Saturday, 20 February 2016
Mohammed Art Contest Survivor Speaks Out

This is my interview with a Houston Texas man who attended the Draw Mohammed Contest that was held in Garland, Texas in May of 2015. The Dallas Morning New today revealed the identity of the 61 year old policeman who single handedly stopped a potential massacre. He took on two heavily armed AK-47 toting Jihadis with a six shot revolver. Several sources said the cop shot the Jihadis at about 30 yards, one heck of a long shot with revolver. The right armed cop at the right spot at the right time prevented a blood bath.

Constantine: Why did you want to go to the Mohammed Art Exhibit?

Patriotatheart: For several reasons; I was curious, plus I wanted to see Geert Wilders in person. I think he is a tremendous voice for freedom. Just because he speaks the truth about Islam he needs 24/7 security from adherents of the “Religion of Peace” because they have threatened his life. I also think it is extremely important to not let our freedom of speech slip away….if we let them take an inch they will take a mile. There is no appeasing these people, although brain dead liberals always try to. It was Winston Churchill who said “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” It is amazing to me to see so many leaders trying to appease and cajole these people. Look at Merkel in Germany. She has allowed many, many young Muslim men of military age to flood her nation. The German people are rising up against this. Germans are being pushed out of their homes to make way for these ‘refugees.’ And Sweden has the distinctive ‘honor’ of being the rape capital of the West due to its lax immigration policies that they began in the 70s. Everyone knows what is going on in these countries, yet they have been silenced by political correctness. Political correctness is nothing more than Marxist mind control and it is dangerous to freedom. When Muslims come into your country they expect you to submit to their rules instead of the other way around. What is going on here? We have to stand up while we can and at least try to stop it or reverse it.

Constantine: Did you see any protestors when you arrived at the Curtis Cullwell Center? (The venue where the Mohammed Art Contest was held )

Bosch Fawstin's winning entry - Mohammed Cartoon Contest

Bosch Fawstin’s winning entry – Mohammed Cartoon Contest

Patriotatheart: No, a policeman with a clipboard took my identification and checked it against his list and directed me where to park. There wasn’t much fanfare. We had to go through metal detectors of course.

Constantine: What did you see when you entered the building?

Patriotatheart: There was a table where people were checking in…Pamela Geller seemed to have planned everything very well. I saw Robert Spencer standing by the table talking to people who were coming in. Everything seemed very well organized. I did see one or two security people with guns. Geller was wise to include a good security team….it saved lives. I don’t want to think what could have happened if we did not have the Second Amendment. I mean…look at England where the Muslim beheaded the guy….even the POLICE didn’t have guns. How crazy is that? And in France where the people were slaughtered in that concert hall. They were sitting ducks because the terrorists do not respect the gun laws. And what about here in America in San Bernardino? Those folks were in a gun-free zone. They were like fish in a barrel.

Constantine: What do you say to people who say that this event was Islamaphobic and that the people who attended it are Islamaphobes?

Patriotatheart: These types of uninformed people have to ask themselves why they are conveying all the privileges of a religion upon Islam – which is not a religion – but is a totalitarian regime that uses religion as a shield from criticism. Why would our fellow Americans, who have enjoyed freedom and liberty alongside of us – bend over backwards in order to protect the truth from coming out about a brutal regime? It is beyond my understanding. You know, I am not saying we are living in the end times…no one knows when that will be. However, in the end times the Bible says that good will be looked down upon as evil, and evil will be championed as good. That seems to be happening with Islam.

Constantine: What about the program? How was it?

(Click on the video to see Geert Wilders’ speech at the Mohammed Cartoon Contest in Garland, TX on May 3, 2015)

Patriotatheart: The speakers were all great. Like I said I really wanted to see Geert Wilders in person. He gave a terrific speech. Everyone was hanging on his every word. It was great to see Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Bosch Fawstin too. Bosch is a former Muslim who won the cartoon contest. The program was very inspiring and everything was going great until people were about to leave and all heck broke loose.

Constantine: Where were you when this all happened?

Patriotatheart: I was still in the building, standing near Pamela Geller and I was hoping to speak to her for a second when someone to my right asked me a question. When I turned my head back Pamela was gone as well as Robert Spencer and Bausch Fawstin. Geert Wilders had left earlier right after his speech. I saw one of the security guards with a gun running from the back of the auditorium toward the front door. I asked someone what was going on and they said that two people had been shot outside. I never knew anything like that was going on and didn’t see anything. Eventually, we were moved to the back of the building to a gymnasium. Later, we were bused to safe building in Garland and the city of Garland put us up in a local hotel. The Garland police were fantastic. The FBI did a thorough job so it wasn’t until the next day at 11:00 a.m. that we were allowed to get into the parking lot to get our vehicles. The FBI wanted to check vehicles to see if any explosives had been planted.

Constantine: What was the mood in the room? Were people calm?

Patriotatheart: A couple of people who had started to leave the event were ushered back inside and the women were crying and upset. However, overall everyone was calm and collected after the initial shock. There was no pandemonium. Everything was orderly. The security team that Pamela Geller had assembled were extremely protective of the group. They even escorted us to the restroom. They took no chances.

Constantine: It has been nearly 10 months since the foiled Garland terrorist attack and we have just now learned the name of the police officer who fatally shot the two suspected terrorists. According to the Dallas Morning News his name is Gregory Stevens. If you could talk to him what would you say to him?

Patriotatheart: I would say that he may have saved my life, and no doubt saved many lives. He deserves a big thank you for what he did. This is America. People are not allowed to slaughter innocent people just because they choose to look at cartoons.

Constantine: The editorial board of The Dallas Morning News named him one of the finalists last December for the Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year. At the time they did not know his name. Your thoughts

Patriotatheart: I think he definitely deserves it. There were a couple of hundred innocent people there and it would have been a bloodbath if those two men had gained access to the building. Of course, if you know anything about Islam, you know that non-Muslims are considered to be anything but “innocent” in their eyes. A massacre would have been Islamically justified.

Constantine: Overall, do you think it was a good thing to have an event like this?

Patriotatheart: Definitely. We cannot afford to give up our freedoms to a bunch of people who want the entire world to live like 7th century savages. The jihadists are jumping on the political correctness bandwagon that the liberals have shoved down our throats. We need more free speech, not less. I urge people to read the Koran, not burn it. It is a hate-filled, bloody book that needs to be exposed. The useful idiots that defend it need to read it twice.

Constantine: Thank you so much for taking time to give us this interview. Many people will be interested in reading about your experience.

Posted on 02/20/2016 5:19 AM by John Constantine
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