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Sunday, 14 September 2014
As ISIS Shows Us All Real Islam, and Severed Heads Pile Up, Muslims In Australia Attempt Damage Control, Try to Play Victim, and...Do Dawa

Three totally predictable stories from Down Under, as Muslims attempt various kinds of damage control and even engage in dawa.

First, let's look at an attempt to play the victim card, from Muslims closest to where an Islamic bookshop was raided and Muslims arrested, one of whom has been charged with recruiting for the wholly-Islamically-orthodox Islamic State.  As unquestioningly reported by the ABC's Leonie Mellor.

"Logan Mosque Targeted With Anti-Muslim Pamphlets, Sparking Fears of Violence."

Not bombs. Not graffiti.  Not a screaming mob with iron bars trying to break down the doors. Pamphlets. And note that there is not the tiniest hint that just perhaps some of the non-Muslim persons living near that mosque might just have curiously opened up a Koran, or even bought some of the books from that bookshop - the ones in English - and found what they read there to be deeply disturbing, even threatening?  And maybe some of those non-Muslims have visited MEMRI, or sampled Islamic sermons - even by Aussie-background converts to Islam, of which there are not a few - on youtube, and heard there the most blood-curdling threats issued against all sorts and conditions of non-Muslims, qua non-Muslims?   - CM

"Islamic leaders in south-east Queensland say they are being targeted by an increase in hate crimes, following an increase in the terror threat level (that is: a warning that there is an increased probability that orthodox Muslims resident within Australia may murderously attack non-Muslim Australians - CM) and the arrests of two people allegedly linked with fighting in Syria.

Two devout Muslims who are in sympathy with the Muslims who are devoutly and scrupulously imitating warlord Mohammed in Syria and Iraq. - CM

'Logan mosque spokesman Ali Kabri said that overnight on Saturday, someone left pamphlets outside the mosque, filled with abusive language and photographs, saying Australian Muslims were not welcome in the country.

I observe that there is no photograph of these alleged pamphlets nor even a full transcript of what they said nor even of whether they had a byline identifying them as the product of a specific person or organisation.  In the absence of such information, it is impossible to judge what kind of thing they were, precisely.  Because it is perfectly possible that the Mosque may be indulging in a hoax, *faking* a "hate crime" in order to be able to play victim...even while the kidnappings, rapes, force-conversions and beheadings, carried out by persons who quote verses of the Quran day in and day out, and who are imitating Mohammed in every way, are piling up in Syria, Iraq, and northern Nigeria.  I would urge the police, when investigating, to bear in mind the real possibility that this and other claimed incidents may be fabricated, not real.  

A further thought is this: that what Muslims regard as "abusive language" is not necessarily what non-Muslims think of as abusive.  The mere refusal to praise Mohammed or to fawn upon and flatter Muslims and bow to their every demand may be construed as abusive.  Asia Bibi is on death in Pakistan, having been accused of "blasphemy!!" because she dared to say that she thought Jesus was preferable to Mohammed. Theo Van Gogh was murdered by a pious Muslim, who saw him as a "blasphemer", because he had dared to make a short film that exposed and criticised the abuse of women that is commanded or condoned by core Islamic texts.  Condemnation of Islamic practices - e.g. a condemnation of polygyny, of the FGM that is declared obligatory by the Shafiite school, of the wife-beating that is commanded in Surah 4:34, or of the child "marriage" that is sacralised by Mohammed's marital rape of 9 year old Aisha, or of the apostasy law, or of the cruelty and oppression of the dhimma system that is developed from principles established in Surah 9 - might also be seen as "abusive" by Muslims. For all we know, those "abusive" pamphlets, if real rather than faked, may simply have contained an accurate critique of the deplorable character of Mohammed and of assorted objectionable and evil mohammedan teachings and practices, followed by a statement of the logical conclusion: that persons who approve of and engage in or intend to engage in such practices, which are deemed illegal and immoral in Australia, ought not to continue to reside here. - CM

'In the past few days, officials also discovered a photo of the Mecca (of the Kaaba? - CM) and a photo of a pig's head close by.

No bomb. No arson. No graffiti.  No lynch mob. Two photographs.  Again, the police should not rule out possible fakery.  Question: does the mosque or any adjoining premises have security cameras in operation? And have the items in question been checked for fingerprints? - CM

"It followed an incident two months ago when body parts of a pig were found outside the mosque.

To repeat, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that this is all a ploy so that the Muslims can cry, "look, we are poor little persecuted victims!" I will also remark that, compared to videos of allahuakbaring thugs beheading real live Infidel people - three western hostages ritually murdered in the past month - and the ritual Islamic murders of Lee Rigby in London and of a rabbi, two little boys, and of 8 year old Miriam Monsonego in a schoolyard in Toulouse, and the news that Muslim gangs were targeting and sadistically raping and pimping more than a thousand under-age non-Muslim schoolgirls in the UK - the mere finding of a few pig parts outside a mosque in Logan is small potatoes. If it was left by non-Muslims rather than "planted" by Muslims in order to be "found" and theatrically decried, then it reads more as a clumsy attempt - by means of "pig pollution" - to make the site Islamically impure, in the hope that the (correctly perceived to be dangerous and threatening) Muslims will depart, rather than as a threat to do to the Muslims as was done to the pig. Human heads on spikes lining a main road, as ISIS has been doing, and beheadings, stonings and limb-choppings in Chop Chop Square in Saudi Arabia; now that's what I call offensive. - CM

"It's appalling...there's an emotional fear. There's emotion of disgust", Mr Kabri said.

Might not all those beheadings in Iraq and Syria, of late, not have something to do with that disgust and that fear, Mr Kabri? You and your local branch of the Allah Gang or Mohammedan Mob are, after all, wearing exactly the same badge and flying the same black flag as those - thoroughly orthodox and pious - Mohammedans in Iraq and Syria.  And it was pious Quran-quoting Mohammedans who kidnapped all those schoolgirls in Nigeria and proudly declared that they would be selling them on the open market - exactly as Mohammed and his merry men did to captive Infidel women and girls, back in the day; so might not that, too, be producing some entirely rational disgust and fear, among non-Muslims who are in possession of their commonsense and ability to reason?  Some of us, indeed more and more of us, are reading the Quran, and your other "sacred" texts, Mr Kabri, and we don't like what we put it mildly. - CM

"There's emotion of threat to the Muslim community.  Because we're afraid that for now there are pamphlets, but it could lead to violence."

You're projecting, Mr Kabri.  Because even within Australia, it is Muslims who have plotted or attempted or in fact engaged in violence against non-Muslims much more than the reverse.  There were Muslim rape gangs deliberately targeting non-Muslim Aussie girls, targeting them for degrading and brutal treatment precisely because they were not Muslim and were therefore perceived as lawful prey; there has not been even one non-Muslim rape gang systematically and preferentially targeting Muslim girls.  And worldwide, wherever Muslims dominate, there are continual outbreaks of violence against the non-Muslim minorities, usually on the basis of deliberately-fabricated rumours and accusations.  So, Mr Kabri, are you really afraid that Aussies might do to you as Muslim mobs routinely do to the hapless Christian and Hindu communities in Pakistan?  The burning down of houses and shrines, the pillage, the beatings, the gang rapes of minor girls that go unpunished by the authorities? If you are trying to pretend that you think this sort of thing might be done to Muslims in Australia, by non-Muslims, then you are talking nonsense and you know you are talking nonsense. - CM

"We're afraid for our families and afraid for our children".

Reversal of reality. It is non-Muslim Australians who, if they have a gram of commonsense, observe the steady swelling of the Muslim presence in Australia, and observe how Muslims behave to non-Muslims everywhere on earth that Muslims dominate, and fear for their - the non-Muslims' - families and children. - CM

'Mr Kabri said the "silly actions" of a few showed Australia to be an intolerant society to the rest of the world.

Now that's a mind-bending twisting of the Tiny Minority of Extremists meme!   - CM

"But I don't believe we're an intolerant society, we're a tolerant society", he said.

Define "we". Define "tolerant".  Because tolerating the intolerant - that is, the Mohammedan Mobsters whose book teaches them to be "harsh" toward the unbelievers, and who fully intend to be as intolerant as they possibly can, as soon as they can achieve a position of dominance, which position they are busily pursuing, by fair means and foul, one of those means being the deployment of a pantomime of victimhood - is not a good idea. - CM

'Mr Kabri said they held their faith and their country very close to them.

You cannot pledge allegiance both to the Muslim Ummah and to the infidel nation-state of Australia which is part of the dar al Harb.  When Mr Kabri says Muslims in Australia regard Australia as "their" country he may not mean what uninformed infidel Australians think he means. He may have in mind the orthodox Muslim doctrine that every inch of ground on earth rightly belongs to Muslims, and that unbelievers qua unbelievers have no right to life, liberty or property anywhere on earth. - CM

"Whatever happens overseas...we don't have control in it. That goes for every single Australian", he said.

"We love Australia as much as any other Australian does".

He cannot - if he is in any sense a pious and fully-instructed Muslim - love the infidel nation-state full of dirty unbelievers. The territory, however, comprises a very nice piece of real estate that he and other Musims would surely like to see brought under Muslim control and subjected to the sharia of Islam. Lots of lovely loot, too. - CM

"For us, the message is one and only, we need to live in this country with peace and unity".

Define "peace", Mr Kabri.

Define "unity".  Do I hear the echo of the word "Tawheed"??  And - some of us, Mr Kabri, have found out about "loyalty and enmity", the enmity being the unremitting hostility and contempt Muslims are supposed to nurture in their hearts - and enact in their deeds - against us dirty unbelievers, and we have found out about Islam's grim division of the world into Dar al Harb, the region of war, and Dar al Islam, the region of 'submission' (I would call it, Enslavement), the latter being enjoined to wage war ceaselessly upon the former until "peace" is achieved, "peace" being the state of affairs that obtains when every part of dar al Harb has ceased to exist, its people being all dead, or reduced to the near-slave status of dhimmis, or mentally "broken" and "converted" to Islam, and subjected to the sharia (just as in the territories now controlled by the "Islamic State").   When you and other Mohammedan spinmeisters prattle of "peace" and "unity" these are the things I bear grimly in mind. - CM

"We need to condemn extremism in any way shape or form".

Define "extremism". Further question: what do you think of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mr Kabri? Is she an extremist?  Oh, and Asia Bibi.  Is she an extremist?  Is Magdi Allam an extremist?  Is Geert Wilders, who earlier this month defined the Koran as a license to kill, and stated - correctly - that its pages drip with blood, an "extremist"? - CM

'The pamphlets have been reported to police.

I hope the police have their BS detectors switched to "high", and are not ruling out the possibility of a hoax. - CM

'Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said it was not about religion but about people involved in criminal acts'.

Have you ever read a truthful account of the career of Mohammed, dear Premier?  Wouldn't you say that robbing caravans was a criminal act?  Ordering assassinations of elderly poets who had mocked the Muslims?  Having a man murdered and then raping the man's 17 year old wife on the very same day that the murder took place?  Taking and using and trading in slaves?  And yet the heart and soul and core of Islam is the belief that whatever Mohammed did, was right, and that therefore Muslim men who do as Mohammed did  - including taking to bed a nine-year-old girl, or taking slaves, including sex slaves, or murdering or ordering the murder of a person who criticises Islam - are doing nothing wrong at all. - CM

"I know that the leaders of the Muslim community in this state and south-east Queensland in particular are outraged that some people, a minority, are using their religion as a justification for criminal acts or intentions", he said.

"Outraged".  Maybe.  All those horrendous beheading videos, and the rest of it, coming out of Islamic State, are awfully bad PR, after all, at a time when the mohammedan colony in Australia as a whole, and in particular, in Queensland, is as yet relatively small, and cannot afford to annoy or alarm the circumambient unbelievers too much...yet.  As for "minority"...dear Premier, reflect for a moment on just how many Muslims are flocking to join the Islamic State, not to mention all those who rush off to join Boko Haram, or Al Shabaab, and then ask yourself, is this really such a "tiny" minority after all?  But as for the "criminal acts"; every single thing that the Islamic State jihadis are doing, can be supported from the canonical Islamic texts, and is no different from things that Mohammed is believed to have done, and is admired for having done, by any pious Muslim.  

At some point, Premier Newman, you need to wake up and realize that the Islamic State is, well, Islamic.  Thoroughly, purely, classically Islamic.  Just because most Muslims in Australia are in "Mecca mode" at the moment, more or less, playing nice and keeping a low profile while they build their numbers and infiltrate our institutions, doesn't mean they'll stay that way; if they are permitted to grow more numerous and powerful, sooner or later they will flip to "Medina mode"...just as has happened in northern Nigeria, and as is happening in Iraq and Syria.  And then all hell will break loose.  Dear Premier Newman, you need to read Sam Solomon's book "Al Hijra: the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration", and with it Mark Durie's book "The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom", and get a clue. Fast. - CM

"This is a wonderful multicultural society we have".

It won't stay that way, if the mohammedan mob is allowed to grow, and grow, and grow. There are no Jews left in Iraq, today; soon there will be no Yazidis, and none left of the indigenous Assyrian Christians, and no Mandaeans;  and then Iraq will be a Muslim monoculture.  Wherever Islam dominates, it tends toward a bleak monoculture of Islam, Islam, Islam, nothing but Islam.  Bangladesh and Pakistan are heading in that direction rapidly, as the population of Hindus and of other minorities steadily falls in the face of Muslim mistreatment; and Malaysia, too, grows less multicultural by the day, as the Hindus and Christians and Buddhists leave, or give up and convert to Islam.  - CM

"What we're seeing is not about a religion.

Wrong, Premier Newman. It is all about a religion. Islam, the religion of blood and war, the religion of domination. - CM

"It's about a very small minority group (how small? - given the numbers of Muslims, from all over the world, flooding into Iraq to join Islamic State, it looks less "small" every day - CM) who are intent on undertaking criminal acts and we should see it for what it is and we should reject them and their intentions, just like we would any criminal group".

to repeat: Islamic State members are imitating Mohammed and following the sunnah to the letter.

And now for a little more on those eeevil pamphlets, plus information on the latest attempt at dawa, as reported by Channel Nine TV news.

"Brisbane mosques open doors to ease community fears".

"Two Brisbane mosques will open their doors to the community after one was attacked with anti-Muslim pamphlets.

Or, after one claimed to have been attacked.  - CM

'Logan and Holland Park mosques will hold open sessions this Friday, from 3 to 4 pm, for people to come and ask questions about the Islamic faith and community.

And to be fed wall-to-wall nonsense and lies.  "Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly".  One hopes that a large contingent of thoroughly-well-informed Australian Infidels will turn up on the day, scope out the enemy bases from every angle, and ask all the really awkward questions that the mohammedans doing the dawa and deflection are hoping not to be asked.  - CM

"There will also be a full open day at Logan mosque on October 25.

I hope that Q Society will be able to organise a party to attend, so as to prevent other, less well-informed kuffar from being totally bamboozled. - CM

'The decision was made in response to an incident overnight were up to 40 pamphlets filled with abusive, anti-Muslim language, were left outside Logan mosque.

'The pamphlets read, "Terrorists born in Australia are not Australians. They're Muslims".

Is that all?  If so, all it did - if it was produced by non-Muslims and is not a hoax "planted" by the Muslims themselves to enable them to pretend to be victims - was draw attention to a fact: the fact of Muslim loyalty to the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, which not only requires that they not give allegiance to a non-Islamic society and nation-state (such as Australia) but that they should actively work to overthrow and destroy it and replace it with a sharia-compliant Islamic state. - CM

'A spokesman for the mosque invited people to "come and see".

But will they see the faces of Muslim women wearing the slave mask? - CM

'Muslim leaders have been appalled at the recent anti-Islam attacks and worry that they could be a precursor to violence.

There have been no bombings, shootings, bashings, lynchings or arson or beheadings or kidnappings and rapes,  and I think I can confidently predict that there will not be any. (Though there have been, in the course of the past ten years, Muslim riots, Muslim plots - fortunately foiled - to kill lots of Aussie non-Muslims, and Muslim gang-rapes of Aussie girls).  

Trenchant, rational, fact-based public critique, on the other hand, including the pointing out of the many aspects of Muslim teaching and practice - including episodes in the life of Mohammed - that conflict with non-Muslim morality and law, does not constitute an "attack" in any real sense of the word and should not be complained of as such.  

And now to our third report - from the ABC's Allan Clarke, and his Muslim co-reporter or "minder", Mohammed Taha - which involves a lot more Muslim attempts at damage control and "spin", and more attempts to cry "victim!"

"Father of Australian Islamic State Fighter Warns Parents to be Vigilant About Extremist Behaviour".

I suspect those warnings, so theatrically delivered, are largely intended for kuffar consumption. - CM

"The father of an Australian Islamic State fighter has told parents at a family picnic day to take their children's passports if they think their offspring plan on joining extremists.

'Thousands of people attended the community barbecue, Muslims Love Australia, in Lakemba in Sydney's south-west on Sunday.

Lakemba, which together with Auburn next door is now Australia's most heavily-Islamised area. And it didn't get that way by accident.  Paul Sheehan, in a classic article from 2006, describes some of the methods that Muslims used to drive out many of the resident kuffar, and to achieve a plurality, fast heading for a majority, here.


"One of the edges of the global clash between Muslims and the rest is a bottle shop in a small and ratty shopping mall in western Sydney.

"The owner of the bottle shop is suffering low-level but steady harassment from his neighbours, who want him gone. He's a Christian who has been told repeatedly: "This is a Muslim area," and he is selling alcohol, which is proscribed by Islam.

"The one-hour parking zone outside the bottle shop is always occupied because local Muslims leave their cars there all day. The owner has written to the local council to complain, and nothing has been done. He does not want to be identified because he fears retribution. His reaction is sensible.

"A friend of mine, Jenny D, used to live in Lakemba. She began receiving insults from people in the street, usually Muslim women wearing headscarves, and sometimes Muslim men. If she wore a short skirt, she could expect abuse or comment. She left Lakemba..". END QUOTE

"Muslims Love Australia".  Sure they do. It's rich and full of plunder and the resident kuffar are, at present, all too foolishly accommodating. - CM

'The (PR and propaganda - CM) event was sponsored by Mamdouh Elomar, the father of Mohamed Elomar, who is wanted by Australia police after photos of him brandishing the severed heads of Syrian (that is: Syrian Alawite, deemed heretical by orthodox Sunni Muslims - CM) soldiers were posted on social media.

"I don't see my son, I just see him on the news", Mr Elomar said.  "I have no connection with him".

Damage control. Denial. - CM

'He said he wanted his son to stop what he was doing.

Fat chance of that. - CM

"Any parents of Muslim people that think that their kids, they try to think to go to overseas to fight up there, just stop them" he said. "Call the police to stop them, take their passports".

Time's not ripe for hot jihad, yet. It's alarming the kuffar.  Some of them are finding out about Islam, too soon, too fast.  Better to stay in Australia, lie low, help the Ummah to grow, rather than go to Syria and get killed. - CM

'He said the actions of the IS group had tarnished the Muslim faith.

Yeah, it's all about image.  I recall a poster at jihadwatch once remarking that Islam is about two things: thuggery, and image management.  Well, Mohamed Elomar is doing the thuggery; his dad, with this farcical "Muslims Love Australia" event, is doing the "image management".  But - "tarnished"?? They're merely showing the world what the Religion of Blood and War actually is all about. -  CM

"this is not the Islamic way. The way they take journalists and cut their heads, this is nonsense", he said.

The towers of skulls of beheaded non-Muslims that litter the 1400 year blood trail that Islam has left since its inception, tell me, O Mr Mamdouh Elomar, that you are a  liar, lying for Islam, lying to protect Islam, to protect the Ummah here from too much sceptical and wary scrutiny. - CM

"We don't believe in this and we don't support this".

Really? But the Quran tells you to "strike at their necks". - CM

'Event organiser Jamal Rifi said the gathering was organised to quell the pressure the local Muslim community was feeling, by inviting the wider community to break down misconceptions over food.

"We have different faiths, colours, and races all here to enjoy an Australian barbecue" Dr Rifi said.

Every morsel of the food was halal, I'll bet. - CM

"We know the heat is rising, the pressure is rising, we need [this barbecue} to be a valve to get all this pressure out.

To deflect. To distract. To bamboozle. To try to fool people into not seeing what their lying eyes are telling them every time they turn on the news and see yet another proudly- allahu-akbaring Muslim preparing to behead someone in the name of allah. - CM

"What better way to do it than to have a traditional Aussie barbecue, to see the best that Lakemba has to offer its people and food."

Lakemba that is becoming steadily more and more Islamic and less and less anything else.  Very instructive, that will have been, had any of the infidel attendees had their wits about them. - CM

'The attendees included Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, and race discrimination commissioner Dr Tim Southphommasane and New South Wales deputy police commissioner Catherine Burn.

I hope they had their BS detectors switched on to "high". - CM

'Dr Rifi said many young Australians were being drawn into the conflict by IS propagand on social media.

Don't look at the mosques, O infidel Aussies!! Whatever you do, don't look at the mosques!  Don't ask what's being taught in the home, the mosque, the Islamic school or Islamic bookshop. Blame the internets! - CM

"My message to our young people is "Imam Youtube" and "Shaykh YouTube" want your head", he said.

"They are attacking you to attract to a war that is non-islamic."

Really?  Looks awfully Islamic to me. Like every other jihad I've ever read about in the history books.  - CM

"What they are doing is barbaric - it has nothing to do with Islam".

And Mohammed never gave orders to cut off anybody's head or assassinate anybody, did he? He never killed a woman's male kin and then took her as a sex slave?   Pull the other leg, Dr Rifi, it plays "Waltzing Matilda". - CM

"Please seek the right religious knowledge from well-qualified people (here in Australia)".

In other words: Slow Jihad is where it's at, right now, in Australia. Don't alarm the kuffar prematurely. Too many of them are starting to wise up, already.   Better tone things down a bit. - CM

'Muslims Say Islamophobic Attacks Are Rising".

I'll bet that attacks on Jews in Australia have been more frequent, and of greater severity. - CM

'Dr Rifi said there had been a rise in Islamophobic attacks recently.

"We have seen a rise in mail sent to the Muslim community, and it's terrible mail" he said.

Examples, please.  Real ones.  And: is it anything like the hate mail that was sent - by a Muslim - to the family of an Aussie soldier killed in Afghanistan?  Anything like the hate mail that pours in to people like Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch, every single day? - CM

"There has been a spike in how our ladies have been treated on public transport and on the street".

They're not being kidnapped and raped and beaten up and forced to renounce their belief system, as is being done to non-Muslim women in quite a few Muslim countries I could name. - CM

"Racism elements within our society and extremist elements within our community are two faces of the same coin".

No.  Resisting or resenting Islamisation is not the same thing as the waging of murderous Jihad to impose Muslim dominance and the sharia.  Nor is it "racism"; it's commonsense. Some may express themselves clumsily and badly, but anyone who knows about the sharia of Islam, and what it enjoins, does not exactly feel happy - or safe - when they see yet another Muslim female parading down the street flaunting her sharia badge , the Slave Rag, and wearing a holier-than-thou expression. - CM

"Some members of the Muslim community at the barbecue said their friends had been verbally attacked.

I see no first-hand accounts here, interestingly enough, though I'll bet our two ABC reporters went looking for them.- CM

"I only heard of a story yesterday where a lady was verbally attacked in Surry Hills", attendee Nancy Rifaie said. "She's a business owner, and wears the headscarf.  She was told to leave the country, and they told her to watch out for her baby".

Really?  No interview with this nameless lady. - CM

'Another attendee Shadi Ghazal said, "There have been instances where Muslims have been attacked verbally and physically, especially those who wear the headscarf."

The Slave Rag. The Sharia Badge. The "rape-someone-else-she's-a dirty-kuffar-whore-and-I'm-a-pious-Muslimah" scarf.  In 1942, would someone have dared to complain that people were looking at them funny, saying nasty things, if they went out in Australian streets proudly displaying a Swastika armband or SS deathshead badge? -  CM

"My mum wears a headscarf.  Sometimes I do have a bit of concern for her going out especially to areas where there are not many Muslims".

Meanwhile: unislamically-dressed females, such as Paul Sheehan's personal friend who used to reside in Lakemba but left because of the constant, aggressive verbal harassment from male and female Muslims - including from headscarfed Muslimahs like this Shadi Ghazal's mum - tend to think twice before venturing into any area where there are mostly Muslims.  And I suspect that one would hesitate to don a Star of David before walking down any of the main streets in Islamised Lakemba.  

Personally, I think that the Muslims are exaggerating, and that the danger to non-Muslim females, and to visiblly identifiable Jews, is probably far greater, and more real, within the Islamised parts of our Australian cities, than any supposed danger faced by a Muslimah in the slave rag when she hops on a bus or train or walks down a street in a majority-Infidel area in Australia.

My advice to the Muslims: playing the victim card too loudly and too often - especially when it's quite clear that the claims of "persecution!" are grossly exaggerated and that anything you are suffering pales into insignficance compared to the atrocious and extreme abuse that your coreligionists are constantly inflicting on defenceless non-Muslims elsewhere in the world - is likely to backfire, in Australia. Because we really, really do not like whingers. - CM


Posted on 09/14/2014 6:31 PM by Christina McIntosh
Sunday, 14 September 2014
Feel-Good Missing-The-Point Gush
Posted on 09/14/2014 8:46 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 14 September 2014
Al-Azhar Cleric: ISIL A Zionist Plot
Posted on 09/14/2014 5:44 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 14 September 2014
Turkey And Al-Qaeda's Succursale In Syria
Posted on 09/14/2014 4:13 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 14 September 2014
Britain to curb Muslim Brotherhood operations in London

Britain is set to impose curbs on Muslim Brotherhood-linked organisations and block activists moving to London after a report by a senior diplomat raised concerns over the group's links to extremists in the Middle East.

David Cameron asked Sir John Jenkins, the ambassador to Saudi Arabia, to compile a full report on the Muslim Brotherhood after Gulf allies put pressure on the government to curtail the movement's London-based operations.

Critics of the movement accuse it of links to jihadist groups and of pursuing divisive sectarian politics that infringe the freedom of other religions and Islamic interpretations. 

Officials privy to the drafting of Sir John's report said it had been handed over to Downing Street and a statement on its findings would be published before the end of the year.

While it stops short of proposing a ban on the Brotherhood, it accepts some of the movement's activity amounts to complicity with armed groups and extremists in the Middle East and elsewhere.

"We won't ban the Muslim Brotherhood," a Foreign Office diplomat told The Telegraph. "There are other things that can be done but not a ban."

A senior British official involved in the process said parts of the report are too sensitive to publish. "It's a very comprehensive look at the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in many countries. There have been submissions that have been given to us that are very sensitive. We couldn't go back to those places again if some of this information was put in the public domain."

The Muslim Brotherhood organisation was established in Egypt in 1928 and was ousted from government there last year. One of the main areas of concern raised with Sir John was Muslim Brotherhood charities that now face renewed scrutiny by the Charity Commission. It is known to have opened inquiries into alleged suspicions over funding to overseas terrorist organisations by at least three British-based Muslim Brotherhood charities.

A spokesman for the Commission told The Telegraph that Sir John had asked for its findings but would not discuss the nature of the information on the organisations under investigation. Broader political activities, including media and propaganda branches, also face tighter regulation. 


Egyptian officials believe much of its ongoing political activities have shifted to London, where the Brotherhood maintains an international office in Cricklewood. Where regular protests by British patriotic groups, including March for England take place. 

Ashraf Elkholy, Egypt's ambassador to Britain, said that the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in his country had largely stopped functioning after senior figures were imprisoned.

He warned of the danger the group would use its London-based establishment to revive its influence in areas where it has come under pressure.

Speaking to Telegraph, Mr Elkholy said the ideological nature of the organisation and its financial links to a wide range of British groups was open to abuse. "The leadership here should be put under review by your side to be sure they have not incited things to be done in Egypt or in the Middle East," he said. "We take our own steps and our own plans to ensure our national security.

"London can be a hub. They are planning activities, such as opening a TV station and newspapers from here, that are part of their aims against us." 

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Sunday, 14 September 2014
Listen to Lisa Benson Show with M. Zuhdi Jasser, Walid Phares and Jerry Gordon Today at 4PM & 9PMEDT In US

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Sunday, 14 September 2014
Terror alert: Australian troops could be the targets of terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists

FEARS Muslim extremists could target serving Australian Defence Force members in a terrorist ­attack has sparked an official warning to the troops after a ­uniformed officer was abused in Sydney’s CBD. Just 48 hours before Australia increased the public terrorism alert to High, the Defence Security Authority underlined the risks of a Lee Rigby-style attack in an email obtained by The Sunday Telegraph.

Marked Security Intelligence Report, the memo details verbal threats made against a uniformed officer. It says the ADF member was approached by a group of young men and told to “go to the Middle East so we can blow your f ... in head off you c. t”. The incident was reportedly witnessed by a large group of ­people but the ADF member walked away from the scene.

Australian intelligence agencies have privately cited the Rigby case as one of their biggest fears because the brutal attack underlined that once intent was established the tools of a terrorist attack, in this case a car and knife, could be readily obtained.

Australia’s intelligence agencies have also cited the Rigby case to illustrate the risks of opportunistic, lone wolf attacks by homegrown terrorists. The warning underlines the three major risks intelligence chiefs have outlined: an opportunistic lone-wolf attack such as the Rigby case, the storming of a major shopping centre or building or a mass casualty event.

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Rotherham: September 2014

I arrived in Rotherham early to have a look round, having read good reports of the Minster, the Chapel on the Bridge and some other interesting history. On the train I got talking to a local man who is of the opinion that the police should be 'in the dock'. He pointed out the way to the Minster (tall spire - a bit hard to miss really) and having set the world to rights (by use of UKIP) we parted company.

The Minster was closed and access to the churchyard and Minster Gardens blocked by a 'ring of steel'. The UAF were intending to hold their rally/march in All Saints Square which fronts the Minster and access to the square was through police cordons at all entrances. It was obvious that the UAF were not being trusted anywhere near what Pevenser described as the finest perpendicular church in Yorkshire. Not that there were any obvious UAF about mid-morning.

I wandered round to the EDL muster point outside the modern Town Hall, then on to the EDL camp outside Rotherham Police Station in Main Street. 

As I reported earlier members of the EDL have been camped outside Rotherham Police Station and intend to remain there until Police Commisioner Shaun Wright does the decent thing and resigns. Main Street was the place to be as this is where people were gathering, and coaches were dropping divisions off from as far away as Wales and the South Coast.

Back at All Saints Square the UAF sound system was set up and some supporters had arrived. Weyman Bennet wasn't taking up the space of three men this time; somebody has been stealing his pies.

This is about as full as it got. Many supporters commented on the UAF facebook page that they would not be attending as they believed that attending to oppose the EDL on this issue was tantamount to supporting criminals and paedophiles. Not everyone agreed and Socialist Worker was not going to miss a chance to sell some newspapers

Had our Unions concentrated on their job, ie protecting memebers interests and job security many of the School teachers and Junior Social Workers who worked with the abused girls might have had the courage to speak out louder and more often and the cover-up would not have been so sucessful. When I heard about the Home Office Official whose report was suppressed, who was told to never, ever again mention that the perpetrators were Muslim men and who was sent on a diversity course the reasons why my generation of capable and experienced caseworkers were cleared out of the MOJ by Jack Straw became even more significant. That cull would have been repeated at the Home Office and other departments. And the PCS Union did nothing other than collude with the Labour Government to be rid of us.

I found a good spot on the corner of Moorgate to watch the march come down the hill from the Town Hall. Local people waited, some holding England flags, many with their children (and one with a very cute Chiuahua puppy). Divisions were arriving all the time. The Scottish Defence League was the last Division I recognised.

The ladies had been at the Camp for some days; they said they were proud to show their faces, as was the young man, who is older than he looks.

We made our way into Main Street and stopped by the Police Station for the speeches. In the photograph above non UK readers may not be familiar with the White Rose of Yorkshire. In the photograph below the county flag of Lincolnshire is just below the rainbow flag. 

One of the speakers was Andrew Edge (seen here left) who started the camp with a lone protest the day the report was made public.

Another speaker mentioned that the same taxi drivers, and Pakistani run taxi firms implicated in the abuse still have contracts with the council to take children in care to hospital appointments and suchlike. Children and youngsters are still reporting uncomfortable remarks and personal questions from taxi drivers. I tell my daughter to get a taxi home for safety; in Rotherham the bus station and the dark streets are considered a safer option for a girl. 

Above, there was a minutes silence for the those who died on 11th September 2001. I got talking to some families with children, including small girls, who in a few years will be of the age to attract the groomers, although their parents will make sure they are protected. This little poppet was being pulled by her dad in a minature covered wagon

At the end of the rally 1400 blue ballons were released.

People made their way back to the stations or the car parks.

I went to All Saints Square in search of a pot of tea. Having failed to master the art of being in two places at once I don't know if the UAF achieved their aim of marching from the Square to the space outside the Town Hall recently vacated by the EDL. I believe they didn't. The man from Demotix decided to stay and cover their rally. You can see the pictures here, including the Group Photograph of all the attendees. 

By this time they had packed up and an announcment was made that everybody should take the coach to get out of town, regardless of where their had to go to get home. Here's  the coach. Just the one, and I don't think they filled it. As I said above, most UAF supporters had more decency. There was no black-clad Antifa today; those who did attend were of the wooly beard, wooly jumper, wooly brain species.

Some of the cordons came down, the Minster remained closed and I got some tea in Greggs.



Photographs E Weatherwax September 2014



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Syrian Opposition Leader Attends International Counter Terrorism Conference in Israel