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Books of hatred sold in high street stores

From the Sunday Express

BOOKS encouraging Muslim parents to teach their children jihad and referring to Jewish people as “evilminded” are being sold openly in one of Britain’s terror hotspots.Extremist literature which also advocates the death penalty for adulterers and promotes hatred of the gay community, is on sale in Alum Rock, Birmingham. 

The Sunday Express visited the Madina Book Centre just off the bustling Alum Rock Road, which falls into the Washwood Heath ward, and bought a copy of the 440-page Bringing Up Children In Islam for £5. 

In what is intended to be a thorough guide to creating the perfect Muslim family, the book encourages parents to “keep alive in the children the spirit of jihad”.  It said: “They may be inspired to strive for the restoration of the glory of Islam and Muslims...It is the duty of Muslims to divert people from worshipping created things to the worship of the Almighty Allah alone.”

The book rallies against cinema and theatre, arguing they are the work of “evil-minded” Jews before warning of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. 

Written by Dr Muhammad Habibullah Mukhtar, the book also supports adulterers being stoned to death and Muslim schoolchildren being kept separate from others, adding: “Education under unbelieving and atheist teachers results in them going astray.  Dangerous, communistic and materialistic ideas grow in their minds.”

In another book, Major Sins, bought from a nearby gift shop, homosexuality is branded as the “dirtiest act”. A passage reads: “Our beloved prophet cursed homosexuals three times. The king of the universe said, if you find any person engaged in homosexuality, kill both the active and passive partners.” 

A worker at the Madina Book Centre said he would “look into” their selection of titles but declined to comment further.