Saturday, 10 February 2018
Melbourne, Australia: Bengali Musilmah on Student Visa Stabs Her Kuffar Host in the Neck

She was wearing a burka.  She struck on a Friday afternoon... had she been to the 'ladies prayer [sic] hall' of some nearby mosque, before the attack?  And, exactly as per the Quranic instructions in Surah 47.4 - "When you meet the unbelievers, strike at the necks..." - she struck at his neck, causing serious neck and shoulder injuries (luckily, she did not manage to kill him; he has undergone surgery, and the reports indicate that he will survive.)

Meanwhile, everyone officially supposed to be investigating is tying themselves in knots to avoid seeing the flaming obvious; to avoid seeing that this vicious attempted murder - the victim was asleep when this hell-cat in her black Allah Gang Uniform sneaked up on him and tried to slit his throat - has everything, but everything, to do with Islam, Islam, Islam., the religion of blood and war.  They have had to admit - possibly on her own declaration - that she was inspired by "Islamic State"... but none of them have read Ibn Warraq, to grasp that Islamic State is simply following the rule-book of..  Islam.

As reported just today by the ABC and by commercial TV (Channel Nine).

"Islamic-State-Inspired".  Woman Charged Over Stabbing in Melbourne.

Correction.  "Muslim Female Infiltrator Charged with Attempted Murder in Melbourne". - CM

'A 24 year old Bangladeshi woman (sic: "A 24 year old Muslim female from Bangladesh'; her Bengali ethnicity is irrelevant; had she been a Bengali Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or atheist, there would have been no striking at the neck with a knife.  She could just as easily have been an Indonesian or Malaysian or Arab-country Muslim, or even a Muslim born in Australia to Musilm immigrants from anywhere, or a convert to Islam such as were the two Muslims who murdered Lee Rigby in London and one of the two Muslims who murdered Fr Jacques Hamel in France; the salient fact, the thing that explains why she took a knife and sneaked up on a sleeping kuffar man and tried to slit his throat, is.. Islam. - CM) has been remanded in custody after appearing in court charged with what police allege was an "Islamic State inspired attack" following a stabbing incident (an attempted murder-by-stabbing - CM) in Melbourne's north on Friday.

On Friday. The day preferred above all others for acts of Mohammedan mayhem.  Had she been to 'prayers' at the mosque?  Because it's after 'Friday prayers' at the mosque that the Muslim mobs are especially wont to go forth and murderously attack any available-and-vulnerable non-Muslims.  - CM

'Police allege the woman, identified as Momena Shoma, is a Bangladeshi national who travelled to Melbourne on February 1 (so she has only been in the country little more than a week! - CM) on a student visa (we should really not be giving student visas to identifiable Mohammedans - CM) and was renting a room in the home of a man identified by neighbours as a 56-year-old nurse.

'She was charged with one count of engaging in an act of terrorism and was remanded in custody. She did not make any application for bail.

'Police were called to a home in Callistemon Rise about 4.20 pm on Friday where they found the man with neck and shoulder injuries after being stabbed while he was asleep.

This vicious mohammedan sneaked up on a sleeping man, carrying a knife, and set out to slit his throat.  Similarly, in Israel, not so long ago, a mohammedan with a knife sneaked up and stabbed an unarmed rabbi, Itamar ben-Gal, from behind.  Behold the mohammedan mob, the allah gang: attacking from ambush ever since the 6th century. - CM

'The man underwent surgery and is in a serious but stable condition.

'His young daughter was present at the time but was not injured.

'A neighbour heard a commotion and went to the man's assistance.

One wonders what would have happened to the man, and to his young daughter, had that neighbour not intervened.  - CM

'Neighbours said Ms Shoma had arrived the day before the incident (sic: the attack - CM) and had planned to stay for about 10 days.

'Police said she had been enrolling in a course (what course, exactly? - CM) at La Trobe University, and that it was understood she was wearing a black burqa.

That should have been a warning signal, right away.  Because although devout mohammedans bent on mayhem may choose to invoke muruna and taysir, the better to blend in and avoid attracting the attention of intended victims, those who do choose to wear the full Gang Uniform in its most obvious form are clearly people who take the cult fully to heart, and should be treated with great wariness by any well-informed non-Muslim. - CM

'Victoria Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther appealed to the community not to retaliate.

He's an idiot.  Does he really think that pitchfork-waving mobs will burn down the mosques?   Rather, he himself would be well advised to find out what mosques lie within easy walking or public-transport or uber / taxi fare travelling distance from the victim's home, and also from the university campus, and surprise-raid-and-search the lot of them.  His first thought should be: did this Muslim would-be-murderess attend a mosque on the day of the attack?  Midday 'prayers', anyone?  - CM

"We're confident that this person acted alone (no: she acted as a member of the Allah Gang, the Mohammedan Mob, the Ummah, following the instructions in its rule-book to the letter - CM), and it was an inspired attack by a person who had become radicalised (sic: - became more fervently jihad-minded, more Islamically devout, more full of murderous hatred toward the dirty kuffar- CM) over a period of time", he said.

She was born and raised a Muslim. She was 'primed' to Go Jihad.  You don't have to worry about a Buddhist qua Buddhist, a Hindu qua Hindu, a Christian qua Christian, a Jew qua Jew, an atheist qua atheist, in the same sort of way as you do have to worry about a Muslim qua Muslim, be they a 'cradle Muslim' as this female probably was, or a convert. - CM

"We have evidence that supports that contention, which will later be brought before the court.

"We have a well-established Bangladeshi community (sic: but that 'community' is divided into two parts - the Muslim part and the non-Muslim part.  And only one part - the Muslim part - represents a menace to every non-Muslim in Australia.  The Buddhist, Hindu and Christian persons of Bengali extraction are nothing to worry about; they have come to Australia to get away from the abuse that, in Bangladesh, they constantly endure at the hands of their Muslim compatriots.  Do not 'fudge'; Mr Guenther.  What we have to worry about is Muslims.. of any ethnicity, not just the Bangladeshi Muslims.  Their ethnicity is totally irrelevant; what matters is that they are members of the Allah Gang.   Turk, Albanian, Bosniak, Lebanese-Arab, Other-Arab, Persian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Pakistan, Bangladeshi, Sudanese.. if they are Muslims, if they go to the mosque, if their women wear the headscarf, if they have never publicly repudiated the cult, then... they cannot and must not be trusted not to Go Jihad, sooner or later. - CM)  and we strongly advise that we don't want any retaliatory action against that community (but are all ethnic-Bangladeshis in Melbourne Muslims, Mr Guenther? If they are not, kindly stop insulting ordinary Aussies by pretending that we cannot tell the difference between Hindu and Buddhist Bangladeshis, on the one hand, and Bangladeshi Muslims, on the other.  In the case of the females, in most cases the flaunting of the Slave Rag tends to be a dead giveaway; in the case of the males, it's often the jihad beard; and both are quite distinct from the kinds of costumes worn by the non-Muslim persons from the subcontinent.   By now many Aussies have personally experienced the hostility and aggression dished out by actively-identifying Muslims - of any ethnicity - and have learned also to discern between a Muslim of this or that ethnicity, and a non-Muslim who happens to be of the same ethnicity but a different creed.- CM) because as part of our broader social fabric they're very important to the health of this city of Melbourne."

Anybody want to play buzzword bingo?  "well-established' - bzzzt!  Community - bzzzt!  part of our broader social fabric - bzzzt!  (really? ever heard of the Muslim division of the world into dar al Islam, and dar al Harb, Mr Guenther? how do you 'weave' murderous aggressors into the 'social fabric'?? )  very important to the health of this city of Melbourne (sic; this is piquant, given that the man this Muslimah Islamically attempted to murder, by stabbing him in the neck, was a NURSE ; had it not been for the heroic neighbour who intervened and  - one must assume - stopped the attack - and provided first aid to the victim? - she would have succeeded in reducing by one the number of health professionals in Melbourne; if Melbourne needs murderous Muslims in order to be healthy one might as well argue that cities need the plague in order to be healthy. - CM

'Charge carries life prison term'.

Which she should serve in a Bangladeshi prison, not an Australian prison.  I'd rather give her a longish sentence, to make the point, then kick her backside back to Bangladesh. And put an absolute ban on accepting any more Muslims from Bangladesh into Australia.  No more. Full stop. And send back all Bangladeshi Muslim non-citizens currently on Aussie soil. Enough is enough. - CM

'Ian McCartney, the acting Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner, siad police were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

But: who arranged for her to study in Australia? Who would be paying her tuition fees? What kind of family does she come from?  Are they associated with, for example, Tablighi Jamaat?  She was wearing a burka; that should have been a danger signal, right away. - CM

"We will allege this was a stand-alone Islamic-State-inspired attack, designed to cause harm to our community", acting Deputy Commissioner McCartney said.

Islamic State arose naturally and inevitably out of Islam. So do all the other jihad outfits. So do all the individual jihadis, allah's enforcers.  This stabbing - like the stabbing murder of a rabbi in Israel only days ago - is simply part of the global jihad, the jihad - the war of dar al Islam upon all that it views as dar al Harb, zone of War - that has been going on for 1400 years. - CM

"We're treating the matter as extremely serious, reflected by the fact that the charge in relation to this matter is [sic: has? - CM] a maximum penalty of life imprisonment";

She's 24. So if she's sentenced to life imprisonment, she does prison dawa at Australian infidel expense for up to 60 years.  I'd rather jail her for ten years - strictly segregated from any contact with non-Muslim prisoners and with NO special treatment nor accommodation of her cult practices, throughout - then return her to Bangladesh, having first taken down all her identifying particulars and told her that if she tries to come back into Australia, by any means, ever, she will be shot on sight, as an enemy combatant, the instant she is detected. - CM

'The issue of how she became radicalised would be the subject of an international and domestic investigation, Acting Deputy Commissioner McCartney said.

"The issue of how she became radicalised".  Not 'radicalised'.  How she Went Jihad.  All it takes, Mr McCartney, is Islam.  She decided to take Islam fully to heart. When she did, she took up a knife and stuck it into the neck of a sleeping man.  Why? Because he was not a Muslim.  That's Islam, Mr McCartney. If you haven't read the Quran - and the Guillaume or Muir transaltions of the Sira - and the Bukhari and Muslim Hadiths, or at least a selection thereof, guided by Mr Robert Spencer's "Onward Muslim Soldiers" or by ex-Muslim Ibn Warraq's "The Islam in Islamic Terrorism", you should. - CM

'Acting Deputy Commissioner Guenther assured the community it was an "isolated incident".

We've had a whole hell of a lot of so-called 'isolated incidents' exactly like this one - or worse - all over the world, for years. In Israel, in particular, for decades.  And  all over the western world - previously free of such peculiar 'incidents' - in the past five to ten years, as the Muslims have become more numerous and therefore more aggressive.  Lee Rigby. Jacques Hamel.  Ilan Halimi.  Sebastien Selam.  Curtis Cheng.  Two hapless infidel backpackers in Home Hill, Queensland, murdered - in a vicious frenzy - by a Muslim who was here on a tourist visa.  Westminister.  London.  The list goes on. And on. And on. And the only common factor in all these attacks? Islam.  The victims are kuffar, the attackers are Muslims. - CM

"The community can expect to see an increased police presence at a number of events today and at major events in the coming weeks" he said.

An increased police presence does nothing to prevent somebody from having their throat slit by their Muslim classmate, co-tenant, boarder or house-guest.  Or by a random Muslim who picks up a knife in the kitchen section of a department store - as happened in a European country not so long ago - and starts stabbing people with it. - CM

'Sad, bizarre incident.'

Sad, but entirely not puzzling to anyone who knows about Islam. - CM

"In a statement the family of the injured man thanked family and friends for their support and kindness.

"This is a very upsetting time and we ask that our privacy is respected to allow time to heal", the family said. "At this time our focus is on the welfare of our family and his recovery."

'Neighbour Neil Fitzroy said the injured man and his family were the first ones to welcome them to the neighbourhood and were engaging and open, which is why they took in overseas home-stay students.

They have just learned - or at least, one hopes they will have learned - that taking in Muslim home-stay students is potentially lethal. - CM

"It's extremely said for a family that was so keen to give people an Australian experience, and (are) so welcoming to so many students, that something as terrible can happen through nothing other than generosity and seeking to open their home" he said.

But that's what can and very often does happen when you allow Muslims into your home.. or into your country. Be warned by what happened to the Jews, Christians and pagans of Yathrib, now known as Medina. - CM

"I think this is a shock to everybody".

I hope it will shock some more people awake to the danger represented by Muslims.- CM

'He said it would not change how he felt about the neighbourhood.  "I think this is a rather bizarre and isolated incident.  It certainly makes me feel no different about this area of Melbourne," he said. "It's just a really sad incident".

No. It was an ATTACK, an attempted murder, an open act of war that you are wilfully refusing to recognise as such.  If she had been in Ku Klux Klan robes and stabbed a black man, or if she had been wearing a Swastika armband and had stabbed a Jew, you wouldn't be waffling on about a 'really sad incident'.  But when she wears a black burka - Allah Gang uniform - and stabs a kuffar in the neck - following to the letter the instructions in her cult hand-book - it's just a 'really sad incident'??? - Wake up, Mr Fitzroy.  There's a war going on, and one of your fellow-citizens nearly got killed by an enemy infiltrator. - CM

'Since September 2014, when the national terrorism threat level was raised, police have charged 85 people (that is: 85 Muslims - CM), including this woman, following 36 counter-terrorism operations around Australia.

So: in three years and three months there have been 85 jihad attackers and/ or plotters, and 36 counter-jihad actions by our police.  That's 20 attackers or would-be attackers per year (at least), and 12 counter-jihad operations per year.  And I confidently predict, given that we now have 600 000 Muslims - at least! - resident in Australia, and still stupidly letting in more (just like this murder-minded female) all the time, that there will be more.  Lots more.  Lots more 'incidents'.    'Isolated' incidents?   ROFLMAO. - CM

Now let's hear from Channel Nine, tabloid TV, which also covered the attempted murder (or should I say, "the incident").

'Sleeping Father Stabbed in 'Islamic-State-inspired attack".

"A Bangladeshi woman (sic: a Bangladeshi Muslim woman - CM) who recently moved to Australia and held a student visa has been charged after an alleged "Islamic-State-inspired" stabbing on a sleeping man who was with his young daughter.

If she hadn't been given that student visa, if she hadn't been let into the country, that man would not have been damn near murdered. - CM

'A 56-year-old man was stabbed in the neck by a woman wearing a burqa, while sleeping at his home in Mill Park, north-east of Melbourne's CBD, about 4.25 pm yesterday (that is: on Friday - CM) police said.

'He was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and will undergo surgery today for non-life-threatening injuries.

He is extremely lucky. - CM

'Momena Shoma, who was renting a room at the home, was arrested at the scene and taken to hospital.

'The 24 year old did not apply for bail when she faced Melbourne Magistrates Court for a brief hearing today.

'Shoma, who faced court in a blue jumper with; her black hair tied back (I observe she has shed the burka? did the court insist she show her face? I hope so - CM) suffered an injury to her left hand (I my guess is that this injury was inflicted either by the intended victim as he defended himself, or by the concerned neighbour who - thank God! - rushed to his aid - CM) and will see a nurse in custody, the magistrate said.

'It's alleged Shoma travelled to Melbourne on a student visa on February 1 and was renting a room at the victim's Callistemon Rise home, while studying.

'She was enrolled in a course at La Trobe University, police said.

Will this little 'incident' give the University pause, in their rush to admit foreign students who ar Muslims? Probably not, alas. - CM

'The state's Joint Counter-Terrorism Team has charged her with engaging in a terrorist act, under the Commonwealth Crimes Act Section 101.1.

'Investigators searched the Mill Park home and another property in Bundoora, where she had previously stayed.

'Police were not looking for anyone else, Acting-Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther said.

But between February 1st and February 9th, did she at any time attend a mosque or any other Islamic 'community' institution? -  CM

"This is an isolated incident (just like so many, many other "isolated incidents", all involving Muslims murderously attacking kuffar, that we have seen lately around the traps - CM) and the community can be assured that Victoria Police is doing everything we can to keep the community safe", he said...

"There were no subsequent threats to the community, AFP (Australian Federal Police ) Acting Deputy Commissioner, National Security, Ian McCartney said.  "We will allege that this was a stand-alone Islamic-State-inspired attack, designed to cause harm to our community", he said. "We deplore any attempt to intimidate our community. The AFP will continue to work together with Victoria Police to ensure the safety of the community and to protect our way of life in Australia"...

If you really want to ensure our safety and protect our - infidel - way of life, in Australia, Mr Deputy Commissioner, you should be advising our government to STOP letting Muslims (and that includes those on 'student visas') into Australia, like, yesterday; and to expel from Australia all non-citizen Muslims; and to intern all Muslims who hold Australian citizenship but are on any kind of terrorism-related 'watch list'. And surprise-raid-and-search all known mosques and shut down - and raze to the ground - any in which evidence of any sort of untoward - whether simply criminal, or jihad-terror-related - activity is discovered.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  So long as we have Muslims in Australia we are playing a deadly game of "Muslim roulette'.. "will this one or that one NOT Go Jihad?"  Ms Shoma Went Jihad and her victim very nearly got killed.  And Ms Shoma will not be the last, so long as there are Muslims in Australia. - CM

'The woman is among 85 people (all of them Muslims - CM) who have been charged since the national terrorism threat level was raised on September 12, 2014, Victoria Police say.  There have been 36 counter-terrorism-related operations nationally, since the level was raised.

And there will be more, lots more. Unless and until we stop letting in Muslims, and start expelling the ones already here. - CM

'She did not apply for bail, and is due to return to court on May 2.'

A little more in another item from Channel 9, here.

'A radicalised young Bangladeshi woman (Bangladeshi MUSLIM woman - CM) was wearing a black burqa when she stabbed a sleeping man (when she took a knife and attempted to murder a sleeping man- CM) in an Islamic-State-inspired attack in Melbourne, police say.

'His five-year-old daughter was present at the time.

'Momena Shoma, 24, allegedly stabbed the 56 year old man in the neck and shoulder while he was asleep at his Mill Park home on Friday afternoon.'

'I'm led to believe she was wearing a black burqa", Victoria's Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Guenther told reporters on Saturday.

'The Bangladeshi national has been charged with engaging in a terrorist act, as it's alleged she was inspired by terror group Islamic State.

"We will allege she was ISIS-inspired", Australian Federal Police's acting Deputy Commissioner of National Security, Ian McCartney, said.

"So she has been inspired by the doctrine of ISIS."

That is: she is inspired by Islam.  - CM

'When that radicalisation actually occurred will be a real focus of the investigation".

'The diminutive Shoma (oh, poor wittle muslimah... NOT.  I don't care whether she was big or little, she sneaked up on a sleeping man and stabbed him in the neck with a knife, intending a ritual murder to please her vile god - CM)

'Police say she travelled to Melbourne from Bangladesh on a valid student visa on February 1.

'She was renting a room at the victim's Callistemon Rise home while she was studying at Latrobe University.

'A neighbour raised the alarm after hearing a commotion at the house about 4.30 pm on Friday.

'Emergency crew arrived, arresting Shoma at the scene and giving the injured man first aid.

'The man is in a serious but stable condition after having surgery at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

'His young daughter was at home at the time of the stabbing, but she was unharmed.

If the neighbour had not raised the alarm, I fear it might have been a different story. - CM

'The family did not wish to be named, and they thanked authorities and their neighbours for their help...

"...We would like to offer our thanks to our family, friendly neighbours, and emergency services for their support and kindness".

'Neighbours told reporters that the victim was a family man and a "nice guy".

He offended this pious Muslimah by being-infidel-and-alive. - CM

'Police believe the alleged stabbing was a stand-alone incident and there was no increased terror threat.

There is, however, an ongoing terror  threat posed by the currently-fast-expanding presence of Muslims within Australia's gates.  And the more Muslims there are, the more little - and big - 'incidents' of this sort, or worse, we will get. - CM

'Mr Guenther said the alleged motivation for the stabbing became apparent during Shoma's interview.

"Detectives from the joint counter-terrorism team (then) took over", he said.

'Social media analysis will form part of the joint state and federal police investigation....".

Social media, sure.  But I'd also be looking to see whether she made contact with any mosques in Melbourne both before and after her arrival in Australia. - CM


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