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A Christmas Quiz

The answers to all the questions asked below are related to Christmas, or Christmas carols or songs, in some way.

(1)   What would cost you around eighty thousand pounds (around one hundred and seven thousand US dollars)?

(2)   What was the name of the first song ever broadcast, and who broadcast it and when?

(3)   What did Franz Xaver Gruber do, and when did he do it?

(4)   What, or who, were ‘Waits’?

(5)   What was stopped in England in AD1647?

(6)   What did William Sandys and Davis Gilbert do?

(7)   What was the first carol broadcast from space, and who sang it and when?

(8)   What was the carol that is the answer to question seven originally written for, and who wrote it?

(9)   Who is responsible for the idea that Santa Claus and his reindeer drawn sled land on rooftops?

(10)  "Grandpa's Gonna Sue the Pants Off of Santa.” Why?

(11)  Who translated the twelfth century carol "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" from Latin into English, and when?

(12)  What comestible is mentioned in “The Christmas Song”, and who wrote “The Christmas Song”, what is it more commonly known as, and what is odd about when it was written?

(13)  Whose version of “White Christmas” did Irving Berlin hate so much that he tried very hard to stop radio stations from playing it?

(14)  Who invented “Bangs of Expectation”, when did he do so and what are they more commonly known as?

(15)  In the Netherlands, what do St. Nicholas’s donkeys eat out of?

(16)  In what way is an advertising cartoon tiger related to “How the Grinch stole Christmas”?

(17)  In what way is the number “364” relevant to Christmas?

(18)  What do Sheep-Cote Clod, Gully Gawk, Stubby, Spoon-Licker, Pot-Scraper, Bowl-Licker, Door-Slammer, Skyr-Gobbler, Sausage-Swiper, Window-Peeper, Doorway-Sniffer, Meat-Hook, and Candle-Stealer have to do with Christmas, and where?

(19)  Who gave a two hundred and twenty-five ton gift on Christmas day in AD1886, to whom was it given, what was it and where is it now?

(20)  What was first performed in Dublin in AD1742, and who wrote it?

(21)  Famously, Boston, USA, and London, UK, are two cities that receive gifts of Christmas trees for public display. Who gifts the trees, and why, and when did these annual gifts start?

I’ll try to remember to post the answers on Twelfth Night.




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