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La Rabbia e L'Orgoglio/ The Rage and the Pride: the Late Oriana Fallaci's Response to the 9/11/2001 Jihad Assault on the USA Does Not Date

And it is still, I think, unparalleled in its searing clarity.

It echoes down the sixteen years since that mass-murderous jihad ghazi raid, a ringing call to arms, a summons to the entire Infidel world to recognise the Global Jihad and respond with intelligent and forceful self-defence.

Here it is, online, in the original Italian, as archived by Corriere della Sera, which requested it of her.

And here is a link that should take you to a site where you can read it in an English translation (not Oriana's; a translation done by another ).

On this 16th anniversary of the Muslim assault upon America's greatest city and tallest buildings - and also upon the centre of American military power, the Pentagon - an assault that was probably also intended to strike either the Capitol (centre and symbol of Infidel non-sharia-compliant government and lawmaking) or the White House, but which failed, because of the courageous passengers of Flight 93 - I think there is probably no better way to mark that anniversary than by reading  - preferably aloud, with all due emphasis and expression - Oriana's magnificent diatribe.

Here is part of it, just to give the flavour (I am using her own Englishing of the text).

"...I am speaking to those who, though not stupid or evil, are wallowing in prudence and doubt.

"And to them I say: "Wake up, people. Wake up!!"

"Intimidated as you are by your fear of going against the current—that is, appearing racist (a word which is entirely inapt as we are speaking not about a race but about a religion)—you don’t understand or don’t want to understand that a reverse–Crusade is in progress.

"Accustomed as you are to the double–cross, blinded as you are by myopia, you don’t understand or don’t want to understand that a war of religion is in progress.

"Desired and declared by a fringe of that religion, perhaps (by now, of course, those of us who have been paying attention have come to recognise that it isn't about some 'fringe' but about an advance guard; the jihadis, wholly orthodox, wholly in continuity with the Sunnah of Mohammed and the core game-plan of the founding texts, represent, arise from and act on behalf of the rest of the Ummah; they are its army, its Enforcers - CM) but a war of religion nonetheless. A war which they call Jihad. Holy War.

"A war that might not seek to conquer our territory (by now we know there is no 'might' about it at all; the Ummah does intend nothing less than to control, and rule, and occupy, every last centimetre of planet earth; as Canon Dr Patrick Sookhdeo explains in his book 'Faith, Power, and Territory", and as is also explained by another ex-Muslim, 'Sam Solomon', in his book 'Al Hijra: the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration'; and we are seeing exactly the seizure of territory in no-go zones established by Muslim colonisers all over the west and beyond it - CM) but that certainly seeks to conquer our souls.

"That seeks the disappearance of our freedom and our civilization. That seeks to annihilate our way of living and dying, our way of praying or not praying, our way of eating and drinking and dressing and entertaining and informing ourselves.

"You don’t understand or don’t want to understand that if we don’t oppose them, if we don’t defend ourselves, if we don’t fight, the Jihad will win.

"And it will destroy the world that for better or worse we’ve managed to build, to change, to improve, to render a little more intelligent, that is to say, less bigoted—or even not bigoted at all. And with that it will destroy our culture, our art, our science, our morals, our values, our pleasures...

"Christ! Don’t you realize that the Osama Bin Ladens (and the rest!! - CM) feel authorized to kill you and your children because you drink wine or beer, because you don’t wear your beard long or a chador, because you go to the theater or the movies, because you listen to music and sing pop songs, because you dance in discos or at home, because you watch TV, wear miniskirts or short–shorts, because you go naked or half naked to the beach or the pool, because you fuck when you want and where you want and who you want? Don’t you even care about that, you fools? I am an atheist, thank God. And I have no intention of letting myself be killed for it...".


"And now let’s see just what are the positive features that distinguish this Koran.

"Positive, really?

"Ever since the sons of Allah half–destroyed New York, the scholars of Islam have done nothing but sing the praises of Mohammed, explain how the Koran preaches peace, brotherhood and justice. (Even Bush has been chiming in. Poor Bush. It goes without saying that Bush has to keep on good terms with the twenty–four million Muslim–Americans, convince them to squeal what they know about the relatives, friends or acquaintances who might turn out to be devoted to Osama Bin Laden).

"So what do we do with the whole Eye–for–an–Eye–Tooth–for–a–Tooth business?  What do we do with the chador, or better with the veil that covers the faces of Muslim women so that in order to glance at the person next to them the poor wretches have to peer through a close–meshed net at eye–level?  What do we do with polygamy and the principle that women count less than camels, that they can’t go to school, they can’t go to the doctor, they can’t have their pictures taken, etc.?  What do we do with the veto on alcohol and the death penalty for those who drink it?   This is in the Koran, too.  And it doesn’t seem all that just, all that brotherly, all that peaceful.

"So here’s my answer to your question on the Contrast–between–the–Two–Cultures: I say in this world there’s room for everyone. In your own home you can do whatever you want.  And if in some countries the women are so stupid as to accept the chador, or rather the veil you peer out of through a close-meshed net at eye level, that’s their problem.  If they are such birdbrains as to accept not going to school, not going to the doctor, not having their pictures taken, that’s their problem.  If they are such idiots as to marry some asshole who wants four wives, that’s their problem.

"If their men are so silly as not to drink beer or wine, ditto. Far be it from me to stand in their way. I was raised with the concept of liberty, I was, and my mother used to say: "Variety is what makes the world beautiful."

"But if they presume to impose the same things on me, in my home...

"And they do presume it.  Osama Bin Laden says that the entire planet Earth must become Muslim, that we must convert to Islam, that he will convert us by fair means or foul, that this is why he massacres us and will continue to do so. And this can’t be pleasing to us.  It can’t help but make us itch to turn the tables and kill him.

"But this thing won’t end, won’t die out with the death of Osama Bin Laden. (And indeed it has not... CM).

"Because there are tens of thousands of Osama Bin Ladens by now (indeed, there are millions and millions of Mohammeds, as Daniel Greenfield has put it in a memorable article, all obeying the Sunnah of the so-called 'prophet' - CM) and they’re not only in Afghanistan or in other Arabic countries.

"They’re everywhere, and the most hardened ones are right in the Western world. In our cities, in our roads, in our universities, in the ganglions of technology.  That technology that any dolt can handle.

"The Crusade (sic: the Jihad - CM) has been in progress for some time (for 1400 years, in fact, ever since Islam was first concocted as the Arab Imperial Cultus, a system not unlike the ferociously-totalitarian Cult of the Family Kim in North Korea - CM).  It works like a Swiss watch, sustained by a faith and a malice comparable only to the faith and malice of Torquemada when he led the Inquisition.

"The fact is that dealing with them (that is, with the Ummah, the Mohammedan Mob, the de facto Empire of Islam, the brainwashed adherents of the Religion of Blood and War - and of Slavery, Rape, Mass-Murder and Pillage - CM) is impossible.  Reasoning, unthinkable.  Treating them with indulgence, tolerance or hope, suicide.  Whoever thinks differently is deluded....".

Thus Oriana.  Unfortunately the deluded, the wilfully-in-denial, besides the corrupted out-and-out Islamophiles and quite probably the Nuaym bin Masuds, the closet converts, are still in charge of most of the world's infidel countries, and therefore the Jihad continues, and advances, especially by means of HIjra; which Oriana goes on to discuss; the flood of Muslims into Italy and into the rest of Europe, and the disruption that that was already causing, in 2001, and which has only grown worse - much, much worse - since, accompanied - not coincidentally - by a proliferating and worsening cavalcade of murderous jihadi razzias.

So let us conclude this sampling of La Rabbia e L'Orgoglio with these fiercely poignant passages from the concluding peroration.

"...I’m telling you that, for the very reason that our [Italian; but if one substitutes "English" or "Scots" or "Danish" or "Swedish" or "German" or "French" or any other non-Islamic nation-group that one might care to name, it applies just as well - CM] cultural identity is so precise and defined by so many centuries, it cannot sustain a wave of immigration composed of people who in one way or another want to change our way of life.  Our values. 

"I’m telling you that we have no room for muezzins, for minarets, for false teetotallers, for their fucking Middle Ages, for their fucking chador. 

"And if we had room, I wouldn’t give it to them. 

"Because it would be the equivalent of throwing away Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, the Renaissance, the Risorgimento, the liberty that for better or worse we fought for and won, our Patria.  It would mean giving them Italy.  And I won’t give them Italy."

The voices need to rise up in a roar from across the lands that Islam has always defined as 'Dar al Harb', the lands of the Infidels; the voices saying, "I won't give them Ireland". "I won't give them (them, being the Mohammedans, the destroyers, the death cultists) England".  Or Scotland. Or Wales. Or Germany. Or France. Or Denmark or Sweden or Norway or Iceland or Finland or Belgium or the Netherlands of Spain or Greece.  Or Canada. Or Australia. Or America. ... 

We will not submit: that is the cry - translating itself into the election of a new generation of politicians, enacting practical policies, above all, an absolute and final ban on all Muslim immigration, coupled with relentless repatriation of the muhajiroun who have swarmed into infidel lands all over the world and have as a result made the lives of all resident infidels in those same lands so much more expensive, unpleasant and deadly-dangerous - that needs to go up from across the dar al Harb.  We will not bow to the deadly 'god' of a long-dead Arab warlord who pretended to be a 'prophet' but whose teachings have brought only desolation and delusion and millions upon millions upon millions of brutally-butchered human beings, down through the terrible centuries since Islam was unloosed upon the world.  - CM





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