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Sunday, 13 July 2014
A Way to Hear and Magnify the Voices Of Some of Those Assailed by Genocidal Jihad


For a number of years now, I have been reading regularly at - and greatly enjoying - three excellent English-language blogs maintained by Israeli Jews.

Two of these writers - A Soldier's Mother, and Israeliminx - are within the region now being showered with rockets by the genocidally-Jewhating Muslims of Gaza.  They speak from the danger zone.

I commend these three blogs to all readers of the NER who understand that Israel is under assault from Jihad, and suggest that any recent or present postings at those blogs that you find particularly striking or illuminating, should be shared far and wide on social media.  Let all your Facebook friends see, for example, this:

"Anyone ever shot a rocket at you?"

(Click on the link. Take a good long look at the photo you will find there).

And then there is this:

Click on the link.  Look at the image you will find there.  Share; help it go viral.  And print it off, if possible, and keep multiple copies to shove under the noses of the Useful Idiot moral equivalencers who wail and wring their hands about casualties sustained by those Pooor "Palestinians" in Jihad Armed Camp Gaza.



Posted on 07/13/2014 10:18 PM by Christina McIntosh
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Many Egyptians Glad Israel Is Attacking Hamas

Khaled Abu Toameh, at The Gatestone Institute, here.

Posted on 07/13/2014 6:38 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Boko Haram Gives Its Allegiance To Emir Al-Baghdadi

And Al Qaeda, and the Taliban. Did Shekau leave anyone out?


Posted on 07/13/2014 6:23 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Palestinian Protesters attack Paris Synagogues over Israel Defense Against Hamas Rocket Blitz

A protester wearing a kaffiyeh and wrapped in a Palestinian flag raises his fist on July 13, 2014 in ParisA protester wearing a kaffiyeh and wrapped in a Palestinian flag raises his fist on July 13, 2014 in Paris

A protester wearing a kaffiyeh and wrapped in a Palestinian flag raises his fist on July 13, 2014 in Paris

Source: AFP

Sunday in France witnessed protests by thousands of Palestinian supporters  with  small groups attacking  the police and two synagogues in Paris.  The marchers were protesting Israeli Operation Protective Edge against the Hamas blitz of hundreds of rockets launched from Gaza against Israeli populated areas including major cities like Ashkelon HaifaJ erusalem and Tel Aviv.  Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have launched more than 715 rockets, while Israel's Iron Dome system has intercepted and destroyed 160 rockets. The Palestinian death toll has reached 168 and over 1,000 injuries. Two elderly Israelis died of heart failure responding to Code Red alarms, while several IDF troops were slightly injured with shrapnel from fallen rockets and a raid  early Sunday morning against a launching site in northern Gaza.  Prime Minister Netanyahu on FoxNews Sunday said: "We face a very brutal enemy. We use our missiles to protect our people, they use their people to protect missiles".

Here are excerpts from the AFP report on the large protests and synagogue attack in Paris and Lile, "Clashes in Paris as thousands march against Israel offensive".

Clashes erupted in Paris on Sunday as thousands of people protested against Israel and in support of residents in the Gaza Strip, where a six-day conflict has left 168 Palestinians dead.

Several thousand demonstrators walked calmly through the streets of Paris behind a large banner that read "Total Support for the Struggle of the Palestinian People".

But clashes erupted at the end of the march on Bastille Square, with people throwing projectiles onto a cordon of police who responded with tear gas.

The unrest continued early Sunday evening as police announced six arrests had been made.

A small group tired to break into two synagogues in central Paris, a police source told AFP.

Riot police dispersed the group, with two members of the Jewish community and six officers slightly injured in the ensuing scuffle, the source said.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls condemned the attempted synagogue stormings "in the strongest possible terms".

"Such acts targeting places of worship are unacceptable," he said in a statement.

- 'Profoundly shocked' -

"I am profoundly shocked and revolted. This aggression towards the Jewish community has taken an absolutely unacceptable turn," Joel Mergei, president of the Israelite Central Consistory of France, told AFP.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo called for "calm in the face of tensions" in the Middle East.

In the northern city of Lille, meanwhile, between 2,300 and 6,000 people protested peacefully, according to differing figures provided by the police and organizers.


"I came to say no to this massacre," Amid Hamadouch, 30, told AFP at the Paris protest while it was still peaceful, with a sticker reading "Boycott Israel, Racist State" on his jacket.

"They are bombing innocent people. There are missiles being launched by Hamas, but the Israeli response is disproportionate. They are attacking the civilian population and not Hamas officials."

The crowd, very young, shouted slogans such as: "We Are All Palestinians!" and "Only One Solution, End the Occupation!".

Earlier today, former Israeli Ambassador Michel Oren on CNN promoting a proposal for a cease fire modeling on the Chemical Weapons destruction in Syria that would entail having international force to secure and destroy the current rocket and missile inventories of both Hamas and the PIJ.  That proposal was floated yesterday in Israel by a number of experts including former Israeli Chief of Staff, Gen. (ret.) Shaul Mofaz and others.  Amb. Oren in an Israel Seen, op-ed,  "A Smart Way out of the Gaza Confrontation, " said:

The next stage would apply the formula with which the United States and Russia successfully removed chemical weapons from Syria. American inspectors can locate Hamas’ rocket stockpiles and ship them abroad for destruction.

Cessation of the Gaza rocket war against Israel would be only the first step in an orchestrated program to permanently end the threats from Gaza  to the Jewish nation. Ultimately those rockets have to be destroyed and the Hamas PIJ leaders brought to justice.


Posted on 07/13/2014 4:51 PM by Jerry Gordon
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Ram Swarup's Understanding Islam Through The Hadith

A book, along with others by K. S. Lal, Harsh Narain, Sita Ram Goel, that needs to be reprinted and widely disseminated, and not only in India, the "wounded civilization" still in recovery from centuries of Muslim rule.

Posted on 07/13/2014 5:38 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 13 July 2014
"Palestinian" Representative Suggests Going To The ICC Is A Bad Idea

And along with blague about bad things Israel does -- including the "Judaization" of the Land 0f Israel -- mentions that Israel warns civilians, before attacking, and the "Palestinians" do not.

An unusual admission, here.

Posted on 07/13/2014 5:32 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 13 July 2014

1. It turns out that Western intelligence has managed to find that in the city of Raqqa,  in northeastern Syria, a group of master bomb-makers, led by Al-Asiri who has arrived from Yemen to direct a one-semester course on bombmaking, have completed their efforts and now there are 85 bomb-makers  ready to ply their trade, and teach it to others,  throughout the Muslim world.

2. The bombmakers, fearing that same Western intelligence, have carefully spread themselves out in that same city of Raqqa, so that some are living in a school, others in a hospital, others in an old-age home. They are sure that while this is known to Western intelligence, Western governments  will not dare to order their military to strike them there.

3. What is the right answer to the question: What should Western governments do in such a case, to protect their flying publics?

There is only one right answer. Bomb everywhere in Raqqa where these people are likely to be located, no matter what,   without any hesitation or doubt or regret if it turns out that in some cases the intelligence was wrong.

There's no other way.

Posted on 07/13/2014 2:56 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 13 July 2014
The Muslim Fiends Who Threaten Everyone

Worries,about air travel, here.

Posted on 07/13/2014 2:55 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Doesn't Charity Begin At Home Anymore?

Tony Lee writes at Breitbart:

As the White House plans to spend billions of taxpayer funds to take care of illegal immigrant children who are unlawfully entering the country, some black Americans who live in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods are wondering where they and their children can get refugee status and aid.

On Friday's Laura Ingraham Show, Elaine, a black woman from Baltimore, expressed her outrage that President Barack Obama is putting the interests of illegal immigrant children above those of American citizens. Though the number of illegal immigrant children unlawfully entering the country has spiked since Obama unilaterally enacted his temporary amnesty program in 2012, the White House has said the primary cause of the border crisis is the rampant gang violence in Central America.

"I'm living a nightmare. My whole neighborhood is so violent. There's so much crime," she said. "I have gangs everywhere here in Baltimore! I can't let my daughter ride her bicycle outside – I can't do anything, Laura! I'm trapped here."

Elaine told Ingraham that she listens to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Obama and feels that "nobody is saying a word" while spending billions of dollars taking care of foreigners who are unlawfully in the country.

"Well, what about my neighborhood? You don't have to do it in Beverly Hills, but in the inner cities where we are suffering," she said. "My children cannot play outside. I cannot take my trash out without locking the door – it's awful. Who is going to give us anything? Where can I get asylum? Where can I get refugee status? I don't know what I can do. Nobody cares what happens to my children."

The unemployment rate for black Americans is nearly double that of whites, and the amnesty legislation favored by Obama and the bipartisan permanent political class would hurt black Americans the most by flooding the labor market with more cheap labor. That is why Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow wrote the Congressional Black Caucus to urge them to vote against amnesty bills that would make it more difficult for black Americans to enter the middle class.

"Giving amnesty to illegal immigrants would only exacerbate this problem facing low-skilled men, who are disproportionately African-American," Kirsanow concluded.

And here is a Houston woman asking the same questions and being ignored.

Posted on 07/13/2014 1:01 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Sunday, 13 July 2014
UPDATE: Listen to Lisa Benson Show: Live Views from Israel on Hamas Rocket War

Listen to the Sunday July 13, 2014 Lisa Benson Show.


Posted on 07/13/2014 12:46 PM by Jerry Gordon
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Music Wars Culture Wars in Turkey

Vivien Schweitzer writes in the NYTimes:

ISTANBUL — On a recent evening here, young people tossed Frisbees on the grassy lawns of an American-style college campus, while elegantly clad patrons sipped wine before a concert featuring the soprano Diana Damrau and the harpist Xavier de Maistre.

The concert, at Bogazici University’s Albert Long Hall, was part of the final week of events in the Istanbul Music Festival, a vibrant lineup of homegrown and international talent in eclectic spaces ranging from traditional halls to a toy museum.

Many of Turkey’s ’s attractions, including its beaches, ornate mosques and other architectural wonders, are well known. But the country has a lower profile as a hot spot for Western classical music, opera and ballet. In June, apart from the festival, the cultural lineup in Istanbul featured theInternational Istanbul Ballet Competition and the Istanbul Opera Festival; regional events elsewhere included the Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival at historic spaces in Antalya.

The Istanbul Music Festival, now in its 42nd year, is mostly financed by private sponsors whose names are displayed prominently on billboards at events like the one in which Ms. Damrau performed and an excellent chamber concert the following evening featuring the violinist Kirill Troussov, the cellist Gautier Capuçon and the pianist Jérôme Ducros.

Collecting tickets at the premiere of Mr. Say’s composition at the music festival.CreditMonique Jaques for The New York Times

Turkey also has an extensive network of state-subsidized orchestras, opera companies and ballet troupes that perform around the country. The ensembles are part of the legacy of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern-day Turkey, who used the Western classical arts as a tool for modernization after the republic was created in 1923.

Ataturk invited the German composer Paul Hindemith to help organize a national, egalitarian system of Western classical music in Turkey. A 1938article in The New York Times described the challenges that Hindemith faced, like social barriers to organizing mixed-gender choirs and to teaching the Western intervals to “persons whose harmonic sense was a haphazard compound of East and West.”

As a result of Hindemith’s suggestions, a music conservatory was founded in Ankara in 1936, and a factory began making instruments for local use under the guidance of German specialists. Music education was introduced in the schools, and orchestras were established.

Among the musicians who benefited from the government support is the pianist Idil Biret, 72, whose portrait is included in the exhibition“Plurivocality: Visual Arts and Music in Turkey”, which opened recently at the Istanbul Modern museum. A law passed in 1948 by the Turkish Parliament helped to finance her studies abroad.

In a commencement address last month at Sabanci University, Ms. Biret spoke out against a draft law that would cut state financing for arts organizations and privatize them. The move is viewed by some in the arts sector as a reprisal against musicians, artists and intellectuals who have criticized the government of Turkey’s Islamist prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

If the state largess is reduced, some ensembles in Istanbul may be able to secure private funds, said Ahmet Erenli, general manager of Borusan Culture and Arts, the umbrella organization for the entity that sponsors the Istanbul Music Festival. But musical groups in cities with less developed modes of sponsorship, and the ballet and opera companies, would almost certainly crumble, he said.

In her commencement speech, Ms. Biret invoked a warning from the Turkish classical composer Muammer Sun. “Each of these institutions symbolizes the contemporary national and universal accumulated knowledge in our country,” she quoted him as saying. “If this knowledge is destroyed, the level of civilization that the Turkish nation has reached will be destroyed as well.”

Berkant Kaya in his shop in Istanbul, where he builds and repairs traditional Turkish instruments. LeftCreditMonique Jaques for The New York Times

In a recent interview, Serhan Bali, the editor of Andante, a classical musicmagazine and website in Turkey, said: “We are like Russia, neither East nor West. These institutions are symbols that we are part of Western culture and are part of our call to embrace Western civilization.”

It’s not the first time in recent history that classical music has assumed added importance for secularists during clashes with Islamist governments. During the brief tenure of Necmettin Erbakan, Turkey’s first Islamist prime minister, in the 1990s, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 and Ahmed Adnan Saygun’s 1946 oratorio “Yunus Emre” became anthems for Western values.

Ataturk, whom the pianist and musicologist Filiz Ali credits with “genius” for his cultural strategy, cast classical music as a democratic medium. But for musicians like Ahmet Altınel, a violist, composer and teacher, it has come to embody a kind of elitism. Mr. Altinel argues that traditional Turkish music, which was banned from the radio for a brief period during the republic’s early years, was “humiliated” in the process of Westernizing the country — denigrated because it is not polyphonic, for example.

The Istanbul Music Festival, which attracts a well-heeled westernized audience, has been similarly faulted as elitist for its high ticket prices, an echo of criticism leveled at classical music institutions in Europe and the United States.

“Most people are used to the ticket prices of the state orchestras, which are very cheap,” acknowledged Yesim Gurer Oymak, the artistic director of the festival. She said that festival planners had recently adopted several new initiatives to attract new audiences, however, like free Sunday concerts in the parks.

They have also introduced a program to commission new music from international and Turkish composers like Fazil Say, whose work marking the 60th anniversary of the death of the author Sait Faik Abasiyanik received its premiere at this year’s festival. (Mr. Say has been fiercely criticized for comments belittling the Turkish-Arabic pop hybrid known as Arabesque; he has also been convicted of insulting religious values and received a suspended jail sentence for tweets that the authorities deemed blasphemous.)...

Continue reading here

Posted on 07/13/2014 11:37 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Sunday, 13 July 2014
There is no place in Britain for Sharia law, says archbishop

This is from behind the Sunday Times' paywall. But that doesn't matter because the Archbishop's interview is widely reported elswhere. What is significant is what the Sunday Times has chosen from it as their headline and first paragraph, which is all that I will take.

There is no place in Britain for Sharia law, the Archbishop of Canterbury said today as he spoke of “huge differences” between Christianity and Islam. . . “English law should rest on English jurisprudence and nothing should compromise those basic principles,” he said in an interview with Andrew Marr on the BBC.

Elsewhwere the media concentrate on later remarks about 'jihadists being a small minority of Muslims so no need to become hysterical', and other topics such as tax aviodance, gay marriage and women bishops.

Just keep hold of that headline. 

Posted on 07/13/2014 11:20 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Kiwi's passport cancelled after coverting to Islam

A former gang member who's recently converted to Islam has had his passport cancelled because he is deemed to be a security risk by the Government.

Wiremu Curtis, who now goes by the name Haroon, told TVNZ's Sunday programme that he doesn't know why he's seen as a risk. The young New Zealander recently undertook a radical transformation - he went from patched gang member to devout Muslim. "I've left violent gang life for a life of peace".

In May this year when he tried to travel to the Middle East, he says to get an education, he was stopped at the airport. "They brought in some SIS agent and they just started interrogating me. They said, we're taking your passport away from you, you will not be flying today."

Mr Curtis has had his passport cancelled on the grounds that he is a danger to the security of New Zealand. The Sunday programme has discovered he is part of a small group of Muslims being infiltrated by the Security Intelligence Service.

Mr Curtis follows controversial Imam Sheikh Abdulla Hamam who leads prayers in a West Auckland garage after being trespassed from the Avondale Islamic Centre. He says the Sheikh has been a great inspiration. . . But, he denies he's been radicalised by jihadists propaganda.

Posted on 07/13/2014 9:45 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 13 July 2014
France Speaks the Truth about Hamas and Israel

Israel is not yet the land of croissants, camembert, and châteauneuf du pape.  Nevertheless, the strongest, unequivocal support it has received in the current fighting with Hamas has come from French President François Hollande.  That unequivocal support may help influence and correct the many Western advocates of moral equivalence, those blaming Israel and the terrorist group Hamas equally for the outbreak and the continuing violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Even accepting the premise of legitimate differences of opinion about the conflict and responsibility for the outbreak, this does not entail a moral calculus of equivalence of blame between the contending parties.  Political commentary on the present hostilities and policy-making should be based on real events, behavior, and objectives.

It is undeniable that Hamas for at least a decade has been relentless in its aggression against the State of Israel, even after total Israeli withdrawal of its troops from the Gaza Strip and the dismantling of all Israeli settlements there in August 2005.

There is no secret about Hamas’s real objectives.  Even those sympathetic to the Palestinian cause may now be aware of the songs being sung on the Hamas TV station: “Fire your rockets, make them explode…victory is from Allah…O Martyrdom seeker, O blaze, hurry, blow up Tel Aviv.”  Hamas has given fair warning to Israeli citizens: “wait for suicide attacks on every bus, café, and street…start counting the number of coffins you’ll need.”

The key disquieting factor in the present situation is the increase in the capacity, as well as the determination, of Hamas with its 16,000 rockets to inflict harm on Israel.  The rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza have become more accurate and more deadly in their increased range and can strike deep in Israeli population centers.  The rockets made in Gaza have a range of only about 12 miles; they were able to reach the towns of Sderot and Ashkelon.  The newer rockets that Hamas has obtained from Syria (M-302s) have a range of more than 90 miles; those received from Iran (FAJR-5s) have a range of 45 miles.  Life in central and southern Israel has been disrupted, as schools have been closed and people are obliged to stay in their homes.

The dilemma for Israel is how to respond to the threat of these rockets that can reach the areas in the country in which about two thirds of the population, about five million, live.  The strong Israeli response has focused on eliminating the rocket-launching sites, military facilities in general, Hamas militants, and the underground tunnels on the Egyptian border that have been used to smuggle arms.

Israel has retaliated by an intensive aerial assault against the targets in Gaza as well as by using the Iron Dome missile defense system that intercepts projectiles aimed at populated areas.  In two days of fighting, Israel has hit 750 sites in response to the 400 rockets launched by Hamas.

A serious public relations problem for Israel is that Gaza civilians as well as terrorists have been killed in the raids.  Israel has attempted to avoid this outcome.  But the reality is that Hamas has deliberately endangered Palestinian civilians.  It has fired rockets from inside houses and in neighborhoods populated with civilians.  Its armed militants often dress as civilians.  Hamas is aware that as a result of the deaths of Gaza civilians, the international environment automatically becomes more critical of Israel.

The Arab world has been reluctant to aid Hamas, or has paid only lip service to it.  President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, who sees Hamas as an accomplice of his enemy the Muslim Brotherhood, has made this plain.  Syria and Iraq have their own problems, as the Arab world is in turmoil.  The Arab League secretary-general, Nabil al Arabi, limited himself to calling for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council “to adopt measures to stop Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.”  No doubt the Council will express “deep concern.”  Though President Abbas has accused Israel of genocide, he has not engaged in any action.

Lukewarm expressions of sympathy for Israel have come from the major democratic countries, including the United States.  However, these are usually accompanied by expressions of moral equivalence; the conflict is said to have brought suffering to both Israelis and Palestinians.  The moral equivalence argument is that more than 70 people, including children and civilians, have been killed in the Gaza Strip, while hundreds of rockets have been fired into Israeli territory.

Yet the moral equivalence is never precise.  The call for Hamas and Palestinian militias to put an immediate end to the rocket attacks on Israel is clear.  It is less clear what “obligations under international law” Israel should respect in order to avoid the excessive use of force and to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The U.S., through spokesperson Jen Psaki in a press conference on July 9, 2014, exemplifies the careful equivalence.  Psaki urged both sides to de-escalate tensions and expressed concern for the safety of civilians on both sides.  Israel had the right to defend itself against rocket attacks.  Nevertheless, “we are concerned about the safety and security of civilians on both sides – the residents of Israel who are forced to live under rocket fire in their homes and the civilians in Gaza.”  Both sides needed to calm the crisis.  Among other things, Psaki, voicing the policy of the Obama administration, said that a wider Israeli military campaign might destabilize political control in the Palestinian Authority.

Though British Prime Minister David Cameron also strongly condemned “the appalling attacks being carried out by Hamas against Israeli civilians,” the most important exception to the morally equivalent position has been President François Hollande.  He had already shown his goodwill in Israel in November 2013, speaking in Hebrew in his airport declaration and saying, “I will always remain a friend of Israel.”  He opposed the movement to boycott Israel goods, even those coming from Israeli settlements.

Hollande has during his presidency taken the lead in a fight against radical Islamist terrorists, and Hamas falls in that category.  He joined the international chorus in calling for the parties to avoid the escalation of violence.  However, he went farther.  On July 9, 2014, in a telephone call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he issued a strong message of support for Israel, which he said should take all measures to protect its population faced with rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.  France, he said, firmly condemns these aggressions.

France has once again taken the high road and demonstrated the meaning of the symbolic words coming from the French Revolution: liberty, equality, fraternity.

First published in the American Thinker.

Posted on 07/13/2014 8:48 AM by Michael Curtis
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Melbourne, Australia: 2 Jewhating Muslims Attack Aussie Jew, Who Fights Back

Hat tip for this story goes to Daphne Anson’s excellent pro-Israel blog, where I first encountered it.  I then checked other news sites and came up with assorted accounts.

I will begin with the report given by the Jewish Telegraph Agency.

Report: Jew Wearing IDF Shirt Assaulted in Melbourne.

(That is: Melbourne - Jew wearing IDF Shirt Attacked by 2 Muslim Men - CM)

'A Melbourne man wearing an IDF T-shirt said two Arabic-speaking men (he should have described them as two Arabic-speaking Muslim men - CM) assaulted him on the street.

Zachary Gomo told JTA he was walking to a shop around 10 pm in a Jewish neighbourhood (note - many of Australia’s 112 000 Jews live in Melbourne; the suburb of Elsternwick, where - as we learn from another account - this attack took place, is 18 percent Jewish, with the remainder being either Christian or of no religion; few or no Muslims reside there. This suggests to me that these two Muslims were not locals, but had come all the way to a known Jewish precinct looking for Jews to attack. - CM) on Thursday night, wearing a T shirt from his service in the Israel Defence Forces, when he was set upon by two young men.

“I noticed them when it was too late.  They jumped on me, started punching, screaming “Kalb Yehud!” (Jewish dog), “Allahu akbar (God [sic: allah - CM] is great [sic: in fact, “greater” - CM]) and something about Gaza in Arabic,” Gomo said.

"One of them tried to pull me to the ground, I started fighting and punching back,” he recalled. “I grabbed one of them by the throat and screamed at them, cursing in Arabic as well. This shocked them, they ran off”.

They thought they had found easy prey; they thought wrong. - CM

'Gomo said he was covered in cuts, and had a swollen face.

Click on the link to the Daily Mail report, which I discuss below; they provide a lot of pictures. - CM

'The Community Security Group accompanied him to a police station to make a statement, he said.

“It appears from the words used by the attackers that he was targeted only because he was clearly identifiable as a Jew”, Nina Bassat, president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, said in a statement.

And are you going to tell us, Ms Bassat, that those words also tell us exactly who the attackers were…and why they hate Jews? - CM
“This was an act of cowardice and aggression that has no place in our society”, she said.

Yes.  And Muslims, whose religion of blood and war inculcates in them a murderous contempt and aggression toward all non-Muslims - but toward Jews first and worst of all - have no place in any non-Muslim society. - CM

“From past experience, it is clear that it is no coincidence that this attack occurred as hostilities between Israel and Gaza are escalating”.

What she should have said, “Whenever Israel defends itself - as now - against the genocidal Jihad waged against it by Muslims, there are Muslims in other parts of the world who engage in acts of collective punishment, attacking Jews wherever they can find them.” - CM

'Community members, she added, “should be free to walk on the streets of Melbourne, and to live a peaceful life in what has until now been a model of multicultural harmonious co-existence”.

Well, it was fairly harmonious...until we very stupidly added Muslims to the mix; more and more and more Muslims.  Got Muslims? - sooner or later, got Jihad.  And as a subset of that Jihad, waged against all non-Muslims qua non-Muslims, there is orthodox Islamic Jew-hatred.

And now to Australia’s Herald-Sun, David Hurley reporting.

“A former Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier has been bashed in an allegedly racially (that should have been, "ideologically", or, "Islamically" - CM) motivated attack in Melbourne’s southeast.

“Zachary Gomo was set upon in Parnell St, Elsternwick, by two young men who he said shouted “Jewish dog” in Arabic as they started punching him.

“The 28 year old Caulfield North man was wearing his old IDF T-shirt when the attack happened at about 10 pm last Thursday night.

“The attackers also made reference to the conflict in Gaza during the violent incident.

Ah yes…resisting Jihad causes…Jihad.  But Jihad happens whether you respond to it or not.  And Muslims have been known to gin up false rumours expressly in order to have an excuse to attack defenceless, unarmed dhimmi minority communities. - CM

'Mr Gomo was left with cuts and bruises and a slashed T-shirt following the assault.

“I think they just saw me with a T-shirt with Hebrew writing on it and attacked me”, Mr Gomo said.

“It’s just an old T-shirt I was out jogging in - I wasn’t trying to make a statement”.

“They yelled “Jewish dog”, “Allahu akbar” (God is greatest) [No, my dear Herald-Sun, you need to do your homework; this Arabic phrase, the historic Muslim war-cry throughout 1400 years of non-stop Jihad, thefunctional equivalent of, for example, Heil Hitler…go on youtube, Mr Hurley, or on MEMRI, and listen to a few typical clips of  Muslim mobs chanting this phrase, and decide whether you ever want to hear that phrase being yelled at you from behind in a darkened street at night…or anywhere else. - CM) and said something about Gaza”.

‘The dual citizen reported the incident to Caulfield police…

And now to the Daily Mail, Louise Cheer reporting.

“Former Israeli Soldier Ambushed By Two Men (sic: two Muslims - CM) in “antisemitic” attack on quiet Melbourne Street, leaving him with a black eye and torn clothes.

Why the quotes round "antisemitic", Daily Mail? - CM

“A former Israeli soldier now living in Australia has told of the shocking moment he was attacked on the street and was left with a slash through his T-shirt, a swollen face, and covered in scratches.

‘Zachary Gomo, 28, was walking along Parnell Street, off Kooyong Road, in Elsternwick - in Melbourne’s south - when he was ambushed by two men while he was wearing an Israeli Defence Forces shirt from his two-year stint in the service, in what he is calling an “anti-Semitic” attack.

Well, my dear Daily Mail, what would you call it, if not antisemitic? Do you doubt Mr Gomo's truthfulness? - CM

At the time, the dual citizen was walking to his girlfriend’s place, when he noticed two men following him.

“The side street was very dark and apparently empty of people”, Mr Gomo said.

“When I got about halfway down the street, I suddenly noticed that there were two people right behind me.  I got a shock as I had not noticed them until then, which I found odd”.

In other words: they had been stalking him. - CM

“At that moment they both jumped on me, and started punching and shouting in Arabic “Jew Dog”, “Allahu Akbar [God is great] (sic: when, when, oh, when will reporters and editors do their homework and give us the correct translation of this Muslim war-cry? - CM) and something I didn’t understand, about Gaza.

“It completely came out of nowhere.  I wasn’t prepared”.

But he should have been.  Jews everywhere, in any country now afflicted with a Mohammedan colony, should be on their guard.  Because I doubt very much that this attack on Mr Gomo is going to be the only one.  All over the world, the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob appears to be much emboldened right now, and as always, the Jews are the first to be attacked. - CM

'Luckily, Mr Gomo was able to fight off his attackers, return to his girlfriend’s house, and report the incident to Caulfield police station.

“Initially, I just attempted to shield myself from the blows, and then one of them grabbed me from my left side, as if he was trying to drag me somewhere”.

Perhaps these evil thugs meant to kidnap him and subject him to the same kind of horror as a Muslim gang in Paris inflicted on Ilan Halimi. But they failed. - CM

At that point I realized it was very serious, and started fighting back”.

Good on you, Mr Gomo.  Looks like that stint in the IDF has saved your life. - CM

I threw punches at both of them, and managed to grab one of them by the throat, which I proceeded to squeeze as hard as I could”.

Serves the b*st*rd right.  And...that will have left marks. I hope.  I hope the police have got a good description from Mr Gomo, and have circulated it to all medical centres in Melbourne. - CM

“Mr Gomo did not notice a weapon at the time, but police say this slash (click on the link to the original story; you will see the photo - CM) was most likely caused by a screw-driver.

“I pointed at the other man with my free hand and yelled Arabic curses at them as aggressively as possible.

“This startled them quite a bit, and when I pushed the one whose neck I was holding away, they fled towards Kooyong Road”.

“When he got to his girlfriend’s house, she noticed Mr Gomo was covered in scratches, his T-shirt sliced open around the belly, and his face was swollen.

“I did not notice a weapon at the time, but the police later suggested that they might have had a screwdriver or somehting similar”, he said.

“Mr Gomo described his attackers as between the ages of 18 to 20, slim, and of Middle Eastern appearance”.

He believes the T-shirt he was wearing at the time of the attack sparked the ambush.

Actually, my guess is that had he been wearing sidelocks, a kippah and tzitzis, or a Star of David, or anything else at all that allowed him to be identified as Jewish - not necessarily from Israel, just Jewish - he would have been attacked just the same.  Those two Muslims came to an area where they knew they had a good chance of finding a Jew; any Jew they could catch alone and seemingly defenceless was their intended target.  Jew-hatred is hardwired into the core texts of Islam; Muslims were lynching and murdering defenceless Jewish dhimmi communities for over a millennium before the restoration of a Jewish state of Israel on a portion of Jewish traditional land.  Sol Hachuel in Morocco in the early 19th century was not “Israeli” - Muslims persecuted and murdered her simply and solely because she was a Jew. - CM

“It has a scorpion on it and in English it says “stinger”, which is the airforce special forces I was part of, and in Hebrew it says the word “March”, as in the month, and “’08”, the year that my training took place”, Mr Gomo said.

There are some comments on the internet saying that I provoked the attack by wearing the shirt, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be attacked like that, no matter what they’re wearing.

Yes. - CM

“There’s no way anyone would have identified the shirt unless they knew Hebrew.

“Clearly it was an antisemitic attack”.

To be precise, it was a Muslim antisemitic attack. - CM

“I just think everybody has the right to be safe on the street, and if you have a political protest, or something, do it civilly and within the law”.

Mr Gomo: had you been a meek and mild yeshiva student who happened to cross the path of those two would-be predators, you would have been attacked just the same.  They just wanted a Jew, any Jew, to lynch. - CM

‘Caulfield police station Sergeant Peter Burton confirmed the incident (sic: the assault - CM) had happened. “There is an active investigation going on at the moment”, he said.

And I wish it every success.

jwire’s Henry Benjamin adds a few small extra details. But note, yet again, that the headline - Attack in Melbourne - fails to mention they-who-must-not-be-named.

“Attack in Melbourne.

“An evening walk through the leafy suburbs of Elsternwick ended in a vicious attack on a Melbourne man wearing an Israeli T-shirt printed in Hebrew.

“28 year old Zac Gomo turned off Melbourne’s Kooyong Road, heading back to his girlfriend’s home into quiet and dark Parnell St near Glen Huntly around 10 pm on Thursday evening, when he suddenly found two men by his side. He had been on an exercise walk.

“He told J-Wire, “They yelled at me in Arabic calling me a Jew Dog and started attacking me and repeatedly saying “Gaza”.”

“Gomo, who served in the IDF between 2008 and 2010 grabbed one of his attackers by the throat and started yelling at them in Arabic, a language he learned during his time in Israel.

“The Caulfield North man watched as his attackers fled and then headed back to his girlfriend’s home in Elsternwick, having discovered that during the affray he had received cuts.  He believes that while defending himself he had “ hurt one of his attackers badly”.

One hopes the police, once notified of the attack, alerted all the medical centres and hospitals in Melbourne, just in case the defeated and damaged would-be Jew-basher limped in for a repair job. But even if they don’t catch the Mohammedthug, perhaps said Mohammedthug will think twice, next time, before he tries to attack a Jew. - CM

He added, “At the time of the attack I was not aware that they had any weapons, but I have been told that the injuries I sustained and the cuts to my T-shirt could have been caused by a screwdriver.”  Gomo received cuts to his arms, head and stomach.

“He added, “We went straight to Caulfield North police and reported the incident, and the officers were very supportive”.

Gomo arrived back from Israel in 2011.

The article goes on to reproduce the statement by Nina Bassat that I have already discussed above, and then includes the statement issued by B’Nai Brith's Anti-Defamation Commission in Australia:

“ADC Chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich issued the following statement, “This vile attack is another disturbing reminder that Jewish people in our community continue to be singled out because of their religion. This kind of anti-Semitic targeting is unacceptable and must be denounced and countered in the strongest terms possible by all communal leaders.”

Good luck with getting anything real from the Muslim “clerics” and “community leaders”.  They will mouth all the right things in public, but behind closed doors and in the mosques, where they think no Infidels can overhear them, they will say something quite different - CM

“We will not stand for such violence, and I look forward to seeing those responsible arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

“It is also my hope that we do not see a pattern where anti-Israel attitudes related to the conflict in Israel and Gaza spill over into attacks on Australian Jews.

It’s not just about “anti-Israel attitudes”.  Muslims are taught to hate Jews. Period.  Israel’s remarkably restrained attempts at self-defence against Jihad are merely the Muslim excuse du jour. - CM

“When a victim is assaulted and intimidated because of his or her faith other members of that group feel threatened and unsafe, and the impact reverberates throughout the entire community”.

Yes.  In the Hadiths of Islam, Mohammed is represented as saying, “I have been made victorious by terror”.  The thing that the Australian government needs to understand - quickly  - is this; that with every additional Muslim who is born within the Ummah in Australia, or who steps ashore from a plane or boat, the possibility of a murderous Muslim attack on Jews within Australia increases perceptibly.  The larger and stronger the Ummah is and perceives itself to be vis a vis its Infidel “host” society, the more likely it is to begin to attack the circumambient Infidels.  And Jews are first on the Muslim list of "infidels to be attacked".  If Dvir Abramovich, and Nina Bassat understood this - which at present I think they do not - they would be citing this assault on Mr Gomo - along with other Muslim attacks on Jews in Australia, for there have been others, as well as the Muslim attacks on Jews  that have recently taken place in other Western countries (most notably, France, which not coincidentally is now ten percent Muslim) - as a good and sufficient reason for the cessation of all further Muslim entry into Australia. - CM

Posted on 07/13/2014 7:28 AM by Christina McIntosh
Sunday, 13 July 2014
In Gaza, The War Aims

Hamas, whose sole reason for being is the destruction of the state of Israel, and nothing else, has one goal: to acquire as many missiles and rockets as it can, of the best quality it can, and to fire those missiles and rockets toward Israeli cities with the aim -- the war aim -- of killing as many Israelis as possible. 

Israel has one goal: to prevent Hamas from acquiring, or if it has already acquired, destroying or otherwise removing, as many of those missiles and rockets as Hamas possesses, which are used to attempt to kil Israelis. And Israel is doing this while continuing to supply electricity and water to Gaza, and allowing hundreds of trucks to enter with food and medicin every day -- something you don't see mentioned by the BBC or The Guardian, do you? And in trying to take away these weapons that Hamas has stockpiled by the thousands, and hidden in houses, under mosques, in schools, and other places where it makes it hellishly difficult for Israel to find them and then, even if they do find them, to destroy them, nonethless continues to make, despite every conceivable provocation by those who would if they could destroy Israel and, most likely, Jews in and out of Israel, extraordinary efforts to minimize the number of casualties among those called, possibly a bit too charitably, "Palestinian" civilians.

Posted on 07/13/2014 6:31 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Signs Of French Education, Beginning With The Dictee

Among the comments to Ivan Rioufol's defense of Israel's right to defend itself:

Evidemment, l'Allemagne a disons une certaine dette au moins morale envers les Juifs, n'est-ce pas ? L'Allemagne n'est pas non plus, comme la France, impliquée jusqu'au cou dans les trucs de la grande "zone culturelle méditerranéenne" "interdépendante", par contre elle a ses Turcs qu'elle considère comme un échec au niveau d'assimilation. L'islam est inassimilable et c'est exactement pourquoi les Espagnols à l'époque se sont finalement décidés, longtemps après la Reconquista, d'expulser ses Maures. Mais lorsqu'on ignore l'Histoire, on est condamné à la répéter. On peut nier Eurabia, on peut nier le choc des civilisations, on peut nier tout. Mais les faits sont têtus et certaines explications offrent plus de cohérence que d'autres. Comprendre le comportement des musulmans en Europe n'a rien de sorcier - il suffit de se renseigner un peu mieux sur leur doctrine, leur culture et leur histoire. Nihil novi sub sole. Une société involutive ne peut qu'involuer. L'attirance pour la mort et le passé lointain inchangeable qui représente leur seul futur sont les deux grandes constantes de l'islam. On peut ne pas vouloir les voir. On peut jouer Genefous.[contributor, in the thread, of a comment nasty about Israel] On peut aussi se donner des coups de marteau sur le crâne. On peut tout. Et on en assume les conséquences, naturellement.


Heureusement que le ridicule ne tue pas, encore une fois, avec vos déclarations psittacisées d'après les mantras gauchistes ! La réponse "proportionnée" aurait consisté à assassiner TROIS ados arabes et danser de joie dans les rues ensuite. La réponse "proportionnée" aurait consisté à ce que toute la population protège les assassins et que la police ne les retrouve jamais. La réponse "proportionnée" aurait consisté à ce qu'Israël tire contre le territoire palestinien des centaines de roquettes surtout dans la destination des villes peu importe où elles tombes pourvu qu'elle causent le plus de dégâts possible, surtout et de préférence en vie humaines. Israël n'a strictement aucune obligation de retenu contre un adversaire fanatique qui n'a aucun retenu non plus et dont le seul et unique but est de détruire Israël. Israël n'a aucune obligation de retenu contre un adversaire fanatique qui utilise des humains, de préférence des femmes et des enfants, le comble de la barbarie absolue toute musulmane, comme "boucliers de protection". La guerre contre un adversaire dont le but est votre destruction ne connaît pas la notion de "proportionnalité". C'est pour les idiots européens arabo-utiles assis très loin dans leurs chaises confortables de commentateurs parfaitement ignorants.

Est-ce qui peut exister quelque chose de plus typique que ce genre de discours fourbe et hypocrite de l'islamo-gauchisme européen : « Dans ce conflit qui dure depuis près de 70 ans, les deux parties sont responsables mais si les gouvernements israéliens successifs » ? Attention, le grand numéro commence : « les DEUX parties sont responsables » (introduction trompeuse manipulatrice pseudo-équilibrée), mais son vrai apogée accusateur envers la seule partie réellement visée est juste ensuite le suivant : « MAIS si les .... ISRAELIENS ... » (à compléter selon les contexte). TOUJOURS les Israéliens qui sont responsables. Dites-nous, Genefou, vous pouvez nous énumérer ici les concessions (demandées toujours systématiquement aux Israéliens) faites depuis 70 ans par les Arabes ?

« La (légitime) défense doit être proportionnée à l'attaque »

Avec les gens "raisonnant" comme vous, on aurait perdu la Seconde guerre dite mondiale en deux temps trois mouvements. Qui a assassiné les trois ados israéliens, une foudre du ciel bleu ? Qui a cherché délibérément la provocation, au mépris classique musulmane de la vie humaine (que comptent trois Juifs, ces "porcs et singes") ? Qui a recommencé à tirer des roquettes, presque tous les jours depuis le début de cette année, contre son voisin ? Qui a cherché délibérément la provocation ? Plusieurs centaines de roquettes tirées contre Israël cette année-ci. Avec quel but ? Les petits feux d'artifice inoffensifs pour plaire aux moralisateurs européens de votre genre ? Chacune a été destinée à tuer, si possible et le plus de gens possible. Elles sont tirées intentionnellement à partir des zones habitées, leurs sites de lancement sont dès que possible placés à côté des hôpitaux, sinon carrément dans les cours de ceux-ci (les vidéos filmées par les drones et le prouvant existent) et les propagandistes comme vous veulent faire taire ces faits. Si vous avez un revolver sur vous et un gros malabar vous attaque dans un couloir sombre avec un couteau, vous faites quoi au moment où vous avez par surprise le couteau sur la gorge ? Dites-nous votre défense proportionnée, de préférence celle vous permettant de rester encore en vie après l'avoir appliquée ? D'une année à l'autre, les organisations terroristes musulmanes, dont le seul but est la destruction d'Israël, sont de mieux en mieux équipées en matériel de destruction efficace, parce que des centaines de milliers de bons musulmans, aussi éloignés soient-ils d'Israël, ne font dans la vie rien d'autre que de fournir à d'autres musulmans (qui ne font dans la vie rien d'autre que de l'attendre) les moyens de détruire Israël. Rien ne vient du monde musulman, si ce n'est les roquettes et autres missiles de plus en plus sophistiqués et de plus en plus dangereux pour le monde entier, parce qu'Israël n'est qu'une étape. Si ces organisations terroristes musulmanes (qui peuvent revêtir la forme d'un Etat) ne seront pas définitivement mises hors d'état de nuire, un jour une seule réponse "proportionnée", et ceci au niveau mondial, sera la bombe atomique. Je vous souhaite cordialement d'un être témoin.


Posted on 07/13/2014 4:11 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 13 July 2014
Obama, The Jihad Against Israel, And His Fairness Doctrine
Posted on 07/13/2014 3:51 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 12 July 2014
In Baghdad, Meanwhile

Shi'a deal with Sunnis -- or is it Sunnis dealing with Shi'a? And does it matter?


Posted on 07/12/2014 9:05 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 12 July 2014
Ivan Rioufol: Israel Has A Perfect Right To Defend Itself

His article, and the comments following, here.

Posted on 07/12/2014 8:49 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Saturday, 12 July 2014
Problems with Irish Media Coverage of Operation Protective Edge

Faced with an asymmetrically powerful opponent, Arab-Palestinian terrorist groups have no realistic hope of winning conflicts militarily. However, they can use conflict to strengthen their hand in a number of ways. By bringing violence to Israel's door, in assaults where they have no hope of overwhelming their foe, their political esteem in the Islamic world is nonetheless raised substantially. The Arab-Palestinian populace, radicalised from youth, also finds favour in such conflicts, despite the hardship it often brings.

With the onset of any protracted conflict between Israel and the various Arab-Palestinian military factions, so much of the substance of a given fracas comes to be waged on television screens across the world. The fight, as per Hamas’ stated strategy, should be taken into civilian Arab-Palestinian areas, to use the people it purports to represent as human shields. Fittingly, its operational headquarters, during the 2009 Cast Lead war, was located in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital.

With every war comes graphic images of Arab-Palestinian suffering, ending in a public relations disaster for Israel. Some of this imagery is faked as has so often been the case in the past, or it can be stripped of context by elements in the media. Some journalists also follow far-fetched pro-Palestinian narratives without critique. Some reports featured subtle justification for the recent widespread Arab rioting. Some lay blame at Israel’s door for any act of self-defence, and interpret motives in a fashion wholly disconnected from obvious facts.

The prejudicial narration of one RTE report

A July 8th news report by Niamh Nolan (or see from 7:48 found here) featured on Irish public service broadcaster RTE’s Lunchtime News (frequently repeated on RTE’s news channel), can be justifiably seen as one of the many recent examples of the mainstream media’s close observance of the pro-Palestinian narrative. The report shares a number of common features with that of the prejudicial coverage in other mainstream and international news sources. Below is a full transcript of Ms. Nolan’s two-minute report.

Below is a full transcript of Ms. Nolan’s two-minute report.


“The air-strikes hit before dawn. The injured were rushed to hospitals in Gaza City. Palestinians say the rocket attacks injured as many as fifteen, including two women and a child.

At one scene residents used the light from their mobile phones to search the rubble for their belongings.

Sunrise over Gaza, and the full scale of the damage is visible. This house, one of two flattened by the Israeli’s, was evacuated in time. This was Selem Selemi’s home, where he lived with his ten children. He says [English translation] “the army called after three AM and asked us to leave. Ten minutes after evacuating they attacked. The house is totally destroyed.”/”

It’s hard to see past the destruction.

Israel have stepped up their offensive against the Hamas militants in a campaign named Operation Protective Edge. Dozens of tanks and bulldozers have amassed along the border with Gaza, lined up in fields in a true show of force and determination.

[Statement by Israeli official Mark Regev:] “Israel defence forces are currently acting to put an end to this once and for all. Our goal is to free the people of Israel from the threat of these incoming rockets.”

Those rockets were fired into Southern Israel by militants in Gaza, enraged by the reported death of five of its forces in Sunday’s strikes.

Hamas warns it will continue to hit targets in Israel unless the air-strikes stop. But the Israeli position has now moved into one of escalation rather than de-escalation.

Niamh Nolan, RTE News.”


A distorted sequence of events

Niamh Nolan’s report fails to mention Hamas’ rocket attacks, until the brief statement made by Mark Regev, more than half-way through the report. This is a substantive omission that skews the sequence of events, to present Israel as acting in a wholly aggressive fashion, without any provocation.

The reporter worsens this inaccuracy by then claiming that Hamas had fired the aforementioned rockets at Israel after the Jewish State killed five of its terrorists, two days previously. This statement is misleading for two reasons. The group of five or six Hamas members likely died handling explosives in a tunnel designed to attack Israel. This incident was used by Hamas to justify stepping up attacks on Israel.

Secondly, Israel had targeted Gaza due to persistent rocket barrages, which had gathered pace since the kidnap of three Jewish Israeli teens on June 12th, who were subsequently murdered, in all likelihood by Hamas operatives. None of this context is provided, despite the opportunity to do so in what was a relatively slow-moving report, which lingered on the damage Israel’s bombing raids caused in Gaza.

The inaccuracy is further compounded by failing to mention the dramatic upturn in rocket attacks, to an almost unprecedented level. An 80 rocket barrage hit Israel within the space of a few hours, with no mention of the chaos it caused to the populaces of Israeli towns nearest the Gaza border, where it effectively paralysed life.

Notably, other popular news outlets have presented the same lopsided narrative. For example, the BBC and the New York Times have both suggested Hamas is responding to Israeli attacks, rather than the other way around.

Escalation or proportionality?

At the end of the report, after presenting Israel as the true aggressor, Nolan states that Israel is set on a course of “escalation rather than de-escalation”. Whilst Israel is stepping up its Gaza strikes, this view is not in keeping with the fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been open to compromise.

Netanyahu has acted with relative restraint to the protracted rocket fire, for which he was strongly criticised. Israeli forces conducted a modest number of reprisals, until the dramatic increase of rocket attacks on Sunday last.

Before the increase in military strikes, Netanyahu gave Hamas repeated opportunities to scale back their assault on Israel:

“Amidst increased rocket fire at the Israeli south and threats from Hamas to expand the range of rockets, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that if Gaza rocket fire stopped then Israel would also halt its actions.”

Last week, Netanyahu is also rumoured to have given Hamas a 48 hour deadline to stop the attacks, via an Egyptian intermediary. Netanyahu’s reaction, prior to military actions on Sunday, was one of relative restraint, until it became clear Hamas’ rocket barrages would not desist.

By contrast, Hamas rejected a de-escalation. Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stated:

“This is not the time for quiet. We have a bank of various targets. An Iron Dome [Israeli missile defence system] will be needed in every Israeli home.”

The importance of images

The report featured lingering images of the destruction of Gaza. The image-led narrative may possibly suggest that Nolan's narration followed a video sequence constructed by RTE's news production team.

Tellingly, the report's imagery presents a rather overt dichotomy: for the Arab-Palestinian side, it is one of innocent suffering; for Israeli’s, it is intense militaristic aggression. The report focused on the destruction of Selem Selemi’s Gazan house — an appropriate human interest story, but there was no question of the reasons for Israel’s targeted attack, in which they chose to forewarn the residents.

There have been a number of reported instances of Israel specifically targeting the homes ofHamas operatives. Often, residents claim to be civilian but some of these stories can be discounted, along with the suggestion the homes did not store weapons or munitions. The Washington Post recounts one such incident in the present conflict:

“Ahmed Kawarea said he ran home when he heard about the first rocket. The second missile hit when he was in the stairwell on his way to the roof.

“We are civilians,” he said. “We don’t have anyone who lives in the house who works in the resistance.”

But neighbors suggested that one of the occupants was a member of the military wing of Hamas. Soon after the house was hit, a man pulled a sidearm out of his waistband and scurried into the gutted building, saying he had been sent to retrieve a laptop computer from the debris.”


Presentation of sympathetic imagery of Arab-Palestinian circumstance
- Screen-grab of RTE lunchtime news and sports programme, 8th July 2014.

The RTE report presents the viewer with emotive images of a young girl looking past barbed wire, with the narrative line “it’s hard to see past the destruction”. Realistically, news reports that display some level of artistic licence, which draw the viewer into the story, are not necessarily a bad thing. However, with contentious news stories, an appropriate level of care is required.

Recurring presentation of unsympathetic imagery of Israeli circumstance -
Screen-grab of RTE lunchtime news and sports programme, 8th July 2014

In this instance, there was no corresponding footage of attacks in Israel, except a few seconds of ambiguous footage of a field on fire, shown after video of a regimented line of IDF bulldozers.

Despite many applicable examples, there was no corresponding human interest angle presented of the Israeli side.

The report’s references to non-specific Israeli “targets” that Hamas wish to hit, further emphasises its divergent treatment of both populaces, since these targets are solely civilian – Israeli towns and cities. The report’s oddly depersonalised treatment of this issue is particularly noteworthy since the terrorist group has recently stepped up its rhetoric, with boasts of targeting civilians, in a further effort to intimidate.

Broader ethical issues in RTE coverage (12th July update)

Other RTE reports have been more balanced in their coverage but a variety of their reports nonetheless downplay the impact of rocket fire despite Hamas’ long range rockets reaching as far as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel’s Iron Dome defence system somewhat limited in its capacity to intercept the large number of projectiles.

Hamas use both involuntary and voluntary human shields, as evident in footage from recent air strikes, and reports from Gaza itself. The resultant effect of voluntarily taking part in a conflict, by assisting one side’s objectives, represents the most fundamental feature of belligerency as distinct from that of civilian categories. However, such individuals tend to be classified as civilian by media institutions generally, with RTE failing to ever mention that there have been numerous reports of the application of such strategies, on the part of Hamas’, whilst omitting from coverage the fact that Israel forewarns civilian areas of impending strikes.

Problems of methodology arise with the reportage of casualties. RTE’s news programmes frequently repeat headlines throughout an allotted time-slot. With the present conflict, these segments habitually refer to death tolls. Such references are appropriate but they do not distinguish between the death of militants and those of other groupings. This form of reportage is politically leading for several reasons. Palestinian narratives markedly conflate such categories in missives concerning death tolls, and have used misleading imagery of civilian suffering in a persistent fashion. The present conflict is proving to be no exception in this regard. It constitutes conflict propaganda.

Similarly, RTE tends to lead in its reports with figures of overall Arab-Palestinian casualties. Its recent reports assert that no casualties on the Israeli side have been reported. For example, Joan O’Sullivan’s Lunchtime News report (July 9th) stated:

“No injuries have so far been reported as a result of the rocket attacks.”

O’Sullivan, in an otherwise quite balanced report, may be making this assertion with respect to the given day of the report but it is unclear, as on other occasions (Carole Coleman, 6.1 News report, July 10th). Such assertions, without clear contextualisation, will inadvertently reinforce notions that Israel’s response is disproportionate, even though their stated aim is to simply silence rocket attacks on their towns and cities. There have been a modest number of reports of injury, both physical and Mental, as a consequence of the rocket barrages. For example, on the 7th it was reported that a woman and child from the town of Askelon were being treated for shrapnel injuries, with others suffering mental distress.

Screen-grab of RTE 'News with Signing' programme, 10th July 2014.


RTE’s July 10th News with Signing (AKA ‘News for the Deaf’) text-based bulletin (see at 9:30) stated:

“The UN Secretary General has warned that the situation in the Middle East is on a knife edge. He said that the region cannot afford another full blown war and has urged Israeli and Palestinian militants to end hostilities.”

As with many other news outlets, it is problematic for RTE to consistently describe Hamas as “militants”, when the EU, of which Ireland is a full member state, recognises the group as a terrorist entity. However, the phrase “Israeli and Palestinian militants”, wording that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon does not appear to have used personally in the statement so described in the News with Signing report, negates not only the Israeli Defense Forces’ sovereign status, it also represents a rather extraordinary degree of moral relativism, in view of Hamas’ “dead baby strategy”, which was publicly reaffirmed by Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri this week.

First posted at Eirael.

Posted on 07/12/2014 9:32 AM by Robert Harris
Saturday, 12 July 2014
Book Review: The French Intifada

Dr. Harold Goldmeier writes in Life in Israel:

The French Intifada is the scariest non-fiction book I‘ve read.  
Andrew Hussey builds a convincing case that jihadist Islamists seethe with ugsome fury for impious Western civilization.  Ruthless violence is the tool of preferred choice to mete out revenge to their oppressors, and deconstruct Western society.
Hussey concludes their world, whether living in the banlieue, Paris slums, or rural villages in North Africa, are prepared for a long war with the West. The West either pathologically ignores this reality, or is to too arrogant to accept it. Citizen of the French Republic first, Muslim second, is what they expect.
            The hallmarks of French colonialism were cultural arrogance, avarice, and racism that inflamed Arab nationalism. Terror, brutality, and fear against colons and innocents, became Islamist trademarks in rebellions across Morocco, Tunisia, and most gruesomely in Algeria.
            The French Intifada reads like a novel, but is true to its sources. Footnotes are plentiful drawing on historical research texts, official documents, personal journals, and anecdotes. Stories from Hussey’s own travels add color. Hussey weaves a picture of a lustful nation wanna-be empire peeking over its shoulder to spot Brits crossing the Channel. Martinet, facile governors, and French elitists enforced colonial policy.
            The book has four themes. First,  France’s invasion of North Africa protected Catholics and their holy sites in Muslim countries. Catholics and Muslims had to be protected from British evangelists. (The French witnessed their disastrous impact on the Chinese in the 1850’s (read God’s Chinese Son by Jonathan D. Spence).
            France “controlled their colonies by pursuing the ‘civilizing mission’,“ remaking their subjects “culturally French.” France felt and still feels a sense of ownership of the Arab world.  While plundering the colonies, they spread their “Frenchness” through “peaceful penetration.”  French writers, musicians, and artists found the Casbah, Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Algiers, dark and exotic. Orientalism influenced their art and literature. “French poets dreamed of an East that they saw as sensual, sexual and outside the everyday demands of the capitalist world.”
            Hussey’s second theme describes the Islamist “long war” against Western civilization. The banlieues of Paris, Lyons, and Marseille are soldiers in the ‘French intifada’.  The nation “itself is still under attack from the angry and dispossessed heirs of the French colonial project.”
            Many of the 5 million living in France are first Muslims and citizens of the Republic second. To the French this is impossible. In their country ‘difference’ is sectarianism and a threat to the Republic. To many religious Muslims, civilization means acculturation and assimilation. Their memory keepers educate young Muslims about life under the yoke of colonialism, the massacres of Arabs by French military, and the glory for God in wins like the battle for Algiers. Current French army forays in Somalia and Mali are seen as attacks on Islamist God worshipers. The Muslims do not want reforms of French society, “They are looking for revenge,” writes Hussey.
             The third theme in The French Intifada paints a picture of ruthless Arabs imbued with feral evil disposition for violence. Muslim ranks are swelling with converts from the West and Black Africa.  Novitiates often collaborate in the ferocious Fourth World War, as Hussey describes it. The battlefield is without borders.  French soldiers milling around off duty, Jewish children in a Tolouse school, and visitors in the Brussels Jewish Museum, are legitimate targets for Islamist French citizens. In 2006, French Muslims targeted a Jewish young man. Calling themselves the Barbarians, they kidnapped him, starved and tortured him for six weeks, mutilated and burned his body, and left him dead tied to a tree. Neighbors in Muslim slums hearing the screams did nothing.
            Hussey does not relent in describing in gory detail how Islamist freedom fighters committed mass murder of Muslim and foreign civilians, collaborators, and French colonialists. They cut throats and beheaded them for Allah and national resistance.  Hussey describes this madness over hundreds of pages. Readers are worn down with stories to the point of ravelment.
            Hussey does not ignore dreadful French atrocities and ethnic cleansing. They exploded a bomb in a house in Casbah killing seventy Muslims. The French army threw enemies out of helicopters, feet encased in concrete, into the port of Algiers to terrorize the population in glacial horror. Nevertheless, there is an imbalance that at times leaves the reader the impression the French were merely reacting to Arab terrorism. 
            The fourth theme is, everybody hates the Jews. Attacks on Jews in North Africa long preceded events of 1948 and 1967. Jews were  “guests” of their Muslim rulers. In Algiers, for instance, Jews were lower in society than Bedouins, Berbers, and Black African slaves.  Jews were made to walk barefoot passing a mosque, forbidden to drink from a well in front of a Muslim, forced to be public executioners, and  “Their wives were often violated in their own houses, in full view of the family.”
            During the Holocaust, a Tunisian secluded a Jewish woman for much of the war. Khaled Abdul-Wahab is the only Arab ever nominated by the Israelis as a Righteous Among Nations for non-Jews who saved the lives Jews.
             The Europeans brought their ancient religious hatred of the Jews to North Africa. It was inter aliaFrench anti-Semitism that gave gravitas to Jew hatred among Arabs.  Hussey illustrates this with a fascinating not well-known story on the heel of the Dreyfus Affair. Doctor Mauchamp was murdered by an Arab mob in Marrakesh. The Arabs labeled him an agent of the French there to control the local population through the use of new technology. Rather than confront the Moroccans directly, the French Foreign Ministry blamed the murder on a German Jew, Judah Holzmann, an employee of the local pasha. A convenient scapegoat, since everybody hates the Jews.
            The last chapter is “Muslims in Prison.”  This is a huge challenge for the French government. The guards describe them as, “a secret army, working against you. You can never know what they’re thinking, but you know they hate you…. They constantly threaten us and swear revenge.”
            Hussey makes no predictions, Recent election of right wing parties to the EU Parliament reflect how deeply French people despise and are fearful of Muslims.
Le Pen is demanding tightening border controls, housing jihadists in segregated prisons, and stripping them of French citizenship. The “blowback” to all Hussey describes may be coming sooner than imagined.
Posted on 07/12/2014 8:50 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Saturday, 12 July 2014
Rights and Duties

The distinction between what the law permits and what the law enjoins is often blurred. An absence of proscription is sometimes mistaken for prescription. The more the law interferes in our lives, the more it becomes the arbiter of our morality. When someone behaves badly, therefore, he is nowadays likely to defend himself by saying that there is no law against what he has done, as if that were a sufficient justification.

The recent Supreme Court decision in the cases of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Burwell illustrates the difficulties when two or more rights clash irreconcilably. The complex issues involved were the subject of an article in a recent edition of the New England Journal of Medicine. The matter is still far from settled. It seems to me likely that the Supreme Court will one day reverse itself when its philosophical (or ideological) composition has changed.

The two corporations were owned by strongly religious people. Corporations of their size were enjoined by the government to provide their staff with health insurance which would cover contraceptive services. However, some contraceptive methods violated the religious beliefs of the owners of the companies. Did the companies have the right to except these methods from the policies that they offered to their staff (who, incidentally, numbered thousands, many of whom would not be of the same religious belief)?

Let us take a less contentious example. Suppose the owners of the corporations had a religious objection not to abortifacient contraception but to blood transfusion, and wanted to exclude all procedures that required blood transfusion from their employees’ insurance policies. It seems to me likely that 90 percent of the population at least would regard the objection to blood transfusion as cranky, and therefore that it should not be made the grounds for exclusion.

However, this argument makes the question a psephological rather than a philosophical one. It is not easy to say with any certainty at what point an opinion becomes a cranky one; the borders between the cranky and the accepted change rapidly, and what was laughable only a few years ago becomes a moral orthodoxy in the intervening period.

There are those who would say that the problem arises only when the government mandates anything. If it hadn’t decreed that every woman has the right to contraception, not in the sense that contraception in all its forms is legally permissible but, de facto, that every woman who wants it must be provided with it, the cases would not have come before the Supreme Court. Without the mandate, women who wanted the kind of contraception that the companies opposed would have had the choice between finding employment elsewhere with more liberal health insurance, and finding another means of obtaining contraception, for example by paying for it.

Rights to tangible goods and services tend to create corresponding duties upon someone to provide them. For example, if I have the right to assisted suicide, and if the right is not to become a dead letter, someone has to assist me. But who, if all the doctors around me disagree with assisted suicide? Will I then have grounds to sue them for infringement of my rights, and if so which of them? Any of them? All of them? The right to assisted suicide will rapidly become a duty to perform it.

That is, unless we understand that a right does not include its fulfillment. I have a right to buy a mansion, but I can’t exercise it because I don’t have enough money. I do not consider my right infringed by this unfortunate limitation; but unfortunately, this is not how most people understand rights. 

First published in PJ Media.

Posted on 07/12/2014 8:28 AM by Theodore Dalrymple
Saturday, 12 July 2014
The Disgraceful Book of Adolf Hitler

What poorly written and turgid 700-page book has sold more than 15 million copies in the past and has recently become a bestseller in Croatia, India, Turkey, Russia, and Qatar?  As a result of a recent decision in Bavaria, Germany, even a schoolchild will know that it is Mein Kampf (My Struggle), written by Adolf Hitler in his prison cell in Landsberg am Lech and signed on October 16, 1924.

Though the publication of the book was never technically illegal in Germany, the state of Bavaria that held the copyright refused to allow its republication.  However, that copyright will expire in December 2015, and plans to publish an “annotated” edition are underway.  This version is the result of critical editing of the book by five scholars attached to the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich.

Understandable emotion has been aroused by the announcement of republication of the book, a work that can be considered the original blueprint for the Holocaust and a fulsome expression of hatred of Jews.  The difficult question is whether to oppose the publication of this hateful book, even when accompanied by appropriate comment and annotation.  The issues are not simply the nature of the book and the career of Hitler, one of history’s mass murderers, but also whether it can still be a weapon for anti-Semitic and even anti-Israeli agitators today.

In a sense, Hitler answered this question.  In Book 2, chapter 6, he held that the written world in its limited effect would in general serve only to retain or deepen a point of view or opinion that is already present.  He anticipated his own future activity in the Nazi Party by arguing that the French Revolution and the Communist Revolution were brought about not by philosophical or theoretical writings, including those of Karl Marx, but by the actions of agitators.  Contemporary European anti-Semitic political parties do not need Hitler’s own “theories” for their ranting.   

On balance, for a number of reasons, the conclusion should be not to oppose the republication.  First, it is not a question of censorship.  Mein Kampf is easily available on the internet, and copies of previous editions are available in bookshops.  Secondly, contemporary anti-Semites, whether in European countries or in the Arab and Muslim world, do not need the venom of Hitler to support their shameful agenda or to increase their political support.  Indeed, in the present political climate, where Islamists attempt to use fallacious concepts such as “defamation” to prevent any criticism of Islam or the Prophet, it might appear hypocritical to stop the appearance of even such a disgraceful work as Mein Kampf.

Beyond these arguments, the reappearance of Mein Kampf might help focus attention of at least three current issues.  One is the repudiation of Hitler’s historical analysis of World War I.  In Book 1, chapter 10, he lays blame on the Jews for the German collapse and loss of the war, and for the Versailles Treaty.  It is important to counter this accusation by discussing the considerable modern scholarship on that war.  In spite of strong differences on the causes and conduct of the conflict, on whether Germany was responsible, as argued by Fritz Fischer, or Serbia, or Russia, or that there was no single guilty party, no respectable historian would attribute blame to “the Jews” as Hitler did.

This particular issue is important – not only because of Hitler’s deliberate falsification, but also, and even more so, because it became the basis of “the big lie” that has been used so frequently against the State of Israel.  It was Hitler who wrote that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility.  The great masses of people more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a little lie.  Hitler's explanation was the supposition that people lie about little things but would be ashamed of lies too big to swallow.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Alice Walker, who are prone to deem Israel an “apartheid” state, should take note.

Perhaps the most important of the lessons to be learned from Mein Kampf is the meaningless of the insistence on race.  This insistence is really the central concept of the book and indeed of Nazism.  For Hitler, “the Jew has always been a people with definite racial characteristics, and never a religion…To what an extent the whole existence of a people is based on a continuous lie is shown incomparably by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”  Throughout the book there are countless expressions of the undesirable characteristics of Jews: syphilitic, parasites, nomads, usurers, no love of clean water with their physical uncleanliness, maggots in a rotting body.

Hitler was to base his policy on this assessment of Jews.  On January 30, 1939, he spoke of “settling the Jewish problem… the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.”  In the midst of the Holocaust, Hitler on January 30, 1944, when celebrating his coming to power thirty years earlier, called for “detoxifying the Jewish bacteria.”  He warned that if Germany lost World War II, “the fate of the German nation would be its complete extermination through Bolshevism. And this goal is also the openly admitted intention of international Jewry.”  Hitler was not the first, or the last, to speak of the “Jewish conspiracy,” but he was the one doing the most to deal with the fantasy.

The reissue of Mein Kampf will remind us of the fallacies and dangers of racism, a concept that the preamble of the Constitution of UNESCO in 1945 held was one of the social evils the organization would combat.  The presentation of history as a war of races should stop, as should racial prejudice.  The theory of racial purity and hierarchy of races, as Ashley Montague wrote in 1942, does not rest on any scientific foundation.  Hitler was wrong.

First published in the American Thinker.

Posted on 07/12/2014 8:23 AM by Michael Curtis
Saturday, 12 July 2014
Monday 14th July at 8pm: Channel Four Dispatches: Undercover Faith School

To be specific - the school(s) of Blackburn's Muslim Tauheedul Schools Trust. I suppose for balance they may have tried to find something untoward in a Christian School later in the programe or a second programme, but for now they have focused on Olive Primary and other Islamic schools. This is Lancashire reports thus:

BLACKBURN’S Muslim Tauheedul Schools Trust was this weekend braced for controversy over a TV documentary claiming staff members at its Olive Primary branded ‘clapping and whistling’ as ‘Satanic’.

Channel Four’s flagship ‘Dispatches’ programme sent an undercover reporter to the school and is understood to have footage of individuals in the staff room commenting on what should be taught in an Islamic environment. 

The Department of Education ordered an emergency ‘no notice’ Ofsted inspection of Olive Primary, and the two Tauheedul Islam Faith, Education and Community Trust (TIFECT) secondary schools on Tuesday. The trust, which confirmed that Dispatches had filmed undercover in the school, said the inspections had gone ‘very well’ and promised to act ‘if anything that emerges on the film is shown to undermine our progressive vision, ethos and approach’.

Footage filmed for possible inclusion in Monday’s documentary is understood to include teaching assistants talking in the staff room at the Olive School saying: * Clapping and whistling are un-Islamic and ‘Satanic’; * Music in school should be banned as non-Muslim; * The wearing of ties is forbidden in Islam as they could turn into serpents on the ‘Day of Judgement’; and * Gay people should be ‘stoned to death’. Another claim the programme may contain is that the trusts’s schools hosted lectures by three extremist preachers, at least one of whom has been banned from some universities because of his radical Islamic views. 

The documentary is currently being edited by Channel Four whose spokesman could not confirm what Blackburn footage, if any, would appear in the final version. . . Blackburn MP Jack Straw and Shear Brow councillor Solly Khonat said they trusted the school’s teaching was suitable for 21st century Britain. 

The school is widely seen as a model of how to run Muslim faith schools. Its flagship Tauheedul Islam Girls' High School and Sixth Form College, founded in 1984, has regularly been given an ‘outstanding’ rating by Ofsted. The Trust also runs a boys secondary school and the Olive Primary, in Bicknell Street, and has ambition to become a beacon national chain of Islamic faith schools.

Channel Four says: 

The programme hears from those at the heart of the 'Trojan Horse' controversy in Birmingham, and films undercover in a primary school where clapping and whistling are described as 'satanic' practices.

But this is an issue that isn't just about Islam; elsewhere Dispatches uncovers a network of illegal schools where more than 1000 boys are being taught suspicion of the outside world, and the only subject is religion.

Channel Four, Dispatches, Monday 14th July 2014 at 8pm. 

Posted on 07/12/2014 3:06 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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