opposition in attempt to divide each “category” against the others. Do they not understand this strategy has already crumbled? The American people revealed the ineffectiveness of this approach through the 2016 presidential election!

Besides, the public has not heard about the genocide in Darfur, the ethnic cleansing and enslavement of Yazidis, nor the oppression of women in Iran on Broadway. Is that not an indication that the problem is in the unfair narrative of the elite rather than in the diversity of the American majority that voted on November 8?




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