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PRESIDENTS DAY 5:30PM EST Listen to Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor Dr. Walid Phares on 1330am WEBY

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Dr. Walid Phares, Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser

Fox News National Security and Foreign Policy Expert


Author of best-selling:


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Listen to another of the periodic International Middle East Round Table Discussions on Northwest Florida’s Talk Radio 1330amWEBY with “Your Turn” host Mike Bates and Jerry Gordon, Senior editor of the New English Review.  The program will air during the 4:30PM CST/5:30PM EST Time segment on Presidents Day, February 20, 2017.  You may listen live here.  The program will be archived for later listening and will be transcribed for a future article.

 Our featured guest is Dr. Walid Phares.

Dr. Phares will discuss the following national security and foreign policy issues;

  • The rise of a new Mid East Security alliance  known as the Arab NATO composed of the  Gulf Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt with outreach to  Israel to combat the rising regional and global hegemony of a nuclear ICBM equipped Iran.
  • Possible initiatives to contain Iran Middle East and Global geo-political objectives following the JCPOA and release of over $150 billion in sequestered funds used to acquire and develop nuclear weapons and Nuclear ICBMs threatening the Middle East, Europe and ultimately the US.
  •  Creation of  autonomous  safe zones  within the framework of a post-Assad federal  Syria for ethnic/religious groups in Syria including Kurds, Alawites, Druze and Sunni Muslims;
  • Withdrawal of all foreign forces including Iran and  proxy Hezbollah; Islamist terrorist groups, Turkey, defeat of ISIS by US –led coalition forces;
  • End of the 27 year regime of indicted war criminal Sudan President Bashir to end Jihad  genocide of indigenous populations in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan  a threat to the Sahel region of Africa
  • Possible Administration adoption of both domestic and international Muslim Brotherhood terrorist designations.