Friday, 10 March 2017
"Trojan Horse" Muslim Takeover of Previously-Secular State School: Not in UK But in Punchbowl, Sydney, Australia

This story "broke" within the past month and report after report has been hitting the news since then. Apologies for not bringing it to the attention of our Iconoclast readers sooner.  There is so much material that a number of postings will be required to do it justice.  It should be noted, by the by, that at the 2011 census at least 30 percent of people living in the suburb of Punchbowl identified as Muslim; and one may safely assume that when the 2016 census results are published that percentage will have increased.  And let us reflect on just how much trouble has erupted within the main - state, government-run, supposedly-secular - high school, after it was basically taken over and transformed into a de facto madras... in a suburb that is only 30 percent Muslim. Got Muslims? Got Jihad. The convert-to-Islam Principal has been stood down amidst an expanding scandal; his non-Muslim successor, newly appointed, has already been threatened by a couple of menacing MOMMAs (= Men Of Middle-eastern or Mediterranean Appearance).

Daily Mail (UK) picked up on the story fairly quickly, so we'll start with their account, courtesy of Nic White and Freya Noble of Daily Mail-Australia, then proceed to others.

"Islamic Students 'Threatened to Behead Non-Muslim Staff in Name of ISIS" At Sydney High School Where Principal was Stood Down for "Banning Women Teachers from Year 12 Graduation"".

'Punchbowl Boys High School Principal Chris Griffiths (a convert to Islam - CM) was stood down.

'Deputy Principal Joumana Dennaoiu (a Muslim - I'd like to know whether she had a hand in Mr Griffiths' conversion to Islam, and if so, in what fashion - CM) was also removed from her position

'They allegedly excluded women from the Year 12 graduation ceremony

'Police feared students were being radicalised (sic: recruited for armed Jihad - CM) at Muslim-majority school 

'ISIS-sympathiser' students allegedly threatened to behead non-Muslim staff (they should have been expelled the instant those threats were made, and their names and addresses communicated to ASIO, the AFP, and the metropolitan police - CM)

'Officers said Mr Griffiths converted to Islam in 2014

'They claimed senior staff called police 'pigs' and told students not to obey them'

And all this in a government-funded originally-secular state school.  It is at least as bad a situation as any that was recently brought to light in the UK.  One may note, by the by, that according to the 2011 census figures, Muslim comprised 30 percent of the population of the suburb of Punchbowl, which forms the immediate 'catchment' of the school.  And yet (according to another of the news reports) Muslim boys - this is a single-sex school - comprised 70 percent of the student body. - CM

'Islamic students at a Sydney public school threatened to behead non-Muslim staff and declared themselves ISIS sympathisers, staff alleged.

It makes one wonder what those same students were saying to the vulnerable minority of their fellow students who were not Muslim.. - CM

'Police feared students at Punchbowl Boys' High School were being radicalised, after principal Chris Griffiths did not cooperate with a de-radicalisation program.

Not that the program itself was likely to be of much use... - CM

'Mr Griffiths and deputy principal Joumana Dennaoiu were removed from their roles at the Muslim-majority school after an investigation by the Education Department.

Well, that's a start.  - CM

'The pair were stood down for allegedly stopping female teachers from participating in official events such as the Year 12 graduation ceremony, along with other issues.

'Several employees claimed that non-Muslim staff were verbally attacked, including with threats of beheading, by Muslim students declaring themselves ISIS sympathisers, according to "The Australian".

'Not only were these incidents not reported to police (which should have been done, the instant those threats were made - CM), the "actively-hostile" relations were so bad that police liaison officers couldn't access the government school for the past 2 and a half years.

'Officers said Mr Griffiths converted to Islam in 2014 and claimed relations between police and the school broke down after he was appointed two years ago.

"Students were being told that if "the pigs" stop you, to film them and refuse their directions", a senior constable told the 'Daily Telegraph'.

"The students were being led down a dangerous path by the principal  (hm; I would say, rather, that the Principal was helping them pursue a path already laid down for them by their parents and/ or the mosque - CM). We had concerns about radicalisation", they said.

'The Education Department said it conducted an "extensive appraisal of the school's policies, procedures and management', prompted by a series of serious staff complaints in 2016, before removing the pair.

'It said the investigation revealed "a high level of staff disunity and disharmony" (that is: the Muslim staff - probably numerically dominant, and emboldened by having a Muslim Principal and Deputy Principal - were making life a misery for the non-Muslim staff, so as to drive them out, and prepare the way for an all-Muslim staff to be put in place? - CM) and "increased disengagement of the school from the community" (depends what you mean by "the community".  It would likely be more accurate to say that the local and regional Ummah colony were in the process of seizing control of the school, thus 'disengaging' it from the non-Muslim portion of the population round about. - CM).

"The former principal and deputy principal are still employed by the department (what??? - They should have been sacked the moment it was known what kind of things they were up to, what kind of atmosphere - beheading threats!! - they were fostering.  If they are sent to any other state school anywhere they will cause the same kind of trouble, sooner or later.  Let them find employment in a professedly-Muslim school - there are some, alas, in Australia, though quite a few of them have been getting into trouble for their dodgy finances. Better still, let them move to a Muslim country - I suggest Islamic Pakistan - and teach school there. - CM), but are currently on leave and will not return to the school", it said.

'Mr Griffith's predecessor Jihad Dib (Jihad Dib? - Jihad? This is beyond parody. - CM) who is now the NSW State MP for Lakemba (and thus the Muslim infiltration and subversion of the Australian polity proceeds; Lakemba is even more heavily-Islamised than Punchbowl.  In 2001 Lakemba was 30 percent Muslim; ten years later, at the 2011 census, Lakemba was 52 percent Muslim - CM) said exclusion of any kind was wrong as public schools were there for everyone.

Oh, suuuure.  Mr Dib, I don't trust you as far as I could kick you.  If you have not publicly declared yourself an apostate from Islam, you remain dangerous.  More dangerous, in your smoothly-smiling apparent 'moderation', than our over-zealous heart-on-sleeve convert-to-Islam, Mr Chris Griffiths.  All that's happened is that a cradle-Muslim principal who's into Slow JIhad was succeeded by a convert-to-Islam who decided to switch back to Fast Jihad.  - CM

'Under Mr Dib's leadership the school was transformed from a campus controlled by Middle Eastern gangs (sic: by Muslim gangs - CM) where violence and drug dealing were rife, to a high performer (or, somewhat higher performer - CM) with much better literacy and numeracy rates.

I'll bet Mr Dib convinced the local Mohammedans that (as one Hamza Yusuf once said), "There are times when you have to live like a sheep, in order to live in future like a liion", or, lie low and play nice so as to avert suspicious scrutiny, whilst building up one's capacity for Jihad. - CM

'The Department told Daily Mail Australia that the new Principal Robert Patruno, who previously ran the education unit inside Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre (hm - I wonder whether he's ever heard of the pioneering work of Danish psychologist Niccolai Sennels, who wrote his book "Among Criminal Muslims", as a result of experiences and insights garnered whilst working in juvenile detention centres in Denmark, with predominantly Muslim youth? If he doesn't know of Mr Sennels, perhaps he needs to be told; he might find Sennels' insights very helpful as he sets about reasserting secular Infidel authority in this heavily-Islamified school - CM) and a deputy principal (one hopes, also non-Islamic - CM) started work on Friday.

"Importantly, there is no disruption to teaching and learning, and the education opportunities provided to students", it said.

The first thing that should happen is that all special 'accommodations' and status accorded to Islam, in the school, should cease. The second thing that should happen is that it shall be made absolutely clear that any threats against or mistreatment of non-Muslim staff and students, either on or off campus, made by Muslim students, or by their parents and kin, or any other member of the Muslim 'community', will be taken seriously, and offenders will be identified, and punished, to the fullest extent of the law.

And now for what the Aussie 'Daily Telegraph' had to say, Clarissa Bye reporting.

"Punchbowl High School: Principal Dismissed as Police Feared Radicalisation".

"Police officers yesterday said that there were "concerns about radicalisation at a southwest Sydney school where the principal was sacked earlier this week.

'Chris Griffiths and his deputy Joumana Dennaoui were dismissed on Thursday from their roles at majority-Muslim Punchbowl Boys' High, following an investigation by the NSW Department of Education.

"It is understood that multiple issues led to them being stood aside, including "disharmony" at the school, and a decision last year to exclude female teachers from taking official roles in speech days.

'The department has said the pair will not be returning to the school.

Nor should they be placed in charge of any other school within the State system of education.  - CM

'Police in Bankstown said Mr Griffiths allegedly told students, "If the pigs" stop you, film them with your mobile phone and refuse their directions.

'Officers said relations with the school had broken down since Mr Griffiths, who one officer said converted to Islam in 2014, took over two years ago after prominent former principal Jihad Dib left to become an MP.

"Students were being told that if the "pigs" stop you, to film them and refuse their directions" one senior Constable said.  "The students were being led down a dangerous path by the principal. We had concerns about radicalisation".

'A spokesman for the Education Department said an "extensive appraisal of the school's policies, procedures and management" was conducted....

'NSW Secondary Principals' Council president Chris Presland described the removal of the leadership team as a "highly unusual action".

'Mr Dib, now Labor education spokesman, said he "condemned any form of exclusion".

"If, as it appears, this is a case of exclusion (is this referring to the exclusion of the women teachers from official roles on Speech Day - CM), then that is wrong. State schools are there for everyone, regardless of their gender, colour, or religion".

I still don't trust Mr Jihad Dib, even if he's saying what the infidels want to hear.  The "Telegraph" permitted Comments to this article.  They were quite interesting.  One commenter remarked, "Another day, another Muslim issue", to which another observed, "I can't understand it either.. We keep getting told this is the religion of peace, tolerance and feminism, just ask Yasmin [Muslim female apologist who, on a TV show recently, averred that Islam was a "feminist" religion, to almost universal roars of laughter from the Islamoinformed among the great Aussie infidel unwashed ]".  One "Matt" remarked - "That school is a disgrace.  I remember going there for a one-day sports visit and they were worse than animals".  To which "James" added - "Yep, the same for me. Played them in rugby for 6 years during the 1980s. An experience that was never enjoyable". And 'Louise" chipped in, "As a young student teacher at a nearby primary school my friend was told by 7-year-old boys that they didn't have to listen to h er, she's only a woman.  Their cultural beliefs are disconnected from (not just disconnected from but actively hostile toward - CM) our own. Why are our leaders so blinkered?" And another commenter, 'Ivan', remarked, grimly - "This is only the tip of the iceberg.  The health profession is also being hijacked [i.e. by Muslims - CM]. Those guys in charge of your health will eventually decide who lives and who dies." And a final remark, from one "Leonie" - "During my employment with the public transport system I can assure all of you that many students from this school [Punchbowl Boys' High, now 70 percent Muslim student body and probably mostly-Muslim since the 1980s - CM] were rude, obnoxious, sexist and bigoted racists who made the work day of myself and my colleagues difficult and highly unpleasant.

Yes, as Mr Hugh Fitzgerald of "New English Review"  has frequently observed, the mass migration of Muslims into infidel lands - such as Australia - has made life - for the non-Muslim inhabitants of those lands - much more expensive, unpleasant, and physical dangerous than it would have been, had that mass migration not been allowed to occur. - CM

Posted on 03/10/2017 10:28 PM by Christina McIntosh
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