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Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Terror In Trinacria: Islamic State Supporters Among Those"'Refugees" Arriving In Sicily

A statement of the obvious, here.

And those who are not, nonetheless constitute a permanent danger too -- and not only because there is no way of knowing what form of Jihad they will in the future support., Their mere presence, their swelling of Muslim ranks, constitutes a danger to Italy, Europe, and the West. For it makes the political class more fearful of them, more reluctant to limit the presence and power of Muslims in the very lands that Islam teaches them to regard as Dar al-Harb, the Domain of War, enemy territory to be conquered, by one means or another, until Islam dominates and Muslims rule.  

Posted on 12/17/2014 7:41 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
A Musical Interlude: If You Want The Rainbow (Lee Morse)

Listen here.

Posted on 12/17/2014 6:59 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Muslim Leader In Australia Abdul Al-Wahwah: America And Europe Worst Enemies, Australia Must Let Exercise Our Rights

Here he is, setting out his world-view. Why not take him seriouslyl? Why try to ignore him? Why not draw the right conclusions? Why not think rationally about what allowing Muslims into the West has done, and if not halted and reversed, will inevitably do, to the life, to the safety, to the wellbeing in every sense, of the non-Muslims in whose lands and societies these people have so foolishly been allowed to settle? 

Posted on 12/17/2014 6:39 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Burak Bekdil:Turkey Has No Need To Search For Tomorrow When Ruled By The Rightly-Guiding Light
Posted on 12/17/2014 6:35 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Houthis v. Al-Qaeda In Yemen, Round 137

Latest bomb, latest mass casualties ho-hummingly reported on here.

Posted on 12/17/2014 4:57 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Advent calendar XVII

Waltham Abbey in Essex in Winter (and Advent). Me trying out a special effect on my camera.

Waltham Abbey, dedicated to The Holy Cross and St Laurence was famous for the Holy Rood of Waltham. The land was owned by Harold Godwinson (later King Harold) who rebuilt the original church in thanksgiving for his cure after he prayed before the Holy Rood. It is believed that after the Battle of Hastings Harold's body was brought to waltham and buried by the High Altar. This site is now outside the shortened building now used as the parish church and is marked by a stone. It is believed that his body (which was moved at least once) is still somewhere within the precincts. 

Posted on 12/17/2014 4:20 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
“Sound an Alarm” this Hanukkah. Is Israel Being Thrown Under the Bus?


Yesterday, marked the  beginning of the eight days of Hanukkah-the Jewish Festival of Lights . The holiday commemorates the Maccabees’ victory over their Syrian Greek oppressors who denied these ancient Jews their  liberty and religious freedom.    Following the recital of the braches (blessings) for the first night of Hanukkah candle lighting we noshed some US  kosher gluten-free versions of sufganiyot  (Israeli jelly doughnuts), quaffed a small libation  while we listened  in flickering candle light to  Handel's oratorio Judas Maccabeus. Something  we usually do on first night of Hanukkah. After reading today's news this air from the 1747 libretto of Judas Maccabeus by John Morell takes on new meaning given developments in Europe. We refer to the mind numbing  EU court ruling lifting the designation  of Hamas as a terrorist group and the EU Parliament vote of a Palestinian statehood recognition resolution in principal by a vote of 488 to 81:

45 . Judas Maccabeus
Sound an alarm! Your silver trumpets sound,
And call the brave, and only brave, around.
Who listeth, follow: to the field again!
Justice with courage is a thousand men.

Sound an alarm. . . da capo.

Listen to an excerpt of this Handel air, Sound and Alarm in a performance of Handel’s Oratorio , Judas Maccabeus conducted  by Sir Charles Mackarras and the English Chamber Orchestra  circa 1976 on DG/Archiv Records.

 Sound an Alarm for the Europeans have effectively thrown Israel under the bus.  These EU actions abet the objectives of Palestinians and their Muslim allies in the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to enforce a potential draconian settlement threatening the Jewish nation’s existence.  The PA failed to line up the requisite votes for a UN Security Council resolution fixing a two year demand for Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. However  the PA is emboldened by today’s European Parliament vote to push for resolutions to be brought by Jordan and France before  the  Security Council.   France has emerged to play a leading role on  such  a UNSC vote pushing for an action before year end.  The language of those resolutions differ and in the case of France is still undergoing refinement, we have been told by sources in Europe.

Note these comments from a Jewish Week report:

A diplomatic source noted that [French Foreign Minister] Fabius conferred Monday with his German and British counterparts. Although there were reports that they failed to reach a consensus, France later reaffirmed its desire to submit a resolution on the Palestinian issue.

Asked if France was prepared to wait until after Israel’s March 17 election, the source said that was not in the cards.

“The quicker the better,” he said. “It is time to move ahead on this.”

He added that as of Tuesday it was still unclear whether Jordan was preparing to introduce a resolution on behalf of the Palestinians.

“The Jordanian delegation is being encouraged by the Palestinian Authority to present a resolution,” he said. “I don’t know whose resolution will be submitted. It depends on what Jordan proposes and whether it is a good, balanced resolution. If it needs more work, France will propose its own. And the U.S. is saying it wants to see the resolutions before making a decision.”

Another diplomatic source has been quoted as saying the U.S. is now open to a resolution calling for binding Israeli-Palestinian peace talks if the timeframe remains unspecified. 

Witness what we saw in Rome, Secretary Kerry raising in conversation with Israeli PM Netanyahu, the ante of a UN Security Council resolution that could possibly witness a US first,  a threatened abstention.  Netanyahu, pushed back, saying:

Our expectation is that the United States will stand by its position for the past 47 years that a solution to the conflict will be achieved through negotiations, and I do not see a reason for this policy to change.

The reaction to the EU court decision on ‘technical grounds” lifting the designation of Hamas as a terrorist group received brusque reactions from  Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett, Economy Minister and Yuli Steinitz,  Knesset Speaker as reported by the Jerusalem Post:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, before a meeting with Joni Ernst, the newly elected Republican senator from Iowa,  said this was one example of “staggering”  European “hypocrisy.”
Hamas, he said, “has committed countless war crimes and countless terror acts. It seems that too many in Europe, on whose soil six million Jews were slaughtered, have learned nothing. But we in Israel, we've learned. We'll continue to defend our people and our state against the forces of terror and tyranny and hypocrisy."

 “The burden of proof is on the EU and we expect them to immediately return Hamas to the list where everyone realizes they should be,” Netanyahu said. “Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization whose charter says that its aim is to destroy Israel. We will continue to fight it with determination and strength so that it will never realize its aims. "
Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said that if anyone thinks that sacrificing Israel can save Europe, they are mistaken.
"The corrupt law of the EU court gives license for the shedding of Jewish blood everywhere and demonstrates the loss of a moral path," he said.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein (Likud) said that the European Union must have lost its mind." Edelstein said that the decision displays "inflexibility, moral distortion and grants a prize to the extremist Islamic terror that is currently plaguing the entire world, including Europe itself.”



Israeli PM Netanyahu meets US Iowa  Republican Senator Joni Ernst Jerusalem 12-17-14

Source: Kobi Gideon/GPO

Watch  Israeli PM  Netanyahu discuss today’s EU actions with Iowa Republican Senator-elect, Joni Ernst on this JP video:

 All this is occurring coincidental with Congress recessing for the  Christmas -New Year  Holidays effectively ending the truculent 113th Session. Congress returns for the 114th Session on January 3, 2015 under Republican Control which might make a difference in recognition of American support for this valued embattled special ally in the Middle East.

It is not lost on many of us concerned about Israel’s security  that the Administration is engaged in a less than sophisticated game of isolating Netanyahu.  This may be reflective of by  the US Administration’s support Labor Party head Herzog and fired  Justice Minister and Hanuat  Party leader  Tzipi Livni who favor  renewal of Palestinian negotiations.

Let us not lose sight that there are American Jews who  support these EU and Administration moves  and  imperil  Jewish sovereignty to their  ancient homeland.  Do you see anything of concern emerging from AIPAC, the Council of Major American Jewish Organization?  Not surprising because these alleged powerful Jewish lobby groups reflect the sentiments of 65% percent of American Jews who  support and consistently vote the Democrat line.  The Reform Movement is aligned with  J Street  and  supports declaring an instant Palestinian state  dividing Israel’ unified capital of Jerusalem. The leadership of the Conservative movement is totally lost reflected in continuing interfaith outreach to Muslim Brotherhood Fronts courtesy of Chancellor Arnold Eisen. The Anti-Defamation League’s long term executive director, Abe Foxman , is departing, replaced by an acolyte of anti-Israel billionaire and J Street supporter, George Soros.   Bizarre.   

A Zion that the Maccabees and Bar Kochba had bravely fought to preserve in liberty and freedom was crushed by Roman legions and Jewish divisiveness. Thus causing a lapse of 2000 years, until following the Shoah, the miraculous rebirth of the third and hopefully enduring Jewish Commonwealth.  Israel has become a beacon of hope to the Jewish world- Hatikvah-the theme of its national anthem. Israel is a bastion for the Jewish people and for preservation of  basic values inherent in both the US Constitution and Israel’s Basic Law; i.e., liberty, freedom and human and civil rights for all. That is not lost on the majority of Americans, especially those in the Christian Zionist evangelical and Pentecostal religious communities.

This latest round of calumnies against Israel comes amidst the darkened Middle East beset with thousands of jihadist atrocities committed against dwindling ancient Christian and religious minorities by  the extremist Sunni guardians of the religion of peace, the Islamic State or ISIS.  

Sound an Alarm this Hanukkah.  We need millions of contemporary Maccabees to rally to Israel’s cause of liberty, religious and human freedom.


Posted on 12/17/2014 3:31 PM by Jerry Gordon
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Crazed Conspiracy Theory From Erdogan's Retinue

The recordings of corrut dealings at the highest level of the Turkish government -- including Erdogan and his son -- it is now being hinted, are not merely a frame-up by followers of Fethulleh Gulen, but a machination of the Mossad, mad at Erdogan for his Davos outburst against Shimon Peres. 

Story here.

Posted on 12/17/2014 3:04 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
The Jews' War For Survival Was Not Won When Hitler Lost

David Horovitz, in The Times of Israel, here. 

The provincials at Ha'aretz, however, are unlikely to understand. They don't get out often enough. 

Posted on 12/17/2014 11:50 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Islam Is NOT a Religion of Peace, Mr Cameron

Posted on 12/17/2014 8:21 AM by Paul Weston
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
EU Court: Remove Hamas From Terror List


A European court has ruled that the Palestinian militant group Hamas must be removed from a European Union list of designated terror groups.

The General Court of the European Union said Wednesday that the EU improperly included Hamas on the basis of information it got from the media and the Internet. 

An EU measure in 2001 also added 12 other groups and 29 individuals to the list, but said they could only be designated terrorists based on "acts examined and confirmed in decisions of competent authorities."

The ruling Wednesday is open for appeal. 

The court said the asset freezes that came with Hamas being on the terror list will remain in place for three months or until the appeals process is exhausted.  That decision was made to ensure that the freezes would remain effective if they were to be reinstated.

The court also stressed in a statement that the ruling was procedural and "does not imply any substantive assessment" of whether Hamas carries out actions that define a terrorist group. 

Posted on 12/17/2014 7:25 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Police criticised for secrecy bid over sex grooming gang

From the Telegraph

These are the sex abusers a police force does not want the public to see.​

Naseem Khan, Mohammed Javed and Allam Shah 

​The three men were part of a 10-strong gang which groomed vulnerable teenage girls for sex​ - and whose identities the police attempted to keep hidden.

Mr Justice Keehan​, in the High Court,​ said he was "extremely surprised" at the secretive stance taken by West Midlands Police, which claimed the men could face retaliation if they were named.

The force is still refusing to ​formally ​release photographs of the ​gang despite the judge’s forceful comments about the way ​officers​ had approached the case.

Civil orders have been made against the 10 – who can now finally be named as Mohammed Anjam, Omar Ahmed, Naseem Khan, Mohammed Javed, Shah Alam, Sajid Hussain, Rahman Aziz, Imran Uddin, Mansur Ahmed and Sarfraz Riaz – in a bid to curtail their sexual grooming activities. 

Police lawyers told the court they had concerns for men's safety if identifies were revealed and photographs published.

Lawyers for some of the men - who have not been convicted of criminal offences relating to the girl – also opposed publication of their names because they said they feared reprisals, embarrassment and suffering for their families.

Mr Justice Keehan, ​sitting in London, said: "I was extremely surprised at the stance taken by the police. When I pressed for the factual basis upon which the risk assessment had been made, I was told there was none, the risk was unknown but based on experience, the risk was high. I regret I do not understand that analysis at all."

Police had also argued that there was a risk ​innocent​ members of the public ​ would ​be mis​taken for members of the gang and attacked.

"The surest way of eradicating or ameliorating the risk of misidentification is ensuring the fullest possible details of each of the (men), including photographs, are made public and given wide coverage by the media,” the judge said.

"I am not satisfied that there is any credible evidence that there is a risk to the life of any respondent to these proceedings. Publicity about these (men) may cause embarrassment, distress or anxiety to the respondents or to members of their respective families and friends. Such would not have occurred if they had not engaged, as I have found they did, in the sexual exploitation of a vulnerable young female."

He added there were “exceedingly powerful arguments” in favour of the public knowing full details of cases of child sexual exploitation.

A West Midlands Police spokesman refused to release photographs of the men to the media.

Detective Chief Superintendent Danny Long, head of West Midlands Police's public protection unit, said the men's details would be "shared in the right places with the right people"."We are duty bound to act proportionately to the threat the men currently pose to the girl and possibly others," he said. "We also have a duty to consider the impact of releasing the men's images on innocent family members, which include their partners and their own young children."

Riaz is currently serving a prison sentence for an unrelated sexual assault and has a total of 14 criminal convictions, including burglary, racially aggravated assault and drugs, the court heard.

The judge praised the police and Birmingham City Council for the "bold and novel step” of obtaining civil orders against the 10 men. 

The New English Review had pictures of the men obtained minutes before the press, nervous of the reaction of the West Midland Police, pixelated their features out of their photographs. As there was no injunction I kept them on-line. I am glad to find that my thinking accords with that of the Judge. 

Posted on 12/17/2014 6:52 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Liberate the Temple Mount for Israel's Survival

Giulio Meotti writes in INN:

Arab spokesmen, unlike their Israeli counterparts, are not ashamed to be “intransigent” or to cherish territory. 

Arab spokesmen, unlike most of their Jewish counterparts, are not ashamed to make the Temple Mount the center of their new war against Israel. 

Arab spokesmen care so much about the site that they can claim that Abraham wasn’t a Jew, that Jews never had a Temple in Jerusalem, that Jews in Biblical Israel are “the descendants of monkeys and pigs”. 

Arab spokesmen were so skillful and able to manipulate history that today the UN, Europe, America and the chattering classes, which have no religion at all, are all reinforcing the Arab claim that any who died on the Temple Mount were martyred defenders of holy places, mowed down by savage, unprovoked “Israeli settlers”. 

But the world's feeble attempts to erase Jewish history from Jerusalem and the Land of Israel don't cut the mustard. The contrary proof is simply undeniable and overwhelming. And those who advocate the Arab view are liars and charlatans. 

But at this point, only people like Moshe Feiglin can peacefully liberate the Temple Mount. Because Israeli as a nation and as a state is losing the holy site. Those who ascend, like Feiglin and other brave people, are the only obstacle to the Temple Mount's final islamization.

One of those heroes once told me: "I would sell my mother to have a minute of freedom in the Temple Mount". 

A few weeks ago, Yehuda Glick was almost murdered for having tried to pray as a free Jew on Temple Mount. Terrorists also planned to target Feiglin and other figures related to the Temple Mount movement. But the Israeli authorities, instead of showing braveness and attachment to their own history, appeased the Arab-Islamic fury and closed the Temple Mount again. It is as if nothing happened in Jerusalem in the past month. 

But Jews are stronger than their leaders. A few weeks ago, I visited Jerusalem and I wanted to see the synagogue in Agassi street, Har Nof, where four rabbis had been killed by Israeli Arabs. In the synagogue of the massacre I met a rabbi, Avraham Nadler, who told me: “The terrorists targeted us because we, the religious Jews, are the symbol of unity of the country. We must grow and get stronger after the attack”. 

The Israeli authorities must show the same fortitude and moral clarity in front of anti-Semitism and terrorism, which is now focused on Temple Mount. 

In 1967, during the Six Day War, after the Arab Legion had placed its batteries on the Temple Mount, but Israel recaptured the holy site. We all know the electrifying cry of Commander Motta Gur: “The Temple Mount is in our hands! The Temple Mount is in our hands”.

But Moshe Dayan handed the keys to the Muslims. He ia said to have done it to ensure freedom of worship, while in fact with that decision he disappointed the expectations of the entire Jewish people. He gave up a goal pursued for 1800 years.

That was the root of the current “status quo”: namely, that only Muslims can pray there and religious Jews are followed by the police and arrested even if they whisper a Psalm, if they stop praying, if they bring religious books, if they take out a paper from their wallet or even if they close their eyes.

This is anti-Semitism. Pure and simple. 

Had Israel insisted on Jewish rights of prayer on the Temple Mount in theplaces judged to be permissible for prayer as Rabbi Goren suggested, or, since not all Torah scholars agree with his findings, insisted on excavations to be sure of the exact places where Jews are allowed to pray, the Jews would be in a different and better situation today. 

But it is not too late. 

The question of survival that had obsessed the Jews since the destruction of the Second Temple has not been resolved by the establishment of the State of Israel. And it will not be resolved if Israel does not liberate the Temple Mount and let Jews pray there. 

Bring freedom to the House of God or prepare to lose the entire State of Israel. Everybody wants to control those few sacred acres. Will the Jews take what is theirs?

Posted on 12/17/2014 5:51 AM by The Law
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Advent Calendar XVI

What I had in mind for today is trivial and inappropriate amongst today's bad news. But serendipity is a feature of my life and I found this, while looking for something else. I knew the song, Julian of Norwich, from the Albion Christmas Band's album An Albion Christmas. The Albion Band have had several different incarnations, the Albion Country Dance Band being the best known, in the genre of dance and Morris. But when they play music of the Christmas and winter season they are the Albion Christmas Band. Which is nothing if not logical.

What I didn't know until tonight listening to the introduction to this live, but sound only recording, is that the song (credited here as Bells of Norwich) was writtten by Sydney Carter who also wrote Lord of the Dance. One of the first articles I wrote for the New English Review was about Dame Julian of Norwich, and the words of hope of a Holy mystic who survived (but not without loss) the Black Death are relevant for our time also. 

And all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thyng shall be well.

Posted on 12/16/2014 1:22 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Opinion: Why does Islam beget violence?

A very interesting and apposite opinion piece from Andrew Bolt in The Australian

MAN Haron Monis couldn’t have done more to make the deaf hear that the terror he unleashed in Sydney was in the name of Islam.

As he walked into the Lindt Chocolate Cafe with his shotgun on Monday he wore a headband bearing the war cry: “We are ready to sacrifice for you, O Muhammad.”

The Iranian-born cleric had already fought for Islam by sending jeering letters to the families of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. On his Facebook page he’d posted jihadist porn and pledged his allegiance to the bloody caliphate of ISIS.

He ordered some (of the hostages) to hold up against the window a black Shahada flag announcing: “There is no God but Allah; Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah.” He made videos of three of them reciting his demands, which included ordering police to fetch him an ISIS flag, and broadcast this explanation: “This is an attack on Australia by Islamic State.”

Then he killed two captives.

I don’t know how much more explicit Monis could have been. And I don’t know how more wilfully deaf some people can be.

“Cops still baffled by gunman’s motivations,” AAP reported yesterday.

The Age, in one long online news report on the terror attack, avoided any use of the words “Islam” or “Muslim”.

ABC reporters and commentators, especially on Radio National, babbled how this unfortunate episode had nothing to do with Islam, given Monis was clearly crazy.

Islamic groups claimed nothing in their faith licensed this ghastly attack and Monis’s former lawyer, Manny Conditsis, summed up this deep evasion in an interview with the ABC: “Yes, he said he was of the Islam faith but he could have been any other damaged individual that did what he did.”

Except, of course, we rarely get damaged individuals killing people in chocolate shops in the name of Buddha. We don’t get damaged individuals beheading a British soldier in the name of Christ.

We didn’t get damaged individuals shooting a Canadian soldier guarding Canada’s cenotaph, or plotting bombings of our MCG, or trying to blow up jets with the explosives in their shoes or their underwear in the name of any faith other than Islam

True, Monis seemed crazy. True, crazy people of all kinds kill and do not need a faith to make them pull a trigger – as we saw at Port Arthur. Yet are the apologists really trying to dismiss the faith of Monis as just a coincidence?

Must we always feign this surprise when a terrorist is found to be – gasp – Muslim? Surely we can drop this absurd game given 21 of the 21 people jailed for terrorism offences here in the past couple of decades were all Muslim, as are 19 of the 20 proscribed terrorist groups in Australia.

Surely we’re entitled to conclude something specific to Islam seems to license violence, given we have just as many Buddhists here as Muslims, yet not one Buddhist has killed here for his faith

The question is: What would Christianity have inspired Monis to do? Preach Armageddon at some street corner? Now ask what Islam, as interpreted by a minority of extremists, whispered in Monis’s ear. Whisper? It shouted.

As Monis’s lawyer conceded yesterday: “His ideology is just so strong and so powerful that it clouds his vision for common sense and objectiveness.” The ideology Monis followed was inspired in large part by Islamic scriptures that urge believers to “kill the polytheists wherever you find them” and exhorts “so when you meet those who disbelieve (in battle), strike (their) necks”.

We’re told, as always, that those who take seriously such passages in the Koran and Hadith are a tiny, unrepresentative minority.

But wait. The Sydney Morning Herald reports Monis had more than 14,000 “likes” on Facebook and a Muslim community leader asked by counterterrorism authorities to find the ISIS flag Monis demanded said: “I found plenty of people who had one, but they didn’t want to give them up.”

So why this denial about Islam – and specifically about its role in this attack?

For the authorities it is about public order. They fear reprisals against Muslims and also do not wish to alienate the overwhelming majority of peaceful Muslims here whose help they need against radicals.

For the Left more generally, to admit the latent threat in Islam would be to question disastrous Leftist programs that have left this country more exposed to political violence – particularly our too-lax immigration programs, multiculturalism and the much-rorted “refugee” programs that let in Monis in 1996. 

But Islam contains a strong streak of violence and intolerance of other creeds. Mass immigration from the Middle East has left us in greater danger than before. Muslim leaders were recklessly slow to help fight extremism in their doctrine and their followers, including the mad.

And by screaming “racist” rather than allow debate, our academics, commentators and politicians deafened us to the warnings until it was too late.

Posted on 12/16/2014 11:46 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Sydney police raid home of Amirah Droudis, 'girlfriend' of siege shooter

From the Telegraph

Police investigating the siege in Sydney are looking into the involvement of Amirah Droudis, an accused murderer who was the apparent girlfriend and partner-in-crime of the dead gunman, Man Haron Monis.

Police raided the modest red-brick home of Monis and his partner in south-west Sydney and have also reportedly spent several hours questioning Ms Droudis, known as the partner and occasional social media spokeswoman for the dead gunman in a series of strange video rants. She has been described as a Greek Australian who converted to Islam, though this has not been confirmed.

Like Monis, Ms Droudis was well known to police for a long history of criminal charges.

The pair allegedly acted together last year to kill Monis’s ex-wife, who was stabbed to death and then burnt in Sydney before her body was dumped in a stairwell. Ms Droudis, 35, was charged with the murder and her 50-year-old partner was charged with being an accessory. 

The two also paired up to write a series of offensive letters between 2007 and 2009 to the grieving families of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Ms Droudis faced charges of aiding Monis in the crime. On one occasion in March 2009, she apparently attended the funeral of a dead soldier, Sergeant Brent Till, and hand-delivered the abusive letters to Bree Till, his wife.

Posted on 12/16/2014 11:15 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
What The Slow Jihadists Have In Mind
Posted on 12/16/2014 9:21 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
The First Question To Ask About Man Haron Monis, The Muslim Killer In Sydney

The first question to ask is this:

Man Haron Monis is described as an "Iranian refugee" who arrived in Australia in 1996 and received refugee status in 2001..

What made him entitled to refugee status? Was he being persecuted by the Islamic Republic of Iran for being Christian or Jew or Baha'i? What did he claim, and why did the Australians in charge of immigration accept that claim?

Posted on 12/16/2014 9:06 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Brave Taliban Fighters Gun Down Children in Military School

PESHAWAR, Pakistan, AP:

Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, killing 126 people, officials said, in the worst attack to hit the country in years.

The overwhelming majority of the victims were students at the army public school, which has children and teenagers in grades 1-10. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the assault and rushed to Peshawar to show his support for the victims.

The horrific attack, carried out by a relatively small number of militants from the Tehreek-e-Taliban, a Pakistani militant group trying to overthrow the government, also sent dozens of wounded flooding into local hospitals as terrified parents searched for their children.

"My son was in uniform in the morning. He is in a casket now," wailed one parent, Tahir Ali, as he came to the hospital to collect the body of his 14-year-old son Abdullah. "My son was my dream. My dream has been killed."

The attack began in the morning hours, with about half a dozen gunmen entering the school — and shooting at random, said police officer Javed Khan. Army commandos quickly arrived at the scene and started exchanging fire with the gunmen, he said. Students wearing their green school uniforms could be seen on Pakistani television, fleeing the area.

Outside the school, two loud booms of unknown origin were heard coming from the scene in the early afternoon, as Pakistani troops battled with the attackers. Armored personnel carriers were deployed around the school grounds, and a Pakistani military helicopter circled overhead.

Details were sketchy in the face of the overwhelming tragedy. Pakistani television showed soldiers surrounding the area and pushing people back. Ambulances streamed from the area to local hospitals.

The operation appeared to be winding down in the early evening. Pakistani military spokesman, Asim Bajwa, said on Twitter that the operation to clear the school was "closing up." He said 11 more staff members had been rescued from inside the school.

The information minister for the province, Mushtaq Ghani, said 126 people were killed in the attack. Most of the dead were students, children and teenagers from the school, he said. Hospital officials said earlier that at least one teacher and a paramilitary soldier were among the dead.

Pervez Khattak, the chief minister of the province where Peshawar is located, said fighting was still underway in some parts of the school.

The prime minister vowed that the country would not be cowed by the violence and that the military would continue with an aggressive operation launched in June in the North Waziristan tribal area to rout militants.

"The fight will continue. No one should have any doubt about it," Sharif said.

It was not clear how many students and staff remained still inside the facility. A student who escaped and a police official on the scene earlier said that at one point, about 200 students were being held hostage. Both spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to media.

One of the wounded students, Abdullah Jamal, said that he was with a group of 8th, 9th and 10th graders who were getting first-aid instructions and training with a team of Pakistani army medics when the violence began for real.

When the shooting started, Jamal, who was shot in the leg, said nobody knew what was going on in the first few seconds.

"Then I saw children falling down who were crying and screaming. I also fell down. I learned later that I have got a bullet," he said, speaking from his hospital bed.

Another student, Amir Mateen, said they locked the door from the inside when they heard the shooting but gunmen blasted through the door anyway and started shooting.

The school is located on the edge of a military cantonment in Peshawar, but the bulk of the students are civilian.

There was conflicting information about how many attackers carried out the violence, but it was a relatively small number.

Taliban spokesman Mohammed Khurasani claimed responsibility for the attack in a phone call to media, saying that six suicide bombers had carried out the attack in revenge for the killings of Taliban members at the hands of Pakistani authorities. But the chief minister said there were eight attackers, dressed in military uniforms. Two were killed by security forces and one blew himself up, Khattak said. The rest were still fighting.

Peshawar has been the target of frequent militant attacks in the past but has seen a relative lull recently.

The Pakistani military launched the military operation in the nearby North Waziristan tribal area in June, vowing that it would go after all militant groups that had been operating in the region. With the launch of the operation, security officials and civilians feared a backlash by militants targeted by the military but until Tuesday, a widespread backlash had failed to materialize.

Posted on 12/16/2014 7:54 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Genocide by General Assembly: The UN’s Latest Resolution to Disarm Israel

Sometimes, what may first sound altogether reasonable is potentially genocidal. On December 2, 2014, the UN General Assembly called upon Israel to renounce its nuclear weapons, and to join a Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone for the Middle East. Significantly, were Israel ever to abide by such a seemingly benign proposal, it could effectively become complicit in its own annihilation.

International law is never a suicide pact. Since prime minister David Ben-Gurion first recognized the need for a critical security equalizer, Israel’s survival has ultimately depended upon nuclear weapons.

Although still ambiguous and still undisclosed, this Israeli “bomb in the basement” has managed to keep a substantial number of potentially existential enemies at bay. While it never became a purposeful deterrent against “normal” wars, or against acts of terrorism, the nuclear option has successfully prevented what enemy states have wanted most of all – Israel’s disappearance.

From the perspective of Israel’s enemies, there has never been any ambiguity.

Presently, with Iran approaching full and effectively unobstructed membership in the Nuclear Club – a manifestly disingenuous approach, one assumed in stunning defiance of its NPT Treaty obligations – nuclear weapons and strategy have become indispensable to Israel’s physical survival.

“Mass counts,” wrote the classic Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831), and only Israel’s enemies have mass. Each year, without fail, these determined enemies call sanctimoniously for some form or other of Israeli disarmament.

Now, it is high time to acknowledge that nuclear weapons are never truly evil in themselves, and that their potential harmfulness is contingent upon which individual state or alliance is in control of them. In certain circumstances, as should be cartographically obvious to anyone who can see that Israel is less than half the size of America’s Lake Michigan, these weapons can be vital to self-defense and population survival.

Looking ahead, once an enemy state, and possibly its allies, believed Israel had been bent sufficiently to “nonproliferation” demands, adversarial military strategies – either singly, or in carefully calculated collaboration – could embrace extermination warfare. This sinister embrace could occur even if all of Israel’s major adversaries were to remain non-nuclear themselves. Over time, moreover, such extermination warfare, by definition, could meet the literal tests of genocide under codified international law.

In such authoritative jurisprudential considerations, aggressive war and genocide would not need to be considered as mutually exclusive.

Rather, they could qualify as fully complementary and mutually reinforcing categories of international criminality.

Any Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone for the Middle East, even if seemingly well-intentioned, would render Israel uniquely vulnerable. In principle, although such existential vulnerability might be prevented by instituting certain parallel forms of chemical/ biological weapons disarmament among Israel’s adversaries, these disarmament measures would never actually be implemented. Already, as Israel’s enemies recognize, any needed verifications of compliance would prove conveniently impossible.

In the Middle East, underlying security problems have nothing to do with Israel’s nuclear weapons and posture – defensive assets which have never been used to threaten or to intimidate recalcitrant enemies.

Instead, these problems remain founded upon a persisting and unreconstructed Islamic/jihadist commitment to “excise the Jewish cancer.” Moreover, this openly annihilatory commitment is more-or-less common to both Israel’s Sunni Arab foes and to Shi’ite, non-Arab Iran.

Among other regional security benefits, Israel’s nuclear weapons represent an unacknowledged but critical impediment to the actual use of nuclear weapons, and even to the commencement of an area nuclear war. UN resolutions notwithstanding, these weapons must remain at the vital center of Israel’s national security policy, and should also be guided by continuously updated and refined strategic doctrine. Some essential elements of any such doctrine comprise a carefully calibrated end to “deliberate ambiguity,” more recognizable emphases on “counter value” or counter-city targeting, and recognizably expanding evidence of secure “triad” nuclear forces. Of course, such forces, which must include some forms of submarine basing, will have to appear capable of penetrating any foreseeable nuclear aggressor’s active defenses.

Israel’s latest efforts at diversified sea-basing of nuclear retaliatory forces are costly, but still prudent. Similarly important efforts are needed for the Israel Air Force. To prepare for anticipated strikes at distances of approximately 1,000 kilometers, whether preemptive, retaliatory, or counter-retaliatory, the IAF needs the “full envelope” of air refueling capabilities, upgraded satellite communications, state-of-the-art electronic warfare technologies, armaments fully appropriate to inflicting maximum target damage, and, always, the latest-generation UAVs to accompany selected missions.

“Mass counts.” In the Middle East, multiple UN resolutions notwithstanding, Israel’s nuclear weapons represent an essential barrier to laststage enemy aggressions, and to an eventual nuclear war. The United States, which voted correctly against the recent General Assembly resolution, should continue to reject any and all proposals for a Nuclear Weapon- Free Zone in the region. As for Jerusalem, it must not forget what ought already to be perfectly obvious: Even the United Nations can never require a member state to submit to genocide.

International law, it is time to remind the UN General Assembly, is never a suicide pact.

The writer (PhD, Princeton, 1971) is the author of many books and articles dealing with nuclear strategy and nuclear war. Professor of Political Science and International Law at Purdue for 43 years, he was chairman of Project Daniel (Israel, prime minister Ariel Sharon, 2003). He is a regular contributor to The Jerusalem Post and also to The New York Times; The Washington Times; US News & World Report; The Atlantic; The Harvard National Security Journal; The Brown Journal of World Affairs and other publications. His most recent academic strategy papers in Israel have been published by the BESA Center for Strategic Studies, the Institute for National Security Studies and the Institute for Policy and Strategy.

First published in the Jerusalem Post.

Posted on 12/16/2014 7:17 AM by Louis René Beres
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Woody Guthrie - Hanukkah Dance

Channukah, the Festival of Lights, in one (actually more than one) of the great Apocryphal books of the Bible that tells the story of a fight for freedom, was celebrated by the late great Woody Guthrie who must have composed this marvelous Channukah song which he sings with all the power and pathos of someone who survived the Dust Bowl. Alan Lomax discovered Woody and Bob Dylan then discovered his music. I await the day that, in homage to Woody, Dylan rerecords and performs this song.

Posted on 12/16/2014 7:12 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Grief for those Killed at the Lindt Café in Sydney by Refugee Islamikaze Man Haron Monis

Lindt Café victims in Sydney Australia

Neither the late Katrina Dawson, 38, mother of three and a rising star in the Sydney bar  or regular patrons thought anything out of the ordinary having a morning coffee at the Lindt Café in Martin Place, the heart of the city’s business financial district.  Neither did the other 16 patrons, whether they were regulars, Christmas shoppers or tourists. At 9:42AM Monday  a bearded man wearing a head band with an Arabic inscription, clothed in a long white tee shirt entered  carrying a blue bag causing terror. He extracted from the bag a pump shot gun and a Hizb ut-Tahrir black flag with the white inscription of the Islamic Shahada, "There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God." He then asked the terrified patrons to stand against one of the windows with hands pressed against a window facing Channel 7 across the way holding the Shahada flag.  A 16 hour standoff  ended  when police Swat teams entered  early Tuesday amidst exploding flash bang grenades and semi-automatic gunfire. This occurred  after a sniper reported “hostage down”.

Watch this CBS and Sky News Australia video of the deadly Hostage standoff at the Lindt Café in Sydney:

Man Haron Manis perpetrator of Lindt Café hostage taking

The perpetrator of the hostage taking at Lindt Café was self-styled Muslim Cleric , 50 year old Iranian Man Haron Monis with a history of convictions for violence was shot dead.

Unfortunately Ms. Dawson and Lindt café Manager, 34 year old Tori Johnson were killed. Johnson had tried to seize the perpetrator’s weapon.  Five others were wounded including a policeman whose head was hit by shot gun pellets, the others suffered gunshot wounds. Earlier in the hostage standoff two  patrons and three Lindt café workers escaped, when the perpetrator had nodded off. 

Australian PM Tony Abbott lays wreathes at Lindt Café Memorial

Source: CBC world news

The shock and grief reverberated throughout Sydney and Australia, indeed the West, about the loss of lives of Ms. Dawson and Mr. Johnson and surviving shooting victims. The shock was this could happen in broad daylight and was according to Australian PM Abbott “the worst terrorist incident in 35 years in Australia.” The largest  terror event   was Australia’s “9/11” that occurred in Bali, Indonesia on October 10, 2002 with 200 Australians lost their lives  when an Indonesian  Al Qaeda affiliate bombed a popular tourist nightspot. Hundreds of Sydneysiders poured out expressions of mourning with memorial floral tributes placed at the Lindt café site praying to comfort the loss of Ms. Dawson and Mr. Johnson and those injured in the explosive shoot out that ended the hostage taking.

Amirah Droudis and Man Haron Monis accomplices in murder of his ex-wife

Monis, the perpetrator was an Iranian national who had been given asylum as a political refugee in 1996 by Australia.  He was a self styled Muslim cleric who ran a so-called spiritual health center. He was notoriously well known to Sydneysiders.  He had more that 40 charges of sexual assault and was freed on bail as an accessory in the murder of his ex-wife, 30 year old Noleen Hayson Pal by Monis’ companion, Amirah Droudis.  Moniz’s ex- wife was stabbed more than 30 times and lit on fire in the stairwell of an apartment complex in April 2013. Ironically Monis might have been thwarted from his lethal spectacle in Sydney, had he been remanded to police custody. Instead both   he and the perpetrator Ms. Droudis were released on bail for their roles in the capital crime of murder.

 Monis had raised the public ire of Australians for letters sent to the families of Australian soldiers killed in the Afghanistan war, accusing their sons of committing genocide against civilians. He was sentenced to 300 hours of community service for this action.  One deceased Jewish Australian soldier’s family was told in their letter from anti-Semitic Monis that “Jews were no better than Hitler.”  The Algemeiner noted this anti-Semitic screed quoted by a New South Wales prosecutor in a trial brought on charges against letter writers Monis and Droudis:

Monis described the soldier as a “dirty animal.”

“Some Jews who blame Hitler for violations of human rights are not much better than him,” the letter continued. “When the body of a murderer of civilians is sent back to Australia, we must not respect the body; such a body does not deserve a respectful ceremony.”

Monis, while originally raised as a Shia in Iran, recanted his sect and allegedly converted to become a Sunni Muslim.  He could be seen on the streets of Sydney in a Sharia compliant gabila with white turban girded in chains parading with handmade posters accusing New South Wales police and prosecutors for violation of his human rights.  Monis’ lawyer, Manny Conditsis said he may have been “unhinged about the prospect of more jail time” and” had “nothing to lose”.  Conditsis defended his late client’s allegation s of being tortured while in custody, found him extremely fundamentalist but “not a jihadist.” Conditsis  contended the only reason that Monis walked free until trial was the alleged  poor case the New South Wales prosecutors put on in court.

 Monis, in his new role as a Sunni extremist wanted to create a spectacle. He seized the opportunity to carry out his Islamikaze  jihad against the innocent patrons and staff at the Lindt Café in Sydney’s financial district.   He was an Islamikaze, and had nothing to lose; he was free awaiting a court appearance in February of 2015. As  former Hebrew  University professor  and author of the book, Islamikaze: Manifestations of Islamic Martyrology  responded when we questioned him about so-called lone wolf canards  to describe  Canadian and US attacks this fall:

Of course they are Islamikaze.  Because even if in these cases they acted alone, they must have been indoctrinated and motivated, or shown the example by someone. No lone wolf just gets up in the morning and decides to murder human beings. Besides, Islamikaze has an element of self-sacrifice. A common murderer would do it for personal gain of some sort. Here, in both Canadian and US cases, they committed the murder, being aware of the danger of risking their lives, and they were not deterred.

 After all if ISIS could behead Muslims and infidels, more recently Christian children, in Syria and Iraq, then Monis could kill his infidels in Sydney’s Martin Place. After all ISIS had urged local Jihadis down under to follow in the way of Allah.

That was not possible for ordinary peace loving Muslims.  Keysar Trad, founder of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia was reported by the BBC to have said:"This man is damaged goods. He came across as someone with a serious mental illness." Another Australian Muslim leader gave the usual excuse that Monis was “a bit of a loner and isolated from the Muslim Community..

Several Muslims came to Martin Place to express their grief, deposit memorial flowers and roll out prayer rugs to pray.  The Australian Muslim Association said this about the Shahada flag, that it is "testimony of faith that has been misappropriated by misguided individuals." Tolerant Australians fearful of retribution against the estimated 500,000 Muslims established a ride sharing social media message, #IllRideWithYou  used more than 90,000 times by late Monday evening.  Australia has an estimated 24 million in population in the Sydney business center during the Christmas shopping season couldn’t bring himself to face the reality that something inside the Islamic canon might have motivated Monis to carry out his deadly act.  Prime Minister Abbott said:

 It was appalling and ugly tragedy.This is a very disturbing incident,It is profoundly shocking that innocent people should be held hostage by an armed person claiming political motivation.

CBS News cited the earlier efforts by Australian Counter terrorism and ISIS spokesman specifically targeting Australian;

Australia's government raised the country's terror warning level in September in response to the domestic threat posed by supporters of the Islamic State group, also known as ISIL. Counterterror law enforcement teams later conducted dozens of raids and made several arrests in Australia's three largest cities - Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. One man arrested during a series of raids in Sydney was charged with conspiring with an Islamic State leader in Syria to behead a random person in Sydney.

The Islamic State group, which holds a third of Syria and Iraq, has threatened Australia in the past. In September, its spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani issued a message urging attacks abroad, specifically mentioning Australia.

There were the usual cries of “lone wolf” by Australian and US counterterrorism experts and news commentators. Former CIA deputy director, Mike Morrell, a CBS news contributor on national security said social media was the culprit. He should know having perpetrated the myth that a cheaply made anti-Islam video on the internet triggered the deadly terrorist attacks on 9/11-12/2012 in Benghazi that took the lives of four Americans.

It was left to an Australian Clive Kessler, an Emeritus Professor of Sociology & Anthropology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney and expert on Political Islam to write this political incorrect assessment of the “ugly tragedy” that occurred Tuesday morning at the Lindt Café in Sydney:

Yesterday's dreadful events, we were told, "had nothing to do really with properly understood Islam per se," but were simply an awful gesture spawned from it.  I offer this comment, again, not "to have a go" at Islam, but to make clear why I find so much of the commentary upon it to which our media treat us confused and deficient.

Again, as when I recently questioned the simple typification that "Islam is a religion of peace," my main point was to challenge the sheer mindlessness and inadequacy of the way that this argument is continually proffered to discourage, stigmatize, and block all serious enquiry into, and discussion of, the inherent tensions and problems

CBS News cited the earlier efforts by Australian Counter terrorism about an ISIS spokesman specifically targeting Australians:

Australia's government raised the country's terror warning level in September in response to the domestic threat posed by supporters of the Islamic State group, also known as ISIL. Counterterror law enforcement teams later conducted dozens of raids and made several arrests in Australia's three largest cities - Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. One man arrested during a series of raids in Sydney was charged with conspiring with an Islamic State leader in Syria to behead a random person in Sydney.

The Islamic State group, which holds a third of Syria and Iraq, has threatened Australia in the past. In September, its spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani issued a message urging attacks abroad, specifically mentioning Australia.

There were the usual cries of “lone wolf” by Australian and US counterterrorism experts and news commentators. Former CIA deputy director, Mike Morrell, a CBS news contributor on national security said social media was the culprit. He should know having perpetrated the myth that a cheaply made anti-Islam video on the internet triggered the deadly terrorist attacks on 9/11-12/2012 in Benghazi that took the lives of four Americans.

It was left to an Australian Clive Kessler, an Emeritus Professor of Sociology & Anthropology at the University of New South Wales, and expert on Political Islam to write this political incorrect assessment of the “ugly tragedy” that occurred Tuesday morning at the Lindt Café in Sydney:

Yesterday's dreadful events, we were told, "had nothing to do really with properly understood Islam per se," but were simply an awful gesture spawned from it.  I offer this comment, again, not "to have a go" at Islam, but to make clear why I find so much of the commentary upon it to which our media treat us confused and deficient.

Again, as when I recently questioned the simple typification that "Islam is a religion of peace," my main point was to challenge the sheer mindlessness and inadequacy of the way that this argument is continually proffered to discourage, stigmatize, and block all serious enquiry into, and discussion of, the inherent tensions and problems within the Islamic tradition, including Islamic doctrine as it has evolved from its very origins.

"It's got nothing to do with Islam; really, it just has to do with what [some] Muslims make of it."

So it does have something, something important, to do with Islam-important because that is where its origins and, however "misconceived" and unwelcome, its justification lies or is found.


Posted on 12/16/2014 6:48 AM by Jerry Gordon
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
A Christian Priest Speaks Truth on Israel

In the British political system members of the royal family are not supposed to utter political or controversial remarks on political issues. It was therefore very meaningful that on November 4, 2014 British Prince Charles in a recorded video broadcast by the BBC, spoke truth to the people. Charles, not assumed to be a Zionist as detractors might imagine, sadly remarked, “It is an indescribable tragedy that Christianity is now under such threat in the Middle East, an area where Christians have lived for 2000 years.”

Charles was commenting on the just published report, Religious Freedom in the World 2014: Aid to the Church in Need, which concluded that religious freedom had deteriorated in 55 of the 196 countries studied. Most significantly, the report found that Christians remain the most persecuted religious minority, directly related to the fact that they are historically widely dispersed, often in cultures very different from their own. Many of the countries where Christians have been established for generations or even millennia have now become subject to extremism. In 20 countries studied, the highest levels of persecution result mostly from Islamist extremism and partly from authoritarian regimes.

The report was most concerned with the fate of Christians in the Middle East, but it also warned that Western European countries, once overwhelmingly Christian and racially homogeneous, were changing.

Why are mainstream Christian organizations and so-called Human Rights Groups so engaged in a conspiracy of silence on this issue of persecution of Christians? The World Council of Churches, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and groups such as Amnesty International pay little heed to this ongoing persecution and discrimination against Christians. They pay little heed to honest commentators such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Father Gabriel Nadaf, priest of the Greek Orthodox Church, who has lived in Nazareth, and who has been prevented by anti-Israelis from entering the Basicila of the Annunciation in Nazareth. He has to have a security escort provided by Israel as he faces death threats from Muslims. For those anti-Israelis, his major sin is his attempt to integrate Arab Christians into the mainstream of Israeli life.

Ali has frequently commented, (though she has sometimes been prevented from doing so on university campuses) on the violent oppression of Christian minorities that has become the norm in Muslim countries. Her criticism of Islamic intolerance is well known.

The lesser-known message of Father Nadaf delivered to the UN Human Rights Council on September 23, 2014 is stark. What is happening in the Middle East, he said, is genocide, and it is happening today.  In the last ten years 100,000 Christians have been murdered every year. That means that every five minutes a Christian dies in the Middle East, and the Muslim leaders know it, and the world remains silent. Those who can escape persecution at the hand of Muslim extremists have fled. Those who remain exist as second if not third-class citizens to their Muslim rulers.

Nadaf’s remarks are an incontestable refutation to the assertions, against all the relevant facts and rational evidence of people such as the Right Rev. Riah Abu El-Assal, Bishop of Jerusalem, that Arab Palestinian Christians  and Arab Palestinian Muslims lived peacefully side-by side for 1400 years. Christians, he held, have fled Israeli persecution, and left because of the brutality of the Israel armed forces. Unfortunately, the World Council of Churches is more likely to listen to Assal than to Najaf.

Equally compelling is the analysis by John L. Allen, Jr., in his 2013 book The Global War on Christians, that in recent months 11 Christians have been killed every hour, every day. For Allen, the persecution of Christians is the “greatest story never told about the 21st century.”

The evidence of discrimination against Christians in the Middle East by Muslims is overwhelming. The region is being emptied of Christians, in the areas where their faith was born. For the first time in 2000 years no church exists in Nineveh (now part of Mosul). In Syria, there were once 2 million Christians, but 700,000 have fled and now there are at most 200,000. In year 2000, there were 4 million in Iraq, now there are 300,000. In addition, six Jews remain in the country. In Egypt, the Copts who have survived 1300 years of Muslim control face discrimination and being regarded as foreign agents.

In contrast, Nadaf states, as every objective analysis does, that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians can live safely, are free to practice their religion, and where they have increased in number. In Israel Christians are not killed, their churches are not burned, their female believers are not raped. Christians are seen as a distinct ethnicity. They constitute 2 per cent of the total population and 10 per cent of Israeli Arabs.

The Human Rights Groups of the U.S. and Europe should acknowledge that the persecution of Christians is worldwide, and particularly extreme in the Muslim Middle East. Excepting North Korea, where 70,000 Christians are held in camps, 9 out of the 10 worst persecutors of Christians are Islamic countries (Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Iran, Maldives, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Iraq, and Pakistan). In the mixed country of Nigeria, at least 14,000 Christians have been killed.

The conclusion of Father Nadaf is compelling. It is time the world woke up to the fact that those who want to destroy the Jewish State of Israel are signing the death warrant on the last free Christians in the Holy Land.

Posted on 12/16/2014 6:45 AM by Michael Curtis
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
What They Are Looking For At Winston-Salem State University

There's a new job opening listed today by the History Department at Winston-Salem State University:

"We welcome candidates from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds in the Humanities and Social Sciences, particularly candidates with research and teaching expertise in one or more of the following areas: Africana studies; critical race theory; cultural studies; gender and sexuality studies; women's studies. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply."

But upon reading this many others will be discouraged. Clearly, no future Burckhardts or Bancrofts or Bridenbaughs or Barzuns need apply. 


Posted on 12/16/2014 6:37 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 15 December 2014
Sydney, Australia: In Honour of Tori Johnson, Who Saw A Chance and Took It; He Died In Fight with the Jihadi But Others Lived

As reported in the first paragraph of this story about the jihad terror attack on a cafe in Sydney.

"Martin Place Cafe Siege: Police Storm Cafe and Kill Gunman "Sheik" Man Haron Monis.

"The manager of the Lindt cafe who was fatally shot in the Martin Place siege is being praised as a hero, responsible for allowing others trapped in the cafe to escape.

"Tori Johnson, 34, was wrestling a gun from hostage-taker Man Haron Monis when he was killed.

"It is understood the cafe manager decided to take action when the gunman began to doze off after the siege had been ongoing for 17 hours.

This was in the wee sma' hours of the morning, Sydney time. - CM

"He lunged at the hostage-taker's weapon, allowing others to flee.

"he was one of two hostages killed in the siege, with 38 year old lawyer Katrina Dawson also fatally shot.


The Telegraph UK has a slightly different account with a little more detail.

'Victims of Sydney Siege Hailed as Heroes After They Die Protecting Hostages'

'A mother of three and a man who bravely tried to fight off the gunman to save other hostages have been named as the two victims of the Sydney siege.

'Katrina Dawson, 38, a successful barrister and mother of young children, and Tori Johnson, the 34 year old manager of the Lindt cafe, were killed as police made a daring attempt to free those still held at the Martin Place shop,..

"Mr Johnson has been hailed as a hero after it emerged he had taken the opportunity to wrestle the gun from the 50 year old self-styled Iranian preacher [sic - Muslim jihadi - CM] after he began to doze off in the early hours.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Johnson had been aware of this possibility, and had been watching and waiting his chance. . - CM

'Around 2 am local time, at least six people believed to have been held captive in the cafe managed to flee after gunshots were heard coming from inside after a struggle between  Mr Johnson and Monis.

'Police then moved in ,with heavy gunfire and blasts from stun grenades echoing from the building.

'Ms Dawson, a respected barrister from Eighth floor Selborne Chambers, whose offices are opposite the cafe, was said to have been killed in the ensuing firefight while protecting pregnant friend and colleague Julie Taylor, whom she had been meeting for a coffee...".

Ordinary heroes.  

I will be keeping my eyes open in case any further details emerge. 

Memo to the jihadis. You think we infidels, whether western or from beyond the west, are soft and weak, helpless prey.   And some of us are.  But not all.  And you are going to start running up against those who represent the 'not all' - many of whom may initially look like prey, but are not - more and more, as time goes on. - CM

Posted on 12/15/2014 9:10 PM by Christina McIntosh
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