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Friday, 9 October 2015
ISIS Genocide of Assyrian Chaldean Christians

Assyrian Chaldean Christians executed by ISIS, September 23, 2015

Source:  ISIS Video screen shot courtesy

This week graphic evidence emerged of ISIS’ genocide and subjugation of Christian communities in the great swath of territory in Syria and Iraq  conquered by the self-declared Salafist Sunni Islamic State.  The Middle East has been thrown into turmoil by the recent entry of Russian military forces attacking opposition to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in the bloody four year civil war that has killed over 250,000 civilians. That conflict gave rise to the Islamic State, a throw back to the barbaric jihad perpetrated by the founder of Islam, Mohammed and his five companions.

 MEMRI released today an ISIS video  containing a threat to Christians in Qaryatayn, Syria to “Pay Jizya-Or You will be executed and your Wives Enslaved.”  Nina Shea, director of the Washington, DC-based Hudson Institute Center for Religious Freedom  published today on the National Review On-line another graphic bloody ISIS spectacle. This  was  directed at  the ethnic cleansing of the ancient Chaldean Christian community with the execution of three men, “ISIS and Religious Genocide in the Mideast”.

Note these excerpts from Shea’s compelling piece:

Yesterday, we learned that three Christians captured from Assyrian villages in Syria last February were executed by ISIS on September 23, 2015  in a desert area, somewhere in the “Caliphate,” and that possibly hundreds of other murders will follow. After the jihadist’ demands for $10 million in ransom money were not met, the three Christian men were murdered with a single shot to the back of each head as they were lined up, on their knees, garbed in orange jumpsuits. In its video of this execution, ISIS threatens to kill the 202 remaining Christian hostages from the February raid. It is probably not a coincidence that September 23rd  was the Muslim commemoration of the “Feast of Sacrifice” (Eid al-Adha).


In the video, which was broadcast on Lebanese television on Wednesday, each victim first identifies himself as an Assyrian Christian, and then states his name, year of birth, and home village: “I am Assyrian Christian Ashur Abraham, from the village of Tel Tamar, Jazira.” “I am Assyrian Christian Basam Essa Michael, born in 1976, from the village of Tel Shamiram, Tel Tamar.” “I am Assyrian Christian Abdulmasih Enwiya, born in 1997, from the village of Jazira district of Tel Tamar.” Three militants in black masks then appear behind the kneeling Christians and raise their guns to administer the point-blank shots. The Christians tumble forward, dead.

The video next shows three other Christian men on their knees behind the bodies of the three just killed. The new group of prisoners repeats the pattern, first stating their ethnic and religious identities and then their names and home villages. “I am Assyrian Christian Zaya George Elia, born in 1988, from the village of Shameran District of Tel Tamar.” “I am Assyrian Christian William Youhana Melham District of Tel Tamar, village of Tel Shameran, born in 1964.” “I am Assyrian Christian Marden Tamraz, born in 1966, village of Tel Jazira.” The last to speak points to the three bodies before them and states, “We are here and there are dozens of us. Our fate is the same as these. If you do not take proper procedure for our release, we realize the inevitable fate.”

These victims were from the string of 35 Assyrian Christian villages along the strategic Khabour river valley in Hassake. ISIS militants, in a convoy of 40 pickup trucks, ISIS’s trademark vehicles, captured this undefended area between its strongholds of Raqqa and Mosul after being flushed out of nearby Kobani last winter. Kobani was a highly touted Coalition victory against ISIS. Perhaps the doctoring of military assessments at CentCom explains why less is said about the linked strategic failure in the Khabour river valley. No American airstrikes against the offensive there were made until after the villages had been taken and over 200 of their residents kidnapped, and then only after a campaign was launched by Christian activists.


This is genocide and we are morally and legally bound to help them. A military resolution to this crisis will be too late for these peoples. Catholic priest Father Douglas Bazi, the director of the renowned Mar Elias refugee encampment for Iraqi Christians in Erbil, tells me: “Help us live. Help us leave.” They need visas. The West can easily provide them, and it must.

 In the wake of the Syrian refugee and illegal migrant flood of Europe, the Administration has raised the allotments for humanitarian refugees for both 2016 and 2017 to 85,000 and 100,000 persons with priority preferences for Syrians fleeing from detention camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. However, there is little to no mention of preferences to rescue Middle East Christians and other ancient religious minorities targeted by ISIS for genocide. 

That will be the subject of a segment in Sunday’s Lisa Benson Show on October 11, 2014. You will hear about the threats and compelling need for rescue of Chaldean Christians through the State Department P2/P3 Family Reunification Program by veteran community leader Joseph T. Kassab, of the Iraqi Christians Advocacy and Empowerment Institute (ICAE).  

Joseph T. Kattab of ICAE

Mr. Kassab, a native of the Nineveh Plains of Iraq, came to the US in 1980 as a refugee from the tyranny of the Saddam Hussein regime following completion of his education at the University of Baghdad and its Medical School under the Auspices of the Royal College of Medicine in the UK. After completing additional graduate studies at Wayne State University in Michigan, he established a professional career in micro-biology.  He also emerged as a vigorous advocate for rescue of his fellow Chaldean Christians before Congress, and at both domestic and international conferences. He is the President and Founder of ICAE.  He has appeared on both radio and TV interview programs on the threats and rescue of Chaldeans. Most significantly, he has facilitated the rescue of  more than 25,000 of his co-religionists from camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

The Lisa Benson Show will air Sunday, October 11 at 4PM EDT, 3PM CDT, 2PM MDT, 1PM PDT and 11PM in IsraelListen live to the Lisa Benson Radio Show for National Security on KKNT 960The Patriot or use SMARTPHONE iHEART App: 960 the Patriot.   Lisa Benson and New English Review Senior Editor Jerry Gordon will co-host this show.




Posted on 10/09/2015 7:30 PM by Jerry Gordon
Friday, 9 October 2015
Obama Administration Admits Failure in Arming and Training Syrians


WASHINGTON — After struggling for years to identify groups in Syria that it can confidently support, the Obama administration on Friday abandoned its effort to build a rebel force inside Syria to combat the Islamic State. It acknowledged the failure of its $500 million campaign to train thousands of fighters and said whatever money remained would be used to provide lethal aid for groups already engaged in the battle.

In case you haven't heard, the program hasn't been working.

Posted on 10/09/2015 1:32 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 9 October 2015
ISIS In New Video To Christians In Qaryatayn, Syria: Pay Jizya — Or You Will Be Executed And Your Wives Enslaved


On October 3, 2015, the information office of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Damascus Province posted a five-minute video titled "[Fight Those Who Do Not Believe In Allah] Until They Give The Jizya Willingly While They Are Humbled" (from Koran 9:29). The video, posted on and disseminated via social media, including on Twitter under the Damascus Province hashtag, deals with ISIS's imposition of a dhimma contract and the jizya poll tax on the Christian residents of the city of Qaryatayn, Syria, which it recently conquered. The video is accompanied by footage of ISIS removing crosses from churches and destroying them, as well as video of the signing of the contract.

The video opens by showing ISIS fighters entering Qaryatayn and marching through its streets. A narrator stresses that after it was "liberated" by ISIS fighters from the "the tyrant's soldiers [i.e. the army of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad]," shari'a law had returned to the city and its Muslim residents are smiling again. The narrator says that some of the city's Christians had chosen to convert to Islam, while others preferred signing the dhimma contract, paying the jizya tax, and living in peace and security in the Islamic Caliphate state. Images are shown of ISIS fighters throwing a cross off the roof of a church and of a church hall destroyed by ISIS.

An ISIS member then explains the group's treatment of the city's Christians following its takeover. He says that some Christians were taken captive, while others fled to "Diyar Al-Kuffr [the abodes of disbelief] and places controlled by Bashar the Nusairi [Alawite]."

The ISIS member says that the Christians who had been taken captive and remained in the city had four options: One, the men could be killed and the women and children could be enslaved. Two, they could be exchanged for prisoners, money, or booty. Three, they could be pardoned, provided they leave the caliphate. Four, they could sign the dhimma contract and pay the jizya. In the end, he says, "the caliph of Muslims [Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi] displayed kindness and generosity [to the Christians] and agreed to receive their jizya tax and allow them to live under caliphate rule as part of the dhimma contract." He adds that "the leader of the Muslims" had agreed to give the Christians who fled the city an opportunity to sign the dhimma contract and to return within a month to their homes and fields.

The speaker concludes: "This is a message to all Christians in the East and West, and to the defender of the Cross America: Convert to Islam and no harm will come to you. If you obey, you will have to pay the jizya poll tax." The speaker mentioned comments by ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-'Adnani, who previously said that the payment of the jizya is a thousand times smaller than the Christian investment in war against the Muslims, which is in any case destined to fail.

Posted on 10/09/2015 1:28 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 9 October 2015
A Musical Interlude: I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling (Annette Hanshaw)
Listen here.
Posted on 10/09/2015 1:17 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 9 October 2015
Ivan Rioufol: Europe Abases Itself Before The Muslim Immigrants

Read here.

The influx of Muslim "refugees" discombobulates the discerning. 

Erdogan, visiting Strasbourg, addressed an audience of Turks in France (of whom there are a total of 650,000), tells them to participate in French life but to avoid "integrating" into French society. 

Posted on 10/09/2015 12:12 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 9 October 2015
'Queen of Ivory': Africa’s infamous poaching mastermind nabbed

Fox News:

JOHANNESBURG –  Authorities in Africa hunted down one of their biggest trophies to date last week -- an ivory-trafficking mastermind they say is at the center of a trade that has seen more than 500,000 elephants killed for their tusks in recent decades.

Yang Feng Glan, the Chinese woman dubbed the “Queen of Ivory,” was nabbed in Tanzania after a special task force from the nation's National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit stalked her for a year as she shuttled between Beijing, Uganda and Tanzania facilitating the illegal tusk trade.  

"The most notorious ivory trafficker brought to task so far," the U.S.-based  Elephant Action League said, describing Glan after her capture in the East African nation.

"It's a very important arrest, the most important in Africa in the past years."

- Andrea Crosta, Elephant Action League

Authorities say Glan was the key link between African poachers and buyers in China, where elephant ivory and rhino horns fetch staggering prices. Appearing in court this week in the Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam, Glan, 66, was charged with smuggling ivory worth $3 million between 2000 and 2014. Sources inside the investigation say Glan, who was charged along with two local poaching suspects, may have been engaged in the internationally condemned trade since 1980.

Related Image

The beloved animals are killed entirely for their ivory tusks. (Friedkin Conservation Fund)

The beloved animals are killed entirely for their ivory tusks. (Friedkin Conservation Fund)

According to reports, Glan, who had an influential and prominent standing in Tanzania’s Chinese population, is suspected of also financing poaching gangs' purchase of weapons and vehicles, and paying to bribe officials who let her ring operate brazenly.

Tanzania has the unenviable title of ground zero for ivory poaching in Africa. One government source says 85,000 elephants have been poached for their ivory tusks in the past five years. The nation's elephant population, which stood at 350,000 some 50 years ago, had fallen to just more than 100,000 by 2009. Officials believe it may number only around 35,000 today.

For all of Africa, the elephant population stood at 1.3 million in 1979, but was believed to have fallen to less than 500,000 by 2007, according to National Geographic. The overall numbers have likely fallen further still in the ensuing years.

Importing ivory to the U.S. for commercial reasons is banned. Even the sale of grandfathered ivory is banned in all states except Hawaii, where critics say allowing the sale of such artifacts provides cover for smugglers selling freshly harvested ivory.

Tanzania is known as "ground zero" for elephant poaching, with its once mighty pachyderm population down almost 90 percent over the last half century. (Elephant Action League)

The dwindling elephant population has driven up ivory prices despite international campaigns to combat poaching. This year, however, the Tanzanian government launched an unprecedented crackdown dubbed Operation Spidernet, which has resulted in a string of arrests of rhino poachers, including one group reportedly based in a church in one of the country’s refugee camps. The investigations are led by the task force, whose members are specially chosen from police and special forces.

Ivory from elephant tusks and rhino horns are in great demand in China. (Elephant Action League)

The arrest of Glan is the biggest blow to the poaching industry in recent memory, say experts.

"It's a very important arrest, the most important in Africa in the past years," said Elephant Action League Executive Director Andrea Crosta. "The hope is that she will talk and lead the task force not only to her Chinese business partners, but also to local corrupt government officials who probably knew about it, and helped her out. She has been trafficking ivory for at least the past 10 years, and you don't smuggle for so long and [with] such big quantities without the knowledge and collaboration of some local officials."

Posted on 10/09/2015 9:45 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 9 October 2015
The Worldview of Obama's Point Man on Iran Deal

Anti-Israel conspiracy theories are becoming part and parcel of the Left in general. Adam Kredo writes in the Washington Free Beacon:

A State Department official closely involved in the Obama administration’s Iran push has been promoting publications from anti-Semitic conspiracy sites and other radical websites that demonize American Jewish groups and Israel, according to sources and documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Alan Eyre, the State Department’s Persian-language spokesman and a member of the negotiating delegation that struck a nuclear deal with Iran earlier this year, has in recent months disseminated articles that linked American-Jewish skeptics of the deal to shadowy financial networks, sought to soften the image of Iranian terrorists with American blood on their hands, and linked deal criticism to a vast “neoconservative worldview.”

Eyre described the one article, penned by the anti-Israel conspiracy theorist Stephen Walt, as having an “interesting thesis.”

Insiders who spoke to the Free Beacon about Eyre’s private postings pointed to a pattern of partisanship and called it a sign that key officials at the State Department are biased against the state of Israel. Such criticism has dogged the team Obama since the early days of the administration.

Eyre regularly briefed U.S. officials at the negotiating table and was responsible for proofreading draft texts of the recent Iranian nuclear agreement.

While Eyre has a public Facebook page officially sponsored by the State Department, screenshots taken from his private personal account obtained by the Free Beacon include content that insiders described as concerning.

In one Feb. 13 posting, when Iran talks were at a critical stage, Eyre disseminated a link to an article praising Iranian Quds Force Chief Ghassem Suleimani, who is directly responsible for the deaths of Americans abroad.

Suleimani, who is listed as a terrorist by the U.S. State Department, will have international sanctions against him waived under the parameters of the nuclear accord.

In another posting from Feb. 5, Eyre links to the website LobeBlog, which is viewed by critics as anti-Israel and regularly attacks neoconservative pundits.”

The article Eyre links to, “Who Are the Billionaires Attacking Obama’s Iran Diplomacy,” attacks opponents of the Iranian deal and insinuates that wealthy Jewish donors are behind this push.

The article puts particular emphasis on the Israel Project (TIP), a non-profit advocacy organization run by Josh Block, a longtime Democrat, and claimed that wealthy Jewish individuals were behind a stealth campaign to kill the deal. TIP is portrayed as playing a crucial role in discrediting the deal and convincing lawmakers to take a stance against it....

Continue reading here.

Posted on 10/09/2015 7:36 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 9 October 2015
BDS in a Jewish Day School

Ari Lieberman writesin Frontpage:

Let us engage in a brief thought experiment. Suppose that Howard University hires a linguistics professor to offer instruction on various African dialects. Suppose further that said professor was a card-carrying member of the KKK and participates in Klan meetings and demonstrations. Now suppose that the university, after failing to properly vet the professor’s extra-curricular activities, is confronted with hard evidence of the professor’s Klan affiliation and instead of firing him offers a spirited defense of his employment at Howard.

School officials argue that 1) the professor is entitled to his personal beliefs 2) students should respect those differences, no matter how odious and 3) there is no evidence that the professor introduced his personal views into the classroom. Such a scenario would not only be implausible, it would be unfathomable. An institution so historically central in the Civil Rights movement would never tolerate the presence of such malevolence in its university and rightfully so.

But this precise scenario is currently unfolding in Durham, North Carolina at a Hebrew day school known as the Lerner School. In fact, the situation at the Lerner School is far more egregious than the aforementioned example because its problematic actions are not merely limited to one single teacher, but are far wider in scope and scale.

On its website, the Lerner School states that it is dedicated to “implementing a curriculum committed to academic excellence, embedded in Jewish values and learning … and builds in children confidence, character, a lifelong love of learning, and a deeply rooted Jewish identity” (emphasis added). Elsewhere on the website the Lerner School boasts that it “assists all students in developing a positive Jewish identity and pride in their Jewish heritage” (emphasis added).

Despite such positive boasts, internal school documents and public information readily available on the Internet indicate that something dark and sinister lurks in the hallways of the Lerner School, something very contrary to the claim of instilling Jewish identity, pride and heritage. 

Up until recently, the Lerner School employed an individual named Tal Matalon as a Hebrew teacher. Hailing from Haifa, Matalon is Israeli and speaks Hebrew, but that’s her sole nexus to her Jewish identity. An Internet search reveals that Matalon was a draft dodger, refusing to serve in the Israel Defense Forces because she refused to assist the “occupation” forces. This places her on the radical left fringes of Israel’s political spectrum and this form of political protest is soundly rejected by the vast majority of Israelis. She also signed a letter addressed to former prime minister Ariel Sharon falsely claiming that Israel “commits war crimes and tramples over human rights, destroying Palestinian cities, towns and villages.”  It should be noted that Matalon offers not a scintilla of evidence to back these spurious charges. Moreover, her treasonous actions took place at a time when Palestinian homicide bombers were detonating themselves on a weekly basis in cafes, restaurants and city buses.

This disconcerting information was readily available on the Internet, yet the Lerner School accepted her nonetheless. But Matalon’s draft dodging and disparagement of the Israel Defense Forces is the least of her problems. Her hatred of Israel runs far deeper, as evidenced by her disturbing conduct and affiliations while in the United States.

Matalon is a supporter of the anti-Semitic BDS movement. She has also been photographed attending various anti-Israel events organized by anti-Semitic groups like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), and these photographs have been featured in social media forums hosted by the aforementioned groups. In one photo, she is seen holding a sign advocating the boycott of the Jewish State.

When confronted with this and other evidence of maleficence, school officials circled the wagons and offered a spirited defense of their draft-dodging, SJP sympathizing, BDS supporter. Spearheading the defense was Lerner School Board president Tal Lewin Wittle. In an internal school memo obtained by Frontpage, Ms. Wittle argued that 1) Matalon was entitled to her opinion, which constituted speech protected by law, 2) to her knowledge, Matalon never inserted her personal views into the classroom and 3) displaying a sign in support of the anti-Semitic BDS movement, while “disturbing” to “some,” does not run counter to the Lerner School’s mission or core values. 

Ms. Wittle is correct when she says that Matalon is entitled to her opinion, no matter how odious. But the Lerner School is a private institution and those under its employ are subject to the school’s code of conduct. If she wants to be employed by the school, she must abide by its rules. Clearly, Matalon’s association with the rabidly anti-Semitic BDS movement and her affiliation with JVP and the SJP and her repeated, unjustified and baseless attacks against the Israel Defense Forces, the institution entrusted with defending the Jewish State against genocidal enemies, is not congruent with a Hebrew school whose mission is to develop a positive Jewish identity and instill pride in their student’s Jewish heritage.

Moreover, even if Matalon never inserted her personal views into the classroom, the message cannot be separated from the messenger. As a responsible parent, I would never permit my child to be taught by a teacher who subscribes to views which echo those of the Nazi Brown Shirts who began their anti-Jewish campaigns by advocating boycotts against Jewish-owned businesses. Upon learning of her conduct and abhorrent views, it was incumbent on the Lerner School to terminate her employment forthwith. At present, although Matalon’s name is not listed on the Lerner School website, there is no concrete evidence confirming that her employment with the school has ceased, and the school would not respond to questions regarding this matter. 

But why would Wittle expend resources and the Lerner School’s reputation defending a miscreant like Matalon? The answer lies in the fact that the pernicious BDS philosophy at the Lerner School is not limited to Matalon. The sad truth is that the Lerner School is infected with BDS activists and anti-Israel rejectionists. 

The Lerner School’s Director of Development, Rachel Sobel Bearman, has boasted membership in a virulently anti-Israel group known as Jews for a Just Peace North Carolina (JFAJP-NC). Though it touts itself as pro-Israel, pro-peace (sound familiar?) JFAJP-NC has adopted positions well to the left of the Israeli left. It has lobbied for the display of anti-Israel ads that call for an end to US military assistance to Israel and has also lobbied the United States Congress to adopt anti-Israel positions.

Bearman herself authored an article endorsing a conference featuring the Palestine Solidarity Movement. PSM leaders have advocated the indiscriminate murder of Israeli civilians. Moreover, the purpose of the PSM conference was to advance the anti-Semitic positions promoted by BDS, including divestment from Israel. Equally astonishing is Bearman’s attempt to morally equate the actions of the Israel Defense Forces in defending its citizenry with those of Hamas, the group that adheres to a charter that borrows heavily from Hitler’s Mein Kampf. She refers to "the double standard of some Jewish groups that insist that Palestinian groups condemn the killing of innocent civilians by suicide bombers but refuse to insist that Israeli groups similarly condemn the killing of innocent civilians by the Israeli military[.]” That comparison is morally obscene and demonstrates with utmost clarity Bearman’s convoluted and bankrupted ideology and disdain for the Jewish State.

Continue reading here.

Posted on 10/09/2015 7:21 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Friday, 9 October 2015
Confessions of a Member of the One Percent

Passing a kiosk in France recently, I noticed a magazine on the rack that promised to reveal to the multitude the secrets of the One Percent. The One Percent in question was, of course, that small and now infamous proportion of humanity that is separated from the 99 Percent by its wealth and, presumably, happiness and all other desirable things.

That humanity is now divided into these two categories has become the conventional wisdom. In a sense the division must exist (assuming that wealth can be measured precisely enough to draw the line properly, which may not be a justified assumption). By that token humanity could also be divided into the 47 and the 53 per cent, or the 34 and the 66 per cent. The number of divisions is infinite.

Obviously, those who like to draw the one-versus-99 line think theirs significant in a way that the other lines are not. The One Percent are apples whereas the 99 Per Cent are pears, or cats and dogs, that is to say beings of a profoundly and irreconcilably different nature.

This belief is no doubt the last gasp of dialectical materialism’s law of transformation of quantity into quality. According to this law, when a man grows rich enough he suddenly ceases to be a man like others and becomes—what, exactly? He is certainly not freed from what may be called the iron law of mortality, even if he may call upon the best medical services the world has to offer (though my observation is that people, including the rich, are not always very adept at choosing the best). He may be freed from several of life’s irritating circumstances, but he is not freed from the spectre of all human miseries whatsoever.

Moreover, if someone, by virtue of his earnings or others’ losses, passed from the Two Percent into the magical One Per Cent, it would probably bring him less satisfaction (assuming he knew about it) than the passage of a man from the poorest 10 per cent to the decile above him.

Unfortunately, the spread and influence of ideas is not necessarily proportional to the solidity of their foundation. I am sorry to say that, even though I thought from the first that the division was bogus, in the sense of not telling us anything new, and indeed was outright harmful in promoting anger, envy, and resentment, it insinuated itself into my mind. I started to worry about whether I was one of the One Percent or the 99 Per Cent.

This left me prey to conflicting thoughts. On the one hand, I knew that wealth as such was not a very elevated aim in life, nor indeed had I ever made it my principal aim or goal. On the other hand, a degree of economic prosperity is at least some evidence of worldly success—an imprimatur as it were, to which I have never been quite as indifferent as perhaps I ought to have been.

I need not have worried. A friend of mine who knows about such things because he is a share-promoter told me I had long since entered the ranks of the One Percent, as estimated by my convertible assets. So dependent on credit and so debt-ridden is our society that I was surprised when he told me how little net worth will put an individual into the One Percent.

It did not make me feel rich. Perhaps this is because I was very far from my friend’s definition of true wealth: to be able to live on the interest of one’s interest, or from the investment income from the investment income from one’s past investments. I was not even rich enough to feel that a new car would not be an unwise extravagance if it were unnecessary.

As to the means by which I crawled gradually, and without any such intention, into the lower reaches of the One Percent, they were unexciting and banal. My wife and I lived well below our income for more than 20 years and invested the rest under the guidance of an advisor of whose superior financial wisdom I had no real evidence, other than that I liked him. I am not even absolutely convinced that such wisdom actually exists. If success and failure in this field occurred by chance, there would be a normal distribution among financial advisors and investors, with some doing extremely well and others extremely badly, most of them being somewhere in between. As to my own judgment, let me admit right here that if I had had the misfortune to meet Mr. Madoff before his scheme was exposed, I should have trusted him implicitly. He had such a trustworthy face.

As indicated, this is not a very dramatic personal story; it hardly seems a good basis on which to distinguish me from the great mass of the 99 Percent. Nor did I change much along the way—or if I did it was not because of my slow accumulation of assets. My pattern of consumption and mode of life are not conspicuously different from those of many of my peers, except in so far as I have no television and buy many more books than most. It is true that my interests and amusements are not the same as those of most citizens, but that was so long before I joined the One Percent and would have been the case had I not joined it (or them). If it is really necessary to divide me from others by possession of some characteristic or other, my different tastes and interests would seem to me to be a better way to do it. The fact that I sometimes write art criticism, for example, distinguishes me far more clearly from my neighbors than do my assets.

Though I have no actual disdain for money, I have no desire, either, to make further ascents—to the 0.01 Per Cent, or even the 0.1 Per Cent. I am that exotic creature, a person content with his lot, at least economically. I fear to be poor (and to end up in the hands of the state, whose charity is simultaneously patronizing and heartless, rule-ridden and capricious) much more than I desire to be rich. But there is considerable scope for a reduction in my standard of living before I could count myself poor. In fact, I don’t really need much of what I have—but that is true of almost everyone.

The division of people by income or assets into One Percent versus 99 Per Cent as if they were creatures of different species is not so much descriptive or explanatory as incitement to those two most unattractive and destructive emotions: envy and resentment. If the category of hate-speech really exists, it is a prime example of hate-speech, with an historical pedigree and record no better than that of racist hate-speech.

Posted on 10/09/2015 7:12 AM by Theodore Dalrymple
Friday, 9 October 2015
Putin’s Great Crime: He Defends His Allies and Attacks His Enemies

Edward Luttwak writes in the Tablet:

In these grim times, I am afforded light relief by CNN—the only news channel offered by the treadmill of my Tokyo apartment house—as its presenters and pundits gravely debate the motives behind Putin’s investment in Syria. His own version is that he is fighting “extremism,” which oddly enough is the same dark threat that President Barack Obama also recognizes while rigorously avoiding the qualifiers Islamic, Islamist, or Muslim—although he will refer to Isol, prompting the thought that it is impossible to defeat an enemy one is afraid to name. There is no Isol or even Isis anymore, because the good old ad-Dawlah al-Islamiyah fi’l-?Iraq wa-sh-Sham—the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria—has long since become the Islamic State of everywhere from Nigeria to Afghanistan, no doubt also including the British Isles and Michigan. Ignoring earnest declarations of its un-Islamic character solemnly issued by non-Muslim presidents, premiers, and prelates, volunteers who recognize the authenticity of the Islamic State keep pouring into its still-expanding borders, easily offsetting the casualties inflicted by the very expensive U.S. bombing campaign, now joined by the British, French, … and Putin, whose air force already claims dozens of air strikes against the common foe.

Putin’s enthusiasm for the great cause might be expected to earn him some gratitude. Instead, the Russian leader is criticized by wise CNN pundits—and by the Obama Administration—for seeking to defend his client Assad by bombing his other enemies as well, i.e., the dozens of quarreling Islamist bands that grandly call themselves Jaysh al-Fatah, “the army of conquest,” the several quarreling factions of Syrian Army defectors that call themselves al-Jaysh as-Suri al-?urr, “the free Syrian army,” the unabashedly extremist al-Qaida affiliate Jabhat an-Nu?rah, which is much stronger than both, and, above all, the brave “pro-democracy” warriors armed and trained by the United States itself, under a $500 million program.

In reality Putin’s young bombing campaign has hit very few Islamic State targets. Yes, aircraft have flown and bombs have been dropped, but the Russians have no ground intelligence in place to identify targets any more than the United States has, except in those rare occasions when black-flagged vehicles are actually seen driving around in broad daylight—which is why the Islamic State has expanded ever since the U.S. bombing started. But Putin must certainly be innocent of the accusation that his air force has bombed the U.S.-trained “pro-democracy” freedom fighters, because the trainers themselves have admitted that the first lot on which one-tenth of the budget has been spent, i.e., $50 million, are exactly five in number, the rest having deserted after receiving their big family-support signing bonus and first paycheck, or after they were first issued with weapons (which they sold), or after first entering Syria in groups, when they promptly joined the anti-American Jabhat an-Nu?rah, whose Sunni Islam they understand, unlike talk of democracy. That guarantees Putin’s innocence: All five extant U.S.-made freedom fighters are reportedly alive and well, though one may have defected since the last count. (It would really be much cheaper to hire Salvadoran contract gunmen and fit them out in Arab head-dresses.)

On the other hand Putin is certainly guilty of defending Assad’s regime and indeed of wanting to preserve it in the capital-city area of Damascus if possible, or at least in the natural redoubt of the coastal strip from Lebanon to Turkey where Assad’s fellow Alawites outnumber the Sunni Muslims ranged against him, and which also has room for Syria’s Christians, Ismaili, Twelver Shia, and urban Druze who suffer persecution and sometimes outright massacre wherever Sunni insurgents of any kind advance (the only difference is that the Islamic State documents its killings in vivid color), and that happens to include the city of Tartus, home of a Russian ex-Soviet naval base since 1971, which happens to be the one and only overseas base of the Russian Federation anywhere in the world, and which greatly adds to the naval value of Putin’s conquest of Crimea, where his Sevastopol naval base is on the wrong side of the Dardanelles. With refueling and light repairs in Tartus, the Russian navy can operate continuously in the Mediterranean, and prevail in the eastern Mediterranean, especially now that the historic U.S. Sixth Fleet is down to a ship or two, the rest of the shrinking U.S. Navy having long since gone to the Indian Ocean or the Pacific.

So, yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the aforementioned accused, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is guilty of a very great crime: He defends his allies and attacks his enemies—conduct particularly reprehensible in the eyes of the Obama Administration, which does the exact opposite. Obama’s America dislikes Japan’s staunchly pro-American Prime Minister Abe (deemed “insufficiently apologetic”), it spurns the calls for action of Britain’s Cameron and Hollande of France, and has missed no opportunity to denigrate Benjamin Netanyahu, even as it eagerly embraces the bleak dictators of Cuba and of course Hassan Fereydoun a.k.a. Rouhani, president of the “death to America” Islamic republic of Iran and de facto chief nuclear negotiator—for the second time. The first time, from Oct. 6, 2003 to Aug. 15, 2005, when Rouhani was the official negotiator, under the equally mellifluous President Mohammad Khatami, he boasted that he had used the talks “to buy time to advance Iran’s nuclear program”—but that is not something that would dissuade an American administration that is intensely suspicious, but only of its allies.

Putin is a very peculiar character who believes that the president of a country should give a very high priority to the enhancement of its own power, which is admittedly an old-fashioned pursuit as compared to the hundreds of initiatives that the Obama Administration has deemed more important than the upkeep of American power and credibility on the global scene. The administration has a growing list of disastrous failures to show for its preoccuptions, from the Ukraine to Afghanistan. In each case, there has been neither an effective engagement nor a clean disengagement but only vapid assurances, agonizing indecision, gross policy errors by visibly incompetent officials (who keep embarrassing Obama without being re-assigned to parking duties) and really appalling execution—as in the Iran negotiation, which ended with Secretary of State John Kerry camped in Geneva, and very visibly unwilling to leave without his agreement, for which he made the most embarrassing last-minute concessions (including the amazing 24-day advance warning of inspections), acting no differently than first-time bazaar customers who buy ancient, historic, unique, imperial Persian palace carpet for a mere (“only for you”) 10,000, a nice mark-up over the 49.99 charged by its Pakistani manufacturer. When it comes to execution, even that shameful silliness is exceeded by the botched Syria operation of that Obama favorite, CIA director John O. Brennan, who thinks of himself as a great Middle East expert, yet cannot read Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish.

Putin is different. He has two aims in Syria, both utterly realistic: Keep his Tartus base that makes Russia a Mediterranean Great Power (look at the competition) at very low cost, and demonstrate that it really pays to serve Russia. The Americans abruptly dropped Hosni Mubarak like a rotten apple after decades of obedient service because his police shot at some demonstrators: Russia still supports Assad vigorously no matter what. The message resonates with potentates across the region, none of whom happens to be democratically elected (with the exception of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is doing his best to undo his country’s democracy). Side with the Americans and you will be promptly abandoned if troublemakers force the police to shoot. Side with Putin’s Russia and you will be supported no matter what. So it little matters what happens to Assad in the end: Putin has already won the credibility competition, which earns him and Russia real gains.


Putin is also different in his understanding of the business of diplomacy. The Obama version is that the practicalities of any actual transaction are much less important than their decoration with fashionably modish principles and procedures, including genuflections to the forever useless United Nations. Hence none can expect to exchange X for Y in dealing with the Obama White House and Administration—it all has to go through its indecision machine that delays everything inordinately, at the very least.

By contrast, when Netanyahu heard that Putin was sending fighter-bombers to Syria, over which Israeli fight-bombers must operate from time to time to destroy trucks carrying Iran-supplied missiles to Hezbollah, thus opening the very real possibility of deadly aerial encounters, there were no lengthy pre-negotiation palavers to arrange for preparatory meetings that might one day lead to a meeting of the principals, in the manner of the Obama Administration. Instead Netanyahu asked for a quick meeting, Putin responded by inviting him to come to Moscow right away, where the two right away agreed that the Russians would telephone Cohen before taking off to bomb—that being Yossi Cohen, Bibi’s National Security Advisor and ex Deputy Director of the Mossad and its likely future director, yet known as “the model” as in fashion, not as “Cohen the spy” as per the very old joke (he might be the other Cohen, David S. is now Deputy Director of CIA). Israeli flights would be announced to Nikolai Patrushev, Putin’s national security adviser, and former head of the FSB foreign intelligence service—Cohen’s colleague as well as counterpart. As for verification, there will be no 24-day inspection delays for the Israelis because even if none of their airborne command centers are aloft, their mountaintop radar can see aircraft from the moment they take off from the Russian base—the operating rule being that when one side does any bombing, the other side must stay on the ground.

Important in itself, the Putin-Netanyahu agreement also illustrates a contemporary reality that continues to elude the Obama Administration. Its policies toward Israel are by no means malevolent—there may be an intense personal hostility on the part of some officials but they cannot act on it. On the other hand, from the president down, the Obama Administration obviously retains a particular vision of Israel that is not at all hostile, indeed it is even protective, but which is also thoroughly obsolete: They still imagine a small country surrounded by enemies in its own region, isolated globally as well, and utterly dependent on the United States.

That was all true enough in the 1970s, but hardly depicts current reality—except in the hollow ceremonials at the United Nations. Today’s Israel has genuine Arab allies on two of its four borders, with which it cooperates every day, and other Arab allies beyond them ready to act jointly against Iran, and not only secretly. Israel has broad relations with both China and Russia (with which it is connected by ten non-stop flights a day), and has very active strategic relations with the major European countries that would have been unimaginable in the 1970s. In other words, in treating Netanyahu so contemptuously the Obama Administration was also revealing its misreading of the balance of power, an unsurprising error in a group that seems bereft of strategic understanding in many other directions as well.

Putin by contrast may understand nothing else but he does understand strategy, and the balance of power. That is why he played no games with Netanyahu, and simply conceded Israel’s right to bomb in Syria—no small thing in the circumstances, given that Russian personnel and aircraft will be on the ground when that happens, within a total geography that is very small indeed at 500 miles per hour.

Many Americans view Putin simply as a thug but public opinion polls show that Russians disagree. His popularity is bound to decline as Putin’s own counter-sanctions are needlessly intensifying the shortages caused by Western sanctions, and by the fall in the value of the ruble, yet a majority of Russians are likely to remains responsive to his fundamental message: “You are Russian. Sanctions or no sanctions, you will never eat as well as the Italians nor dress as elegantly as the French, and you will never be rich as the Americans—but you Russians are an imperial people, masters of the largest state in the world, equally ready to rule benevolently two dozen obedient nationalities and to punish the lawless. I, Putin, for my part, will not give away parts of your empire as my feckless predecessors Gorbachev and Yeltsin did, and I will strive to recover what I can, not just Crimea but as much of the Ukraine as possible, with more gains to come elsewhere.”

Such primitive notions are no doubt incomprehensible to Obama and his officials, as well as to their intellectual milieu, for which empire can only be an embarrassment, power cannot be purposeful, peace is obtained by good will and not by assured security, war is purposeless destruction (and all warriors are merely future PTSD cases), and diplomacy should be a multilateral pursuit, having to do with Global Warming if at all possible. These are all useful stances for rank-and-file Obama officials as they prepare their future with Bill and Melinda, Bill and Chelsea, and the rest of the PC foundation universe with its light lifting and ceaseless conferencing travel to yammy destinations, but to conduct the foreign policy of the United States they are hopelessly off-target. Putin and Netanyahu, by contrast, are determined to hit their targets hard.

Posted on 10/09/2015 5:56 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Friday, 9 October 2015
Top Ukraine official backs idea 'to help ISIS take revenge on Russian soldiers in Syria’

From RT:

Russian prosecutors have charged a prominent Ukrainian politician with inciting terrorism, after he called for Islamic State to attack Russian pilots involved in the campaign against ISIS in Syria.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, shared a message from a Facebook “friend” who wants to help ISIS militants take revenge against Russian forces in Syria "in accordance with Sharia law."

Gerashchenko said he received a message on Facebook which said that “Russian propaganda channels” and Russian army in almost every report “show off” their military personnel in Syria. 

The post, as well as Gerashchenko’s Facebook page, were unavailable for several hours. But later the post, as well as Gerashchenko’s page, reappeared. An image of the post can be viewed, however, thanks to a screenshot.

“I think that their faces [on TV] will be enough, so that Islamic State militants and their supporters in Russia, the majority of whom are in the Caucasus region, could then find them and take revenge [on them] under Sharia law,” the Facebook user wrote to Gerashchenko.

Gerashchenko, who also attached an RT video showing Russian military jets in Syria in his post, seemed to be inspired by the idea. He urged everyone who has any information about Russian servicemen fighting ISIS in Syria to report the data on the volunteer-made Mirotvorec (Peacekeeper) website. For such information, there would be a special section, entitled “Putin’s crimes in Syria and Middle East.”

Posted on 10/09/2015 4:50 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Friday, 9 October 2015
ISIS tells fighters to GANG RAPE women saying sex with multiple jihadis makes them MUSLIM

ISLAMIC State (ISIS) has urged its depraved fighters to convert women to Islam by GANG RAPING them, it emerged today. The sickening letter, circulated amongst the group's warped fighters, states that a woman automatically becomes Muslim if she is raped by at least 10 different ISIS fighters.

It emerged as victims of the perverted hate group spoke out about its infamous sex slave markets, where twisted militants can buy women for as little as a packet of cigarettes. 

ISIS fighters have previously executed women who refused to have sex with them, with many experts saying most young men joining the group are more interested in sex than Islam or jihad. 

Many of the women come from the Yazidi religious sect and have been horrendously defiled and mutilated by Islamist fanatics who believe they indulge in "devil worship".

One of them, known as Noor, revealed how a crazed jihadi showed her the letter from ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as a form of justification before brutally raping her. The 22-year-old was sold into slavery after ISIS overran her village in the Iraqi province of Sinjar. She said: "He showed me a letter and said, 'This shows any captured women will become Muslim if 10 ISIS fighters rape her.' There was a flag of ISIS and a picture of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi."

She said: "ISIS fighters told us, 'This is the rule of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and we must do it'. They said: 'Anyone who doesn't convert to Islam, we will kill the males and marry the girls. They are the spoils of war.'"

In its online English language magazine, the group states that its fighters should rape any woman who "mocks" the Qur'an, which they define as any non-Muslim.  It says: "Enslaving the families of the kuffar [unbelievers] and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shariah [Islamic law] that if anyone were to deny or mock, he would be denying or mocking the verses of the Qur'an and the narrations of the Prophet."

Posted on 10/09/2015 3:49 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 9 October 2015
Navy Seal who 'killed Osama bin Laden' threatened by Islamic State

The US Navy Seal who claims to have shot and killed Osama bin Laden has recieved death threats from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), apparently spread by British jihadist Sally Jones.

Robert O'Neill said he was "ready" for Isil to come for him after a post on social media from an account believed to belong to Jones included his home address and labelled him as "a number one target".

"I've been ready for this since we killed Osama bin Laden," he told Fox News. "I know how to defend myself. A lot of times when there's a bomb threat there's not a bomb," he added. "But it's the ones you don't see. So, everyone has to become more vigilant." 

The threat was posted on Twitter by a user, believed to be Jones, under the alias Umm Hussain Britaniya. "I leave this info of Robert O'Neill for my brothers in America and al-Qaeda in the US as a number one target to eventually hunt down and kill," the threat reportedly read. It has since been removed from Twitter. 

Posted on 10/09/2015 3:14 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 9 October 2015
Muslim Witnesses Laughed and Spat At Badly-Wounded Jewish Woman In Jerusalem

Chillingly-revealing testimony from a young Jewish woman who, with her child and husband, was murderously attacked by a Muslim in the Old City in Jerusalem. Her husband was murdered; she was very badly wounded and her child hurt but not severely.

Many Muslims saw it happen; not one lifted a finger to help. Instead, they watched her suffering with enjoyment or with indifference.

As reported by Haim Lev for Israel National News.

'Arab Wintesses Laughed, Spat at Wounded Terror Victim.

'Widow of Aharon Banita-Bennett described the savagery of Arab passersby (Arab Muslim passersby - CM) who laughed as she fought death.

'On Sunday afternoon Adelle Banita-Bennett, widow of Aharon Banita-Bennett, who herself was seriously injured in the stabbing attack Saturday night in the Old City of Jerusalem, woke up from the medical coma she had been placed under in order to enable doctors to treat her.

'Among the first people she spoke to was Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau, whom she told in detail about the attack.

'The widow told Rabbi Lau that she attempted to escape from the terrorist after the stabbing began.

"I ran for dozens of meters with a knife in my shoulder, bleeding.

"Arabs in the area who saw this horrible scene clapped and laughed, and told [me] that they hoped for my quick death.  I felt I was about to faint", she said.

"I tried to hold onto someone who passed by, and they just shook me off, and kicked me, and said, "Die!"."...".

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Islam does to human beings.

Only one Muslim did the actual hands-on murdering and attempted murder.  But the others - all the others that were there - are complicit.  They approved. They withheld assistance from a gravely wounded woman; they told her to "die!", they laughed, they kicked her.  They enjoyed the sight of her pain and fear and let her know that they enjoyed it.

There is similar testimony from a haredi Jewish father who, with his young son, was assaulted and humiliated by an Arab Muslim mob in the Old City in late September.

The full article, by Gil Ronen, may be read here:

"Humiliated Father Describes Old City Assault.

'Haredi dad who was attacked by Arabs (I would bet my bottom dollar they were all Muslims - CM), Nazi-style, along with his crying children, describes being kicked, spat upon - and how no-one helped.

'Yehonatan Levy, the haredi father who was assaultd and humiliated by an Arab (Muslim - CM) mob in Jerusalem's Old City...described the ordeal in a television interview...

'The video that shows Levy and his two sons emerging from an alleyway has been widely circulated, and photos of his sons crying in fear as he walks onward, silent and grim-faced, were disseminated world-wide by news agencies.

'Levy said that the event began several minutes earlier, as he and his sons were taking their usual route toward the Western Wall, in honour of Sukkot.  They were originally accosted by women, he said, and these women were then joined by men.  He described being kicked and spat upon.  His son's kippah was knocked to the ground, and when the father tried to pick it up, it was kicked away from him three times.

Islam inculcates a shameless and brazen bully and mob mentality in its adherents. - CM

'The father and his young sons were made to walk a gauntlet of screaming Muslims, he recounted.

"I understood that there were no security people, and it made no sense to try and go back because they had already closed in on us from the back, so I understood that I have to go forward.  My younger son, Nathan, was telling me, - "Dad, they'll stab us in the end, no-one cares." The children, he said, are aware of Arab terrorism, and were afraid that they, too, would be physically assaulted.

"It started with kicking and spitting", he recalled, "and then a young man motioned to me to approach him. I was certain that he wanted to help me somehow."

'However, when he approached the young man who called him - the man spat in his face.

'Asked how he responded when he was spat upon, Levy said that he did not feel that he could do anything except walk on.  "It's not like I entered the Gaza Strip", he explained. "It's my regular route to the Kotel.  We had passed through a police checkpoint, and no-one told us there was any danger.  It's a really, really terrible feeling", he said.

"And you know what the thing that really bothered me was?  That there was no-one there who cared - not one among all the people who were there, not even the shop owners or the jewellers - men, women...who cared.  Not one person would stop this horror, with children screaming."". END.

It is a neighbourhood full of Muslim Arabs; full of Muslims.

And this Jewish man's experience there, and the far worse experience, a couple of weeks later, of Adelle Banita-Bennett, should give pause to anyone who wants to claim that the majority of Muslims are nice people who don't approve of what the jihadis are doing.

At least those Muslims who spat at and kicked Adelle have been identified and will be prosecuted. Ido Ben Porat reporting.

'Arabs Who Spat At, Kicked Terror Victim, To Be Prosecuted'.

'Thanks to near-complete video coverage in Jerusalem's Old City, the identities of Arabs (and I will bet my bottom dollar that every one of those Arabs is a Muslim - CM) who mocked, kicked and hit Adelle Banita-Bennett as she staggered through the streets of Jerusalem's Old City are known, and they will be prosecuted, Israeli officials said.

'A Channel 2 report Monday night said that the Arabs who thought that Banita-Bennett's life-threatening injuries were "funny" are known, and they will be brought to trial for incitement, failing to offer assistance, and acting as accomplices in an attempted murder....".

Identify, arrest, try, charge and jail them.  And when they emerge from jail strip them of the Israeli citizenship they probably possess - and for which, as heir actions have revealed, they feel nothing but contempt - and drop them off in Gaza.  Muslim sadists like this cannot be permitted to remain in Israel. - CM 

Posted on 10/09/2015 1:33 AM by Christina McIntosh
Friday, 9 October 2015
Could The JCPOA be in Violation of a 2012 Iran Sanctions Law Signed by President Obama?

President Obama and Iranian President Rouhani

UN General Assembly, September 2015

Source: New York Post

James Rosen of Fox News published an intriguing investigative report, “EXCLUSIVE: US Officials conclude Iran Deal violates federal law”.   A 2012 Federal Iran sanctions law signed into law by President Obama has provisions closing sanctions loopholes for US licensed foreign subsidiaries during business in Iran that could make compliance with the JCPOA illegal.  The State and Treasury Department officials contend that a 1977 federal law gives the President broad authorities to include possible licensing of foreign subsidiaries of US firms to do business with Iranian entities.  A former Obama National Security official contends that there will still be sanctions regime that would prevent American firms from engaging in commercial activities in Iran.   This latest development might bolster possible Congressional and State litigation, especially in the later case, as the JCPOA doesn’t cover sanction laws passed by more than two dozen states.

This is an interesting development that might still yet be another basis for litigation against the President. It concerns the  conflict  between  2012 Iran Threat Reduction Act  and Syria Human Rights Act   (ITRA) prohibition against lifting of sanctions against foreign subsidiaries of US corporation and Section 5.1.2 of Annex II provides that in exchange for Iranian compliance with the terms of the deal, the U.S. “shall…license non-U.S. entities that are owned or controlled by a U.S. person to engage in activities with Iran that are consistent with this JCPOA.”   Moreover, as this Fox News report points out:

 ITRA stipulated, in Section 218, that when it comes to doing business with Iran, foreign subsidiaries of U.S. parent firms shall in all cases be treated exactly the same as U.S. firms: namely, what is prohibited for U.S. parent firms has to be prohibited for foreign subsidiaries, and what is allowed for foreign subsidiaries has to be allowed for U.S. parent firms.

What’s more, ITRA contains language, in Section 605, requiring that the terms spelled out in Section 218 shall remain in effect until the president of the United States certifies two things to Congress: first, that Iran has been removed from the State Department’s list of nations that sponsor terrorism, and second, that Iran has ceased the pursuit, acquisition, and development of weapons of mass destruction.

 Credit Arkansas junior Senator Tom Cotton for raising the legality of the lifting of the foreign subsidiary loop hole restriction vis a vis the provisions of ITRA   during Senate Banking Committee confirmation hearings for Adam Szubin Acting Undersecretary of the Treasury for Finance and Terrorism.   The Fox News report noted:

Szubin said the foreign subsidiaries licensed to do business with Iran will have to meet “some very difficult conditions,” and he specifically cited ITRA, saying the 2012 law “contains the licensing authority that Treasury would anticipate using…to allow for certain categories of activity for those foreign subsidiaries.

Elsewhere, in documents obtained by Fox News, Szubin has maintained that a different passage of ITRA, Section 601, contains explicit reference to an earlier law – the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, or IEEPA, on the books since 1977 – and states that the president “may exercise all authorities” embedded in IEEPA, which includes licensing authority for the president.”

State Department spokesperson John Kirby at today's Daily Press invoked the authority of the Administration to license foreign subsidiaries under IEEPA saying:

Under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the president has broad authorities, which have been delegated to the secretary of the Treasury, to license activities under our various sanctions regimes, and the Iran sanctions program is no different.

Politico cited former Obama National Security official Chris Backemeyer who served from 20102 to 2014 saying , “there will be no real sanctions relief of our primary embargo….We are still going to have sanctions on Iran that prevent most Americans from…engaging in most commercial activities.”

Sen. Ted Cruz suggested otherwise to the Szubin and Kirby statements:

Any U.S. company that follows through on this, that allows their foreign-owned subsidiaries to do business with Iran, will very likely face substantial civil liability, litigation and potentially even criminal prosecution. The obligation to follow federal law doesn’t go away simply because we have a lawless president who refuses to acknowledge or follow federal law.

 Will the Senate Banking Committee launch hearings on this development and pass a resolution sponsoring litigation that minority Democrats might block again? There are states who have adopted comparable language in state Iran sanctions authorized by a 2010 federal comprehensive sanctions law.

In our NER article on the question of states having the authority to bring possible federal litigation over sanctions relief, we noted this comment from an August 2015 Steptoe International Compliance blog post on the JCPOA and State Sanctions:

The Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) does not say much about Iran sanctions imposed by US state governments. … These state restrictions can be more extensive in scope than US federal sanctions. For example, some state restrictions (e.g. in Florida) attach automatically to the parent entity of the company who engages in certain Iran activities. Laws in many states provide for the lifting of Iran sanctions when the President removes Iran from the list of countries that support terrorism; but the JCPOA does not do that, and, as a result, Iran sanction laws in most states will remain intact.

 The JCPOA compliance conflicts with the federal ITRA law coupled with no coverage of state sanctions laws by the Iran Nuclear deal question the legality of the President’s actions.  This latest development might bolster possible litigation by 14 States who’s Governors signed a letter in September 2015 opposing the Iran nuclear pact. Stay tuned for developments.

Watch  this FoxNews video report:

Posted on 10/09/2015 1:42 AM by Jerry Gordon
Thursday, 8 October 2015
Eight Days, Just Eight Days - Of Muslim Attacks - Jihad - Upon Jews, In Israel, 1-8 October 2015

Summarised by Gil Ronen in Israel National News.

"Terror Timeline: A Bloody Week, Day after Day'

'Arab terror onslaught (that should be, "Muslim Terror Onslaught" - CM) has been going on for eight days, with new attacks reported every few hours.

At least in Israel the Tinyminorityofextremists meme is starting to wear pretty thin. - CM

'The latest Arab (sic: Arab Muslim, or just 'Muslim' - CM) terror onslaught has been going on for eight days, with new attacks reported every few hours. Arutz Sheva provides its readers with a roundup of the major attacks.

Nota bene: The major attacks. Not all of the attacks. - CM

'It should be noted that over 100 smaller-scale violent incidents (all of which involve Arab Muslim aggression against Jews qua Jews - CM) are being reported daily.

100 incidents. Daily.  Meanwhile Australia's ABC - which has a dedicated foreign correspondent placed within Israel, so it has no excuse - has studiously ignored most of those major attacks, and is ignoring the steady barrage of lesser acts of Muslim aggression. - CM 

'Thursday October 1.

'Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin were gunned down in their car near Itamar in Samaria.

That should be: "Muslim assassins murder Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin in their car near Itamar in Samaria" - CM

'The young parents, who were in their thirties, were residents of Neria in Samaria.  They were murdered in front of the eyes of their four children, aged four months, four years, 7, and 9, who were in the car at the time.

'A five-man Hamas terror cell (jihad gang - CM) that carried out the attack was arrested several days later.

'Rabbi Eitam's parents, who made aliyah from America, are Rabbanit Chana Henkin, founder of the Nishmat Institute for Advance Jewish Studies for Women in Jerusalem, and Rabbi Yehuda Henkin, known posek (halakhic decisor) and author of the four-volume set of responsa, Bnai Banim.

'Friday, October 2.

'Israel Police and the IDF arrested Palestinian Arabs (sic: 'Palestinian' Arab Muslims - CM) across Israel after hundreds participated in violence against Israeli military forces and civilians.

That is: Hundreds of Muslims in mobs attacked Israeli Jewish soldiers and civilians. - CM

'the riots took place at Rachel's Tomb in Beit Lehem (Bethlehem) on Friday afternoon, where Arabs (Arab Muslims; I very much doubt that any of Bethlehem's terrorised - by Muslims - and rapidly dwindling minority of dhimmified Christians took part in the rioting - CM) threw rocks, firebombs, and burning tyres at the Jewish holy site, in Hevron, and near Beit El in the Binyamin region.

Those familiar with the Bible should know that "Hevron" is Hebron, and "Beit El" is Bethel. - CM

'Police arrested a 25 year old (a 25 year old Muslim man - CM) from Shuafat in Jerusalem, for attempting a terror attack on a Border Police offficer in the Old City. The suspect tried to throw firebombs at civilians.

A Muslim, trying to throw fire-bombs at Jews. - CM

'In the coastal town of Lod, Arab gunfire  wounded (that is: 'An Arab Muslim took a gun and shot and wounded'- CM) a five-year-old child, Maoz Shiloh, as he sat in a sukkah.  The bullet caused a fracture to the young boy's skull, and he was admitted to intensive care following a complicated surgery.

In other words: a Muslim shot a Jewish child in the head, intending to murder that child, and succeeded in gravely wounding him. - CM

'A 16 year old girl who slept in her family's Sukkah in Kokhav Ya'akov in the Binyamin region of Samaria was lightly wounded in the lower body by a bullet which was fired from a nearby Arab village.

In other words: A Muslim in his Muslim village took a gun and shot a 16 year old Jewish girl while she slept in her family's Sukkah hut.  The intent was surely to murder; by a miracle, that intent was not fulfilled. - CM

'Saturday, October 3.

'Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, and Aharon Banita Bennett, 21, were murdered in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City.

That is: A Muslim with a knife murdered Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Banita Bennett in the Old City in Jerusalem. - CM

'Bennett, along with his wife and two-year-old son, were attacked by the terrorist; his wife was seriously wounded, and the child lightly wounded.

'Rabbi Lavi, a father of seven, went out of his home with his gun to try to save Bennett and his family, but the terrorist stabbed him and took his weapon.

'Arab onlookers (that is: Muslim onlookers - CM) laughed [at], spat [on] and kicked Bennett's wife, who had a knife stuck in her shoulder and was trying to get help.

The testimony of Bennett's wife, who by a miracle survived, needs to be heard and heeded by all intelligent Infidels.  In my next posting I will reproduce that bleak account of Muslim Jew-hatred and infidel-hatred as expressed not by the Muslim with the knife and then the gun but by the wider 'community' whose hatred he put into practice. - CM

'A 15 year old Jewish teen was stabbed (that is: A knife-wielding Muslim stabbed a 15 year old Jewish teenager - CM) at a gas station near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.  He (the victim - CM) was listed in moderate-to-serious condition after being stabbed in the upper body.

'The attacker (that is: the would-be murderer - CM0 who fled the scene, was shot dead by security forces.

'Sunday, October 4

'Shortly after 11.00 PM, two rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel.

Let's reword that.  "Shortly after 11.00 PM, jihadis in Gaza fired two rockets into Israel." - CM

'The first one missed the target and exploded on the Gazan side of the border.

'A second rocket exploded in an open area of the Eshkol Regional Council. There were no physical injuries or damage.

However: the jihadis who fired those rockets fully intended death and destruction.  They wanted to frighten, hurt and kill Jews.  Fortunately, they failed of their intent. - CM

'A terrorist threw a fire-bomb at security forces at the Tomb of Rachel outside Bethlehem.

'A Border Guard officer was injured in that attack.

'Tuesday, October 6.

'A 16 month old baby was lightly wounded when Arab terrorists threw rocks at a car on Highway 60 near Ma'ale Levona in Samaria.

'Both she and her mother, 32, were brought to a local hospital for treatment, though both are stable and fully conscious.

In other words: Muslims threw large rocks at a car containing a Jewish woman and her small daughter. The intent was to seriously injure or kill.  By a miracle, the Muslim murderers were not able to achieve what they intended. - CM

'A female Arab terrorist (that is, 'a Muslim woman jihadist' - CM) stabbed and moderately wounded a Jewish man, aged 36, at the Lion Gate in the Old City, on the eastern side of the Temple Mount.

'The man shot the terrorist, who is in serious condition.

'The stabber (the Muslim attacker - CM) sneaked up from behind the man and stabbed him near the neck.

Back-stabbing, and striking at the neck.  As per the instructions in the Quran 47.4 (Yusuf Ali translation) - "...Therefore, when you meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks...".  The N Dawood translation puts it rather more strongly - "Strike off their heads".   - CM

'He turned around and shot her in self-defence. She tried to run away but nearby Border Police gave chase, pounced on her, and neutralised her.

'An Arab mob (that is: 'A Muslim mob" - CM) ambushed a female Jewish motorist with rocks, then  proceeded to kick her and try to wrest her from the car.

Had they succeeded, she would have been lynched, and most likely gang raped as well. Fortunately, they did not succeed. - CM

'The woman, 38 year old Tekoa resident Rivi Lev-Ohayon, was left wounded by rocks and [from] kicks to her entire body, but managed to escape after other Jewish motorists intervened, with one allegedly shooting and injuring one of her attackers.

'An Arab (Muslim - CM) terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier and tried to steal his gun, in Kiryat Gat.  The Arab terrorist (the Muslim ghazi terror raider - CM) arrived in Kiryat Gat on a bus, spotted the soldier, and stole his weapon. The soldier fought to regain his gun, at which point he was stabbed in his head.  He suffered moderate injuries.  Police reached the scene within minutes, and rushed into a building to which the terrorist had escaped. They opened fire and eliminated him after he fired at them.

The Jew-hating Muslim jihadist and would-be murderer is dead. Good riddance. - CM

'An Arab (sic: Arab Muslim - CM) terrorist injured at least one person in a knife attack on passersby (on Jewish passersby - CM) outside Petah Tikvah's central mall, close to Bellinson Hospital.

'The attacker drew his knife and ran towards a crowd of civilians (I would hazard the guess "a crowd of mostly-Jewish civilians" - CM) as he and his victim left the city's #! bus, and succeeded in stabbing at least one of them before security guards opened fire in his direction, and succeeded in overpowering him.

'Thursday, October 8.

'A female soldier and four civilians were stabbed and lightly wounded by a terrorist (that is: a Muslim terror raider - CM) in central Tel Aviv's Begin Street.  An Air Force soldier and policemen who were at the scene chased after the terrorist to nearby Mozes street, where they shot and killed him.

'Magen David Adom teams evacuated the soldier, 20, to hospital, along with a woman aged about 60, a man aged about 40, and another woman aged about 40.  They are all conscious and were stabbed in the upper body.  A fifth victim was also reported.

'An Arab terrorist (sic: Arab Muslim terrorist - CM) stabbed a 25 year old Jewish man in Kiryat Arba, in Judea.  The victim was seriously wounded with stab wounds to his back (nota bene: to his back.  In Australia the Muslim terror raider shot Curtis Cheng in the back of the head. - CM), in an attack that took place at the western gate of the town, which opens onto the Arab-majority (and Muslim-dominated - CM) city of Hevron.

That is, Hebron. On the site of Biblical Hebron.  A place known to and lived in by Jews, by the House of Israel, over a thousand years before Islam was ever cooked up out of whole cloth in order to function as the Arab Imperial Cult.  Perhaps it should be called "the Muslim-occupied Israelite city of Hebron". There were Jews in Hebron until 1929, when Muslims carried out a violent pogrom against its defenceless dhimmi Jews, and the then-governing British, rather than punish the murdering and raping Muslims, removed all the Jews, thus rendering Hebron Judenrein. - CM

'Medical teams began treating the victim, who apparently is a resident of Kiryat Arba, and after initial treatment they evacuated him to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem.

'Earlier, a 25 year old yeshiva student was seriously injured and another man lightly injured in a terror attack (that is: 'when attacked by a Muslim terrorist' - CM) at the Jerusalem Light Rail station in front of national police headquarters near Ammunition Hill.  Magen David Adom teams on scene at Haim Bar Lev Road treated the seriously injured man and brought him to Shaare Zedek Medical Centre, where he arrived in critical condition, was subsequently sedated, and was breathing through a respirator.

'An initial police investigation revealed that the terrorist, 19 year old Subhi Abu Halifa from Shuafat in eastern Jerusalem, approached the Light Rail station, stabbed the haredi student in the neck (there it is again, Quran 47.4, "smite at their necks" - CM) with a knife, and tried to escape. As he fled, Abu Halifa passed a light rail guard, whom he attacked in an attempt to steal his weapon.  Police SWAT forces chased after the terrorist, arresting him with the assistance of police reinforcements on the scene.

'A Jewish man in his twenties was stabbed and moderately wounded in an Arab terror attack in the northern city of Afula.

That is: "In the northern Israeli city of Afula an Arab Muslim stabbed a Jewish man in his twenties, intending to kill him.  The victim was moderately wounded." - CM

'The young victim was attacked on Arlozorov Street.  Magen David Adom (MDA) and United Hatzalah crews were called to the scene, and provided medical treatment, afterwards evacuating him to Haemek Hospital in the city.

'Initial reports indicate that the terrorist was apprehended by civilians who happened to be passing by at the time, and then arrested by police."

So there it is. Attack after attack after attack.  The neverending jihad. And I am sure that when I open up the news from Israel tomorrow and the day after there will be more.  I can also be quite sure that not even ten percent of it will even get a mention from our Aussie ABC, despite their having access to all the Israeli English-language news outlets and blogs to which people like me now have access.  And I can be sure that the common factor shared by  these murderous attacks on Jews in Israel and the murder of Curtis Cheng in Parramatta will never, never be discussed by the ABC or SBS. - CM


Posted on 10/08/2015 9:11 PM by Christina McIntosh
Thursday, 8 October 2015
Stating the Obvious : "Israel, October 2015: This is War"

Mordechai Kedar with his trenchant op ed "It's Jihad, Stupid" is not the only Jew in Israel who sees what is going on and is able to tell it like it is.

Here is another with clearer sight than most in Israel or for that matter the entire Infidel world - one Tuvia Brodie, also writing for "Israel National News".  His piece requires slight clarification here and there to give it greater precision, but it's still pretty good.

"Israel, October 2015: This is War".

"There's a rumour making the rounds in Israel today, October 8, 2015, in the Jerusalem area.

"The rumour says that there have been 108 Arab attacks (that is: Arab Muslim attacks - CM) against Jews in the last 24 hours.

'I don't know if that number is correct.  But from what I can see, it certainly sounds right.

'We are at war.

'The enemy is Jew-hating Muslim Arabs.

Or, more precisely still: Muslims. Because Shiite Islamic Iran, racing to get nukes and howling "Death to Israel!" over and over, is not Arab, it is Persian (plus various other lesser people-groups; the Persians are simply the dominant group) yet it too, being Muslim, is boiling and brimming over with thoroughly-orthodox Islamic Jew-hatred. - CM

'We know that's our enemy, because we see their pictures.

Click on the link and read the story in situ: for 'pictures' he supplies a link to some particularly egregious examples. - CM

'We see them in the news.

'We see them on film.

'We see them attacking Jews on CCTV clips published on news sites and blogs.

'We see them stabbing, kicking, tripping and shoving Jews in unprovoked assaults on youtube videos uploaded from both Jewish and Arab (sic: 'Arab Muslim", or just "Muslim" - CM) cell phones.

And they aren't just doing it to Jews in Israel, either.  The Muslims living in Europe and in Australia (as various recent surveys and studies have revealed) are full of Jew-hatred too, and in Europe they have been acting it out repeatedly and violently; as when Mohammed Merah, after attacking French soldiers, went on to attack a Jewish school in Toulouse, shooting an unarmed rabbi, the rabbi's two little sons, and an eight-year-old Jewish girl named Miriam Monsonego.  The Muslim grabbed little Miriam by her pony-tail and shot her in the head, point-blank. And filmed the whole thing as he was doing it, with a go-pro or similar. - CM

'Arab Muslims are on a bloody, murderous rampage. They're throwing stones at Jews. 

Not just 'stones'. They are throwing, as an Aussie would say, bloody big rocks. - CM

'They're attacking Jews. They're shooting Jews.  They are out to kill Jews.

As they have been ever since Mohammed and his 'companions' attacked the peaceful Jewish date farmers of the Khaybar Oasis, people who offended merely by ...not being Muslim. - CM

'This blood-thirsty frenzy has nothing to do with establishing a new state of "Palestine" so that two nations can live side-by-side in peace and security (as the European Union proclaims).

"It has everything to do with killing Jews.

Jews, who are the most hated subset of the hated Infidels. - CM

"It doesn't get any simpler than that. It's hardly more complex than that.

Yes.  "Itbach al-Yahood" - "slaughter the Jews" - has been howled by the mobs of the dar al Islam for over a millennium. - CM

"I have a picture for you [linked in original].

"Perhaps you've seen it before. It's a picture that shows you the happy face of the "Palestinian Cause".

"You've been told repeatedly that the "Palestinian Cause" is about justice for the "Palestinian people".  You've been told that it's about helping the "Palestinian people" achieve their dream of self-determination - their own state.

"But those who promote this "Cause" don't tell you that the creation of this new state requires the extermination of another state - Israel.

"Since the creation of modern Israel, that extermination has meant killing Jews.

"In fact, "Palestine" cannot exist without wiping Israel off the world map.

"Actions speak louder than words; and the actions of "Palestinians" have always been the same: "Palestine" can be born only through the blood of dead Jews.

"We know this about the "Palestinians" because of a picture: [linked in original].

"The woman in this picture is Hillevi Larssona.  At the time this picture was taken, between October-December 2014, she was a Swedish Parliament Member who was instrumental in convincing the Swedish Parliament, in October 2014, to recognize "Palestine" as a "state" ("Sweden Recognizes Palestine" as a State", Arutz Sheva, October 4, 2014).  'Palestinian' officials (that is: 'Palestinian Arab Muslim officials' - CM) in Sweden were so pleased with her efforts that they honoured her with the plaque pictured above - along with a sample "Palestinian flag" (the picture comes from "Sweden Approves Borders of "Palestine", with Israel Erased", Times of Israel, December 3, 2014).

'The map of "Palestine" she holds is actually the outline of the modern state of Israel.

'Look at a map of Israel.  Compare the shape of Israel with the shape of this "Palestine".  The two shapes are identical.

'Even taking into account changes created by graphic creativity, this plaque is pretty much an exact outline of what Israel looks like on a map - only the outline in this plaque isn't called Israel.  It's called "Palestine".

'In case you don't get the point, the new "Palestine" doesn't sit side-by-side with Israel. It doesn't sit next to Israel.  It replaces Israel.  Its very existence requires the disappearance of Israel.

And one must bear in mind that this zero-sum scenario mirrors in little the bigger picture: that from the POV of classical Islam the dar al Harb - the region where Muslims do not rule and where the sharia is not the sole system of law and government - is supposed to be warred against unendingly until the dar al Islam - where Muslims rule and the sharia is imposed in the entirety of its supposed perfection.  The campaign to erase Israel is a subset of the greater Muslim Jihad to erase the whole of the dar al Harb.  As Joseph Schacht put it decades ago in his "An Introduction to Islamic Law": "The basis of the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war. They must be either converted, or subjugated, or killed".  Muslims are taught to feel affronted - both threatened and enraged - by the mere existence of any as-yet-unsubdued Infidels anywhere on the face of planet earth. To be Infidel is to offer casus belli. - CM

'That's why Arabs (sic: Muslims - CM) attack Jews.  They want that replacement to happen now.

'This is war. It's a war to rid Israel of Jews.  Its aim is to kill Jews, conquer Israel, take over the Temple Mount, and rename the land conquered as "Palestine".

Which 'Arab Islamic State of Palestine' (which is what it would be, like all the other 'X Islamic States of Y', would be regarded by Muslims as a subset of the greater 'dar al Islam', the region of Submission, the de facto Empire of Islam. - CM

'Jews in Israel know this.

Or, rather, some Jews in Israel know this. Not all. Yet. - CM

'This is why the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, has declared that Jews who own a licensed gun should wear that gun whenever they go out (Paul Goldman and Lawahez Jabari, "Palestinian (sic - CM) Unrest: Carry Guns At All Times, Jerusalem Mayor Says", NBC News, October 8, 2015). 

'It's why Israel's Deputy Defence Minister, Eli Ben-Dahan, has called on all of Israel's Jewish citizens to carry their licensed weapons on them ("Deputy Defence Minister Calls on Citizens to Carry Their Guns", Jewish Press, October 8, 2015).

These two 'calls to arms' are very significant, because they are calling upon Jews in Israel to actively break with one of the main 'rules for dhimmis'.  The Pact of Omar, template of all the discriminatory and oppressive restrictions placed upon non-Muslim persons living under the 'protection' of Muslims in a Muslim state, states clearly that Dhimmis are forbidden to possess or bear arms (and they are also forbidden to ever strike a Muslim, no matter what; not even in self-defence). - CM

"We are now told - not asked - to carry loaded guns for a simple reason: The Palestinian Authority (our so-called "peace partner") celebrates the killing of Jews.

'How do we know this?

'We know it because the Palestinian Authority has announced that killing Jews brings joy - that the killing of Jews is a "heroic" act that brings expressions of joy to "Palestinians" (Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu, "Official PA Daily Reports That Murders of Jews Brings Joy", Jewish Press, October 8 2015; see also Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, "Palestinians Joyous By Sharing Pictures of Dead Israelis", Palestinian Media Watch, October 8, 2015.).

"This is war. 

"It's a war of Jew-hate.  It has the same goal as the Jew-hate of Nazi Germany. It lusts to spill Jewish blood."

And not only Jewish blood. For this is about hating, subjugating, terrorising and destroying the Infidel, the non-Muslim, faraway Australia - where the Cheng family are mourning a husband and father murdered by a Muslim ghazi raider who sallied forth from a mosque - just as much as in Israel.  Muslim Jew-hatred, the Muslim war to erase the Jewish state of Israel and steal for the second time what Muslim imperialists iinvaded, seized, and occupied - stole - in the 7th century AD, is - to repeat - a particularly intense and virulent subset of the sacralised Muslim hatred of and aggression toward all Infidels that is inculcated by the core Islamic texts. - CM

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Thursday, 8 October 2015
Bon Jovi Defies BDS, Performs in Tel Aviv, Dedicates To Israel New Song "We Don't Run"

This took place on Saturday 3 October 2015, even as Muslims threw rocks and carried out stabbing attacks on Jews within Israel.

'Empathetic Jon Bon Jovi Dedicates Song "We Don't Run" to Israel'

'Jon Bon Jovi kicked off his band's first-ever performance in Israel Saturday evening by telling 50,000 cheering Israelis, "I've waited a long time for this!"

'A few songs into the show, he underlined his empathy with Israel by introducing a new song called "We Don't Run", released earlier this summer, with the comment, "This should be the fight song for Tel Aviv."

He should have said, "This should be the fight song for Jerusalem". But never mind. At least he went to Israel, defying pressure from the usual suspects. - CM

'And later in the performance, the New Jersey-born rocker name-checked his keyboard player, Jewish musician David Bryan (Rashbaum) by saying that , "Your father would be proud of you" for being in Israel pounding the piano.

'Probably unbeknownst to the band, the concert began minutes after a terrorist attack (a Muslim terror attack - CM) in Jerusalem 60 km (some 40 miles) away, when a Palestinian man stabbed two Israelis to death in the Old City and injured two others (dear Times of Israel, this is what you say, "when a Muslim man murdered two Jews by stabbing them in the Old City, and wounded two others" - CM)

"Good evening, Tel Aviv, Israel! Are you ready for rock'n'roll? I 've waited a long time for this, baby!" Bon Jovi called out to fans packed into Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park before opening with the song, "That's What the Water Made Me."

"We finally made it here. It took us a long time, and we still have a ways to go tonight. Are you with me?" he asked.

"In an 18-song set-list, fans were treated to some of Bon Jovi's newer material as well as the group's biggest hits, including "You Give Love a Bad Name", "It's My Life", and, at the end of the long set, "Livin' on a Prayer".

'The 53 year old musician was upbeat and energetic throughout, constantly encouraging the audience to clap and sing along, and having them sing solo at the start of "Wanted Dead or Alive"...

'Unremarkably, Bon Jovi's decision to play in Israel had led to pressure from boycott activists, and criticism from anti-Israel fellow rocker Roger Waters.

'Waters and other supporters of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement urged the band to cancel the concert but a local promoter said that Bon Jovi, a longtime Democrat who recently hosted a fund-raiser for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, "couldn't care less".

Ten out of ten to Bon Jovi for defying what Aussie Israeli blogger Israellycool calls "the BDS-holes", but negative marks for being fool enough to simultaneously support Ms Clinton.  Here's hoping that one day soon he'll realize that if he wants Israel to survive and thrive he had better find a different Presidential candidate to support, and fast. - CM

'The band and its leader were evidently unfazed by the criticism...

'When asked why the band had never played in Israel before, Bon Jovi jokingly pointed at his tour promoter and said, "Blame Marcel, he's never let us come.  But, no, we're happy to finally be here. This is a place that I've always wanted to come to, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally come to Israel", Bon Jovi said.  

'He sid he hoped to tour in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during the band's stay...

'Speaking to the Hebrew press last Friday, Bon jovi said..."I Have been everywhere, and Israel was a place that I've always wanted to visit, but it never worked out. This time I insisted that Israel must be on our list, and it happened!".

'Underlining the sentiment, he ended Saturday's show with a promise, "I'll come here any time you want."

That new song, We Don't Run, isn't bad.  Have a listen, and see what you think.


Here are the lyrics.  The refrain should send chills down one's back.

"Take a look around you, yeah, the sky is falling.

"Sinners say your prayers, this train is off the tracks.

"Nothing is forever when tomorrow's calling

"Dancing with the devil to get one day back.

"I'm not afraid of burning bridges

"Cause I know they're gonna light my way

"Like a Phoenix, from the ashes

"Welcome to the future, it's a new day.

"We don't run

"I'm standing my ground.

"We don't run

"And we don't back down.

"There's fire in the sky

"There's thunder on the mountains

"Bless each tear and this dirt I was born in/ run?/

"We don't run."

"Take me to the banks of your muddy water/

"Where the flesh and blood and the spirit meet

"Only takes your touch for me to find salvation

"You're the only reason that I still believe.

"I'm not afraid of burning bridges

"Cause I know they're gonna light my way

"Like a Phoenix, from the ashes

"Welcome to the future, it's a new day.

"We don't run

"I'm standing my ground

"We don't run

"And we don't back down

"There's fire in the sky

"There's thunder on the mountain

"Bless each tear and this dirt I was born in / run?/

"We don't run.

"We don't run.


And here's a response from one Israeli, the lady who writes the blog "A Soldier's Mother".  (click on the link and read her whole piece).

"Israel Doesn't Run".

"...the music in my life is the music of words.  I hear music in what I read and sometimes what I write. This time, in the midst of such great sadness (she is referring, among other things, to the Muslim murder of Eitam and Naama Henkin - CM) this man came to Israel, and sang...and Israel danced to his tune."

Posted on 10/08/2015 6:09 PM by Christina McIntosh
Thursday, 8 October 2015
Kampus Kangaroo Kourt - The Fiamengo File Episode 9

Posted on 10/08/2015 4:24 PM by David Solway
Wednesday, 7 October 2015
Hold On To The Constitution

“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution; for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”  – Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster wrote these words in the 1840s and yet they are truer today than when they were first written. The most violent ideology that has ever been unleashed on mankind is that of Islamic Sharia law. It is estimated conservatively that Islam has caused the deaths of over 270 million of our fellow human beings. This makes Hitler and his cronies appear to be mere pikers. Even with modern weapons Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo were responsible for the slaughter  of 40 million people.

Mohammed and his gangsters devised the greatest killing machine in the long sad history of this world. It is called Jihad. The deliberate,calculated extinction of all infidels with no mercy shown to men, women, children and even babies.

Sharia is totally antithetical to the rule of law as formulated in our Constitution. The first ten amendments collectively known as the Bill of Rights stand in stark opposition to Islamic Law. Sharia forbids freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Sharia forbids infidels against carrying weapons. Sharia allows the quartering of Islamic fighters in our homes. Those fighters are also free to search our homes without cause or warrant. There is no trial by jury under Sharia.

If we fall in the United States the hope of the entire world for freedom disappears. Ronald Reagan had it right. We are never more than one generation away from losing our liberty. And freedom once lost may never be regained.

President Obama, the founding Fathers have built a process into the Constitution whereby that document can be legally amended. And it is not by executive order. Rest assured we will not let you destroy this great Republic. We shall oppose you by every legal, peaceful tactic. The line has been drawn in the sand. Do not cross it.

You and your left-wing minions who are allied with the Islamic militants so eager to replace the Constitution with Sharia Law will be resisted every step of the way. We will regain our freedom and security. We will take back our nation and pass it on pure and unadulterated to future generations.

Posted on 10/07/2015 6:06 PM by John Constantine
Wednesday, 7 October 2015
Los Abandandos- a new film on the Murder Mystery of Argentine Prosecutor Alberto Nisman


Alberto Nisman assassination graphic

Greg Groesch/Washington Times


When Argentine Prosecutor Alberto Nisman was murdered under mysterious circumstances on January 18, 2015, we wrote of the curious circumstances surrounding his death. He was found dead in his Buenos Aires flat with a bullet to his head with a pistol allegedly in his possession. He was on the brink of presenting a 300 page brief to a committee of the Argentine Congress based on a decade of investigations. Investigations begun under the auspices of the late President of Argentina Nestor Kirchner and after his passing in 2007, for a time under his successor, his wife Cristina. Nisman’s death came amidst revelations about negotiations of a Memorandum of Understanding in 2013 between Iran and outgoing Argentine President Cristina de Fernandez Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman regarding a truth commission. The object of the commission was to facilitate an expose of Iran’s and its proxy Hezbollah’s roles in both the 1992 Buenos Aires Israel Embassy and 1994 AMIA Buenos Aires, Jewish Center bombings. Bombings that killed 114, injuring 542.In exchange for no prosecution following the truth commission proceedings, Iran and Argentina would renew their commercial trade.


On the occasion of Nisman’s January 30, 2015 funeral and interment in the martyrs section of the La Tablada Jewish cemetery in Buenos Aires we wrote in an Iconoclast Post, “There is No Justice in Argentina” :

Many in the Argentine Jewish Community considered that appropriate as they deemed him the “86th victim” of the AMIA blast. In effect his burial in the Martyrs section repudiated initial official assessments from President Cristina de Fernandez Kirchner and the investigating prosecutor that he may have been a suicide. Kirchner quickly changed her story to a likely murder by rogue intelligence elements who had “manipulated” Nisman.

By the time outgoing President Cristina Kirchner gave her valedictory speech at the UN General Assembly on September 28, 2015, she referred to the dismissal and trial of officials in the country’s intelligence echelon who she alleged impeded the investigation saying, “prosecutor Nisman, in charge of the case, passed away.”

Cliff May, President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies attended a recent premier of a new documentary , Los Abandandos, (The Abandoned) about Nisman’s murder and the AMIA bombing investigations at Washington, DC’s, Newseum. . He published an opinion column in today’s Washington Times about the unsolved mystery of Nisman’s death and the comments of the film’s director, “Argentine Murder Mystery”.May noted:

The evidence, of which there is no shortage, leads to one conclusion: Iran’s rulers ordered the mass murder; Iran’s proxy terrorist organization, Hezbollah, carried out the mass murder; and in recent years Argentine officials at the highest levels have been involved in a cover-up of the mass murder.

May notes what possessed the director of Los Abandandos, Matthew Taylor, to pursue the story and create a riveting documentary:

To prevent the truth from passing away, Mr. Taylor went to Argentina where he quietly — he didn’t inform authorities — interviewed journalists, opposition politicians and anyone else brave enough to tell him what they knew. As the film shows, Argentines have gathered by the hundreds of thousands to protest what they see as their government’s capitulation to terrorists. Some have carried signs reading: “Islamic Fundamentalists Killed Nisman.”

In a conversation immediately following last week’s screening, Mr. Taylor was asked if he had made the movie to influence opinion about President Obama’s nuclear weapons agreement with Iran. When he began the project, he replied, he was not even aware of that controversy. But the film does serve, he added, as “a guide to what happens when you do deals with Iran.”

He pointed out that the AMIA bombing and the murder of Nisman started “with a nuclear deal” — an agreement Argentina made in the late 1980s to provide Iran with nuclear technology and assistance. Eventually, under pressure from the United States, the Argentine government did not give Iran’s revolutionary theocrats what they wanted.

One plausible theory — in essence, Nisman’s theory — is that the attack was Iran’s way of sending a message and a warning: “This time we kill Argentine Jews. Disappoint us again and who knows what our targets will be?”

May concluded:

Whatever the reasons, Mrs. Kirchner’s Faustian bargain necessitated abandoning both the AMIA victims and Nisman. Did it necessitate something even worse? That remains an unsolved murder mystery.

The Islamic fundamentalists who rule Iran are as determined and ruthless as any in the world. Their agents, including Hezbollah, are increasingly influential throughout much of Latin America.

Watch this You Tube video of the trailer for Los Abandandos:



Will the mystery of Nisman’s murder be resolved following the looming Argentine Presidential election on October 25th?  That contest pits ruling Peronist Justicialist party candidate Daniel Scioli, the anointed successor to Kirchner, against  Buenos Aires Mayor, Mauricio Macri of the Center Right , PRO party. The latest polls taken show Scioli ahead of Macri, despite the former  not showing up for a televised Presidential debate Sunday; 41.3 % to Marci’s 30.5%.  There are five Presidential candidates in the race. The Buenos Aires Herald quoted Macri in late January 2015 saying, “The priority is to clarify the circumstances of  his death. We need to be respectful and allow the Judiciary to work. Nisman’s death cannot go unpunished.”  Should Scioli maintain his lead, we doubt that the mystery of Nisman’s death will be resolved anytime soon.




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Wednesday, 7 October 2015
Boy has fingertips SLICED OFF and women raped in public - for being CHRISTIAN

From the Express

DEPRAVED Islamic State jihadis have savagely sliced of the fingertips of a 12-year-old Christian boy whose family refused to convert to Islam. The youngster was badly beaten before his digits were chopped off in an act of rage by ISIS barbarians after he and 11 other Syrians refused to renounce their Christian faith. The extremist fighters told his father the torture would only stop if he returned to Islam.

But when the family refused, the entire group was butchered in a mass beheading.

Even as they lay dying they defied the evil militants crying 'Jesus' at the jihadists.

According to Christian Aid Mission, the public torture and execution took place on August 28 in a village close to the ISIS stronghold of Aleppo, Syria. The ministry director told Christian Aid: "Villagers said some were praying in the name of Jesus.One of the women looked up and seemed to be almost smiling as she said, 'Jesus!'"

A separate group of eight Christian aid workers, including two women, were also killed for refusing to shun their faith. After they refused to renounce Christ, the women, aged 29 and 33, were raped in front of a crowd summoned to watch, and then all eight were beheaded.

The early church was built on the blood of the martyrs. These are martyrs of our time who are suffering just as much as the saints of the first and second centuries. I pray the Christian faith will be strengthened by their sacrifice - at the moment all I see is at best naivity; otherwise weakness. 

Posted on 10/07/2015 3:38 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Wednesday, 7 October 2015
Merkel: Germans Must Prepare for a Changed Nation

Washington Post:

BERLIN — In a country struggling to come to terms with a massive influx of Muslim refugees, the image struck a national nerve: German Chancellor Angela Merkel peering out from a black veil, her pious face juxtaposed against a national parliament building Photoshopped to include soaring minarets.

German public broadcaster ARD this week flashed the image on national television while airing a segment that quickly went viral and triggered an uproar on social media. The network called it satire, a way to capture the mounting sense of national angst over a refugee surge to Germany that could top 1 million by the year’s end. But the image was nevertheless blasted by critics across Germany as blatant Islamophobia.

The image did, however, get one thing right: As Germans wrangle over the region’s biggest refugee crisis since World War II, Angela Merkel is in the eye of the storm.

The woman known as the Iron Chancellor — and the same leader who brought the bankrupt Greeks to their knees last summer — has now put her political future on the line by showing a far kinder face to the Syrians, Iraqis and others fleeing war. In a region where other leaders have been far less compassionate, Merkel’s voice of sympathy is so notable that her name is now even being bandied about as a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Germany has gotten tougher in recent weeks — vowing to rapidly deport financial migrants and reinstating border checks to control the flows. But Merkel has also told Germans to prepare themselves for a new nation, one that may not be as white and Christian as it is today.

Posted on 10/07/2015 12:49 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Wednesday, 7 October 2015
Teenage terrorist was given gun he used to shoot dead accountant at the mosque where he skipped school to pray

From the Daily Mail Australia and the Daily Telegraph

THE weapon used by teen terrorist Farhad Jabar was believed to be sourced from a Middle Eastern crime gang and police suspect it was handed to the schoolboy at the Parramatta mosque. Details about where he got the gun and its original source were established early in the investigation but the Telegraph was asked by police not to release details until after today’s raids.

Police believe a known Middle Eastern crime figure passed the .38 Smith and Wesson on to a radical without knowing exactly what it was to be used for. It’s believed the weapon then ended up in the hands of the 15-year-old at the mosque just hours before he killed Curtis Cheng last Friday afternoon outside Police Headquarters.

The terror teen had been a regular member of an Islamic schoolyard prayer meeting being audited by the state government.

A spokeswoman for NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli last night confirmed the Muslim prayer group, held at lunchtime each Friday under teacher supervision at Arthur Phillip High School where Farhad Jabar was a student, had been reviewed following allegations pupils were preaching extremism at similar sessions at another school.

It can also be revealed a fellow student at Jabar’s school, who cannot be named, was a supporter of Islamic State and had been ordered to participate in a youth offenders conference after yelling abuse outside a Christian school and flying the terror group’s flag from a car window.

...a separate 17-year-old student (who cannot be named for legal reasons)was yesterday arrested on his way to the school for allegedly abusing and threatening police who had uncovered a series of extremist Islamic posts linked to his ­social media accounts.

He has released on bail and will attend a children’s court on November 9 having been charged with "assaulting police, resisting ­arrest and using a carriage service to menace and harass".

Posted on 10/07/2015 2:31 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 6 October 2015
Are we witnessing the end of the Assad Ba’athist Regime?

Syrian President Bashar Assad and Ayatollah Khamenei

Reuters has a report on how Quds Force Commander Gen. Soliemani mapped out Russian involvement to save beleaguered Syrian President Bashar Assad, “How Iranian general plotted out Syrian assault in Moscow.”  The strategy unraveling now is a joint air and ground assault to carve out an Alawite bastion in Western and Northwestern Syria ejecting CIA and Coalition-trained opposition, Al Qaeda Al Nusrah Front and Free Syrian Army forces. The air assault to date has focused on attacking these units in a strategic line north out of Damascus. The ground component is composed of fresh Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah units. The Russian air assault contingent based in Latakia province is being bolstered by Russian "volunteers" a page out of Putin's playbook for seizure of the Crimea and invasion of Eastern Ukraine. In the absence of significant US trained Sunni opposition contingents in this scenario; it would appear that Syria may devolve into a series of sectarian cantons akin to the  French Mandate for Syria granted by the League of Nations in the early 1920's.

The objective of Iran is to build a virtual Shia crescent from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean coast including bringing in Shia extremist Imams and resettling  Shia refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan in Syrian areas depopulated of Sunnis and Christians. The Alawites, who are secular, are troubled by this development and many have fled abroad. The Kurds have their de facto canton in Northeastern Syria abutting the Kurdish Regional Government in neighboring Iraq.

Turkey is clearly upset with the Russian presence in Syria, as is NATO, while the US is clearly dithering on what to do. Once again Obama has been outfoxed by Soliemani and Putin. That leaves allies like Israel, the Saudis and the Emirates seeking alternatives for their own sovereign protection. The Saudis and Emirates are talking about a jihad akin to that they funded in Afghanistan with CIA and Pakistan's ISI in a secret war in the 1980's that led to the rout of the Soviet 40th Army and gave rise to Bin Laden's Al Qaeda.

A Der Spiegel article, “The Iranian Project: Why Assad Has Turned to Moscow for Helpportrays  President Bashar al-Assad as caught in a dilemma; “fear of friends”, meaning Iran versus “fear of opposition.”That former fear stems from reliance on Iran Revolutionary Guards, Shia auxiliaries from Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Sadr Brigade in Iraq and Shia fighters from Afghanistan and  Pakistan. They are under the command of Quds Force Commander Soliemani and make up for the decimation and desertions of draftees from the Syrian National Defense Forces. Iran’s intention is to build an Islamic Revolutionary State within  the areas along the Mediterranean coast and Mountains of Northwest Syria. To that end Iran has sent in radical Imams to create Shia religious centers directed at conversion of secular Alawites and Sunnis causing them to flee the country.  Thus, Assad has welcomed the Russia military assistance as Putin has allegedly no such interests in the current campaign, excepting protecting Russian interests in naval and military bases, as well as offshore gas developments.

Note these excerpts:

"Assad and those around him are afraid of the Iranians," the Russian says. Anger over the arrogance of the Iranians, who treat Syria like a colony, is also part of it, the Russian continues. Most of all, though, the Syrians "mistrust Tehran's goals, for which Assad's position of power may no longer be decisive. That is why the Syrians absolutely want us in the country."

Tehran’s goals go far beyond merely reestablishing the status quo in Syria. In early 2013, Hojatoleslam Mehdi Taeb, one of the planners behind Iran's engagement in Syria, said: "Syria is the 35th province of Iran and it is a strategic province for us." For several decades, the alliance between the Assads and Iran was a profitable one, particularly in opposition to the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, which long had the upper hand in the region. But today, Assad depends on Iran to remain in power, and Tehran is taking advantage of the situation.

It is, however, primarily in the civilian sector where significant changes are afoot. Just as in Damascus, Latakia and Jabla, increasing numbers of hosseiniehs -- Shiite religious teaching centers -- are opening. The centers are aimed at converting Sunnis, and even the Alawites, the denomination to which the Assads belong, to "correct" Shiite Islam by way of sermons and stipends. In addition, the government decreed one year ago that state-run religion schools were to teach Shiite material.

All of this is taking place to the consternation of the Alawites, who have begun to voice their displeasure. "They are throwing us back a thousand years. We don't even wear headscarves and we aren't Shiites," Alawites complained on the Jableh News Facebook page. There were also grumblings when a Shiite mosque opened in Latakia and an imam there announced: "We don't need you. We need your children and grandchildren."

Talib Ibrahim, an Alawite communist from Masyaf who fled to the Netherlands many years ago, summarizes the mood as follows: "Assad wants the Iranians as fighters, but increasingly they are interfering ideologically with domestic affairs. The Russians don't do that."

Putin may have been prompted by Quds Force Commander Soliemani to aid mutual client Assad because he saw an opportunity to make a power play against the US in the region.  However, the secular Ba’athist Syrian tradition has been virtually suborned by the influx of Iranian Revolutionary Guards 'and Shia proxies’ with the objective of creating a Khomeinist Revolutionary state. The confluence of those opposing interests, secular and religious, may ultimate end the decades’ long rule of the Assad family. That might lead to an ultimate apocalyptic conflict in Syria between nuclear equipped Shia Iran and the Sunni Salafist Islamic State.

Posted on 10/06/2015 6:06 PM by Jerry Gordon
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