Date: 25/06/2018
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ABC Australia's Europe Correspondent Runs Hit-Piece Attacking Resistance to Islamisation

Now, the particular group on which the ABC's James Glenday chooses to focus - I observe that he ignores Tommy Robinson and PEGIDA UK, and ignores Paul Weston and Liberty Great Britain - may or may not be connected with actual 'neo-nazism' (there is no sign of any such connection, in the article itself!), but there are plenty of other groups, and individuals, in the UK, issuing warnings about Islam and Islamisation, that our Mr Glenday could have made contact with, had he chosen.  

He could have interviewed Gavin Boby and done an article about the "Law and Freedom Foundation" and he could have read through the report Boby's group produced, "Easy Meat", on the industrial-scale grooming, pimping and rape of very young English infidel girls, by multiple Muslim gangs, and the continuity between this behaviour and Islamic misogyny and hatred and contempt for non-Muslims, all codified in the Islamic foundation texts.  

He could have interviewed ex-Muslim Hannah Shah, author of "The Imam's Daughter". He could have interviewed Ibn Warraq.  He could have done a piece on the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain.  He could have interviewed Wilson Choudary of the British Pakistani Christian Association, and attended and reported upon the small but brave rallies conducted recently in Birmingham, Manchester, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh, by the BPCA, outside of Pakistani Consulates and the High Commission in London, demanding that Catholic Christian Asia Bibi -  sentenced to death by the judiciary of Islamic Pakistan in accord with the blasphemy law of classical Islam - be exonerated and released.  

He could have interviewed apostates from Islam, in Britain - both atheists and Christians alike - and discovered and described the kind of life they are forced to lead, under changed names, fleeing from place to place, harassed and threatened, always in fear of the pursuing sharia assassin, like fugitives from the Mafia or defectors from North Korea.  

But he did none of those things. Instead he produces a sneering hit-piece that, between the lines, conforms slavishly to the blasphemy law of Islam, by representing any and all critique of Islam, all rejection of Islam, any and all misgivings about the steadily-advancing Islamisation of the UK (or anywhere else), as a cardinal sin.

"Britain First: A Day with the UK's Anti-Islam Alt-Right Group'.

'When I first met Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding they were charismatic and friendly.

'It wasn't the welcome I was expecting from the self-described Christian crusaders, who lead fringe far-right political party Britain First  (ah yes, but what weight does one give to the term "far right" these days, when it is routinely attached to anyone at all who dares to publicly criticise any aspect of Islam, however temperately, or who - even worse! - dares to suggest that the advance of Islam in any formerly majority-non-Islamic country might be a bad thing.- CM) an outfit known for its dislike of the media (and after reading your little hit-piece, Mr Glenday, I think there are good reasons for that dislike.  - CM) and one accused of inciting racial hatred.

Racial?  This is not about 'race'. This is - let me say it for the 1000th time , my dear Mr Glenday - about ideology.  Was it racist to criticise and oppose Nazism, back in the day? Was it racist to criticise and oppose Communism, whether of the Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot variety?  White Britons - let me remind you about Samantha Lewthwaite, Mr Glenday, and there have been others, whose names currently escape me - have converted to Islam, and promptly Gone Jihad.  Is it 'racist' if I say that they joined a death cult and became traitors to their country? - CM

"We want Islam banned in the UK", Ms Fransen told me, as she prepared to lead 150 supporters on a controversial march through the English town of Telford.

She's talking about a cult, not an ethnos.  A cult whose founding texts say very plainly that anyone who criticises it - whether adherent or non-adherent - must be killed (see Asia Bibi, sentenced to death in Pakistan; see Salman Rushdie, with a death fatwa hanging over his head; see those dead French cartoonists in the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris; see the Somali Muslim with an axe breaking into Kurt Westergaard's house in Denmark with intent to kill him for having dared to draw a picture of turban-bomb Mohammed; see the dead body of Theo Van Gogh in a street in the Netherlands, murdered by a Muslim one fine sunny morning to punish him for helping an apostate from Islam make a short film exposing canonical Islamic misogyny; see  all that, Mr Glenday?), and that also says that anyone who leaves or tries to leave it, must be killed.  Why should an organisation of that sort. an organisation that licenses its adherents to kill its critics and its defectors, be allowed to continue to operate, and to expand its operations, in places where historically it did. not. exist.?? - CM

"We don't see why we should have to implement sharia law and sharia courts and have people wearing burkas, Islamic schools, mosques everywhere in our Christian country".

Well?  Mr Glenday, why is it so very wrong of her to think this way? Historically, go back 300 years and there was not even one mosque in the UK. Why must there be mosques in the UK... especially when, as aforesaid, those mosques are rallying-points and forward operating bases for an aggressive and misogynistic cult that dictates Death for 'blasphemy!' and Death for apostasy?  Mr Glenday: would you like to see all of Britain transformed into a Muslim country?   Would you like to see English common law replaced by the Sharia?  Would you like to see every woman in Britain wearing the head-bag, or the niqab, or the burka?  Is any person who does not like or want that prospect, and is brave enough to publicly say so, and acts to prevent it, ipso facto an evil person? - CM

'Members of Britain First claim that Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe, Brexit, and Donald Trump's election, have helped make their views more mainstream.

Oh, the rumblings at ground level have been gathering force for a lot longer than that.  And a lot of it is due to quite ordinary intelligent people as far back as the London Bombings, or even earlier, deciding to take a nice long ook at the founding texts of Islam, and at the founder of Islam, the so-called 'prophet' Mohammed, and after having done so, deciding that they did not like or want what they saw. - CM

'Several believe the United Kingdom is headed for a holy war (or for an escalation of jihad much as happened in Lebanon when the Sunni Muslim numbers got large enough to make a push for dominance - CM) and most fear white British people (the relevant adjective here is not 'white' but 'Infidel', or 'kuffar' or 'non-Muslim' - CM) will soon be a minority.

"That's the way things are going.  Muslims are outbreeding native (non-Muslim - CM) British ten to one", Mr Golding said.

And is that such a preposterous claim, Mr Glenday?  Read Sam Solomon, "Al- Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration" and Patrick Sookhdeo, "Islam in Britain", and then have a look around at the various Muslim figures that, from time to time, have boasted about what might be called the Jihad of the Womb, Demographic Jihad.  Using migration combined with force-breeding to overwhelm targeted host populations.  Do some work, Mr Glenday.  Look up how many Muslims and how many mosques there were in Britain in 1900; in 1910; 1920; 1930; 1940, 1950; 1960; 1970; 1980; 1990; 2000; 2010; 2017.  Do some digging to find out about the average size of Muslim families in the UK, as opposed to the size of non-Muslim families. Get hold of someone who can do the relevant maths for you, and run a few extrapolations from past and present data, and current trends.  Read Patrick Sookhdeo's study "Islam in Britain".  And then come back and try to pooh-pooh the fears of people like Golding and Fransen. - CM

"They are going to be a majority within a few decades, it's going to lead to civil war.

"The bigger the  Muslim population becomes, the more terrorism, sharia law, the more problems that come along with them, Muslim grooming gangs, that's why we're here today".

Or, in other words, Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  More Muslims? - More Jihad.  Can you refute that, Mr Glenday, our Islamophile Aussie foreign correspondent?  Are you even going to try?  I will give you one half-mark, for at least quoting this statement in your 'report'.  And let me tell you, I am not a neo-Nazi; I despise Nazi ideology, just as I despise Communism.  And I agree completely with every word in that statement that you just quoted.  If we have lots of Muslims we will have Muslims practising sharia - including many aspects of that total system, sharia, which flatly contradict western civil and moral and criminal law.  We will have jihad plots. We will have Muslims preying upon non-Muslim females, exactly as - on an industrial scale - they have done in the UK and are still doing. - CM

'MP Wants to List Britain First as a terrorist organisation.

'Many find those views very offensive (what is offensive?  Is it offensive to hold that because there are many Muslims in the UK there is Muslim terrorism - i.e. acts of Muslim violence such as the bus and train bombings and the beheading of Lee Rigby, and open or clandestine observance of sharia law - manifest, for example, in the merciless hounding of ex-Muslims who are now Christians, and the creation of sharia patrols that are harassing non-Muslims for breaching sharia strictures on, for example, consumption of alcohol or public mingling of men and women - and Muslim predation upon non-Muslim girls including underaged girls? Is it offensive to notice and to deplore these things? Is it wrong to notice and to explain that all of these things are in continuity with the content of the Islamic canonical texts? - CM) and other right-wing groups, such as the UK Independence Party, have distanced themselves from the organisation.

That's as may be.  It is possible, of course, for a group to be completely right about Islam and be wrong about something else, enough so that others who share their views about Islam may not want to ally with them.  But fears about jihad attacks, about Muslim pimping and rape of infidel girls, and about sharia creep, are, so far as I can see, perfectly rational, and based on demonstrable - abundantly demonstrable - fact. They are real fears, no matter who expresses them. - CM

'But on Facebook the group has a whopping 1.6 million followers, including a significant number of Australians.

'The page lures people in with patriotic memes, but when you click through to the party's website, there are also videos of their members "invading" halal slaughterhouses, and mosques.

Hmm.  Probably not the most constructive use of their time, if they want to find out and expose the reality of Islam.  If one wants to find out what imams really say, you either go to MEMRI, or you must take the undercover approach, like the Czech reporter who produced a dcoumentary entitled "I, Muslim".  He pretended to be interested in converting, and once the Muslims were sufficiently convinced of his (apparent) sincerity, they dropped their guard and their smiling masks and began to say what they say to each other when they think the dirty kuffar can't hear...  However: no Britain First member has barged into a mosque and murdered the imam in front of his congregation; whereas Muslims - including, nota bene, Mr Glenday, an ethnically-French white convert to Islam - have barged into a church in France, during Mass, and slit the throat of an elderly priest, in front of the altar.  - CM

'Mr Golding was recently jailed for breaching a court order banning him from entering mosques, or encouraging others to do so, while in November, Ms Fransen was convicted of religiously-aggravated harassment for abusing a Muslim woman during a so-called "Christian patrol".

Details, please.  What precisely did Ms Fransen do? Was it documented on, say, a mobile phone or CCTV?  And by the way, Mr Glenday; are you aware of the 'Sharia patrols' that have been documented in various parts of Britain.  Now, can you tell us whether any of the people involved in those aggressive and threatening groups have ever been arrested, or convicted of "religiously-aggravated harassment"? There have been cases of Muslims beating up vicars on church grounds - look it up. Have those attackers been hunted down and punished, ever?  - CM

"I think there are individuals in Britain First that are out to subvert parliamentary democracy and to incite racial hatred", Labour MP Louise Haigh said.

Hm.  And massive postal vote fraud in heavily-Islamised boroughs and electorates is not a subversion of parliamentary democracy, Ms Haigh?  Shall we perhaps discuss that, for a little while?  As for incitement of racial hatred...  If I only knew, of Britain First, the statements quoted in this report, I would have to say I saw nary a trace of racism but, rather, a rational fear of an aggressive and alien ideology.  Islam is ideas, not genes. - CM

'Ms Haigh was a friend of Jo Cox - the politician who was murdered by a neo-Nazi sympathiser in June [2016[] and wants Pariament to debate listing the group as a terrorist organisation.

Can she prove that any member of Britain First publicly or privately issued specific orders for Jo Cox to be killed, orders comparable to, say, the death fatwa issued by the Ayatollahs against Salman Rushdie? - CM

"We talk an awful lot about Islamic radicalism in this country whenever there is a terrorist attack... but that's very rarely the case when there's an extremist on the other side".

That's because attacks that could be reasonably and factually described as 'terrorist attacks' carried out by a person or group firmly definable as belonging to a group opposed to Islamisation, have in fact been very, very rare; whilst M16 is run off their feet trying to keep track of a continually-proliferating and escalating number of jihad plots and plotters, all of them intending the mass murder of Infidels. - CM

"When Thomas Muir murdered Jo, he was described as a loner with mental health problems.  Well, he wasn't.  He was directly radicalised by the far-right movement in this country".

Says you. On what evidence?  You shouldn't complain Ms Haigh, since the victims of many a Muslim attack of late - or their grieving families - have been routinely told, by people like you, that the attacker was a 'loner' with 'mental health problems', and nothing to do with Islam. - CM

'Despite its large social media presence, Britain First regularly struggles to get more than 150 people at public events.  Total membership is probably fairly low.

As opposed to the huge  and menacing Muslim mobs that, for example, on 'Al Aqsa' day, swarm the streets of Britain, chanting slogans like "Kill the Jews!" "Death to Israel!"   - CM

'The Telford rally began when dozens of national flags started fluttering, Rule Britannia blared from portable speakers, and the group - which features some men in homemade security uniforms - marched behind a large banner.

Note - Mr Glenday having unquestioningly quoted Ms Haigh's view of the group as a menace equalling or overshadowing that represented by any Muslim jihad plotters, and then having also represented it as laughably small and weak (but if small and weak, why the beat-up), now does his best to represent it as aggressive and dangerous - "dozens of national flags" (oooo-er! Nuremberg rally!), "blared", and (oh, shock, horrors!) a "large" banner.  Be afraid! Be afraid! The Far-Right is on the march! - CM

'Within five minutes there was trouble as Britain First came face to face with a counter-demonstration by anti-fascist protesters, who chanted "Nazi scum off our streets".

Nothing quoted by Mr Glenday within this report offers any reasonable basis for concluding that the group are Nazis.  There may be other evidence elsewhere.  But if one only has the report to go by, then the accusation "Nazi scum" sounds like a bizarre exaggeration.  Especially if one knows that, when Nazism first arose, both Karen Blixen and Karl Jung instinctively and at once compared it to ... Islam.  Or that when Churchill read an English translation of Mein Kampf, he dubbed it "the new Koran of faith and war".  Or if one knows that all three of these very different observers - Blixen, Jung, Churchill - were correct to sense a similarity; because Hitler, when composing Mein Kampf, was avidly reading books written by a Muslim stealth jihadist from India; and that Hitler and said Muslim had quite the mutual admiration society going on.  Or if one knows just how many escaping Nazis, after the fall of the Third Reich, were welcomed with open arms within the Dar al Islam, and rapidly converted to Islam. - CM

'More than 600 police just managed to keep the two groups separate (note the wording; I would bet my bottom dollar that this was not about the two sides champing at the bit to have at each other but, rather, that the young thugs of the Antifa - most likely substantially outnumbering Britain First  -  had to be forcibly restrained from attacking a much smaller group of middle-aged and elderly persons - CM) but a brick was thrown (by whom, at whom? - CM), sticks and insults flew (which side threw the sticks, Mr Glenday? were you really unable to tell? and what kind of insults were offered, precisely, and by whom? - CM), a woman was injured (by whom? how badly? was this woman a Britain First member, or an Antifa? Surely you know, Mr Glenday.. you were there, you had your mobile phone,  you should have been able to record it all as it happned; you are a reporter... or you call yourself one - CM) and there were a few arrests.

Note that just as things get interesting, our Mr Glenday makes a scrambling retreat into vague generalities and the passive voice.

Want to know what I think, Mr Glenday?  Reading between the lines of your report, I assume that the Antifa attempted to attack the Britain First group, who were peacefully marching and/ or assembling, and that the Antifa were only just prevented from doing so, by the police.  That is, that it was not about keeping apart two equally aggressive groups (like intervening in a pub brawl) but, rather, preventing a large and openly-violent mob from attacking a smaller group of people who were showing little or no interest in attacking that larger mob.  Given that you retreat into the passive voice, and do not tell us who did what to whom, I will assume that the Antifa threw the brick and the sticks, that the majority of insults and the worst insults were offered by the Antifa, and that the injured woman was either a Britain First member - a middle-aged or elderly lady - attacked by a young thug from the Antifa, or else an Antifa harridan who got a bruise or two in the course of resisting arrest.  And I will also take the liberty of assuming that every person arrested was an Antifa 'protester".  If you don't like my reading the report that way, then you shouldn't have been so vague. - CM

'Emboldened by the encounter (hmmm.... perhaps it was the sight of Antifa thugs having been bundled into the paddywagon? - CM) Ms Fransen and Mr Golding later delivered long-winded speeches filled with anti-Islam rhetoric where they mentioned driving Muslims into the desert, and "hanging" liberal traitors.

Hm. Now, let's remind ourselves of what a non-Muslim person, entering a mosque, heard the imam saying, not so long ago.

Excerpt from the story - 

"Speaking on LBC, Paul, from Liverpool, revealed how he had entered a Mosque and was shocked at what he heard from the Imam as he tried to get a grasp of the religion.

"Speaking about the Imam, Paul claimed: “He said – ‘Allah has given us this country and every knee will bow at the name of Allah’.“Islam is a takeover movement, it believes that Allah has given them this country, they’ll just take it over. “We will have one choice, either convert or go or we will be pushed aside...".

Now, back to Mr Glenday, who ignores the blood-curdling boasts and threats of the Muslim Mob in Britain, and does his best to vilify anyone who dares to notice and respond to those boasts and threats, anyone who dares to consider what the British state and people might have to do, in self-defence against the Jihad that is being waged from within.

Mr Glenday could have asked for the text of the speech (or speeches) in full, and reproduced it for us, in a little box, so that we could draw our own conclusions.  Question: "anti-Islam rhetoric".  What is so evil about verbally criticising and/ or opposing Islam?  Are we living under Sharia, where it is forbidden to criticise Islam? - CM

'In the middle of it all they paused briefly for the Lord's Prayer.

Somehow I doubt that Hitler and his cronies, back in the day, used the Lord's Prayer in the course of their rallies. - CM

"I don't think Britain First are going to be directing terrorist action", said Paul Jackson - a lecturer from the University of Northampton who studies the far-right and extreme-right in Britain.

Who are, of course, so much more deadly dangerous than, say, Anjem Choudary and his Muhajiroun...or than Islamic State... or the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been in operation and wreaking mayhem (including not a few assassinations) since the early 1920s.  Time for another little reality check.

A recent report on Islamic terrorism in Britain revealed, among other things, that "only 28 of the 269 [arrested plotters] acted alone.  Almost 80 percent were affilidated to, inspired by, directed by, or linked to extremist networks - notably Anjem Choudary's Al-Muhajiroun, linked to a quarter of all UK terror convictions". - CM

"But they will legitimise views that then might lead somebody who wants to act violently to build on that culture".

Pffft. In the meantime, right now, M16 is run off its feet trying to keep track of all the Muslims who, incited by every imaginable channel - media, internet, the mosques and persons such as Mr Choudary - are hatching jihad terror mass-murder plots, aimed at infidels, day after day after week after week.  But we're supposed to pretend that none of that is happening, and that the 'far right' are the real threat to life and limb for British infidels. - CM

'The British Government is closely monitoring the broader far-right movement.

They would do better to be surprise-raiding and searching every known mosque in Britain. And shutting down every one of them that was discovered to have anything, er, dodgy going on.  And putting a halt to Muslim immigration into the UK. And enforcing British law, with NO exemptions or special accommodations for Muslims, Muslims, Muslims.  And evicting from Britain all non-citizen Muslims, especially those who have lied in order to get in and to gain residency or 'asylum'. 

Right now, I will go out on a limb and make a prediction.  There will be at least six potentially-deadly Muslim plots foiled this year, in the UK; there will be at least one attempted or achieved attack, most likely clearly connected with open Islamic incitement of such an attack; while nothing of any consequence will happen that can be directly connected to the words or other activities of Britain First or any other Islamocritical body within the UK. - CM

'It recently took the unprecedented step of banning Neo-nazi group National Action , and even though jihadis are the main focus of its flagship de-radicalisation program, far-right referrals are up 74 percent.

Numbers, please. And what does a person have to do to qualify as 'far-right' and be 'referred' for re-education?  Given that to be 'far-right' , it seems, all one has to do is publicly express misgivings about the wonderfulness and perfection of Islam, Islam, Islam, and / or express a belief that the Islamisation of Britain might not be a very good idea. - CM

"The far-right or extreme-right movement in this country is probably not growing... but they are energised by recent world events", Dr Jackson said.  "I think we should see these figures as an increase in awareness in the potential problems posed by the [far right] not an increase in overall activity".

So: to be viewed as 'far right', or "Nazi", all one has to do is say that one does not like Islam, or criticise elements of Islamic teaching and practice, or state that one would prefer one's country to remain non-Islamic in law and culture? - CM

'For the record, Britain First claims it isn't racist, and doesn't do anything illegal, though its star speaker, radical Polish priest Jacek Miedlar, was detained by border authorities en route, and prevented from attending.

Meanwhile, as Barnabas Fund pointed out in its January/ February prayer booklet, the British Government "issued guidance that senior members of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood should be granted asylum in the UK, despite the fact that the Brotherhood has repeatedly incited violence against Egyptian Christians. Two Islamic leaders from Pakistan were granted visas for a preaching tour of UK mosques, despite the fact that they were prominent campaigners in support of murdering those who opposed Pakistan's "blasphemy laws"."  There is no evidence, so far as I can discover, that Fr Miedlar is anywhere in the same league as these Islamic Jihad operatives and inciters who have been given an  open door to enter the UK and say whatever they like to large audiences of Britain-resident Muslims.  He has been accused of antisemitism; if he is antisemitic, then he should be exposed and criticised for that; but if he is to be excluded from Britain on those grounds, then assorted Islamic hate-preachers should also have been excluded from Britain, for the merest glance at the myriad Islamic 'sermons' translated by MEMRI would soon reveal just how rabidly antisemitic is the average bog-standard mohammedan 'cleric'... and mohammedan academic... and mohammedan politician, journalist, and mohammedan everything. - CM

"We are being targeted ferociously and persecuted by the politically-correct police authorities in this country", Mr Golding claimed, when I asked why the group had so many encounters with the law.

"I've been arrested ten times for confronting Islamic extremists".

Our Mr Glenday seems not to have been interested in getting more details.   Were these confrontations physical or verbal, and if verbal, of what kind, and where did they occur?  Did Mr Golding verbally challenge street-corner dawa artists? - CM

'It seems unlikely that Britain First will be shut down, but it isn't something that seems to particularly worry the group's leaders.  They claim they've got nothing to fear because God - the Christian one at least - is on their side".

Ah, I see. We are supposed to see these people as Crusaders, and of course, every well-trained modern westerner knows how evil the Crusaders were, charging off and right out of the blue attacking all those beautiful, peaceful Mohammedans who were just quietly minding their own business... oh, never mind about the four hundred years of relentless mass-murderous Mohammedan imperial expansion that preceded the calling of the First Crusade in the 11th century... - CM


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