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Commonsense in 'The Australian': An Op-Ed by David Suissa, of the Jewish Journal, on the Subject of Those Jews Who Insist on Building Houses in Judea and Samaria

It is refreshing to see something as intelligent and generally informative as this being given column inches in one of Australia's most widely-distributed newspapers (the 'Australian' can be found in newsagents and supermarkets all over the country).  This op ed by David Suissa, who is identified in the byline as a columnist for the Jewish Journal in L.A., which appeared in the 'Australian' on January 2 this year, is currently about as good as it gets in the mainstream media.  Kudos to "The Australian" for soliciting and publishing it.  It could be better, as we shall see; but it's a lot better than most.

"Kerry, Obama Unfairly Demonise Jewish Builders'.

'Listen to John Kerry's speech on the comatose (sic: "moribund" would have been an even better choice of word - CM) Middle East "peace process", or follow the serial condemnations of Israel at the UN, including the latest Security Council resolution 2334, and you'd think that the biggest sin in the world is that Jews build too much.  They build too many houses, too many schools, too many synagogues, too many hospitals, too many roads.

"Think about that. The biggest problem with the Jews is not that they go on terror rampages that murder thousands of innocents, or that they jail poets, hang gays or stone women.  No, it's that they build too much.

"The reason this construction is considered such a sin, of course, is that it's happening inside disputed areas, which Israel captured in a defensive war in 1967, when its Arab (sic: better to have said, "its Muslim Arab", or even simply "its Muslim"  - CM) neighbours did everything they could to throw the Jews into the sea.

"One of these disputed areas is East Jerusalem (that is, "so-called 'East Jerusalem', properly to be called simply "Jerusalem", period - CM), which includes the Old City (with its historic and ancient Jewish Quarter - CM) and Judaism's holiest active site, the Western Wall (which lies beneath the holiest site, plain and simple, that is, the Temple Mount, upon which currently squat and sneer two enormous Muslim Mosques - CM).

"From the time that Israel was created in 1948 until 1967, East Jerusalem (that is, "the Muslim-occupied portion of Jerusalem" - CM) was administered by Jordan (sic: Muslim Jordan - CM) and became a decrepit and closed place where holy sites (that is: Jewish and Christian holy sites, but most especially the Jewish sites - CM) were routinely destroyed.

48 synagogues were dynamited.  The ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives was desecrated, with Jewish headstones taken and used to line Jordanian Muslim army latrines, so that Muslims might enjoy humiliating long-dead Jews and their present-day relatives by urinating and defecating upon the names of deceased Jews. - CM

"After its liberation by the Jews in 1967, Jerusalem flourished, becoming an open, international city where all religions were honoured.

"But there was a problem.  The UN, the anti-Israel haven that once declared that "Zionism is racism", decided that these liberated areas were "occupied Palestinian [sic - CM] territory", and that any Jewish construction in these areas, including at the Western Wall, was a "flagrant violation of international law".

Only if, like all the members of the OIC, the Islamintern, one means, by 'international law', the sharia of Islam that holds it to be anathema for any Infidel anywhere to regain anything that Mohammedans have ever stolen from said Infidel. - CM

"Never mind that from 1948 to 1967, when Jordan (Muslim Jordan - CM) occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem (no: Mr Suissa, you are making a mistake; do not, for god's sake do not, use the enemy's language.  Say rather, "when Muslim Jordan occupied Judea, Samaria and half of Jerusalem.." - CM) not one soul called it "occupied territory". That cause only came to life, and that land only became "occupied", after the Jews took it over (sic: rather, say, "liberated it and there regained sovereignty" - CM) in 1967.

"You'd never know any of this from hearing U.S. Secretary of State Kerry tell the world that these Jewish settlements (sic: "these Jewish towns and villages and farmhouses" - CM) are such a pernicious "threat" to peace because they're taking up space [that is demanded for] a Palestinian state (sic: better to have said, "a 'Palestinian' Arab Islamic state", or "an Arab Islamic 'state' of 'Palestine'", because that would make it quite, quite plain what Israel's enemies are all about - CM) 

"What he failed to mention, as most people do, is that there already is a Palestinian state (sic: "a 'Palestinian' state, or, an Arab Islamic state of 'Palestine' - CM) - it's called Gaza, and it's run by religious anti-Semite madmen (that is:  "it's run by strictly orthodox Muslim Jew-haters" - CM) sworn to destroy the Zionist state (that is: sworn to destroy the Jewish state of Israel - CM).

"If you go by Kerry's speech, this desire to destroy the Jewish state, not to mention the chronic Palestinian (sic: "'Palestinian' Arab Muslim" - CM) refusal to negotiate directly with Israel, are smaller obstacles to peace than having too many Jews building too many homes in too many wrong places.

"Kerry also failed to mention that Palestinian Arabs (that is "the local Arab Muslims", or "the overwhelmingly-Muslim local Arabs" - CM) rejected opportunities for statehood in 1937, 1939, 1947, 1979, 1993, 2000 and 2008, and, as historian Mitchell Bard writes, "settlement construction would have come to a halt if the Palestinians [sic: 'the local mostly-Muslim Arabs" - CM] had taken advantage of any of these opportunities".

"That was, perhaps, as inconvenient a truth as the fact that, when Israel did evacuate all of its settlements from Gaza (that is: all of the towns and villages that Jews had established in Gaza - a location where, by the way, during the Renaissance period, there had been historically a large community of Jews growing grapes and making wine, and where the famous "Sabbath Hymn" was composed by a leading rabbi - CM) it was rewarded not with peace but with 20,000 terror rockets.

Because whenever Infidels anywhere concede anything to Muslims, this gain will be complacently pocketed by the Muslims without the least idea of making any reciprocal gesture; moreover, any infidel concession will be interpreted by the bully mind of Islam, as a sign of weakness on the part of said infidels, and will therefore prompt not the cessation but the redoubling of Muslim aggression. - CM

"In his zeal to blame Jewish settlers (Jews who make their homes in Judea and Samaria - CM) for making a two-state solution "impossible", Kerry also glibly dismissed the possibility of Jews living in a Palestinian (sic: better to have used quotes, viz, "in a 'Palestinian'" - CM) state.

"After all, if there are 1.8 million Palestinian Arabs (sic: he should rather have written, 'if there are 1.8 milliion mostly-Muslim Arabs" - CM) living in a Jewish state, why can't there be any Jews liviing in a Palestinian (sic - CM) state?

The first half of the answer to that, which is NO, is that the soi-disant 'palestinian' arab muslims and their dhimmified arab Christian proxies all take it for granted that not even one Jew will be permitted to live in any future Arab Islamic state of 'palestine'. The second half of the answer is that no sane Jew would want to live in such a state.  Half of the population of Israel comprises Jews who, or whose forebears, lived as de jure or de facto dhimmis within Muslim polities all over the dar al Islam: there exposed to constant humiliation, degradation and physical peril. For more on what Dhimmitude entails, one might consult Bat Yeor, e.g. "The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam", or Rev Dr Mark Durie's magisterial distillation of the subject, "The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom", which exposes the fundamentally abusive intent of the Dhimma system, which was devised in order to "kill the soul" of those who live as Dhimmis at the nonexistent mercy of the Muslim despot and the even worse Muslim mob.  Jews who - or whose forebears - have escaped the predator pit that is dhimmitude have no intention whatsoever of ever living like that again.  And let us be quite clear that there is no way any 'Arab State of "palestine"" would not be Islamic and, therefore, being Islamic, suffused with, dominated by, Islam and the atmospherics of Islam, which include a ferocious Jew-hatred that is hard-wired into the foundation texts of Islam. - CM

"In the event that Jewish settlers and the Israeli army were ever to abandon the West Bank (sic: "In the event that the Jewish residents and the Israeli army were ever to leave Judea and Samaria and surrender that land to the sole and exclusive possession of the mainly-Muslim local Arabs" - CM) Kerry seems to have overlooked a complication, such as Hamas and Islamic State swooping in and turning the West Bank (sic: "Judea and Samaria" - CM) into a mini-Syria and chopping off Palestinian heads left and right (sic: "chopping off, left and right, the heads of the remaining Christian Arabs and of any deemed-insufficiently-Islamic local Arab Muslims" - CM).  I would call that a serious threat to peace.

"In any case, you would think from listening to Kerry that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been on a wild settlement-building spree.

Has been encouraging lots of Jews to go live in Judea and Samaria. - CM

"In fact, as has been documented in detail based on data in Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, there has been "less settlement construction under Netanyahu than under any other of his predecessors".  Moreover, three-quarters of this growth in the settlements' population (i.e. "growth in the numbers of Jews living in Judea and Samaria" - CM) has been in areas which every serious international peace proposal for decades has concluded will remain Israeli under any Israeli-Palestinian deal (i.e. "any deal made between Israel and the local mostly-Muslim Arabs" - CM).

"And where did 90 percent of this growth in population come from?  Not from Jews moving to the settlements (sic: "Not from Jews moving to Jewish homes, villages and towns in Judea and Samaria" - CM) but from natural growth - from women having babies.   That's not according to right-wing (sic: patriotic Zionist - CM) sources but from a study by prominent political scientist Shaul Arieli, a "veteran peace activist (i.e. de facto dhimmi - CM) who is also a virulent opponent of Netanyahu and the settlements". - 

"The bottom line is this: you can push for a two-state solution without buying into the anti-Israel narrative that demonises Jewish settlers (that is enraged by the sight of any Jew so much as daring to set foot in Judea and Samaria, the historic heartlands of the House of Israel - CM) and turns them into the greatest impediment to Mideast Peace.

Whilst studiously ignoring mohammedan Jew-hatred and the jihad doctrine of Islam, and forgetting that once upon a time a nineteenth-century British statesmen, William Gladstone, held up in the house of Commons a copy of the Koran and declared that, "so long as there is this book, there will be no peace on the earth". - CM

"By being complicit in the criminalisation of Jewish settlers (that is: "the criminalisation of any Jew who dares to want to live on the traditional and historic ancestral lands of the House of Israel, to wit, the mountains of Israel, the hills of Judea and Samaria" - CM) while downplaying Palestinian rejectionism (say rather, "downplaying or entirely ignoring Muslim supremacism and the Jihad doctrine of Islam" - CM) President Barack Obama has empowered Israel's enemies and followed the pathetic path of the U.N, that hypocritical body (dominated, these days, by the 57 member states of the O.I.C, which might be referred to as the "Islamintern" - CM), where hostility to the Jewish state is a way of life.

"In so criminalising Jewish settlements (sic: "criminalising any Jew who dares to live in the historic heartland of the House of Israel" - CM) Obama also did something else: he virtually killed the peace process (there I disagree: it was already stone-dead - CM) because, let's face it, why would Palestinians (sic: 'the local Arabs, mostly Muslim' - CM) negotiate with alleged land thieves?

Of course, what everyone ignores is that Muslims regard themselves as the rightful owners of all of planet earth, and all Infidels everywhere as illegal occupiers who must be deprived of that to which, because of their refusal to Submit to allah, allah's 'law' the sharia, and allah's agents the Muslims, they have no right.  It isn't just Jews 'occupying' Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria that are 'land thieves' from the Muslim POV; it's the Easter Islanders, the Inuit of the high Arctic, and, well, every Infidel everywhere who lives under any system other than the sharia of Islam and any kind of ruler other than a Muslim ruler. - CM

"In this upside-down world, where thosuands of buildings and innocent lives were just extinguished in Aleppo, wise men like Obama and Kerry would rather tell the world about the criminal ways of Jews who build too many houses. 

"If that's the worst sin of the Jews, I'll take it."

Eight out of ten to Mr Suissa.  I deduct one point for his failure to make any mention of the Treaty of Hudaybiyya and its significance for all Muslim 'treaty'-making with any Infidel party; and I deduct another point for his continuing to use the enemy's language - 'West Bank' and "Palestinian/s" - rather than deploying the more accurate terminology which I have endeavoured, throughout, to suggest by way of alternative.

I encourage our readers to resort to 'google bounce', using the title and author of the article; this should take you to a place where you can read the original in situ and, most importantly, the 254 (at last count) Comments that it provoked.  Yes, the 'Australian' opened Mr Suissa's piece for Comments. And, wonder of wonders, the majority of those comments are in support of the author, and many are even plainer than he is, on the subject of the Islamic source of the 'palestinian' Arab Muslim and wider Muslim world's unremitting hostility toward the Jewish state.  There are of course, as there always are in Comments sections attached to articles on the subject of Israel, obviously antisemitic comments whether Muslim or non-Muslim in origin; but such commenters, there in the Australian, below David Suissa's article,  are being consistently slapped down by well-informed and decent people who are having no truck with the usual nonsense-and-lies.  It makes for very heartening reading, in general

And now, before I close, I will provide the links to two articles by the New English Review's own Mr Hugh Fitzgerald, that allow us to understand exactly why the so-called 'peace process' in the Middle East - or anywhere else - e.g. Kashmir, and the southern Philippines - where Muslims are disputing territory with Infidels - is a snare and a delusion.

Here is the first - "Waiting for Hudaybiyya".

And here is the second, from 2012, "Fitzgerald: Appeasement, and the Fast and Slow Jihads".

It is when a newspaper such as "The Australian" sees fit to publish, as an op ed, an article such as Mr Fitzgerald's "Waiting for Hudaybiyya", that we will truly know that the tide has begun to turn.


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