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Afghan father who called son 'Jihad' jailed for threatening to kill French judges

A FRENCH court sentenced an Afghan national to 18 months in jail for threatening to kill magistrate judges, local prosecutors said.

Mohammad Khan Wazir, 30, a former radicalised Muslim whose name was only recently removed from the government's terrorist watch list, uttered the threats last week and was tried and convicted less than 48 hours after his arrest, the French daily Nice-Matin reports. 

Mr Khan Wazir, who lives in Fréjus, a town on the French Riviera, told the employees of a childcare centre he intended to "fatally shoot" local judges because he was tired of waiting for his son's French passport, the local prosecutor, Fabienne Atzori, said. 

He said: "I'm going to go to court and shoot them all dead with a Kalashnikov (assault rifle)."

The former imam was visiting his three-year-old son, Djihad (the French word for 'jihad') - who was placed into care upon returning from ISIS-held territory with his mother - when the incident took place. 

He told the court that he was "upset" because the judges had not yet given his young son - who was born to a French mother - his French passport, and added he had lost his temper because he was "sick of all the red tape". 

Djihad's mother, Claire Khacer - an ISIS returnee and Mr Khan's ex-partner - is currently in jail in Paris. She and Mr Khan Wazir met in Scotland but broke up shortly after their son's birth, in 2013. Mrs Khacer then fled to Syria with her infant son, where she married an ISIS soldier. She was arrested by counter-terrorism police after returning to France and charged with "having links to a terrorist organisation".